willcookehi all12:13
willcookeDo you know if the power settings in the desktop are documented anywhere?  Specifically this screen:  http://imgur.com/4jfrzGp12:13
willcookeThere is a bug with "When power is crtically low": https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/159926412:14
willcookewhich I've just "fixed" by removing that option from the settings UI12:14
willcookeIdeally I would like to SRU this in to 16.04 and have it ready for 16.04.112:14
willcookeWould I need a UI freeze exception?12:14
pmatuliswillcooke, hi13:12
pmatuliswillcooke, you would be better off asking in a dev channel13:13
willcookeoki, thanks pmatulis13:16

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