mate|70239hiya.  I'm running a Pi-3 with ubuntu mate and was looking for a graphical irc client.  Any recommendations?00:11
randallquick, to the googlez00:13
randallI got nothin' have you checked the app center?00:17
mate|70239rechecking app center00:24
mate|70239installing ubuntu software center and going to peruse that.  I'm sure they have something for me.00:30
randallI would think that whatever app source you use would be tailored to the hardware the os is running on00:31
mate|70239hmm irssi is recommended.  will try that :-)00:35
Eremiellhi, I'm a Debian/MATE user considering trying out Ubuntu MATE. my question is basically, if I can just dd the iso over a flash drive and use it as installer as I'm used from Debian, or if there's another straightforward way to do that, as the instructions on the website are not exactly clear.00:46
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EremiellI'll be idling here for a bit and watching some series, just highlight me with any answer and I'll reply once I notice, thanks01:03
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EremiellI'll have to turn off this machine soonish, so I guess, I'll come for my answer another day...05:29
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ouroumovEremiell - in case you're reading the public log of this channel: Yes, you can absolutely dd your iso to your flash drive.07:22
ZigguratI have a question for one of the maintainers. Why is the Raspberry Pi 2/3 image 8GB and then compressed? Would it not be better if the image was truncated as small as possible then it would expand the filesystem as part of the script Ubiquity runs?10:09
ZigguratI mean, in my head that sounds like its closer to best practice, and it would cut the time it takes to write the image to the SD card more than half?10:10
hermann_Hi all, can somebody tell me how to setup desktop sharing on raspberry? It doesn't seem to be installed by default. thx12:25
hermann_it's ubuntu 16.0412:26
lukas_aus_muenchhallo! ich benutze so einen chat das erste mal. ich habe ein problem mit meiner laptoptastatur und maus. beides will nicht mehr, auch nicht im bios, obwohl es vorher unter windows und auch unter linux lief..12:36
lukas_aus_muenchich kenne mich wenig aus und bin froh, wenn ihr bzw. jemand mir helfen kann :)12:37
lukas_aus_muenchjemand da, der mir hilft?12:38
Fred1283um was geht es?12:39
lukas_aus_muenchhallo darum gehts: meine laptoptastatur und maus geht nicht mehr12:43
lukas_aus_muenchsamsung laptop12:43
lukas_aus_muenchhi fred12:43
Fred1283Hi,  ist es eine USB-Kabel Maus oder bluetooth?12:47
Fred1283funktioniert das touchpad noch?12:47
lukas_aus_muenchdie feste im laptop verbaute12:48
lukas_aus_muenchnein, auch nicht mehr, hat beides schon mal funktioniert (problem war auch schonmal da) und dann beides gleichzeitig nicht mehr12:48
Fred1283hast du eine USB-Maus zur hand und kannst du den Laptop mal neu starten?12:49
Fred1283oder eine USB-Tastatur12:49
lukas_aus_muenchja habe ich12:50
lukas_aus_muenchjetzt neu starten?12:50
Fred1283schon neu gestartet?12:50
lukas_aus_muenchhabe ich schon öfter gemacht12:50
lukas_aus_muenchnein noch nicht12:50
Fred1283externe Tastatur und Maus funktnioert?12:51
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alkisgflexiondotorg: thanks for lp #1574789 ;)16:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1574789 in ubuntu-mate-settings (Ubuntu Xenial) "SRU: xorg.conf.d/90-zap.conf destroys xorg keyboard settings" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157478916:10
az_i have problem with ubuntu mate, still freezing, just everything become static, even ctrl+alt+del or changing on consoles F1-F6 dont work18:16
az_this is desktop, no laptop18:16
Eremiellsounds pretty similar to the trouble I'm having on Debian/MATE, though the problem is probably somewhere between X11 and nouveau (probably with X11), I came here yesterday to ask about ways to install Ubuntu MATE from flash drive, never got answer till I had to close connection and move18:17
az_i had some look issues on nvidia drivers18:21
az_i mean not nice fonts etc18:21
Eremiellsounds like typical nvidia to me, it always mixes up to looks for worst for me18:21
az_will try now this first from nvidia18:23
az_yeah on nvidia drivers18:24
az_i have much bigger fonts18:24
az_# grep GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT /etc/default/grub18:39
az_try that18:39
EremiellI believe I already tried that, my issue was a bit more complicated and it prevails with current Debian testing even with dozens different hacks, it also doesn't just freeze, but it visibly corrupts gpu memory and the screen goes white or another bright colour, which is why I consider trying Ubuntu for a bit18:41
az_for me this nomodeset return 640*480 resolution...18:48
az_for me just freeze, and dont react on anything18:48
Eremiellwell, not sure if it's connected, but the current trouble at Debian testing + MATE starts blinking the screen in X11 mode the moment X11 starts and if you let it run for about 10 minutes, it corrupts gpu memory, it goes bright (initially black, but the bright colour just starts going down from the top till it fills ste screen) and no reaction either, you can't hange ttys, nothing18:50
