sleehello, 16.04 here, i need to convert a buttload of jp2 to jpg, but i now see that imagemagick nolonger supports jp2 and i don't see the libopenjp2 for 16.04 install, what is another good app for batch converting?00:01
CountryfiedLinuxdefekt, Still says added successfully but failed to connect :(00:01
bpromptlerner:   if it's only 40 pages and you can use something like pdf2svg to make it an svg image, and manipulate the text from a graphic editing app, where you can change colors  and saturation and contrast00:01
tortibI just told gnome3 classic to logout and it isn't logging out00:01
tortibany idea why this would occur?00:01
DaniKittenIs there a program for converting to MS Video 1?00:01
jane_doeK1rk, thanks!!!  That's just what I needed.00:02
lernerbprompt, can I take 40 pages at once and change contrast for all of them?00:02
=== Seventoe1 is now known as Seventoes
bpromptlerner:   you can merge all svg or whatever format you pick, and change it for the whole graphic at once, yes, it doesn't have to be svg, you can probably convert to some other image formats like png00:05
DaniKittenIs there a program for converting to MP4 to AVI MS Video 1?00:05
bpromptDaniKitten:    you mean, mp4 to avi?00:09
DaniKittenbprompt, yes00:10
DaniKittenbut not any AVI... I need MS Video 100:10
tortibHow can I change my mouse cursor for the entire system in gnome3 classic?  I used the tweak tool but it didn't update it properly00:12
bpromptDaniKitten:   dunno offhand myself00:13
Compy_Greetings. I have a 16.04 desktop installation that was installed as a legacy boot process. I added a fat16 UEFI partition and installed grub to it, and it boots fine on a certain motherboard (Gigabyte). However when I switch it to another motherboard (MSI), I get thrown into the UEFI shell. The bios settings on the second mobo look good. Would the fact that the EFI partition isn't the first partition on the disk have something to do00:16
Compy_with it?00:16
Compy_I'm wondering if different motherboards handle the EFI partition ordering differently.00:16
ddd333quick question: how many computers do you have at home? the ones that work well00:16
DaniKittenI have two00:17
Compy_ddd333, Not counting mobile devices, or TV computers, 3.00:17
ddd333ty DaniKitten  Compy_00:17
DaniKittenCompy_, I have an x86 netbook and an old PC00:18
tortibhow can I change my mouse cursor system wide in gnome3 classic?  I used the tweak tool and it didn't change it for every single aspect of my system.  For example if I hover over the dock it uses one cursor if I hover over a window to resize the window it uses the same cursor as the dock does.  Regular desktop is another cursor. :/00:18
Compy_DaniKitten: Intel NUC, Macbook and a Windows 10 laptop for the wife.00:18
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nacc!ot | ddd33300:22
ubottuddd333: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:22
ddd333can women be good programmers? last job i had half of them were women and they were really good and responsible. startups are mostly men though.00:28
jane_doeHaha, why wouldn't women be good programmers?00:30
jane_doeI don't think periods make you forget how to program.00:31
ddd333jane_doe: wat haha00:35
brianxmaybe more men are risk takers00:38
lpotterin the last 13 years, I have worked with some extremely competent women programmers. as for risk takers, out of my two sons and one daughter, the daughter is the risk taker... just sayin00:45
brianxlpotter: more only says more, not that there are not some on each side.00:46
maksкак установить wifi на linux mint00:51
brianxmaks: you'll communicate with far more people here if you use english.00:52
brianxmaks: you'll communicate with far more people here if you use english.00:53
SchrodingersScat!ru | brianx00:55
ubottubrianx: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.00:55
brianxSchrodingersScat: why are you sending that to me?00:56
SchrodingersScatbrianx: because you could have sent it to maks ;_;00:56
brianxi wouldn't send something i can't read SchrodingersScat.00:58
athanHi everyone. How do I go about publishing an executable to the apt-get repositories for all to use?01:00
athanOr better; how should I learn to use PPAs to my advantage, both as a consumer of software and as a distributor?01:00
SchrodingersScatathan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages01:01
athanThank you SchrodingersScat!01:02
* athan :|01:03
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tamanihey hi everybody, im new in ubuntu, just installed gimp, but i receive this message back "(gimp:30991)glib-gobject-warning g_object_set_valist has no property named 'cache-size', and it just got stucked showing the tools but not finishing charging01:17
OerHeksseems te be a known bug, tamani01:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1576977 in gimp (Ubuntu) "Lots of GEGL-gegl-operation.c-WARNING on starting gimp" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:19
tamanii see, at least in the page you link there-s no solution, i'll check somewhere else, thanks!01:21
OerHekstamani, hold on01:25
OerHekstamani, how do you start gimp ??01:25
tamaniin a terminal01:28
tamanii installed it with sudo apt install gimp and after installed typed gimp enter01:29
OerHeksif from terminal, these warnings occur, and are normal, try to just use the launcher from the menu01:29
Guest39586FOR RESEARCHER JOIN ##xWindow , FOR OFFICIAL SOLARIS SUPPORT JOIN ##su.solaris ... .01:30
minimectamani: Although I can confirm these warning messages, gimp is working ok here.01:31
OerHeksminimec, i would think so too, so that bugreport is also a result of starting from terminal perhaps01:32
etzerdhello all01:33
etzerdI need help01:33
etzerdI'm trying to install a  package and it display this error message. "python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat: Depends: python3:any (>= 3.3.2-2~) but it is a virtual package01:33
etzerd                            Depends: python3-aptdaemon (= 1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu14) but 1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu15 is to be installed01:33
minimecOerHeks: Well some people might have problems and start gimp from terminal for debugging reasons. So simpy their problems are real but not related to the warning messages.01:34
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest82332
Bashing-om!find python301:35
OerHeksminimec, i understand, but his Q involved not loading gimp further too.. that i cannot reconstruct here.01:35
ubottuFound: idle-python3.5, libpeas-1.0-0-python3loader, libpython3-all-dbg, libpython3-all-dev, libpython3-dbg, libpython3-dev, libpython3-stdlib, libpython3.5, libpython3.5-dbg, libpython3.5-dev (and 1528 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=python3&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all01:35
OerHekswith "gimp & " *01:35
minimecOerHeks: I agree.01:39
UbuntuDudehow to make the file operation windows stay always on top of unity ubuntu?01:41
UbuntuDudee.g. when copying files with file manager01:41
Guest82332right click window top and select always on top01:42
=== hayden is now known as Guest4867
UbuntuDudeGuest82332: so I keep doing this everytime I just do a normal file copying01:44
JamesLoveoh gosh, I have been away from IRC for a while!01:48
loopyJamesLove: an ancient yet still rock-solid technology :-)01:50
JamesLoveyeah, would you believe I set up an IRC server in 1990?01:51
loopyJamesLove: i was born one year earlier LOL01:52
porjauswhat command will remove all traces of an application? apt-get purge leaves bits and bobs in my dotfiles that have messed up reinstalls. Removing them manually works but is a hassle01:56
tgm4883porjaus: there isn't a command that will remove those01:56
minimecporjaus: 'purge' will remove 'system wide' configuration files but not the configuration files in you /home folder. You might find them in .local/share/YOURAPP .config/YOURAPP or simply .YOURAPP in your /home directory.01:57
porjaustgm4883: so digging around and finding the detritus and manually deleting them the only option?01:58
porjausminimec: I found them in .cache .local/apps and .gconf01:58
porjausnot sure if I missed some but removing those solved the problem01:58
tgm4883porjaus: yes, there isn't a way for dpkg to know of other files that get dropped in your home directory01:58
porjausI had an application acting weird...and reinstalling just kept putting the troublesome settings back...turns out those left behind bits were the problem and once they were removed all was good....but I accidentally found them and had no idea such things happened02:00
porjausI only found one other person with the same issues and no answer to their post....so sounds like it isn't a common problem?02:00
PcMasterRaceHaven't had that issue yet.02:00
porjausI seem to attract all the weird bugs that nobody has ever heard of02:01
PcMasterRaceI did run across the wifi bug after a fresh install02:02
dramasudo apt-get remove --purge  is supposed to get rid of config files. If it doesn't remove a dir because is has files in it like log files or something it will tell you it didn't remove them02:04
dramaJamesLove, so where have you been all this time02:06
tgm4883drama: not config files in your home directory02:10
dramatgm4883, what app02:10
tgm4883drama: any app.02:10
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
dramaI'll remove them02:11
dramalets start rm -rf ~/.config02:11
=== laserbeak4445 is now known as freerider
tgm4883drama: Ok, first. Not me having the issue, it was porjaus (who already removed the files). I was merely pointing out that a --purge doesn't remove files from your home directory. Second, that command you posted is super heavy handed02:13
porjausdrama: docky was the app in question...and purge left files in .cache, .gconf and .local  there was no warning02:14
porjausremoving docky using software center also left them there....manually deleting them was the only way to get rid of them and there was no dialogue in terminal or sw center there had been bits left02:15
dramaporjaus, did you re install it? I want it02:16
porjausyou want docky?02:16
dramaif it works02:16
porjauswell it worked for a long time for me....then it started acting up so I intended to reinstall which led down this ugly road. I was finally able to reinstall andit worked but it now leaves an odd line across the screen about 1/3 of the way up02:17
porjausI used it in the past on xubuntu 14.04 with no issues...and on 16.04 for a couple of months with no issues....but now it's got problems for me anyway02:18
porjauswhich is a shame as I like it better than cairo dock02:18
dramai'm going to look for a ppa02:18
