mariogripmhall119: ping00:12
ahoneybunmariogrip: so GPS and Camera are the only things no working right now?00:12
mariogripahoneybun: opo yeah00:12
ahoneybunoh ok cool either way00:13
ahoneybunthe page is missing leading though00:13
ahoneybunRelease needs Camera00:13
ahoneybunso it should not be Active device00:14
mariogripahoneybun: oh, I am thinking about removing camera00:14
ahoneybunsorry if  I sound nagging00:14
ahoneybunwell if you removed GPS, then sure XD00:15
mariogripahoneybun: no problem :D00:15
* mariogrip hub ahoneybun :D00:15
ahoneybunone day hopefully it'll be more then text XD00:15
ahoneybunalso we can grab beers lol00:15
* ahoneybun highfives too00:16
mariogripyeah, that would be awesome :D00:16
ahoneybunready for the show tomorrow?00:16
mariogripyes :D00:16
mariogripare you going to ubucon EU?00:16
ahoneybunI should record my part lol00:16
ahoneybunno places to00:16
ahoneybunwould need funds to00:16
mariogripahoneybun: community found maybe?00:17
ahoneybunmm maybe00:17
ahoneybunI need to take into the fact of the time zone change for work00:17
mariogripmaybe you could hide in mhall119's bag on the plane xD00:18
ahoneybunXD I would do that00:18
ahoneybunor try00:18
ahoneybunwhen I get back to work and check out the calendar there00:18
ahoneybunI could take off monday and be there for sat and sun00:19
ahoneybunthen leave00:19
ahoneybunI also want to visit Denver when I can00:20
ahoneybunvisit some friends there, also System76 office00:20
mariogripoh, that would be cool to check out System7600:20
ahoneybunalso hang out with the awesome folks there00:22
mariogripmhall119: btw, the images for fp2 will out in about 10 minutes, sorry for the delay had some blockers that delayed me00:22
mariogripahoneybun: I wish there was a faster way to travel to usa00:22
ahoneybuneither way would be nice00:23
ahoneybunmm 12hours00:23
ahoneybunalright mhall119 want to grab a room together lol00:23
mariogripsad the the only supersonic plane did go out of service in 2003 (Concorde)00:24
ahoneybunthere are no flights to that plac00:24
mariogripto DUS?00:25
mariogripDüsseldorf International Airport00:25
ahoneybunthat's the next town over00:25
mariogripthat's the nearest airport, it's just 1.5 hour away00:26
ahoneybunjust XD00:26
mariogrip50 min by train00:26
ahoneybunI'd like to take the train00:26
ahoneybunthat would be cool00:26
mariogripthere is also "skytrain" at the airport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS2MO_lKct400:27
ahoneybunlet's not jump ahead00:27
ahoneybunI need to be approved first lol00:27
ahoneybunthat's a big if00:27
ahoneybunaround 900 so far for the flight00:28
mariogripoh, that's expensive00:30
ahoneybunyea lol00:30
ahoneybunit was 1200 for Spain for Akademy00:31
ahoneybunor so00:31
mariogripwell, kinda expected when you sit in a multi billion metal object that sucks fuel :P00:34
mariogripfor over 10 hours :P00:34
mariogriphumm, wonder if the plane runs linux.... i will not fly with a plane that runs windows, what happens if bluescreen appears00:35
ahoneybunI saw the bootup on it00:37
ahoneybunmy plane did00:37
mariogripthat's awesome :D00:37
ahoneybunhave a pic somewhere00:37
mariogripAwesome :D no plymouth :P00:38
ahoneybunand I installed Terminal from mhall119's blog00:39
mariogripwhat terminal?00:39
ahoneybunon UNity800:40
ahoneybunon my laptop00:40
mariogripcool :D maybe i can soon run it, i saw elgstream appeard on the mir source, didn't work last time i tried00:41
mariogripelgstream is nvidia thing so you can run it with closed source drivers00:41
ahoneybunthis laptop has Intel00:41
ahoneybunyea that support would be nice00:42
ahoneybunshift+t or something opens a new terminal tab00:42
mariogripmine has intel to, but it's wired direly to the graphic card00:43
ahoneybunno switcher?00:43
mariogripnope, not on this00:43
ahoneybunoh darn00:43
ahoneybunI have Intel+NVIDIA00:43
ahoneybunbut it can switch00:43
ahoneybunhave not tried Unity8 on there00:43