Eremiellif you kill the X11, you can run a termminal only session for unlimited time18:51
EremiellI downgraded to Debian stable + MATE for the moment, as no one was able to tell me how to make a Ubuntu + MATE flash drive installer yesterday and the internetz didn't help much either, still ready to give it a try18:52
pilnelike to have a bootable fully "normal" install onto a usb?19:23
Eremiellwell, with Debian, I usually use netinst images with Debian, that I just dd over my flash drive, but I guess only the full images are availbale for Ubuntu MATE (no real trouble with that)19:25
ubuntu-matehi hi20:06
ubuntu-matealguien habla espa;ol_20:07
northman64no perdon, i am y abbla alleman...evtl. english20:10
northman64sorry bye and thanks.20:13
silver-dragonHey I have a question about memory. I have 4 gb installed with 2 sticks of 2 gb memory I am using the 64 bit version of ubuntu mate and my computer only says I have 3.2 gb What gives?21:16
nomicyour computer may say 3.2gb is 'available'21:19
nomic.8gb used, which is about regular21:19
ouroumovA quick search for "Ubuntu 3.2GB" shows this is a rather frequent question21:19
nomicwhat are you using to report the member21:19
nomiccurrently consuming .8gb of 4gb21:20
nomici ahve 4gb .. its only reporting 3.7gb21:21
nomicdunno about mate -- mate is on my raspberry pi3s21:22
nomicmate reports 925mb of 1gb (which they have)21:22
nomicthats in gnome-system-monitor21:22
nomictop reports 948mb21:23
nomic3.9gb on 4gb machine21:24
nomicgrep MemTotal /proc/meminfo   MemTotal:        3906668 kB21:24
nomictry that silver-dragon21:24
silver-dragonsystem monitor screenshot https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/1/view/n8g1dtxrgseo6tq/Apps/Shutter/Selection_025.png21:24
silver-dragonfree -m reports21:25
nomicuse /proc/meminfo on cmd line21:25
nomicgrep MemTotal /proc/meminfo21:25
nomic^ command21:25
silver-dragonsays command not found21:26
nomicgrep Memtotal /proc/meminfo21:26
ouroumovgrep -i fTw21:27
nomic$ grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo21:27
nomicMemTotal:        3906668 kB21:27
silver-dragonwhat am i pipeing to grep?21:27
nomic"MemTotal" <- xact capitalisation21:28
nomicyou are not21:28
silver-dragonI cant grep nothing21:28
nomicenter this exactly21:28
nomic$grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo21:28
nomicgrep MemTotal /proc/meminfo21:28
silver-dragonMemTotal:        3337440 kB21:28
nomiccat /proc/meminfo = all the mem info21:29
nomicyou may go to forums ask about your hardware21:29
nomicubuntu forums, ubuntu mate forums21:29
silver-dragoncan you even install 2 sticks of ram and have it = 3.2 gb?21:29
nomiccos  I have no idea why you are reporting 3.3gb21:29
nomicMemTotal:        3906668 kB21:30
nomic^ here, 4gb machine reports that21:30
silver-dragonI thought you had to have in pairs21:30
nomiccheck chips, etc21:30
silver-dragonmaybe I have 2 sticks of 1.5gb?21:30
nomiccould be what you have21:30
silver-dragonDidnt even know they made thos21:31
nomicalso -- you can see memtest on bios, bootup21:31
nomicbios access = generally F221:31
silver-dragonI am on a Getac M230 I doubt any one would be able to help with hardware21:31
ouroumovI have 1 single 8Gigs ram stick and this the the ram available: 7845.5MB21:31
nomicthe baseline reporting for memory is from the bios, on bootup21:31
nomicwhat the firmware sees21:31
silver-dragonok I will boot in to the bios and brb21:32
nomicyou'll find it's the same as /proc/meminfo21:32
mate|36125Hello, all. I want to hack the spi_bcm2835 kernel module to use more than two channels via adding some other pins to be chip select lines. I've done some kernel hacks but was a long time ago. Where do I get the kernel source for pi 3 arm mate ? Do I follow the current general ubuntu kernel hack guides ?22:14
silver-dragonomg that mem test took for ever22:33
silver-dragonit says memory was ok but I do indeed have 2 sticks of 2048mb memory22:34
silver-dragonnomic: you there?22:36
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nomicyou're going to have to open an issue on ubuntu forums / mate forumds silver-dragon23:18
nomicforum, open account -- post topic, get feedback.   Is efficient23:18
nomicall details, hardware spec, version #s23:19
silver-dragonI think I figured it out23:20
silver-dragonI think its useing the rest of the 4 gigs as Vram23:20
nomicwhats vram23:21
nomicsome OS configuration23:21
nomicvolatile ram23:21
nomicis yours an old pc23:22
nomicVideo RAM, or VRAM, is a dual-ported variant of dynamic RAM (DRAM), which was once commonly used to store the framebuffer in some graphics adapters. Samsung Electronics Corporation VRAM. It was invented by F. Dill, D. Ling and R. Matick at IBM Research in 1980, with a patent issued in 1985 (US Patent 4,541,075).23:22
nomicvideo ram23:23
silver-dragonVideo ram23:41
silver-dragonhas no video card23:41

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