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mterrydandrader, you commented on the greeter-focus branch about focus being set by Qt.  That surprises me...  I would have assumed Qt would change activeFocus, but why does it change focus?15:01
dandradermterry, because there can be only *one* item with focus=true on the same focus scope15:02
dandradermterry, it's like a check box. you cannot check more than one square in the same group :)15:03
dandradermterry, which makes focus a "special" property in QML15:03
mterrydandrader, OK makes sense...  thanks15:04
mterrydandrader, so looking at that file, the root item is a focusscope.  And we're switching focus (and visibility) between two children items.  Based on what you said above, I'm not sure how to fix the focus to be sensible.  I could add a focusscope per child item?  But that seems like a lot of focusscopes, and I'm not sure that does what I want anyway.  I guess I do the imperative way15:24
dandradermterry, you can also find who's getting/stealing the focus15:25
dandradermterry, by adding a ActiveFocusLogger{} element and seeing the console output15:25
mterrydandrader, I know who.  The GreeterPrompt item is pretty simple.  It's a FocusScope with two children, one of whom always has focus15:25
mterrydandrader, I was trying to be declarative about the focus, but it seems to get lost when switching between the two of them15:26
dandradermterry, so if you know and have full control over who gets focus in this focus scope, you shoulnd't suffer from focus changing under your feet15:27
mterryBut maybe I only think I know what's happening15:27
dandradermterry, if you set focus to one item, the other will receive an assigment to false from Qt15:28
dandradermterry, so any binding on that other item will be lost15:28
mterrydandrader, ok I guess that's what's happening15:29
mterrydandrader, so there's no way to be declarative about it?15:29
dandradermterry, see how ApplicationWindow does it15:29
dandradermterry, it also switches focus among its children15:30
mterryYeah, imperatively15:30
mterryOK.  I can do imperative easily15:30
mterryI was just trying to be elegant15:30
dandradermterry, yep15:30
mterrydandrader, updated. thanks!15:34
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