m0nkey_diddledan, you can geek out.. https://www.youtube.com/c/Megaprocessor00:36
diddledanm0nkey_: nice!00:38
diddledanI love that it's using up space in his lounge00:38
m0nkey_I get the feeling the guy isn't married00:39
diddledandoes this count as a detailed-enough bug report? https://github.com/aspnet/Security/issues/89202:32
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MooDoomorning all06:41
diploMorning all07:07
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:21
davmor2morning all08:05
daftykinshuzzah, a new motherboard for my old core 2 quad desktop08:38
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy International Kissing Day! 😘09:05
daftykinsoh my09:06
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sACxVMl9_xE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNDcJAC7QW8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diKz9udywg409:10
davmor2JamesTait: lots of kisses there :D09:10
* TwistedLucidity backs away from JamesTait slowly....09:11
TwistedLucidityGet a room you two09:16
zmoylan-pian irc channel _is_ a room...09:19
davmor2get a private chat you guys09:20
daftykinsyay the old desktop lives again!10:02
daftykinsguess i better reserve judgement 'til after a bit more testing mind10:02
TwistedLucidityThe flames are just the new "Turbo-Boost" feature10:03
zmoylan-piis there burn in software for linux?10:04
daftykinsi used to play with cpuburn for CPU load, but i don't think it compared to prime9510:09
daftykinshmm this one can't handle 1066MHz either10:10
zmoylan-pii used to use software on windows to test, cpu, ram, harddisk, sound, video, network for x number of hours depending on how much i didn't trust a system before sending it out the door10:10
daftykinsah, well i'm just using memtest right now since i know this RAM had trouble running the full 1066MHz across 4 x 2GB modules before10:11
davmor2zmoylan-pi: fwts, stress-ng10:16
* zmoylan-pi goes to check davmor2's suggestions... ta10:16
daftykinsnothing like digging through spec sheets to confirm memory timings, none of this easy peasy modern eXtended Memory Profile (XMP) malarkey!10:18
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diddledanhaha: http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/07/04/huawei-publishes-implied-p9-camera-sample-but-exif-data-reveals-4500-camera-took-it/14:33
diddledanwhaddawewant? CAKE! whendawewannit? NOW!14:53
diddledanok, if you insist14:53
* diddledan wanders off to find cake14:53
TwistedLuciditydiddledan: Bring enough for everyone!14:56
diddledanwhat mozilla don't want you to do, is inverse that percentage to figure-out just how many ARE using Chrome: https://twitter.com/mozhacks/status/75070525229105971414:58
diddledanI think that question requires a subject15:03
diddledanerr yes, but what are you asking "how" about it?15:03
brmbrmcarare they all using Chrome?15:04
diddledanyes they are15:04
brmbrmcarAS their main browser?15:04
diddledandefine "main browser" in relation to statistics gathered from sites running analytics aggregation on their traffic15:05
diddledanyou can't determine "this person uses chrome only" from statistics of useragents visiting sites. you CAN determine the amount of traffic15:06
diddledanof all the traffic visiting the sites that are included in the survey x% of unique visits will be from chrome15:07
diddledantherefore you can extrapolate that the same x% of people are using chrome to generate those unique visits15:08
brmbrmcarOK, makes sense.15:08
diploI've moved back to FF for the last month or so15:15
zmoylan-pii currently use ff, opera, midori, opera mini on android and java phone15:17
diddledanOMG(ubuntu)! http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/07/linux-marketshare-reaches-2-percent15:54
diddledanalso mozilla servo browser is nightly-building now: https://servo.org/15:57
davmor2zmoylan-pi: any joy with either of those?16:05
zmoylan-pii'm gonna hopefully find time this weekend to run them on a lenovo laptop that is misbehaving16:08
daftykinszmoylan-pi: be surprised if Lenovo doesn't have a decent amount of BIOS tests16:13
zmoylan-piit passed those fine last time i tried them16:13
zmoylan-piwith the windows burnin software i had one hp system that would only start to flake out after 6+ hours... had to film the bugger to convince hp to replace it.  was tempted to make them watch whole 6 hour movie16:17
daftykinsany thoughts on a good way to pull a little 8 legged BIOS chip without a proper tool?16:19
zmoylan-pii always had the proper chip pulling tool to hand... i did see my boss flip them out with a flat screwdriver but he had done that millions of times and was sure of exactly how much pressure/force to use16:27
daftykinsmmm, this new board of mine is quite funky - have you heard of this before? if it loses mains power, it won't boot - the backup kicks in and runs a recovery utility16:28
daftykinsyet it'll flash over fine and be updated ok, just can't retain the data16:28
daftykinshehe knew someone would guess that, but nope Asus!16:28
zmoylan-pisome sort of board meant as a server?16:28
diddledanI thought dual bios was patented to gigabyte o_O16:28
daftykinsnot 'DieHard BIOS'!16:29
zmoylan-pi♪ the bios came back the very next boot... ♫16:29
daftykinsI thought it was a goner ~16:30
zmoylan-pilinks to the cat came back... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bETCusT5kNM16:31
daftykinsi'll probably have to pull the whole board to get a good angle on this little sucker16:31
diddledanI think I managed to kill my asus rampage ii gene mobo16:32
daftykins:( how's that?16:32
diddledanI _think_ a fan header "got shorted" while powered and blew something16:32
diddledanno magic smoke though so16:32
diddledanit won't turn-on now16:32
diddledanthere's some power applied though, in that some leds will illuminate16:33
daftykinsi'm annoyed at how subtle this old system's one died16:33
daftykinsah yeah16:33
daftykinsi get total spin up but no POST16:34
diddledanwow, you were all talkative while I was gone20:16
