Kilosmorning inetpro Cryterion magespawn paddatrapper thatgraemeguy theblazehen and lurkers06:07
theblazehenHi Kilos 06:07
magespawngood morning06:16
Kilosbbl chores time06:52
inetprogoeie more06:56
chesedogood morning all07:23
Kiloshi chesedo 08:07
andrewlsdall quiet here I see.13:16
andrewlsdHi Kilos13:16
andrewlsdanyone else here attending DebConf?13:16
magespawnnah would have been nice though14:02
Kiloshi andrewlsd 14:12
Kilospaddatrapper is there14:13
paddatrapperandrewlsd: o/14:16
paddatrapperAs is SubOracle14:16
paddatrappersuperfly *14:16
andrewlsdI'll be there again tomorrow afternoon. It would be great to meet you paddatrapper. I met up with superfly yesterday14:24
paddatrapperandrewlsd: for sure. I'll be on IRC the whole day. Running video/audio/cameras for some things so I'll be in Menzies from the first talk 15:09
Kiloswhew paddatrapper dont let them overwork you15:19
paddatrapperKilos: had a break today. 8 hrs on Table Mountain. Good fun15:21
superflypaddatrapper: are you back yet?15:29
paddatrappersuperfly: just walked into Fuller 15:34
magespawncheers all15:57
pavlushkaEid Mubarak ZA17:26
magespawngood evening17:52
Kiloshi magespawn 17:52
magespawna little bit warmer today, but i see snow in the cape17:53
Kilostomorrow a bit warmer as well but night temp the same cold17:54
magespawnhow the sheep halding the weather/17:55
magespawnholding 17:55
Kilosi wait for it to get warm before going out much17:55
Kilossheep love cold weather17:55
Kilosi hate walking on grass that cracks under my feet17:56
magespawnhas not been that cold here yet17:57
Kiloshows the job going magespawn ?17:57
magespawnit is going well17:59
Kilosgood, im happy for you18:00
magespawni also smell opportunity, so we will see where that leads18:01
Kilosand ay least you are online a bit more often18:01
Kilosgood luck18:01
Kilosdont get flu then you cant smell18:02
Kiloshi nsnzero nice to see you still here18:03
nsnzerohi Kilos18:06
nsnzeroi have to make up for the lost time ...18:06
Kiloscan you remember when you were here before18:06
magespawnhad that for a bit as well18:06
nsnzeroKilos: it was months ago18:12
Kilosoh thats not to bad18:13
Kiloswe are very forgiving here18:13
nsnzeroi was on kubuntu 15.10 now on 16.04 - i bonked the upgrade to 16 hence my absence but i sorted it out 18:14
nsnzeroKilos:  glad to hear that 18:15
nsnzeroKilos: it was a lesson in upgrading mistakes -  just more linux training under my belt 18:17
Kiloswhat did you do wrong18:18
nsnzeroKilos: nothing actually , it was going well untll the screensaver kicked in , then .... i knew i was in trouble18:20
Kilosoh my18:21
magespawnscreensaver during an upgrade18:21
nsnzerolike i said it was a learning curve - i have since reinstalled and my system is better than before 18:22
magespawncool beans18:22
Kilosone day ill get the guts to move to 16.0418:23
nsnzeromagespawn:  the error was regarding ssdm - the password prompt after the screensaver kicks in 18:24
Kilosi disable that always18:24
Kilostoo lazy to type in more passwords18:24
nsnzerolol , kilos i am getting there as well  18:27
magespawnnsnzero on ubuntu?18:27
nsnzerokubuntu 16.04  plasma 5.6 kernel 4.618:28
magespawnsorted now though?18:31
nsnzeroi am a update junkie (monkey?)18:31
nsnzeromagespawn:  everything is running smoothly 18:32
magespawncool beans, with that i am off to bed, good night18:33
Kilosnight magespawn 18:33
Kilossleep warm18:33
nsnzerotake care magespawn 18:33
Kilosinetpro did you even greet today?18:33
nsnzerokilos : are you a web designer / server administrator ?18:42
Kilosno i am a irc greeter bot18:42
Kiloswhy what do you need18:42
nsnzeronothing at the moment - was thinking of running a server using LAMP18:44
Kilosmage knows that i think18:45
Kilosohi superfly 18:45
Kilosfly knows everything18:45
nsnzerobut now i am learning python (still learning... very slowly) although its such a simple language to learn18:45
nsnzeroi will be sure to trouble them with my ponderings should the need arise 18:47
Kilosyou should be ok, my son setup a server and he isnt clued up in linux at all18:49
Kilosthe guys here helped him18:49
nsnzerothats great 18:50
Kilosjust dont be in a hurry, debconf16 is eating their free time18:51
nsnzeroi am hoping that 1 day i will be at an advanced level to assist others 18:52
Kilosthen learn that python18:54
nsnzeroits been great chatting to you - but i need to go now - fatherly duties await me 18:54
nsnzerotake care - good night 18:55
Kilosrest well18:55
paddatrapperMaaz: tell nsnzero I can help with LAMP stack if you want. Set up a couple over the last few years 18:57
Maazpaddatrapper: Got it, I'll tell nsnzero on freenode18:57
superflypaddatrapper: ^^19:01
Kilosnight all. sleep warm19:09
paddatrappersuperfly: Linux, Nginx, PHP, Postgres? 19:43
paddatrapperI've always preferred MySQL to Postgres... No real reason why19:43
paddatrapperBut yes that is also a nice stack. In fact I think I'm running it on my VPS at the moment if memory serves me19:44

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