porjausIt's in software center02:19
porjausGnome software center on 16.04....not sure about the old one02:19
porjausplank is a simpler docky version you might like....but its very minimal...its default in Elementary if you one to have a lok02:20
porjaus"if you want to have a look"....typos02:21
dramaoh no wonder it's a mono app02:21
porjauswhat does that mean?02:21
dramaweird programming language02:21
Compy_Greetings. I have a 16.04 desktop installation that was installed as a legacy boot process. I added a fat16 UEFI partition and installed grub to it, and it boots fine on a certain motherboard (Gigabyte). However when I switch it to another motherboard (MSI), I get thrown into the UEFI shell. The bios settings on the second mobo look good. Would the fact that the EFI partition isn't the first partition on the disk have something to do02:21
Compy_with it?02:21
Compy_I'm wondering if different motherboards handle the EFI partition ordering differently.02:22
=== Roogon is now known as quest4thefuture
prbcSo, I have this ubuntu server running in amazon and I'm trying to make a django app accessible, for some reason even if I run it I can't access the app, and if I nmap the server there is no PORT open besides of the ssh, how can I make this app accessible?02:35
jonathonojust upgraded to 16.04 and not able to get analog 5.1 working again. Tried alsamixer and changed pulse/daemon.conf to default-sample-channels = 6. What else should I check? I only get sound from left and right.02:45
GreatApeNiggyShould I switch to Debian?02:55
=== ericb2 is now known as Guest93799
prbcj django02:55
jesperKShello there02:58
jesperKSwats up ?02:59
PcMasterRacehas anyone found any new bugs as of today?02:59
jesperKSjust installed ubuntu MATE 16.04... running fine ;-)03:00
PcMasterRaceI've been using ubuntu gnome 16.04, only problem I had was wifi, but was a easy fix03:02
=== funkyHat1 is now known as funkyHat
sm00thhello all, ubuntu doesn't have nvidia driver 367 in the repos?03:03
jesperKSgnome 16.04 is also a very nice distro ;-) yes wifi is easy to fix03:04
PcMasterRacerunning smooth now!03:04
jesperKSNice to hear mate ;-)03:05
PcMasterRacehow long have you been running this version? @jesperKS03:05
jesperKSAbout one day :- hehe... i used to use Linux Lite03:07
paranoidabhiAny ideas on http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-04?03:07
jonathonoupgrade disabled my codecs. Re-installed libdvd-pkg and ran sudo dpkg-recounfigure libdvd-pkg. Can hear all channels now.03:08
jesperKSKDE PLASMA can be slow on some slower pces03:09
PcMasterRaceJust switched back from Windows 10. Couldn't take it anymore03:09
sm00thoh i rebooted did osmeone message me?03:09
reisioslow proc and on dedicated gpu, yeah, accelerated WMs can be problematic03:09
paranoidabhijesperKS, I just bought my pc, the specs seem to be good. But it is very slow.03:09
jesperKSWindows 10 SUCKS03:10
reisiojesperKS: that's rather my impression... also of most preceding Windows versions, though admittedly to a lesser extent (save vista :p)03:10
PcMasterRaceSure Does!!!03:10
sm00thi switched from debian to windows 10 and ubuntu lol03:10
reisiowindows me was the best; unhackable because it wouldn't stay working long enough to be hacked03:10
sm00thwindows 10 makes so much internet connections its insane03:10
sm00thI think windows 7 was their last good one.03:10
PcMasterRaceI agree03:10
reisio7 was quite less awful by comparison03:10
sm00thno 7 has great firewall03:11
reisioand as a person who has Windows-using friends, I don't look forward to the inevitable subscription based problems Windows >=10 users will suffer03:11
tatertots_i never personally had any problems with any version of windows03:11
sm00theven in windows 10 you can still block all of its stuff,  for example i only allow svchost for dns unless checking for updates.03:11
tatertots_but thats just me03:11
jesperKSwindows 7 was okay... but still not LINUX :-D03:11
tatertots_i still have vista and it works fine...don't see what all the fuss was about from end users03:11
sm00thjesperKS: with linux you have more insight to whats going on under the hood.03:12
PcMasterRaceI only use Windows for gaming.03:12
jesperKSOkay maby you should try another distro ?03:12
sm00thand even ubuntu don't constantly try to connect every aspect to the internet lol03:12
PcMasterRaceWindows 7 that is03:12
tatertots_some computer issues, as much as we don't like to admit are "human error" or user error03:12
sm00thin windows 10 even explorer.exe constanlty try to connect to innternet.  to tell MS everything you search on your pc lol03:12
sm00thyou can uninstall alot of stuff with powershell,  but still can't get rid of cortana.03:12
jesperKSI run STEAM on my linux.. playing CS:GO is fine03:13
PcMasterRaceSkynet in the making03:13
sm00thjesperKS: ya thats what I installed ubuntu for just now lol03:13
sm00thPcMasterRace: ya it really is lol03:13
sm00thwindows firewall is still not corrupt as far as I can see, b ut in windows 10 it try to put stuff back in the firewall03:13
jesperKS"sm00th yes thats right03:13
sm00thand install some apps back that you remove hahah03:13
PcMasterRaceSiri isn't to far behind... lol03:13
sm00thits crazy.03:13
sponixAmount of Linux Compatible Titles on Steam is growing as we speak..03:13
tatertots_but it's not realistic to expect end users to actually "manage" their computers...some harry potter magician at microsoft is supposed to manage peoples computers for them magically03:14
PcMasterRaceI have steam on my debian box03:14
sarbojithi guys I have a problem, I'm using a i7 6th gen hp laptop and I find that wifi stops working after being idle for sometime. Whereas it gives no issue on the windows 10 which came preinstalled. Any one faced the same issue?03:15
jesperKS@sponix yes thats true... i am not in a rush.. right now i have alle the games that i need on Linux03:15
PcMasterRaceDid you run a update?03:15
sponixjesperKS: My Boys are just happy to have Terraria03:15
sarbojitoh and by the way, the ubuntu version is 16.0403:16
sponixjesperKS: And I have one playing Shadow of Mordor03:16
PcMasterRaceSarbojit: run sudo apt-get update then restart pc should work03:17
sponixIf you aren't on 14.04.x or 16.04.x you are just Wrong  :)03:17
sarbojitPcMasterRace, I have done that yet I find that the system is unable to bring the card out of sleep once it is idle.03:17
sarbojitSo, that could be one of the possibilities of it to refuse to connect03:18
paranoidabhihi guys!03:18
sarbojitFor this reason I would like to talk to ubuntu's kernel team, is there anyone here or in a different channel ?03:18
paranoidabhiReasking question, http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-04? Any ideas?03:18
jesperKS@sponix yes i am also not so demanding enymore (i am 40) in my youth i played alot nore03:18
PcMasterRacetry going into your bios and booting network 1st03:18
jesperKS@sarbojit try this ... http://superuser.com/questions/911635/wifi-authentication-times-out03:19
sarbojitlet me check, jesperKS03:19
sarbojityes, I have seen this solution but as you can see this is iwlwifi which is intel card. Unfortunately, the wifi card I have is from RealTek. So, this solution won't work on my system.03:20
sm00thsarbojit: what model card do you have? you can find it with lspci03:21
sarbojit03:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter03:21
sarbojitI am currently on Wifi though I do not know if I will be able to reconnect after I keep PC idle for ~10 minutes or so (no browsing activity)03:22
PcMasterRacetry this sarbojit:http://askubuntu.com/questions/760075/cant-view-wifi-networks-after-upgrading-to-ubuntu-16-0403:22
PcMasterRaceI have realtek also this worked for me03:23
sm00thsarbojit: have you tried any of these solutions? https://askubuntu.com/questions/590414/wifi-problems-with-rtl8723be-in-ubuntu-14-0403:23
paranoidabhiany ideas guys? Does the issue relate to kde or ubuntu?03:23
jesperKSor this http://askubuntu.com/questions/590414/wifi-problems-with-rtl8723be-in-ubuntu-14-0403:23
sarbojitjesperKS, this is a solution to recompile the driver and replace it with stock kernel driver - will try this03:24
jesperKS<paranoidabhi> no... not a clue mate03:24
paranoidabhisarbojit, I had such issue. Check this http://askubuntu.com/questions/772180/wifi-not-working-on-realtek-rtl8723be-wifi-adapter03:24
sm00thsarbojit: another solution there is turn off some power manager settings for the card.03:25
sarbojitparanoidabhi, I will check this solution...03:25
sm00thparanoidabhi: when you boot up what does it get stuck on.  you can remove the quiet option from /etc/default/grub and see03:26
sarbojitsm00th, that could be a potential try out just to make sure that power management is the issue but I am not a wifi driver person so I do not know the internal details of the driver.03:26
sm00thtry it and see all you can do.03:27
sarbojitthat's why I wanted to have a talk with ubuntu kernel team if they could pin-point the wifi driver code, or may be a patch, I could do that.03:27
sm00thseems its been an issue for a while.  you can see if bug about it on launchpad and add a comment I guess.03:27
sarbojityes, for me alone to understand the driver code and make trial and error will take a lot of time03:28
subsumei have a bug where i can't restart or even stop mysql03:28
sm00thor post on forums.  think you will find mostly community users here.03:28
subsumeon a fresh 16.04 install03:29
paranoidabhism00th, does this provide any information http://paste.ubuntu.com/18601516/?03:38
paranoidabhihow can I undo/unmask this sudo systemctl mask systemd-udev-settle.service?03:58
paranoidabhi any ideas on this one http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-04?04:02
Xinparanoidabhi; it's impossible04:03
Xinyou are doomed04:03
paranoidabhiXin, that doesn't sound good04:04
=== Xin is now known as RitoPls
daxparanoidabhi: systemctl unmask, systemctl enable, systemctl start, depending on how much you want to undo04:12
MrCupp1/win 1104:14
=== NoobsFlyRNAV is now known as Knobjockey\Heavy
sudishthhow to reinstall Ubuntu default theme in ubuntu 16.0404:26
evil_dan2wikHow often is a good length of time to check for updates on a server?04:30
tatertots_depends...i wouldn't think there is a one size fits all answer to how often to check for updates, depends on the policies and procedures of the organization/business04:31
tatertots_and that would vary greatly by organization/business/industry04:31
evil_dan2wikI am an individual running a few non critical services. I was thinking something like bi weekly04:32
tatertots_if you are not governed by corporate policies and procedures.....why not?...bi weekly sounds good04:33
