cmaloneyWhy I <3 Ubuntu: Sound got a little wonky, so instead of having to reboot I just killed off the offending processes and life continues.13:30
Scary_Guyanyone ever use LinuxMCE before?  It's asking me for login, I've tried root with every possible first-login-password I could think of and then looked on the web for answers and am coming up with jack18:03
cmaloneyFirst I'm seeing it18:04
Scary_Guyit's a fresh install as of five minutes ago18:04
cmaloneyDid you try user: pi, pw: "raspberry"18:04
jrwrenlinuxmce:linuxmce ?18:04
Scary_Guylivingroom media center went tits up.  it's not on a pie18:05
Scary_Guytried that too18:05
jrwrenblank pw?18:05
Scary_Guyalso LinuxMCE:LinuxMCE / LinuxMCE:linuxmce18:05
Scary_Guytried that as well18:05
Scary_Guyapparently it wants a restart, odd, I figured it might just restart, brb I'll let you know how it goes18:09
Scary_Guywent with live this time instead of install, same result :/18:15
Scary_Guyhttps://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1064319 tried that and kubuntu as user names with blank passwords, nada18:27
Scary_Guyoh good, they have a channel on here, I'll go bug them18:27
cmaloneyrunning late for chc23:54

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