ahoneybunI have Kubuntu on there00:43
mariogriphope Kubuntu can get mir support, that would be awesome00:44
ahoneybunwe are going Wayland with KDE00:44
mariogripoh.... i like mir better but :P00:45
ahoneybunPlasma Mobile has pushed that I imagine00:45
ahoneybunbut Wayland is a community push00:45
ahoneybunMir is just Canonical00:45
mariogripit could be community push if people didn't ditch it since canonical made it....00:46
ahoneybunnot just because Canonical made it00:46
ahoneybunit was and is pointless with Wayland already out there to work on00:46
ahoneybundouble work is the problem with Linux00:47
mariogripyeah, but that's the nature of opensource00:47
mariogripcompetition is healthy00:48
ahoneybunone of the reasons we can't have a stanard desktop00:48
ahoneybunbut that is a different beast00:48
ahoneybunMir < Wayland00:48
ahoneybunGNOME and KDE are going Wayland00:48
ahoneybunbut I'll stop with the bashing00:48
mariogripmeh, mir is love <300:49
ahoneybunchoice is the gift of OSS00:49
ahoneybunwell FLOSS00:50
mariogripyeah :D00:50
ahoneybunmm my Caplock light does not work00:50
ahoneybunvolumn slide does00:50
ahoneybunwonder if we can get fingerprint support coming to desktop00:51
ahoneybunI have a unit to test00:51
mariogripbut, what people in the linux community should stop is been "harsh" to each other. That's why i love ubuntu, eveyone loves everyone <300:52
mariogripahoneybun: well, there is fingerprint support in unity7 i guess00:52
ahoneybundoes not work for me00:53
ahoneybunlast I checked00:53
mariogripbut the fingerprint on phone is tied to android api so00:53
ahoneybunthings are running pretty smooth on here00:54
mariogripoh... the clock is soon 3 at night here.... i might need to sleep before i fall on my desk as i have done to much times this and last week :P00:54
ahoneybunnice XD00:56
mariogripahoneybun: see you tomorrow at the show :D bye01:00
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black_puppydogmariogrip: you said the sharing/picking problems on the n5 have something to do with apparmor. Have any good pointers where a complete beginner (with ubuntu-touch, not ubuntu itself) can start debugging that? if sharing/picking violates one of the apparmorm profiles, it should show up in a log somewhere, no?08:59
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dobeyahoneybun: afaict, installing terminal should work on x86, but it's an old version that might have problems13:44
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javier4guys, some times ago I cloned a phablet5 repo to use with my lollipop5.1 sources (I think it was from somebody called Ondra). Now I read inside its kernel toplevel makefile14:56
javier4VERSION = 314:56
javier4PATCHLEVEL = 414:56
javier4SUBLEVEL = 014:56
javier4EXTRAVERSION =14:56
javier4NAME = Saber-toothed Squirrel14:56
javier4shouldn't it be 3.10.6?14:56
mariogripblack_puppydog: the apparmor issue is fixed on the 5.1 version that is soon gonna be pushed to our server. but dmesg and /var/log/syslog shows apparmor logs15:02
ondrajavier4 depends which kernel you synced15:13
ondrajavier4 mako kernel is still 3.415:13
javier4ondra, hi man. I cloned with this command you proposed to me15:14
javier4 repo init -u ssh://w-ondra@code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com:29418/aosp/platform/manifest -b personal/w-ondra/phablet-5.1.1_r5 -g15:14
ondrajavier4 well this one would not work, since you would need my ssh key :)15:16
ondrajavier4 replace address with https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/aosp/platform/manifest15:16
javier4ondra, at the time it worked. :-\15:17
javier4ondra, anyway, a couple days ago I gave a simple repo sync from toplevel directory. Could it be this the cause of kernel version regression?15:19
ondrajavier4 but I do not think we ever had 3.10 kernel15:20
ondrajavier4 and I do not think that manifest even have kernel repo15:21
ondrajavier4 do you have kernel synced at all?15:21
