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bazhang<Guest56283> I need a mouse server on ubuntu10:47
Myrttithe hell is a mouse server10:47
bazhanginstall xubuntu!10:47
k1li remember some asking that yesterday but could not give a reason for that.10:48
bazhangoh gawd 'fam'11:29
k1lit is the gender neutral "bro"?11:30
bazhangit's a signifier for a troll crew here on freenode11:31
PicifunkyHat1,2,_ is there something that we can help you with ;P13:53
phunyguyelky: dax: lol... I just realized that I'm an idiot.  Those messages from last night were meant for -offtopic.  Doh.13:59
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funkyHataw man14:14
funkyHatI thought this thing had stopped happening14:14

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