daftykinsi whispered20:17
zmoylan-piwe were talking about you in the #nodiddledan channel... :-P20:18
daftykinsshhh don't give the name away!20:19
daftykinsdiddledan: type /clear please20:19
diddledanI been messing with .net stuffs - sue me!20:20
zmoylan-piwhy? your punishment is that you are messing with .net20:21
daftykinsdiddledan: my my, there's someone posting as you with your pic and everything!20:22
daftykinsanyone wanna come to my old graphics cards funeral?20:24
diddledanaww it died? :-(20:25
daftykinsnah, just seems the banana-ness is the culprit for the unreliable old PC of mine20:25
daftykinsso more of a 'refuses to die'20:26
zmoylan-pior is it egyptian funeral were the servants got chucked in alive with dead pharoh.  chucking in old video card with dead motherboard? :-P20:26
daftykinswell since discovering this, the board may end up being ok, so i'm going to throw some other bits on it and see what it does20:26
daftykinsit's all been a bit of a mess this problem solver :(20:26
daftykinsregardless of all of it, i'm glad i built new20:27
daftykinsah come to think of it, there's no way the graphics card could have stopped the chipset from seeing one SATA port, so maybe it wasn't that simple20:27
zmoylan-pitry checking the network wiring of a _huge_ building and getting wierd results all day only to find your boss wandering into the comms room and changing cables at random for no logical reason...20:27
daftykinsi'm impressed you're not telling us about that one from prison20:28
daftykinshope you got your own back :>20:28
zmoylan-piwho says i've finished getting them back? :-P20:28
zmoylan-pisure i sent him to an important meeting with muppet hand.  he spilled super glue on his hand and i gave him cheap pink toiler roll to wipe it off...20:29
diddledanshoulda poured feathers over it20:30
zmoylan-pia big pink fluffy hand was good enough20:30
daftykinsthere's me 'nana (down diddledan!)20:31
diddledanthat's bendy!20:31
daftykinsyep, i've no idea what's even inducing the stress20:31
diddledanit's quite stressful to know me20:32
zmoylan-pisure i spent a few months vncing into his system and moving his mouse a few mm when he went to click on his first program of the day so it fired up a huge slow memory hogging app instead20:32
diddledanI always hated that with a new ubuntu where libreoffice write was right-next-to firefox20:33
zmoylan-piand moving his pc so his keyboard was always a few inches too short to type comfortably on20:33
zmoylan-piputting bt on every device he owned to on so we could detect him moving about the building20:34
zmoylan-pifilling every usb drive he had with important looking files20:34
zmoylan-piif i ever used my powers for non evil the world would be a wonderful place :-P20:35
ali1234some silly person has signed up to a bunch of "make money by doing surveys" websites using my email20:35
diddledanali1234: I feel for you :-( those companies sell the information a LOT20:36
ali1234well they don't have my information20:36
ali1234just my email address with the wrong name lol20:36
diddledanthey have your email20:36
ali1234everyone has my email20:37
diddledanwhich means you'll be getting more crud20:37
ali1234i use gmail, it doesn't matter20:37
ali1234but the survey emails are legit so they get though20:37
zmoylan-piadd a filter to mute them20:38
ali1234i feel kind of sorry for this person :/20:38
daftykinsdon't, i've had folks across the US with the same first initial as my first name and same surname send me all kinds of crap20:39
zmoylan-pithey gave out your email address to shysters... they deserve to... be forced to use ie20:39
daftykinsone only stopped doing it when i reset her etailer account, cancelled her orders and locked her out20:39
ali1234they're signing up for websites to get literally pennies20:39
ali1234they must be desperate for money20:39
ali1234i just googled the name... arrested for possession of drugs in 201320:39
zmoylan-pior dumb and looking for quick money and get sucked in by the advertising20:39
ali1234they signed up for like four different survey sites within a few hours20:40
ali1234and got the email address wrong every time20:40
zmoylan-pihopefully thet reregistered with the right address afterwards20:43
diddledanmrs d. aftykins?20:45
daftykinsor mrs danielle kins, mr. daniel kins, mr. duane kins... etc20:46
* zmoylan-pi remembers frank drebin explaining that he went by his maiden name and looks to copy naked gun movies for watching...20:47
SebthreeBQM10HD 21:11
daftykinsman i detest that guy21:23
popeythat's somewhat unkind21:28
zmoylan-piyou can always mute him if they annoy you21:29
daftykinsthen the nick changes to the device of the week ;)21:36
* zmoylan-pi looks at the pi at end of my nick...21:36
daftykinsconsistently pi!21:37
zmoylan-pibut when i first used irc it would change as i moved between android phones, iphones, symbian phones and tablets and laptops.  now it's just pi and occasionly nok for ancient dumbphone when i'm out and about21:38
daftykinskinda what my point is there, habit of days past21:38
daftykinsblank message on join as well is just ugh21:38
* Zmo-302 waves to channel... o/21:39
daftykinshttp://i.imgur.com/C16beUI.jpg odd chip on this nvidia 560Ti21:40
zmoylan-piis that not just a heat conducting cover for the radiator/fan to link to?21:42
diddledandaftykins: there's an impressive lack of marking on that package21:42
daftykinsi just cleaned it with IPA21:42
daftykinsit might be a heatspreader, yeah21:42
diddledanI mean writing21:42
daftykinsoh there is a little, super faint though even to the naked eye21:43
zmoylan-pidell putting prices up 10% post brexit21:45
daftykinsooh err21:45
daftykinsi was about to get someone a laptop too21:45
daftykinshaha oops they're all gone from the outlet pages anyway21:46
zmoylan-piwell if they voted leave charge them higher price than if they voted remain... :-P21:46
daftykinsshould be no change here, we weren't in to begin!21:47

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