javier4without kernel 3.10 into the repo, how can somebody port an Android lollipop rom to ubuntu touch?15:22
ondrajavier4 you have to use whatever kernel your device comes with15:25
ondrajavier4 and on Nexus4 we for example use backports to get new BT functionality15:26
javier4then I have to substitute the whole kernel directory that gets cloned from your repo with my original one?15:26
ondrajavier4 you can just sing it along side, or to different dir15:32
ondrajavier4 and then adjust in device/... board config path to kernel, for inline kernel compilation15:33
javier4ondra, perfect. My original kernel dir is called kernel-3.10, and I think it's customized by mediatek. My device and vendor stuff are already configured to use it, and aosp rom builds fine. Normal thing to do then, is to copy the wole original kernel-3.10 dir, let its name unodified and try to build Ubuntu? This is not explained in porting guide.15:36
ondrajavier4 yeah, more or less15:42
ondrajavier4 I have there build scripts in the AOSP tree, to build those kernels inline, you just need to supply defconfig path and if you want to build dtb15:42
javier4are you talking about check-config?15:46
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black_puppydogmariogrip: w00t, that's already fixed? so I can actually share and stuff?16:17
mariogripblack_puppydog: Jes :D16:18
mariogripIt's on the devel_rc-proposed channel16:19
mariogripblack_puppydog: http://news.softpedia.com/news/fairphone-2-and-oneplus-one-ubuntu-phones-receive-bluetooth-voice-call-support-506016.shtml16:20
ondrajavier4 all should be in device boardconfig16:25
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ahoneybunmm libertine is shooting python errors at me when creating containers16:53
ogra_shoot back then16:54
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ahoneybunit's on a X86 machine so it might be a issue there16:55
ogra_worked here .... but thats about two months ago16:56
ahoneybunI'm working on getting the paste from it16:56
ahoneybunI might have done something wrong as well lol16:57
ogra_ah, i use a chroot ...16:57
ogra_not sure how/if the lxd setup works ... bregma could tell you i guess16:57
ahoneybunmm so it seems it made the container16:57
ahoneybunjust can't start it16:57
bregmaahoneybun, you'd have to confirm with ChrisTownsend but I think that particular problem was fixed a couple of weeks ago17:04
ChrisTownsendbregma: ahoneybun: That particular traceback is fixed in the devel branch, but the real issue is why the container is not starting which the log file would help with.  That said, the fix has not been released yet.17:06
ahoneybunChrisTownsend: alright cool17:12
ahoneybunthanks bregma and ChrisTownsend17:12
ahoneybunI just installed that ppa from phone stable then the unity8-desktop-session17:12
ChrisTownsendahoneybun: Yeah, I plan on doing a release soon that will have this fix and after it gets shuffled through the processes, it will land in the overlay and yakkety archive.17:21
ahoneybunxenial as well?17:24
ahoneybunChrisTownsend: if you need a tester for xenial stuff in the overlay I'm up for it17:25
ChrisTownsendahoneybun: It will be in the overlay PPA for xenial.  And sure, test away and submit bug reports:)17:26
ahoneybunwell do17:27
ChrisTownsendahoneybun: Cool, thanks17:27
ahoneybunI need to file one for OSK17:27
ahoneybunwhen I have my mako connected to a monitor17:28
ahoneybunI'm wondering if we need it to come up when there is a bluetooth device connected17:28
ahoneybunI know when the user does not a device for input17:28
ahoneybunbug 159623517:29
ubot5bug 1596235 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[Welcome Wizard] talks about Today/Nearby scope but not installed" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159623517:29
ahoneybunis there a way to get that into OTA 12?17:29
ahoneybunor are we at 13 at this point?17:29