evil_dan2wikOk, thanks.04:33
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CountryfiedLinuxI'm trying to connect my bluetooth headphones.04:35
CountryfiedLinux"Device added successfully, but failed to connect". Any suggestions?04:35
tatertots_have you read the documentation for your headphones to identify the default PIN...u might be thinking...i've never needed a PIN before...do you know the default PIN for the head phones?....could be 5x 0's or 12345 or something...what all have you tried?04:37
CountryfiedLinuxtatertots_, didn't need one for my phone04:39
tatertots_give me the model# of your headphones04:39
CountryfiedLinuxtatertots_, they're qcy04:40
CountryfiedLinuxConnection Failed: blueman.bluez.errors.DBusFailedError: Protocol not available04:41
CountryfiedLinuxMaybe blueman is the problem. Are there alternatives to blueman?04:42
tatertots_here's the "qcy" headphone manual  https://system.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=33821&c=689990&h=eb17d70a921abcd741b3&_xt=.pdf04:43
tatertots_it says if your phone supports "simple pairing" you won't need a PIN...that suggests that all phones do not support simple pairing04:44
tatertots_this explains why u never needed a pin for your phone04:44
tatertots_the PIN is 000004:44
tatertots_remove the headphone's...pair again and supply the PIN 000004:45
tatertots_report the results04:45
tatertots_every bluetooth device has a default PIN...weather you need it or not with the device you intend to use it with...they ALL have a default factory PIN04:49
CountryfiedLinuxtatertots_, Where do I put the pin in in blueman?04:50
CountryfiedLinuxtatertots_, I'm looking for that option.04:50
CountryfiedLinuxtatertots_, which option of the 4? headset?04:52
tatertots_this has pictures of blueman using a PIN with headphones...http://askubuntu.com/questions/259354/how-do-i-connect-to-my-bluetooth-headset04:53
tatertots_scroll down until you get to the blueman screen shots04:53
tatertots_it shows step by step04:53
=== JanC is now known as Guest89378
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
CountryfiedLinuxtatertots_, It looks different on Xubuntu.04:54
tatertots_when you are at the "create pair" stage it should allow you to use or provide a PIN04:56
CountryfiedLinuxI'll check again04:58
CountryfiedLinuxtatertots, I don't see the pin option when trying to pair.05:01
evil_dan2wikHas the blue tooth received worked with the headphones before?05:03
evil_dan2wikI've had a receiver that was too old to be used with newer headphones05:03
gshmudisplay error05:06
tatertots_what is the output of "sdptool browse local"05:09
tatertots_pastbin it here05:09
hyperizedokay .. always fun receiving a tomcat7 update which fails on all 14.04 servers and kills all the servers05:11
=== Afrotoast is now known as Toastfro
paranoidabhihi guys!05:24
paranoidabhiany ideas on this one http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-0405:24
danny_Hello, I'm here for a sanity check05:24
danny_PPA's are generally safe if they are from reputable sites like gnome-look, right?05:25
danny_I'm wanting to get the Elegant Gnome Pack theme for mate05:26
noobfaceok, i have sucessfully installed ubuntu, and went to turn wifi on. it says when i drop down the wifi selection menu "wifi networds device not ready" and so i google it and it came up with a new option to do on the command line but they didn't work for me. I beleive its becasue of the last variable shown. The one im refering to is: modprobe -rfv iw3945. The promp comes back with iw3945 is not found. What is the value supposed to05:28
noobfacerepresent and how do i find it on my desktop05:28
Arigat0Good Evening05:30
Arigat0<3 to Ubuntu05:30
hateball!help | Arigat005:33
ubottuArigat0: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:33
tatertots_noobface...show the output of 'lspci -vnn' please05:34
noobfacethis will just take a sec..05:35
tatertots_a sec....come on man..that's too long...just kidding..no worries05:36
noobfacetwo seperate servers man.. output coming05:37
noobfacebobseviltwin@Dontfuckwithbob:~$ lspci -vnn05:37
noobface00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Device [1022:1566]05:37
noobfaceSubsystem: Lenovo Device [17aa:3639]05:37
noobfaceFlags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 005:37
noobface00:01.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mullins [Radeon R4/R5 Graphics] [1002:9851] (rev 40) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])05:37
noobfaceSubsystem: Lenovo Mullins [Radeon R4/R5 Graphics] [17aa:3639]05:37
noobface00:02.3 PCI bridge [0604]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 16h Processor Functions 5:1 [1022:1439] (prog-if 00 [Normal decode])05:38
noobfaceFlags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 2605:38
noobfaceBus: primary=00, secondary=02, subordinate=02, sec-latency=005:38
noobfaceI/O behind bridge: 0000e000-0000efff05:38
noobfaceMemory behind bridge: fe900000-fe9fffff05:38
noobfaceCapabilities: <access denied>05:38
noobfaceKernel driver in use: pcieport05:38
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hateball!paste| You'd think people would have learned by now05:38
ubottuYou'd think people would have learned by now: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:38
Arigat0Good Evening05:38
=== lolmac is now known as Guest34150
noobfaceSubsystem: Lenovo FCH USB XHCI Controller [17aa:3639]05:39
noobfaceFlags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 005:39
noobfaceMemory at fea68000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=8K]05:39
noobfaceCapabilities: <access denied>05:39
noobfaceKernel driver in use: xhci_hcd05:39
noobface00:11.0 SATA controller [0106]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] FCH SATA Controller [AHCI mode] [1022:7801] (rev 40) (prog-if 01 [AHCI 1.0])05:39
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danny_So how safe are PPA's?05:41
tatertots_anybody can have a ppa05:41
deceitif they're on the ubuntu wiki, safe enough05:41
tatertots_do you trust the content provider?05:41
deceitstill considered unstable, and not officially supported05:41
tatertots_if yes ...safe enough05:41
danny_It is a gtk 2 theme from gnome-look05:41
danny_tatertots_ I don't have a clue who the content provider is but the package is pretty highly reiviewed on the site05:43
Arigat0Is anyone here running Ubuntu in command line mode?05:44
Arigat0I have it set up on this old netbook and I freaking love it05:44
tatertots_we all have access to that mode Arigat0...and we all probably love it...even if it's just a little bit05:45
ponyriderno x11?05:45
Arigat0correct pony05:45
Arigat0just straight up terminal mode no gui05:45
ponyriderArigat0: my god... why why why05:45
danny_but... Why?05:45
tatertots_because it makes him feel very nerd like05:45
Arigat0well mainly because this old netbook gets laggy with the gui05:45
danny_How do you watch porn?05:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:46
Arigat0secondly it allows me to learn terminal mode better05:46
ponyriderw3m == best browser eveeeeer!05:46
Arigat0hahah links2 ftw05:46
tahder.. im back .. wtf05:46
tatertots_we have to keep the conversation technical break/fix so the police don't get us guys05:47
Arigat0welcome back tahder05:47
tahderdo you still want my pastbin or is it going to ban me again05:47
tahderthanks :(05:47
tatertots_yes show the pastbin05:47
tatertots_the link to the pastbin05:47
tatertots_you have a Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8821AE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter05:49
tahderwhat does that mean then05:50
tatertots_means that's not a iw394505:50
danny_Where are we supposed to go for chit-chat?  I kinda like this, its just twitch chat without a streamer05:50
tahderoh i see.. well then the internet isn't being very helpful. Any idea on how to set up wifi for a device not set up state?05:51
tatertots_you were running this command earlier modprobe -rfv iw3945. The promp comes back with iw3945 is not found05:51
Arigat0acpi -VV <--- my favorite command atm05:51
tatertots_that's why is was not found because you don't have a iw3945 WLAN adapter in your computer05:51
tatertots_i don't know what forum post you found that made you type such a command05:52
tatertots_but it does NOT apply to you05:52
danny_How do I use a gtk 2 theme in mate?05:52
danny_I downloaded one through syapti packag manager05:53
tahderoh, and acpi it says isn't installed and i can't install without internet05:53
tahderwait would i replace my specific adapter with iw394505:54
hateballtahder: is it this issue you're having? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/152668305:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1526683 in linux (Ubuntu) "10ec:8821 rtl8821ae loses connection occasionally on 2.4 GHz network requiring hardware button to be toggled twice for connection to be re-established" [High,Expired]05:54
tatertots_thanks ubottu05:54
tatertots_that thing comes in handy05:55
tatertots_hold on tahder...i'm having to scroll up far to read your original writings05:56
tahderwifi doesn't loose connection ocassionally it doesn't have one to begin with. Although i had connect before i install and i did have install problems05:56
danny_Figured it out05:56
tatertots_danny you got your shinny new theme?05:57
tatertots_oh he left05:57
tatertots_ok you there tahder?06:01
tatertots_will you pastbin some info for me?06:02
tahdersure what do you need06:02
tatertots_modinfo rtl8821ae06:02
tahderoke please hold while i computer06:03
danny_Ok boys, how the hell do I get rid of the nvidia tray icon?06:05
tatertots_clear the checkbox next to "show tray icon"06:05
danny_tatertots_ I'm dumb, where would I find that?06:06
tatertots_danny did you get your fancy theme you wanted?06:06
danny_tatertots_ I got a different one, but its already a million times better than what I had before, where I couldn't even see the text in this prompt box06:07
tatertots_tahder you still working on getting that info?...06:10
tahderyeah im having problems ... i might have to leave and be back on a different server but stand by while i try to fixes06:11
tatertots_ok i'm going to warm up my coffee...i'll be here06:11
tahderyup okay dont go anywhere ill be back06:11
danny_What is the difference between the Onboard settings, Personal Settings, and qt settings?06:12
danny_They all let me change theme and font independently it seems06:12
tatertots_i don't know danny, i had a ubuntu feisty fawn 7.04 system i did some fancy stuff too long ago but haven't messed with any GUI stuff since then06:15
tahderokay im back, link in a sec06:19
tatertots_welcome back tahder06:19
