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hheehey! guys mysqld in ubuntu14 get about 0,5 GB RAM in idle state. without any work. is it normal?03:19
Xinhhee; depends how your db's are configured..03:59
Xinbut remember; ram is there to be used, not to be free/idle03:59
hheeXin, default config from official mysql oracle repo04:00
hheeXin, tried to reboot, after reboot - same picture04:01
Xinif you havent done anything to it04:01
Xinthen it is, by definition, normal04:02
XinI mean you could quite likely reduce that04:02
hheeXin, dunno. i've found this http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/129411/mysql-5-7-ubuntu-14-04-eating-up-my-ram04:02
Xinis that advisable? unclear04:02
Xinwould it have any gains/downfalls? unclear04:02
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hheeXin, yeah smth like that http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10676753/reducing-memory-consumption-of-mysql-on-ubuntuaws-micro-instance04:09
hheemem usage reduced in 10 times04:16
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AtuMHi. I have some issues using nfs-kernel-server on 16.04. After boot I need to restart rpcbind to get nfs ports to open...05:30
AtuMIt used to work fine on a previous release05:30
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YoubiHi, I’m trying to deploy Openstack on a single Ubuntu 16.04 VM, I run `conjure-up openstack` but after the second screen, the installer freeze :/08:48
cpaelzerstokachu: present for you ^^08:52
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
jeffmessHey all... getting a W: Failed to fetch http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found [IP: 80] error when I run apt-get update10:50
jeffmessthis is on a new machine, anyone aware of any issues?10:50
hateballjeffmess: tried using the main mirror?10:50
hateballcould be some issue with some .za mirror10:50
jeffmessnot yet10:50
jeffmessokay, will give it a bash10:51
jeffmesslooks like main is working10:52
hateballHappens every now and again. I don't quite know where you are supposed to report mirror issues10:54
jeffmessoh well :/10:58
Guest_94845Allah is doing11:48
Guest_94845sun is not doing Allah is doing11:48
Guest_94845moon is not doing Allah is doing11:48
Guest_94845planets are not doing Allah is doing11:49
ddellavcoreycb` i fixed up lp:~ddellav/ubuntu/+source/openstack-trove and lp:~ddellav/ubuntu/+source/keystone CI but they require the 3.14 version of oslo.utils that isn't available yet to build. I also took care of lp:~ddellav/ubuntu/+source/neutron and it builds successfully12:00
ddellavjamespage ^12:00
coreycb`ddellav, ok I'll look in a bit, thanks12:01
coreycb`ddellav, yeah so it looks like we need to bump oslo.utils to 3.1413:23
coreycb`ddellav, neutron is pushed.  want to bump oslo.utils?13:27
ddellavcoreycb`: I'm pretty sure I bumped it already but il check again.13:29
cpaelzerwith so many bumps in scandinavia I'm sure http://www.theverge.com/2016/7/5/12099612/hyperloop-one-helsinki-stockholm-30-minutes-study will explode on the first test :-)13:29
coreycb`ddellav, looks like all that's left in red is swift and nova-lxd so I'll look at those13:37
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yoinkhi folks, so I'm having some trouble with 16.04, kvm and libguestfs. Basically, there seems to be a bug in the ubuntu dhclient-script that I'm trying to work around but I don't know how to solve it. Basically the version of libguestfs that ships with 16.04 is incompatible with as dhclient-script has a bug in it which causes virtual machine initialization to fail (actually get stuck in a loop).13:57
yoink"/sbin/dhclient-script: 31: /sbin/dhclient-script: cannot open /etc/fstab: No such file13:57
yoinkRTNETLINK answers: File exists13:57
coreycbddellav, jamespage: swift is better now. zul is looking at nova-lxd.14:00
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jbichacoreycb: hi, could you take a look at bug 1599313 ?15:55
ubottubug 1599313 in python-funcsigs (Ubuntu) "Sync python-funcsigs 1.0.2-1 (main) from Debian experimental (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159931315:55
coreycbjbicha, hi, I'll take a look in a bit16:03
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tuxianoHi, I have issues to get gpu passthrough working on a ubuntu 16.04 + intel + nvidia system. I try to run this script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18644889/ and this is my configuration and other relevant outputs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18645325/. But I cannot the any output on the monitor connected to the nvidia grafic card.17:38
tuxiano*cannot see any output17:42
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sawdogHi folks, I’ve got a snap (app) installed that I want to alter apparmor security policy, so that a particular file is writeable. I’m getting this recommendation from snappy-debug.security; but I’m struggling to find docs on how this is managed.  Any direction/pointers? Effectively I’m trying to allow a curl snap application to write it’s output to a file; and snappy is denying it.20:56
sawdogguess more like apparmor is denying it21:08
rharpersawdog: you might also try in #snappy on freenode21:24
sawdogyeah, it’s not really a snappy problem; it’s an apparmor profile issue21:25
rharpersawdog: most that i know is that the snappy folks tell you to start with --devmode first21:25
sawdogapparmor denies all mknod from enforced apps21:25
rharpersawdog: well snappy is using apparmor profiles, so there may yet be an interaction21:25
rharperah, so global policy21:25
sawdogyeah; I am just learning what’s going on in Core - so was mistaken with snappy references; only issue related to snappy is how I’m installing apps in Core21:26
rharperthe snappy folks might know a bit about modifying or extending the policy of an snap to allow mknod creation; might also be seccomp filtering the mknod21:27
sawdogubuntu core doesn’t have all the apps I need; e.g. aa-complain /apps/bin/curl.curl seems to be a solution; but aa-complain isn’t installed; so trying to understand how to change profliles/edit profiles21:28
rharpersawdog: you can use snappy in the ubuntu-server 16.04 images21:28
rharperthat might be easier since more of the tool sets are available (rather than slimmed down core)21:28
sawdogwell, I need core for installing on an IOT gateway with small internal eMMC device21:29
rharpersawdog: sure, but you could try to get the snap working on ubuntu-server image with snappy21:29
rharperonce working there, transition to a core image21:29
sawdogtrue true21:29

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