black_puppydogmariogrip: you are my hero! my n5 just went from "I'm sticking with it because I really, really want ubuntu to work, but it IS painful" to "sure I use ubuntu on my phone, it does everything I need" <317:57
mariogripblack_puppydog: that's awesome to hear, thanks :D but, 5.1 is still a bit unstable, but i'll use this week to stabilize it17:58
ahoneybunI still need GPS and Camera17:58
ahoneybuntbh Android Wear is kinda important to me though17:59
mariogripn5 has that :) camera is still a bit unstable, sometimes it wont work on 5.117:59
ahoneybunI don't have a N517:59
ahoneybunlet's see if N4 BQ channel works with GPS17:59
mariogripahoneybun: android wear is open source :D use the api to make it work :D17:59
ahoneybunXD your fully18:00
ahoneybunWAY above me18:00
mariogripahoneybun: 1 hour to the show now :D18:00
ahoneybunplus the background task thing would make it hard to work18:00
ahoneybunif not pointless18:00
mariogripwell, if you pushed it to the openstore then you can use background tasks18:00
ahoneybunyea I know18:01
ahoneybunI have it on the N4 for Dekko and others18:01
mariogripreally, ubuntu touch should be more open to background tasks.... android and ios both are more open in that way18:02
ahoneybunthey say for battery18:03
mariogripwho cares for battery when the experience is not as great as ios/android18:04
ahoneybunI do18:04
ahoneybunatm my OPO is getting really bad to me18:04
ahoneybunfor me anyway18:04
mariogripwell, yeah. but most people prefer listening to spotify while your phone is locked for example....18:05
mariogripor get them notification that you got a new snap on snapchat18:06
javier4ondra, yes, in device's BoardConfig it's all set to take the right kernel sources (the original ones), I was talking about the ubuntu tool that modify original defconfig to add/modify kernel configurations needed by Ubuntu Touch.18:06
ahoneybunsnapchat XD18:07
ondrajavier4 yeah that is something different and you need to run in before, mind that tools is different and does not produce anymore accurate results18:08
ahoneybunMusic and Email is more important18:08
mariogripahoneybun: well yeah, the kids today haz to have them snaps :P18:08
mariogripit was just an example18:08
EdwardMorbiusdoes anyone else have a problem with starting Browser on Nvidia proprietary drivers on xenial?18:08
ahoneybunyea I know18:09
mariogripEdwardMorbius: what browser, i use chrome with proprietary driver on xenial18:09
EdwardMorbiusmariogrip Ubuntu Browser18:09
EdwardMorbiusother browsers work fine18:09
mariogripEdwardMorbius: just tested the ubuntu browser and that works for me18:10
ahoneybunmm BQ channel does not work GPS18:10
EdwardMorbiusmariogrip Failed to create OpenGL context for format QSurfaceFormat(version 2.0, options QFlags(), depthBufferSize 24, redBufferSize -1, greenBufferSize -1, blueBufferSize -1, alphaBufferSize -1, stencilBufferSize 8, samples -1, swapBehavior 2, swapInterval 1, profile  0)18:10
EdwardMorbiusAborted (core dumped)18:10
ahoneybunit might be since there is no SIM in there18:10
ahoneybunit has WiFi though18:10
EdwardMorbiusplus a whole lot of other errors18:11
mariogripEdwardMorbius: did you install the drivers from nvidias site or ppa?18:11
EdwardMorbiusmariogrip the Nvidia PPA18:12
EdwardMorbiusIt also dropped this: (webbrowser-app:7065): dconf-CRITICAL **: unable to create file '/run/user/1000/dconf/user': Permission denied.  dconf will not work properly.18:12
EdwardMorbius(webbrowser-app:7065): dconf-CRITICAL **: unable to create file '/run/user/1000/dconf/user': Permission denied.  dconf will not work properly.18:12
EdwardMorbius(webbrowser-app:7065): dconf-CRITICAL **: unable to create file '/run/user/1000/dconf/user': Permission denied.  dconf will not work properly.18:12
EdwardMorbiuscould not open containers config file  "/home/xyz/.local/share/libertine/ContainersConfig.json"18:12
EdwardMorbiusClock is also not starting with some opengl error, dekko however started when installed from ppa.18:14