tahderthanks :306:19
tatertots_all these seconds add up....just kidding...no worries06:19
tahderyes you would have thought you went to fb with all the time you've wasted06:20
tatertots_wrong pastbin tahder06:21
tatertots_that was the pastebin where we figured out you didn't have a iw4936 or whatever wlan adapter06:21
tahderthere try that on for size06:22
tahderha yeah i had them both open :306:22
tatertots_yeah that's what i wanted to see06:23
tatertots_what version of ubuntu is this tahder?06:28
=== user_ is now known as syoc
tatertots_tahder i have some questions for ya06:33
tahderyeah whats up06:33
tatertots_i'm seeing reports of performance/disconnection issues from other users of that wlan adapter using various versions of ubuntu, it's my understanding that in your circumstance it's not functional at all?....you cannot see the ssid's around you?06:34
tatertots_is this correct?06:35
tahderyes it is06:35
ursusHey, I just installed Ubuntu Mata 16.04 on my Lenovo B590 laptop which has a GF117M Nvidia gpu with optimus technology. The proprietary nvidia-340 driver was available just with a click, I enabled it from the GUI. I also installed bumblebee from apt, and edited the xorg.conf.nvidia file by adding the BUS id to it. Rebooted, but I still get an error message when I try to run a program with optirun: Cannot access secondary GPU. How could06:35
ursusI get bumblebee work? Any help is appreciated!06:35
tatertots_have you restarted network manager? if not let's try that...other users have out of the box functionality but only later discover performance/disconnect issues06:36
tatertots_you're a little different because yours isn't functioning at all..this gave me pause....yes you tahder06:37
Seveastahder: how are you trying to see ssid's? With the networkmanager gui or on the commandline?06:38
hateballursus: What chipset do you have?06:38
Seveashateball: he said GF117M :)06:39
hateballursus: If you have a more recent one, the nvidia-361 and nvidia-prime is likely what you want instead of bumblebee06:39
tahdernetworkmanager gui06:39
hateballSeveas: ah yes06:39
tahderhow do you see them on the command line06:39
ursushateball, 01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M/810M/820M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M] (rev a1)06:40
Seveastahder: sudo iwlist scan06:40
tahdernetworks available.. connecting06:40
tatertots_good deal06:40
tahderthanks seveas06:40
tahderconnected :306:41
tatertots_sounds like you too will have out of the box functionality and only later discover performance/disconnection issues06:41
tahdertesting ..06:41
Seveastahder: it was probably restarting networkmanager that did it06:41
tahderyeah i think so06:41
tatertots_but that's better than no functionality at all right06:41
SeveasI have this regularly as well, where n-m won't see anything. Either restarting n-m or doing sudo iwlist scan will kick it into gear.06:41
tahderproblem loading :<06:42
tahderlet me try command line06:42
=== Liiz is now known as ERCWXEWQSX
K1rkwhat chipset?06:43
K1rkSeveas, personally seen that issue a lot with Broadcom cards06:43
SeveasK1rk: intel something, but the problem isn't the chip, it's n-m06:43
ERCWXEWQSXno entiendo ni puta mierda ._.06:43
Seveasit doesn't scan often enough and I move around a lot06:43
tahderit prints back a bunch of stuffs then interface doesn't support scanning06:43
ERCWXEWQSXtu abuela!06:44
tatertots_F word are you having a ubuntu problem?....i can't say your screen name because i'm not allowed to use profanity06:44
Seveastahder: can you pastebin the entire output?06:44
F-U-C-Khello, bitch06:45
=== ERCWXEWQSX is now known as Bicht
tahderill give you the important parts hows that . one sec06:46
F-U-C-K[Bicht] Eso parece "Bicho" xD06:46
=== Bicht is now known as Bicho
danny_New question, Is there a reason not to update stuff on Ubuntu?06:47
mihael_k33hlI've installed an application, and it's on /usr/local/bin, How do I like trace and remove everything that comes along with it?06:47
danny_Am I putting myself at risk by updating whatever Software Updater coughs up?06:47
F-U-C-Kdanny_ close your pussy06:47
hateballmihael_k33hl: did you install it using ubuntus repositories?06:47
tatertots_there is not one size fit all answer to that danny...i personally run software that requires me to use certain ubuntu version to retain support06:47
tatertots_you may not have software like that in your environment06:48
hateballmihael_k33hl: and what is the application?06:48
tatertots_but if you do..you'll find out.................the hard way06:48
mihael_k33hlhateball: I don't remember though, but I guess I installed it from source. It's GNS3, and I think I've also deleted the source file/directory for that one06:48
danny_I guess I'll keep updating everything until I regret it06:48
hateballmihael_k33hl: Well if you've installed from source, you'll need to read that programs documentation06:49
hyperizedguys, how do I get someone to look at a production breaking bug that has been untouched for 3 months and now ended up in LTS?06:50
danny_hyperized yell06:50
tatertots_so danny for me...newer isn't always better ...if you know what i mean06:51
danny_hyperized, snide comments on social media06:51
hateballmihael_k33hl: depending on the application, download the source again and hope it lets you make uninstall06:51
F-U-C-K---------_U o\--o06:51
F-U-C-K------/----/\\ __06:51
F-U-C-K---\_/----/-\\-U o\___06:51
hyperizedHN :D06:51
tatertots_I still have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a production box due to software06:52
danny_tatertots_ I feel like I'd forget to update and then never update06:52
tatertots_if i go any higher that 12.04....things break06:52
tatertots_and i dont like when things break06:52
danny_tatertots_ Luckily, I don't have any custom written software I need to work right now06:53
danny_Gotta say, Linux is clicking with me more than I thought it would06:54
tahderermehgerd finally ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/18608861/06:56
mihael_k33hlGNS3 seems to have been updated for quite a while and the directory structure has been reorganized into multiple ones, just deleted the binary files in /usr/local/bin. Any suggestion how I can track source installed packages from here onwards?06:57
mihael_k33hlOh I'll just use checkinstall06:57
hateballmihael_k33hl: they appear to have a !ppa06:58
mihael_k33hlhateball: for the new one06:58
mihael_k33hlhateball: for the latest version06:59
hateballmihael_k33hl: It's been built recently, so I'd assume so. https://launchpad.net/~gns3/+archive/ubuntu/ppa06:59
tahdertatertots_ are you still with meh?07:06
tatertots_i'm here07:06
tahderok good did you get my link07:07
tatertots_if you just posted a link i might have missed it, last i knew after restarting network manager you were able to see ssid's around you07:07
tahderoh ok here is new http://paste.ubuntu.com/18608861/07:08
tatertots_that was info that was requested of you by another helper....were you not able to connect to your ssid of choice?07:08
tahderinfo requested by you and yes but then while testing internet didnt connect07:09
tahderoh wait no not requested by you, by Seveas07:10
tahderare you still with me Seveas?07:10
tatertots_were you able to associate with a access point?...which is just a fancy way of asking did you attach to a ssid yes/no? please answer in yes/no form07:11
tahderbut abilities impaired07:12
wyseguyanyone to help with this issue? http://askubuntu.com/questions/760412/cant-change-multi-monitor-display-positions-in-ubuntu-16-0407:12
tatertots_ok tahder07:14
tatertots_let's do this07:14
tahder:D do what07:14
tatertots_run ifconfig and find your wlan adapter usually wlan0 or something like that and tell me if you have a ip address07:14
tatertots_in yes/no form please07:15
tatertots_did you get a ip addy/address tahder?07:17
tahderun momento07:18
hyperizedoh nice, the tomcat breaking version got pushed via security updates07:19
=== phantom is now known as Guest1609
tatertots_i'm assuming that means "give me a second" tahder.....you and these seconds07:20
tahderokay so im looking at the output and it gives me 3 blocks and wlp4s0 contains what my ip address is on the connection information in IPv407:21
tahderalso IPv607:21
tahdersorry english only got it07:21
tahderalso a note -- the interface says "blah.blah WIFI(wlp4s0)07:22
tahderive never seen the part in () before07:22
tatertots_ok tahder07:22
tahder*obviously blah.blah has numbers07:22
tatertots_this is what we need from that info07:22
tahderthen to your original question dod you have an ip the answer is no07:23
tahderthe interface number is not contained within the command response07:24
tatertots_run ifconfig wlp4s0 and we need your ip/netmask for internet trouble shooting...your IPv4 ip/netmask specifically....if you want you can either pastebin the info or if you can pick out the info and hold it in your head to follow the next steps07:25
tahderpick out which info .. im sorry i hope you understand why i cant give you my ip07:25
tatertots_yes i understand07:26
tahdergood, now doing ifconfig07:26
tatertots_i hope you understand that your wlan adapter is working now and if you still have issues it's most likely human error07:26
tahderthen what would i do reset but i already did that07:27
tahderand this is a fresh install.. like i went to connect to the internet right out of the gate07:27
tahderwhat do i do after ifconfig wlp4s007:28
tatertots_now that you know your ip address and netmask you now need to determine your default gateway07:30
tatertots_netstat -nr07:30
tahderby the way i tried to connect through hotspot and it connected07:32
pletin12Lately when I turn on my computer there is always a screen that says "failed to start X server" and I end up in a terminal. Usually I fix temporarily this problem by typing sudo mdm stop and then reboot but that's not a permanent solution. Is there anything I can do to fix this for good?07:34
reisiopletin12: what version of Ubuntu?07:35
pletin12maybe graphics card driver problem?07:38
tahderall good im back07:39
tatertots_welcome back tahder07:40
tahderthanks tatertots_07:40
tahderwhat were we talking about before i was so rudely interupted07:40
tatertots_tahder you couldn't get your wireless to detect ssid's ...that's been addressed/fixed...you're all good now07:43
tatertots_got any other questions or problems please tell us on one line please07:44
tahdercan detect ssid's but now internet doens't connect still, hotspot does but that isn't a long term solution07:44
vbotkapletin12, you might want to get more details and go through /var/log/Xorg.0.log looking for (EE)07:45
tahderwaittt,, it works07:45
