Bashing-omWell, that is it for me - yall handle it without me . Be back tomorrow :)02:51
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:02
lotuspsychjeducasse: the travelmate was too old, it only took xp06:10
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
lordievaderHey daftykins, how are you?10:02
daftykinsi'm very good thanks, just received a replacement motherboard so having fun reassembling my old core 2 quad desktop :) how're you doing today?10:02
BluesKajHey folks10:06
daftykinshey hey \o10:08
lordievaderdaftykins: Ah, nice. I'm going to update the kernel of my vm's :)10:10
daftykinsoh that's a point, digitalocean said they'd have the 3.13 -91 out today10:11
* lordievader is upgrading to 4.6.3 from git.10:15
* daftykins pats LTS10:18
lordievaderCouple of the vms still run Trusty...10:21
daftykinscan't see the point in running such recent kernels then :)10:23
lordievaderIt is fun to configure them ;)10:29
lordievaderAnd it keeps the versions more in line across the devices.10:29
pauljwhi everyone13:16
naccis it just me or is this not the first time maddawg2 has come into #ubuntu all hot and bothered only for it to be PEBKAC?20:38
Ben64came in real hot20:40
DArqueBishopThings have changed in a Linux release? OMG!20:40
Ben64ubuntu sucks!20:41
Ben64*table flip*20:41
naccpoor table20:42
Ben64i've been seeing a lot of ubuntu sucks lately20:42
nacca lot of articles (VPS ones) seem to have told their users to upgrade to 16.0420:45
naccwhich was a bad decision, as 16.04.1 will be (based upon the amount of bugs i've closed alone :) significantly better20:45
daftykinsplus direct upgrades are only enabled then20:45
naccright, so they have been telling their users to use -d20:46
nacci'm mostly worried about those users reading those articles once yakkety opens20:46
naccmay already be true20:46
daftykinsyeah should be taking them to 16.10 already20:48
daftykinsso much bad advice out there20:48
naccdaftykins: yeah, it's almost reaosonable at some point (if you want to test, do this), but written like static fact and then never updated (afaict)20:48
Ben64based on #ubuntu chat logs20:53
naccheh, it looks awesomely cyclical with LTS releases20:54
naccas in, i'm guessing those blogs did the same thing for 12.04 -> 14.04 :)20:55
Ben64need a larger sample for sure20:55
Ben64i'd guess that peak suckiness would be around november 200720:56
naccprogress! :)20:57
Ben647.10 was horrible on my system, everything was broken all the time, it's what made me go LTS only20:57
naccyeah, i recall similar experiences (but just reinstalled most of my systems with 8.04, iirc)20:57
daftykinsusing server only VMs sure helps my opinion XD21:24
daftykinsthat and i don't believe in upgrades21:24
naccdaftykins: heh21:35

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