bregmaEdwardMorbius, it sounds like you're trying to run Mir on the binary-blob proprietary nVidia drivers?18:14
EdwardMorbiusbregma I dont think so, I am running Browser under Unity 7.18:15
mariogripEdwardMorbius: humm, i use the ppa too.18:15
EdwardMorbiusClock fails to start also with a opengl error18:16
EdwardMorbiuslibGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found18:16
EdwardMorbiuslibGL error: failed to load driver: swrast18:16
EdwardMorbiusUnrecognized OpenGL version18:16
EdwardMorbiusUnrecognized OpenGL version18:16
EdwardMorbiuslibreoffice snap works fine for example, seems unity 8 applications are not liking my gpu though dekko is functional.18:19
mariogripEdwardMorbius: what does update-alternatives --display i386-linux-gnu_gl_conf say (terminal)18:20
EdwardMorbiusmariogrip i386-linux-gnu_gl_conf - auto mode18:20
EdwardMorbius  link best version is /usr/lib/nvidia-367/alt_ld.so.conf18:20
EdwardMorbius  link currently points to /usr/lib/nvidia-367/alt_ld.so.conf18:20
EdwardMorbius  link i386-linux-gnu_gl_conf is /etc/ld.so.conf.d/i386-linux-gnu_GL.conf18:20
EdwardMorbius  slave i386-linux-gnu_xorg_extra_modules is /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/xorg/extra-modules18:20
EdwardMorbius  slave i386-linux-gnu_xorg_extra_modules: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/xorg/x11-extra-modules18:21
mariogripseems ok18:22
EdwardMorbiusarent newer nvidia drivers built with some kind of egl wayland/mir support? or it doesnt work yet with mir18:25
dobeyafaik proprietary nvidia/amd don't work with mir. not entirely sure if the open source ones do either18:27
bregmaEdwardMorbius, they're still working on Mir support, and the Wayland guys seem to want to reject what nVidia is doing18:27
bregmanouveau should work OK though18:28
EdwardMorbiusbregma I think I read about that on Phoronix, they dont like something nvidia is doing with drivers but I dont remember what exactly18:28
bregmathey son't like the eglstream model18:28
EdwardMorbiusbut that model is okay for mir?18:29
dobeyi wonder how long until vulkan is ready18:30
bregmaEdwardMorbius, i requires a different code path for nVidia vs. everyone else, and because it's all about buffer control and sequencing, that means a lot of work18:32
bregmaalso, there are social issue involved18:32
FlohackHi there!18:33
FlohackI would like to start working on a backup/restore solution for touch18:34
EdwardMorbiusbregma I see. I hope it ends up well in the end18:34
FlohackSince I had issues with my display, and suddenly found out I got no backup of my contacts18:34
FlohackI started a vote here: https://uappexplorer.com/wishlist/577d175a7d52931400b9a68218:34
FlohackLooking forward to people voting for it ;)18:35
bregmaEdwardMorbius, I imagine both sides in the Wayland/nVidia debacle will compromise in the end, since everyone wants it to work18:35
bregmathey're all smart people with good intentions, just not all the same good intentions18:37
EdwardMorbiusbregma hopefully they will resolve it fast so linux can move ahead with all the new things users are excited about18:39
bregmathings move too fast until the move too slow18:40
EdwardMorbiusgood thing most linux users are patient :))18:41
mterryFlohack, I think charles was looking at a backup solution?18:44
FlohackReally? I did find not much on Google about any ideas18:44
FlohackWould be glad to help18:44
charlesflohack, it's a pretty new project, probably not much on Google yet18:46
FlohackCool, I am open to help if I can. I really think that this is essential to get user acceptance18:46
Flohackto get more user acceptance ;)18:47
charlesflohack, xavigarcia and I are working on it right now, first phase will be a manual backup/restore for contacts/sms/mail/etc + multimedia from touch to a cloud, eg mCloud or dropbox18:47
FlohackThat´s good18:47
charlesFlohack, the project is keeper and it's in launchpad right now @ lp:keeper, but it relies on a new package named storage-framework that is still a private package. That should be changing RSN18:48