tatertots_you may need to consult with the owner/network administrator of the wifi07:45
tahderhold on let me see if i can..07:46
tatertots_to determine if you have the right to connect to it07:46
tatertots_i can't help you do anything unethical in regard to getting wireless internet07:47
tahderyes i do  and for that matter im connected on this computer that im talking to you on07:47
tahdergoogle loads not much else07:47
pletin12(EE) open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory07:47
pletin12maybe this?07:47
tahderhey who said anything about unethical im just a random person trying to connect to my boobtube. perfectly legitament :307:48
tahdernot connected now hmm07:49
=== daniel is now known as Guest85803
tatertots_tahder can you ping your default gateway?07:50
yzxhello ,I have a question about glib07:50
vbotkapletin12, I guess there will be more than this one (EE) http://askubuntu.com/questions/557430/xserver-doesnt-want-to-start07:51
yzxwhen I use g_drive_can_eject in arm64 ,get TRUE,but the drive is in local07:51
tahderhow do i do that07:52
tahdersudo route -n says the internets and it comes up with a slighly altere result of before of netstat -nr07:54
tatertots_there is a ip address there inside of netstat -nr that is your default gateway ip address07:54
tatertots_since you want to be secretive about ip addys we'll call it ......xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx07:55
tahderthere is one listing with gateway but other info listed for it is 0000 except metric07:55
tatertots_run the command 'ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'07:55
tahder56(84) bytes of data07:56
tahderit replies07:56
tatertots_you will either get network packets returned, which is a successful ping or you will get "host unreachable" which is a unsuccessful ping07:56
tatertots_you can ping it07:56
tatertots_this is good07:56
tatertots_this means your computer is talking to the wireless router just fine07:57
tatertots_no problem there07:57
tahderokay so why no internets07:57
tahderit could just be google .. they do like me anymore07:57
tahderlet me try different engine07:57
tatertots_ping google.com07:58
tahderon the command line?07:58
tatertots_were you able to ping google dot com on command line?07:59
tatertots_yes on command line07:59
tatertots_'ping google.com'07:59
tatertots_were you able to ping google.com yes/no?07:59
backboxHI BROS07:59
tahderits thinking08:00
ZFS1Hi BIOS08:00
backboxi'm backbox08:00
ZFS1we know08:00
backboxbox lack box08:00
backboxblack box08:00
tahderunknown host08:01
tatertots_tahder can you reboot the router?....i'm guessing you may not be able to but answer non the less08:01
tahdernot possible08:02
brushdemoncan you do `ping`?08:02
tahderwiki doesn't even load08:02
tatertots_tahder you may not have authorization to use this wifi08:03
brushdemonalright, so it's a DNS issue08:03
tatertots_or there might be a device limit08:03
tahderi do have i didn't hack someones wifi08:03
tatertots_maybe you can only have 1 seat on the network and you're already using your 1 seat08:03
tahder.. the apt that i live in provides wifi for the building08:03
tahderno because i connect with windows08:03
brushdemonchange your /etc/resolv.conf to googles DNS or something08:03
tahderbefore installed ubuntu and id use this comp08:04
brushdemonjust put something like 'nameserver' into /etc/resolv.conf08:04
brushdemonlet me know if that works08:05
tahderdo you have a command for that08:06
brushdemonsince you need to copy+paste stuff08:07
brushdemonprintf "nameserver\nnameserver\n" > /etc/resolv.conf08:08
tahderpermission denied08:09
brushdemonyou could use a text editor on that file too such as nano08:09
brushdemontry it with sudo08:09
brushdemonsudo -s bash -c 'printf "nameserver\nnameserver\n" > /etc/resolv.conf'08:09
tahderand put the print.... in a text editor?08:10
brushdemonno, copy + paste that line08:10
=== bro is now known as Guest67790
tahdercan't different servers08:10
brushdemonwell type it in?08:11
Apachezhow come ubuntu performs daily downloads of updates when I explicitly told it to "Never" check or download updates?08:11
tahdernothing returns08:13
tahderis it a success?08:13
brushdemontry pinging google.com again08:13
tahderthinking ..08:13
tahderunknown host08:14
tahderwas i supposed to replace nameserver with google?08:15
brushdemonwhat's the output of `cat /etc/resolv.conf`?08:15
tahderno such file or directory08:16
brushdemonokay, so /etc/resolv.conf contains the DNS servers that your system will send out dns requests too08:18
brushdemonif you don't have that file, your system won't know how to translate DNS names such as google.com to the related IP address08:18
loopyApachez: 16.04?08:18
brushdemonthe command I gave you before should have wrote, or overwrote /etc/resolv.conf08:19
tahderoh i see. Well hold on let me see if i cant find it the other way08:19
brushdemonthat's that the `>` symbol does in shell08:19
tahderohh ok let me try a few things then08:19
Apachezloopy: mmm08:20
Apachez16.04 LTS, udpated from 15.1008:20
=== MacroMan_away is now known as MacroMan
Apachezwith 15.10 the setting was valid (Never meant never)08:20
Apachezin 16.04 "Never" seems to mean "whatever" :P08:20
Apachezevery morning I have that damn green icon in unity telling me I have updates08:21
Apachezwhile I have configured updated to "Never" check for updates etc08:21
tahderoh wait folder name is resolvconf not resolv ill try again08:21
tahderoh and i have resolv.conf.d inside that folder...so would it be /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d08:22
tahderw/ */08:22
brushdemonyou should have a file called /etc/resolv.conf08:24
loopyApachez: it'll keep bugging you to install those updates until you do but after that, if you uncheck gnome-software from startup applications, that should work08:24
tahderi thought after the "." is the file08:25
tahderand the "/" seperated the files08:25
reisiotahder: both of those can't be true simultaneously08:27
brushdemon.conf is just a file extension name08:27
reisiotahder: / does separate files & dirs08:28
brushdemonlike .pdf denotes that the file is a pdf document08:28
tahderthanks -reisio-08:28
brushdemon'/' is a path seperator to denote which folder you're inside of08:28
reisioor at least, .pdf suggests it's a pdf document08:28
brushdemonthat's true08:29
reisioit actually _being_ the PDF format is what makes it that08:29
* reisio digresses08:29
tahdernothing named resolve then inside of etc08:29
brushdemondon't confuse the poor guy :p08:29
tahderor anywhere as it apears08:29
brushdemonon windows that's true08:29
reisiobrushdemon: you're no fun anymore08:29
tahderis this a bad time to tell you im a girl ?08:29
brushdemonon unix systems, well that's what `file` is for :p08:29
brushdemontahder: is it a bad time to tell you that I don't really care since I'm the same?08:30
brushdemonit makes no difference in text chat08:30
tahderperfect time08:30
tahdercan we get back to the point now ?08:31
reisiowhat is it you're trying to do?08:31
tahderthere is no resolv.conf inside etc08:31
brushdemonthey seem to be having a dns issue since they can't ping google.com but can ping
tahderresolvconf , yes08:31
lyzeBasically a file path contains "/" and names. The "/" indicates a new folder. So e.g. /etc/resolve.conf would mean that there is a directory called "etc". After the last "/" taht's the file itself. the name of the file to be specific. So "resolve.conf" would be the name. Nothing more. Under windows the thing after the "." would be the file ending, we just use it here also but it isn't mandatory so we recognize it easier.08:31
lyzeUnder *nix there is a specific way to find out what type a file has ... you can look at the program "file" for more information e.g. "man file"08:32
tahderreisio im trying to connect to the internet, wifi is connect but page wont display were on the command line trying stuffs but its not working08:32
reisioreally not much reason to know what a file is08:33
reisioeither an app designed to parse the format you think you're dealing with will parse it... or it won't08:33
tahderOHH! got it08:33
tahder i was looking for a file08:33
tahderi mean folder, there is a file08:34
tahder resolv.conf08:34
tahderlet me try path again08:34
brushdemonreisio: I gave this command to tahder to put in just because it (probably) should work08:34
brushdemonsudo -s bash -c 'printf "nameserver\nnameserver\n" > /etc/resolv.conf'08:34
brushdemonwell the command will, but I meant the problem should be sorted after that08:35
tahderwait i just open resolv.conf on accident.. we might now need to do that it says: nameserver ameserver
[[thufir]]how do I add a user to sudo from the CLI?08:36
EriC^^[[thufir]]: sudo adduser sudo <user>08:36
reisiobrushdemon: mmm, little destructive, but I guess it's not a big deal with resolv.conf08:36
reisio[[thufir]]: gpasswd, 'admin' group or something08:37
reisio[[thufir]]: compare to 'groups YOURcurrentUSER'08:37
EriC^^[[thufir]]: sorry, sudo adduser <user> sudo08:37
[[thufir]]I'm on digital ocean.  I did "sudo adduser thufir sudo" but god "adduser:  the user 'thufir' does not exit.  I'm as root, that's how digital ocean starts off.08:38
tahderok i put in the command and it just returns a blinking ">" like i should input something08:38
tahderor maybe its thinking but it stopped blinking08:39
[[thufir]]EriC^^: thanks08:39
[[thufir]]reisio: thanks.08:39
lyze[[thufir]], https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/initial-server-setup-with-ubuntu-14-04 ^^08:40
[[thufir]]lyze: are digital ocean droplets sufficient for Asterisk?  Or, is that too much?  I know that they're virtualized, so...08:41
reisiotahder: that suggests you missed a quotation mark08:41
reisiotahder: or the person who gave you the command did08:41
YoubiHi, I’m trying to deploy Openstack on a single Ubuntu 16.04 VM, I run `conjure-up openstack` but after the second screen, the installer freeze :/08:41
[[thufir]]pardon, that was for anyone about asterisk on digital ocean.  not just lyze.08:41
reisio'>' is what bash gives you when you haven't completed a statement, almost always because of a missing or extra quotation mark08:42
tahderoh ha ok hold on08:42
lyze[[thufir]], if it#s pwerful enough then sure why not ^^08:42
tahderi doesn't return anything08:44
tahderbut its at ~08:44
tahderAND its not blinking08:45
tahderwait did you mean to put 2 nn's in nameserver the second time its mentioned?08:46
tahderreisio or brushdemon, are you still with me?08:51
* reisio reads up08:52
reisiotahder: that's normal08:52
reisiotahder: he gave you something that overwrites resolv.conf08:52
reisiothe normal response to it is nothing08:53
