sladenjamiey: mpt: is Marcus in today?  If so could you give a gentle T-5 hour poke09:04
mptsladen, done09:59
jamieysladen done :-)09:59
sladenJMulholland: davidcalle: is Marcus in today?  If so could you give a gentle T-4 hour poke10:00
sladen(delay from tunnel)10:00
JMulhollandhi sladen, yes marcush is in today10:01
JMulhollandjust spoke to him for you, he’ll be ready and waiting :-)10:02
sladenwunderbar, Danke fuer alles10:02
JMulhollandSie sind willkommen , mein Vergnügen10:03
JMulholland(If that’s incorrect, blame google translate ;-) )10:03
sladendavidcalle: call time!14:01
sladenmpt: JMulholland: jamiey: are you able to see from where you are if Marcus/ davidcalle are around?14:06
davidcallesladen: fwiw, I'm not sure I'm the david you are looking for :)14:06
jamieysladen I can see Marcus in a meeting room… 14:07
jamieysladen he might be calling you? :)14:07
sladenjamiey: ta.  I'm just getting "Waiting to join the video call"14:08
sladendavidcalle: ah, yes, my overly hopefully tab completion14:08
jamieysladen he's trying to call you14:09
sladenJohnLea____: is there a chance that you're still the admin(?) of this call?14:10

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