FlohackOki. Let me take a look18:48
FlohackHm ok, as soon as there is a public version available let me know ;)18:50
charlesFlohack, just to be clear -- this isn't doing much yet, wouldn't be useful even if storage-framework was packaged18:50
FlohackSure, but I am in general interested to get more involved in touch programming, so first step I think would be to hang on with a project which is still small ;)18:51
charlesFlohack, my expectation is that it would at least be buildable in a couple of weeks, and usable for mCloud in a month18:51
FlohackOki - I would also try to add owncloud support then18:52
charlesFlohack, the basic idea is that Keeper will farm out the task backing up / restoring $thing by invoking a helper. There will be standard helpers eg for simple directories, so backing up XDG user dirs can be handled by that18:52
charlesFlohack, this way 3rd party apps could provide their own helpers if they have custom needs18:53
Flohackmhm.. So also mayb just to the SD card?18:53
charlesFlohack, so the Keeper service just processes these binary blobs, doesn't know what's in them, just indexes the metainfo and passes it along to storage-framework for cloud storage18:53
charlesthe helpers could even encrypt the data themselves before passing it to the Keeper service, if it doesn't want to trust /anyone/ :-)18:54
FlohackOk wrong thing mentioned, helper will be for aggregation. understood. So storage-framework will be the point where to customize for diffeerent targets?18:55
charlesFlohack, storage-framework currently has a POC to write to the local filesystem, you could use that to write to an sd card18:55
charlesFlohack, if by targets you mean cloud providers, eg dropbox, spideroak, owncloud -- yes, you've got it18:55
FlohackBecause, even if there is no cloud, SD card backup would have already helped me18:55
FlohackLuckily my screen started to work again ;)18:56
Flohack4 days of drying it18:56
charleslucky you. Mine never come back :(18:56
FlohackIt got wet from the rain in my pocket.18:56
charlesFlohack, so, ping back in a couple of weeks, or if you see storage-framework go public before that18:57
FlohackWhen driving with my bike18:57
FlohackOki I will18:57
FlohackDoes lp not offer any subscriptions for project changes?18:57
charlesFlohack, I am not positive but I /think/ the priority there is mCloud and then dropbox, so if you wanted to write an owncloud backend you would not be conflicting with anyone's work18:57
FlohackAre you then planning to make automatic backups possible?18:59
FlohackAnd here the question, how much does touch support background tasks for that?18:59
charlesFlohack, yes automatic backups are planned to come after the first iteration19:01
FlohackOki nice19:01
FlohackThis for sure is an important milestone towards consumer19:01
charlesOne of the "really important features but can't make the 1.0 deadline with it" :-)19:01
FlohackThen 3rd iteration, incremental :P19:02
dobeyFlohack: backup would be a system service, and apps would register with it to provide their data to the backup service. apps themselves can't perform any extra background processing19:09
FlohackOki understood19:09
FlohackThanks guys, I will check back on lp after my holiday, starting on Sat ;)19:20
FlohackHave a nice eve19:20
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mariogripmhall119: did you get the new images for fp2?19:54
mhall119mariogrip: not yet, been occupied withother things20:19
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howdoIswypeA friend of mine recently had shoulder surgery, and I'm looking to stitch together some kind of one-handed text entry. It would be magical if there was a swype-like Touch app that would run on Desktop (I can handle a recompile), but I can't seem to get my claws in. Any thoughts?23:35

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