reisiocheck your network again08:53
tahderoh i see okay08:53
tahderokay so it connects to google but if i try to search something it doesn't connect and response with: server not found08:55
reisiotahder: this is a finished install? Does/did networking work normally from the live OS (install media)?08:57
tahderdo you mean the OS it came with, yes08:57
tahderhold on, im attempting to make a proxy but i don't think itll work08:58
tahdernope i didn't think so08:58
tahderHOLY TAPELINE!! is that the time?! i HAVE to go to bed before the sun rises!09:01
tahderthank you all and ill see you tomorrow hopefully09:01
alexlistHi. I have set a root password on my Ubuntu 16.04 workstation, but would still like users in group "sudo" to do things like installing packages, configuring printers etc. However, it looks like policykit now always asks for the root password, which I don't want to share with all users... As far as I understand, /etc/polkit-1/localauthority.conf.d/50-localauthority.conf and 51-ubuntu-admin.conf are the relevant config files. I don't want to lock my09:08
alexlistself out entirely, but will changing the order of these files fix my problem?09:08
Triffid_Hunteralexlist: I thought the whole point of sudo is that users' use their own password?09:10
alexlistYes, yes, true. But imagine a user manages to f... up the sudo configuration, and I want to remotely fix this (via remote root login using pubkey), I need to be able to log in as root, bypassing sudo. That's why I set a root password. But now, all administrative actions on the GUI, e.g. running usb-creator-gtk, Software Center, configuring printers ask for the root pw instead of the user's pw. That was not what I wanted...09:12
Triffid_Hunteralexlist: ah that sounds dumb09:12
Apachezloopy: thanks, I have deselected "gnome software" from startup... lets hope the autoupdate will stop nagging me :)09:13
loopyApachez: np09:13
matrix_hi guys, a friend of mine yesterday showed me a security evaluation service online to check whether for example your email provider is secure or not and I've read about many email providers and their respective evaluations, going from A, B, C etc. but now I cannot find/recall it, anyone knows? It's kind of like an online professional security tester that runs many tests and gives an output. Sorry if I'm out of topic here, I didn't know where else to ask :)09:15
batteryscreen is not installed on ubuntu?09:15
akikbattery: sudo apt install screen09:15
akikalexlist: that sounds just weird. i'll try to test too09:16
alexlistakik: It is not that weird at all, looking at the config. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/18614604/09:17
alexlistakik: My assumption - not being intimately familiar with PolicyKit, but having read the manpage, is that as long as the root account (UID 0) is locked, the first file is irrelevant, and the second one kicks in...09:18
batteryhow can i exit from screen? akik ?09:21
akikalexlist: ok i don't know how that works. i set the root password, then created a new user with sudo group and logged in with it. installing language support under unity asks for the user password09:21
lyzebattery, ctrl+A D09:21
akikbattery: ctrl+d or exit09:21
hateballbattery: do you mean detach? ctrl+a D09:21
alexlistbattery: Ctrl-A ? gives you the help page09:21
hateballbattery: then "man screen"09:21
batteryctrl + ad or ctrl + AD?09:22
lyzeoh right09:22
alexlistakik: ok, thx for trying to reproduce... will do some more local digging.09:22
batterythanks lyze09:22
lyzeif a process is running while you press ctrl+a d then it'll get detatched. aka you can open it after that again09:22
akikalexlist: can you give me a test which in your case asks for the root password?09:22
lyzeYou can reattach to that screen again with screen -r <name>09:22
lyzescreen -list gives yuo a list of screens running09:23
varaindemianlocate -09:23
batteryakik: what is ctrl + d?09:23
varaindemianlocate -A i3blocks doesn't return anything09:23
alexlistakik: usb-creator-gtk, trying to write a current Xenial desktop .iso to a usb stick for example. Or changing settings of a printer (e.g. IP)09:23
akikbattery: it causes your shell to quit09:23
battery:( ctrl + c?09:23
lyzectrl + c gets redirected to the inner program09:24
batteryyou confused ctrl + d with ctrl +c? akik09:24
alexlistakik: org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.printer-remote-edit09:24
akikbattery: no i'm not confused09:24
batteryctrl + d  <—— end of line, ctrl + c <—— quit? akik09:25
akikalexlist: did you start usb-creator-gtk with sudo?09:25
alexlistakik: no, as user, on the shell, or via Unity -> Startup Disk Creator, same result09:26
akikalexlist: i think it needs disk group access to be able to write on to a usb stick09:26
akikbattery: you can exit a shell with ctrl+d. it also closes screen if you only have one window with one shell in it09:27
akikbattery: ctrl+c does not exit a shell or close screen09:28
vbotkamatrix_, http://mxtoolbox.com/ might be one of them?09:28
batteryakik: then if i press ctrl + d, then i can assume terminal with screen -r?09:28
matrix_vbotka, I dunno, let me see, thanks09:29
vbotkamatrix_, as of the security, https://www.ssllabs.com/ might be useful too09:29
akikbattery: ok for screen detach you need to use ctrl+a d and for screen attach screen -r09:29
batteryok thanks akik :)09:30
alexlistakik: yeah, but then polkit should catch that and ask for the user's password to access the disk via sudo09:30
alexlistakik: try configuring a printer... eg changing the cups config, same story09:30
tatertots_tahder you still around?09:31
matrix_vbotka, I dunno, I'm not sure it was that one, it was more of a professional, the only I guess, security tester, giving evaluations such as AAA+ etc. to all email providers or webservices... I cannot recall...09:32
varaindemianlocate -A i3blocks doesn't return anything09:32
varaindemianCan someone help?09:33
batteryctrl + d == exit?09:33
akikbattery: if you're in a shell prompt, ctrl+d closes that shell09:33
batteryexit == ctrl + d?09:34
akikbattery: yes09:35
batterythanks :)09:35
akikalexlist: changing printer options doesn't ask password at all in unity09:40
akikalexlist: even software updater didn't ask for password :P09:43
akikmaybe it caches the sudo password for a longer time09:44
eyfourWho do I contact in order to get bug fixes for init scripts pulled into the repos?09:45
eyfour(the package maintainer for the package in question is an upstream debian developer)09:45
Bengt__Hello, thinking of trying out linux as os for the first time, any tips? Which one too choose?09:46
bazhangBengt__, this is ubuntu support09:46
cubBengt__: perhaps more suited for #ubuntu-offtopic ?09:47
Xethhello, quick question, i installed 16.04 last night and ran updates and all that, but after that i was not able to install anything from software center and apt-get was also not working, any reason why this could happen?09:47
Ben64Xeth: depends on what the error message was09:48
Bengt__If this is only support, is there a diffrent channel that would be appropriate?09:48
EriC^^Xeth: try running it from the terminal and see what it says09:48
cubBengt__: as I wrote, try the #ubuntu-offtopic channel09:49
Xethno error, on software center, says installing then goes away (.deb) when in apt-get stated not found09:50
Xetheven tho i know it is correct09:50
Ben64whats the exact command and error09:51
Xethnot on it at the moment, will get there now now and see if there is a error message09:51
Xethfor example sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool also tried untiy-tweak and tweak-tool09:51
=== Men is now known as Guest56283
Guest56283hey how do I access ftp protocol other than from ftp command in ubuntu ?09:57
stcGuest56283: You can access FTP servers through nautilus (files)09:57
Guest56283any other way through some command that gets me access to its socket ?09:59
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
stcGuest56283: What are you trying to do ?10:00
Guest56283What I require is to customize it my way !10:00
alexlistakik: I think I need to reinstall my box :P10:00
alexlistakik: I upgraded it from 15.04->15.10->16.04 ;)10:00
alexlistakik: I will try to reproduce the problem on a fresh install, and if I run into it again, open a bug on LP.10:01
Guest56283way of interactivity basically !10:01
stcGuest56283:  Not sure what that means. Sorry. Do you need to access files on an FTP server? or do you want to write a script or something that performs an action on an FTP ?10:01
alexlistakik: thanks a lot for your help.10:01
Ben64Guest56283: you're free to write your own ftp client10:01
akikalexlist: i'm not at all familiar with polkit10:02
Guest56283Ben64 : how >10:02
Ben64start learning C10:02
sasmithCan anyone help with a keychain problem in Linux Mint 18??10:02
stcGuest56283:  Using any programming language you feel like.10:02
Guest56283Ohk You meant socket programming10:03
Ben64sasmith: no, but the mint channel can, over at #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:03
Guest56283In fact I have created such but if I want to use it as a command without invoking its program ?10:04
Guest56283Any way to do so?10:04
sasmithYeah ive asked there. Its a bit quietand was wondering if its a problem with Ubuntu 16.04 that its based on?10:04
Ben64Guest56283:  you're being way too ambiguous10:04
Ben64sasmith: it's not ubuntu, not on topic here, sorry10:04
sasmithBen64: The core is ubuntu10:05
Ben64yep, but it isn't ubuntu10:05
BluesKajHey folks10:06
sasmithBen64: yes i know that but most of the programs come directly from the ubuntu repositories10:06
Ben64sasmith: incorrect, mint doesn't use ubuntu repositories10:06
El_Misterbuenas a todos, quien me pueda ayudar, instale xubuntu 14.04 en una maquina que trabaja con XP.10:07
El_Mister1 gb de ram 1.33 hz. intel Atom.10:07
El_MisterEl problema lo tengo en que no reproduce musica ni video correctamente, la velocidad de reproduccion es baja..10:07
El_Misterque pasara?  Editar10:07
El_Mistergood to all, who can help me install Xubuntu 14.04 on a machine that works with XP.10:07
El_Mister1 gb ram 1.33 hz . Intel Atom .10:07
sasmithBen64: oh really. just one of many lines in the official apt source files: deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial main restricted universe multiverse10:08
El_MisterIs Xubuntu 14.0410:09
Ben64sasmith: sounds like a good way to get a broken system10:09
sasmithBen64: do you know what you are talking about. This is fresh install with a few apt-get install's. Not event changed/added to apt10:10
El_Mistermy pc trabaja wiht xp10:10
Ben64sasmith: i know that this channel only supports ubuntu so you're wasting your time here10:10
Guest56283Ben64 : What procedure does Ubuntu follow when I execute any command ? Searches for its binary code in given paths ! Right ?10:11
hateball!es| El_Mister10:11
ubottuEl_Mister: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.10:11
sasmithBen64: so if i install ubuntu and have the exact same issue what then10:11
Ben64Guest56283: if you type "foofoo" on the command line, it looks through the directories specified in the variable $PATH for that, if it can't find it, it gives up10:12
El_Misterno its the same xubuntu and ubuntu10:12
Guest56283Ya I know but what if I have a .class file10:12
Guest56283to invoke I would have to use Jre right?10:13
El_Misterok im go to spanish10:13
Ben64Guest56283: you might want the #java channel for that10:14
hateballEl_Mister: You are free to ask here, it's just usually easier to communicate in your native language :)10:14
kisbGuest56283, yes sir10:15
=== rgogunskiy_ is now known as rgogunskiy
ericRajuindoes lxmusic support plaing m3u8 playlist ?10:18
Guest56283Ok, leave that apart. The problem I faced in using ftp is that I cannot interrupt to invoke any other procedure till I exit from the connection from server. As you see an "ftp>" environment !10:24
Guest56283Any solution to this?10:24
tatertots_ericRajuin https://xmms2.org/wiki/Media_formats .....lxmusic is xmms2 based10:25
Ben64Guest56283: use screen?10:25
tatertots_hi vccxv10:29
tatertots_what kind of ubuntu problem are you having vccxv?...no need for caps lock to be enabled10:30
Guest56283More appropriately , if you just want to check if a connection can be established with the given server and return with result , you still have to use same ftp procedure that leads to establishing a connection. You need to stress over your mind a little if you want to analyse my issue !10:32
vccxvMy problem is that Ubuntu sucks, so I'm moving to Arch.10:32
Guest56283then why on #ubuntu vccxv ?10:32
vccxvJust wanted to say goodbye.10:33
tatertots_once you boil down what you think sucks about ubuntu you will likely find that same challenge with linux in general10:33
bapunlinux is free , you can try anything you want10:33
Guest56283not redhat bapun10:34
tatertots_redhat is FREE10:34
tatertots_their SUPPORT  is NOT10:34
vccxvI tried the payed version of redhat, and it's not worth the money unless your using it for corporate purposes.10:34
bapunits source code is free10:34
Guest56283rhel is free ?10:34
bapunits source code is free Guest5628310:35
abhvlits not free.10:35
abhvlof cost.10:35
vccxvMint is pretty cool, but if you know what your doing it can get kind of old.10:35
tatertots_anybody can download rhel just register for a redhat portal account and bam..you're in....need their support...better get a support "contract"10:35
abhvlmint gets hacked10:35
Ben64this isn't the place for distro discussion, use #ubuntu-offtopic or somewhere else10:36
mcphailvccxv et al: this channel is not for trolling, or for general discussion of other distros. Please take the discussion elsewhere10:36
bapunyeah , but we can use centos which is redhat without branding10:36
Guest56283Ben64 : More appropriately , if you just want to check if a connection can be established with the given server and return with result , you still have to use same ftp procedure that leads to establishing a connection. You need to stress over your mind a little if you want to analyse my issue !10:36
tatertots_with red hat you're paying for their support expertise not the operating system10:36
Ben64Guest56283: no idea what your goal is10:36
tatertots_centOS is also community supported.........keyword "SUPPORT"10:37
bapunyes , and it is pretty good , if someone dont want to pay for redhat , they can use centos10:37
tatertots_with red hat you actually have a escalation path and can get an engineer on the phone in minutes10:38
bapundoes ubuntu gives paid support??10:38
k1lbapun: yes, canonical is the commercial partner10:38
bapunthat's good10:39
Guest56283ya but you would get commercial support if you buy ubuntu phone !10:39
tatertots_having an escalation path might not mean much in your home/home office....but in the "enterprise" ..baby that's a different ball game.10:39
Guest56283Anybody tried ubuntu phone ?10:40
k1lGuest56283: ubuntu phone doesnt have anything to do with this10:40
bapunI am planning to buy one10:41
Guest56283k1l : but its OS does !10:41
bapunlets just stick with ubuntu with desktop abd servers10:41
hateball!touch | Guest5628310:42
ubottuGuest56283: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch10:42
Guest56283The main problem with ubuntu today is not enough softwares and apps !10:44
Guest56283like Windows10:44
k1lGuest56283: we stick to technical support in here. for general chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic10:44
Guest56283I need a mouse server on ubuntu10:46
Guest56283any package ?10:46
hateballGuest56283: Can you explain what a "mouse server" does?10:48
tatertots_this will be interesting10:49
Guest56283mouse server can be used to remotely access my mouse on this system anywhere10:49
Guest56283though ip10:49
hateball!info synergy10:49
ubottusynergy (source: synergy): Share mouse, keyboard and clipboard over the network. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-0ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 772 kB, installed size 3441 kB10:49
=== damian_x is now known as damian
Shadow_aokdoes someone know why nginx ldap auth module isn't part of nginx-extras anymore ?10:55
kvmmmRight now I'm using Virtual Machine Manager as the GUI. Is there a GUI that will allow me to control what drive partitions a Windows guest will see??11:00
kvmmmOr give more control over which hardware the guest OS can access?11:00
kvmmmooops, I thought this was the KVM channel11:00
evil_dan2wikWhat do I do when an update failed and now I am missing apt and apt-get ?11:01
evil_dan2wikIs there a place I can get those from? or compile them from somewhere?11:01
k1levil_dan2wik: "missing"?11:01
k1levil_dan2wik: what did you do?11:01
evil_dan2wikI do not know.11:02
guestevil_dan2wik: probably back up your entire /home directory, reinstall, and copy it back, to be honest11:02
hateballevil_dan2wik: /var/log/apt/history* will show what was last done to your system11:02
evil_dan2wikThe update failed because my drive was filled up during the update11:02
=== altinnn is now known as altin
guestevil_dan2wik: but what do you mean by "missing"? What happens when you try to run "apt-get update"11:02
evil_dan2wik-bash: apt-get: command not found11:03
guestwhat's the output of this: echo $PATH11:03
ericRajuintatertots_: thanks11:03
k1levil_dan2wik: can you give more details what exactly happened and what you did?11:03
evil_dan2wik /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games11:03
evil_dan2wikI run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade11:04
k1levil_dan2wik: obviously that doesnt remove apt11:04
evil_dan2wikand then something filled up the drive during the update and a ton of updates failed11:04
hateballevil_dan2wik: is the drive still full?11:06
k1lwhat did you remove?11:06
evil_dan2wikI run a music bot and it caches music before playing it, that was taking up most of it11:07
evil_dan2wikAll I removed was the audio cache11:07
[4-tea-21Howdy. Anybody here using a Rift on a Nvidia card? Do you experience a degradation of graphics performance when the Rift is plugged in when running Ubuntu?11:08
hateballevil_dan2wik: you could try a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a"11:09
evil_dan2wikUnknown option: a11:10
hateballhmmm, seems I am out of the loop. things must have changed11:10
k1levil_dan2wik: that doesnt sound good, to be honest.11:10
evil_dan2wikI will re-install11:11
hateballevil_dan2wik: anyhows, you can manually grab the apt and libapt packages here http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/apt/11:11
hateballevil_dan2wik: if you have working dpkg11:11
evil_dan2wikIt sounds easier to re-install than fix this.11:11
k1li guess there is a lot more broken than just apt.11:12
evil_dan2wikMy working ubuntu doesn't accept -a as an option either though11:12
UbuntuDudehow to make the file operation (e.g. copying) window stays always on top of unity ubuntu?11:13
kvmmmSo right now I'm running Ubuntu alonside Windows. I'd like to eventually delete windows. Will I get better performance if I format my hard drive and reinstall ubuntu? Or will it be fine to keep using the install I have? I'm using an SSD11:13
bazhangUbuntuDude, you asked this earlier, 'always on top' option11:13
bazhangkvmmm, the speed should not be effected by dual boot or not11:15
EriC^^kvmmm: it won't make a difference11:15
ubottuWubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.11:15
EriC^^bazhang: ?11:16
EriC^^he said alongside, not inside11:16
bazhangEriC^^, checking if that factoid even still exists11:16
EriC^^oh ok11:16
EriC^^kvmmm: if you plan to delete windows you'd want to use the space windows took though, so maybe backup and reinstall ubuntu to the whole disk, or use the windows space as a separate /home partition or so11:17
kvmmmyes, I would use that space as another partition for virtual machines11:18
hateballcan just liveboot gparted and do resizing operations11:18
kvmmmI just want to make sure there's no performance loss; like it's better to have Ubuntu in the centre of the disk (though it's an SSD, so I guess no center)11:18
chrisss123456Since a recent update, has the scrolling on laptops been funny to anyone else? Mine keeps jumping back up to the top of the page randomly...11:23
=== sul-fyr is now known as sulfyr
daumiebazhang:  Windows speed is affected by dual boot11:26
k1ldaumie: no11:26
daumiekvmmm: My opinion is you won't see any increase in speed....but if you are comfortable using Ubuntu install....go ahead and delete windows fam11:27
daumiechrisss123456: i have the latest updates installed .... haven't seen that bro11:27
daumiek1l: no to what?.....11:27
chrisss123456daumie: damn. any thought to what it might be?11:27
manintheskyhihi guys!11:28
k1lkvmmm: on a SSD there should not be any difference. but some SSDs tend to get slower when they get nearly full. but that doesnt play into your setup11:28
kvmmmok thanks11:28
manintheskyhiHow can I disable /var/log/auth.log  ?11:28
k1ldaumie: that windows is affected by a dualboot.11:28
daumiek1l: Windows fast startup is turned off on most dual boot systems....that affects startup speed...11:28
daumiek1l: :-p11:29
k1ldaumie: yes, that is because windows is lying to you in saying it is a faster "restart" while its hibernating the filesystems.11:29
daumieAll in all....fast startuo is effected by dual boot..... atleast we can agree on that bruh! k1l11:31
k1ldaumie: which is all just chatter that is not related to the technical support issue of the user.11:32
manintheskyhiHow can I disable /var/log/auth.log  ?11:33
daumiek1l: back to the question.....It doesn't affect speed on Ubuntu11:36
Ben64manintheskyhi: your question doesn't make sense, can you explain your objective11:37
manintheskyhiI want disable that the system writes /var/log/auth.log11:37
Ben64which will accomplish....what?11:38
k1lmanintheskyhi: at all? or just that one service doesnt write into that?11:38
Triffid_Huntermanintheskyhi: simplest way is probably to symlink it to /dev/null and tell logrotate to leave it alone11:39
manintheskyhiI want disable all logs if it is possible11:39
Ben64manintheskyhi: but why11:40
Triffid_Huntermanintheskyhi: this sounds like an XY problem, please tell us what you're actually doing, not the way you think is a good way to do it11:40
manintheskyhiI want to disable the server logs!11:40
abhvlBen64, its his computer?11:42
abhvlmanintheskyhi, which server? apache?11:42
useraaHas anyone used Pinguy OS? What are your thoughts of it?11:42
manintheskyhiApache logs are disabled!11:42
Ben64abhvl: i'm trying to figure out the actual problem11:42
ikoniauseraa: nothing to do with ubuntu, so not really discussed here11:43
abhvlmanintheskyhi, so which server you are talking about?11:43
manintheskyhiI want no disbale the vsftpd and auth logs.11:43
Ben64manintheskyhi: ok, theres a reason you want to disable logs. there is some problem you think this will fix, explain yourself11:43
k1lmanintheskyhi: see /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf11:43
k1lmanintheskyhi: but i must say, that what you do sounds like you try to hide what you do on a server, which is not fullfilled with the way you do it.11:43
useraaWell, I just want to know the differences between Pinguy OS compared to plain Ubuntu that's all11:43
ikoniauseraa: nothing to do with this channel11:44
useraaI know it's based on Ubuntu11:44
ikoniaas the pinguy support guys11:44
ikoniathey know what they have changed and why11:44
k1luseraa: better ask the pinguy guys, since they should know what they changed.11:44
useraak, worth asking anyway, I just do my own research11:44
bazhang   /msg alis list pinguy to find it useraa it's offtopic here11:44
kvmmmanyone here use virt-manager? Is there any way to mount different hard-drives for the guest OS?11:46
kvmmmSorry, I asked in the KVM chats but it's too noob a question maybe11:46
ikoniayou just mount them like you would do a physial address11:47
Black007recover by usb11:47
ikoniaas long as you present the device to the vm - it's just a normal disk11:47
kvmmmbut how do I do that?11:47
ikoniawhat do you mean how do you do it ?11:48
ikoniado what part ?11:48
kvmmmhow do I present the device to the VM?11:48
ikoniain it's hardware definition, you define a virtual disk mapped to a physical disk11:48
Black007install another os to VM like windows11:49
Black007then use transMAc11:49
Black007and all ur HDD to other guest os11:49
ikoniaBlack007: was that for kvmmm ?11:49
kvmmmright now I have Windows 10 installed as a guest11:49
ikoniathat makes no sense11:49
kvmmmbut it can only see the 20gb I created for the windows 10 OS11:50
ikoniayou're telling him to re-install a different OS so he can see a disk ?11:50
Black007we can add extra partion or hdd in Virtual machine11:50
ikoniakvmmm: you need to look at the hardware definition of the guest11:50
kvmmmI'm trying to make Windows 10 see my other internal hard drives11:50
ikoniakvmmm: and preset additional disks to it through that,11:50
ikoniakvmmm: then the OS will just see them as normal local disks11:50
Black007mac os used HFS11:50
Black007so he need transmac to view data11:51
ikoniaBlack007: what are you talking about11:51
kvmmmso I right-click the 'i' in virt-manager, and click "add hardware" right?11:51
Black007kvmm is ur os mac or something else ?11:51
ikoniakvmmm: in the hardware definition, you get the option to add hardware / manage hardware11:52
kvmmmwhere do I find the hardware definition?11:52
ikoniakvmmm: you add a disk device, and then in the process of that it will ask you where the source of that virtual disk is11:52
ikoniayou point it at the real disk / virtual disk file /whatever you want11:52
ubuntucan you hear me?11:53
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest55933
kvmmmok, thanks. I think I almost have it.11:55
Guest56283hateball : Where are config files for synergy ?11:55
kvmmmI'm in the "locate existing storage" but the "open" button is greyed out.11:56
hateballGuest56283: I don't remember, ages since I used it. Read the man-page for synergy, see if it has a FILES section11:56
=== I is now known as Guest4184
kvmmmikonia "Storage parameter error." The path '/media/k/SAMPLES' must be a file or a device, not a directory11:59
fractalityHi - looking for a way to verify host-key fingerprint of my ubuntu server. Hoster has given me hexadecimal fingerprint, server tells me sha256 hash when I try to connect - how can I convert it to hex?11:59
ikoniakvmmm: ok, so you need the device file, not where you have it mounted12:00
kvmmmhow do I find the device file?12:00
ikoniakvmmm: it's where you mounted the file system from12:03
kvmmmI guess Ubuntu auto mounts it12:03
kvmmmso the question is where does Ubuntu auto-mount filesystems?12:04
evil_dan2wikin /media doesn't it?12:06
k1li would look into /media/user/12:06
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=== venkat_331 is now known as venkat_330
roryI have a question about escaping (or rather, un-escaping) things in bash12:15
roryI have a command http://paste.ubuntu.com/18629892/12:15
goodyusing 16.0412:15
roryProblem is that it's treating `ec2metadata --local-ipv4` as a string. How can I get it to perform the command, and use the output?12:15
rorygoody: better ask your question.12:15
=== seb_lap is now known as mirrit
goody......not now12:16
rhumbothi all, I have an external hard drive, which does not work on ubuntu any more :/ "Unable to mount *****" I followed the instructions, on Windows I can access it without a problem ...12:17
rhumbotany suggestions?12:17
hateballrhumbot: run "dmesg" in a terminal after you plug it in, that should tell you what to do12:17
RandomDude12345i have a few files made with gedit, couple of photos and videos. i want to backup these files on my mail. (send mail to myself) what would be the best way of doing this? would compressing these files and password protecting these files in a .rar file be the best alternative? are there other native alternatives in ubuntu?12:17
roryrhumbot: You should try performing a disk check from within Windows, and making sure the drive is unmounted/removed cleanly from Windows.12:18
goodyi purchased used HP 6000pro and installed ubuntu 16.04 but i couldn't  use internal DVD drive as burning12:18
RandomDude12345(photos and videos are small)12:18
hateballrhumbot: if it's not been cleanly unmounted in windows it will be marked dirty and not automatically mounted12:18
lyzeRandomDude12345, Is it required to send yourself a mail. can't you just upload them into a cloud account?12:18
goodyanything it is necessary to setup for burning12:18
brainwashrory: I suggest that you ask in #bash12:19
RandomDude12345lyze: yeah, can do that as well. mainly wondering about how i could lock the files. (password protected rar for example) what cloud service do you use?12:19
rorybrainwash: I have done, and I've got a reply :)12:19
brainwashrory: cool :)12:19
goodyi replaced internal DVD drive with other third party one and it is possible to become burn12:19
hateballgoody: do you know that it actually has burning capabilities?12:19
lyzeRandomDude12345, I'm using gdrive for work. but the normal gdrive works as well and is pretty nice.12:19
kvmmmevil_dan2wik kil ikonia in /media/user I can see folders of the mounted drives, but I'm not allowed to select a folder12:20
hateballgoody: run "wodim -prcap" to show what the drive can do12:20
lyzeRandomDude12345, and yeah ... you theoretically don't need to lock them in a rar file with a password since it's already locked behind your cloud account then12:20
goodywhich /etc/conf?12:20
moog_what is going on with cloud repo?12:20
moog_E: Failed to fetch http://vmh9.clouds.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/r/ruby-systemu/ruby-systemu_2.6.0-1_all.deb  403  Forbidden12:20
lyzemoog_, works fine for me12:21
lyzemoog_, if you are ok with installing it manually, I've uploaded it here: https://transfer.sh/RHHyf/ruby-systemu-2.6.0-1-all.deb12:22
brainwashor use another mirror12:23
goodyshould i type command line each time at burning cd_12:23
kvmmmare mounted hard drives represented somewhere as a file?12:23
kvmmmlike an ISO?12:23
moog_lyze: not really, I'm installing chef12:23
moog_lots of dependencies :(12:23
goodyISO and data as well ...but it is possible as readable12:23
lyzemoog_, can you change repo servers?12:23
moog_lyze: of course, I just don't know which one I should change to12:24
moog_I'm using vmh9.cloud because that was provided by our cloud provider12:24
brainwashkvmmm: look in /mnt or /media12:24
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Bengt__What VM is recomended for a noob?12:24
moog_I had too many things explode in my face in this cloud that I wouldn't want to go to an incompatible repo12:24
roryBengt__: Virtualbox.12:25
bazhangBengt__, #vbox as told elsewehere12:25
moog_Bengt__: VirtualBox on Windows/OSX, Virt-Manager on Linux12:25
manintheskyhiHi guys12:25
Bengt__But thats owned by Oracle, wont it turn bad?12:25
manintheskyhiHow can I disable that the auth.conf will be write?12:25
lyzecan somebody guide moog_ with switching repositories, he's getting a 403 error when accessing a file from there. I can't right now since I need to go12:26
roryBengt__: It's open source.12:26
yoppHi. How I can enable zfs module for custom kernel?12:26
moog_yopp: compile it yourself12:26
manintheskyhiDisble that auth.conf write by the system: Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS12:27
moog_Bengt__: it is owned by Oracle but it does support KVM and HyperV12:27
yoppmoog_, you mean with dkms?12:28
moog_as long as you have VTd enabled in your CPU and BIOS/UEFI, hypervisors like QEMU and VBox won't run slow12:28
moog_yopp: that or like they do it in Linux From Scratch, since you compiled your own kernel it won't match the .ko files in repositories12:28
kvmmmbrainwash /media is emty. /mnt/usr has the drives as folders, but I can't 'choose' them, only open them12:28
kvmmmit must be a file or device, not a directory12:29
brainwashkvmmm: device? those are located in /dev12:31
moog_lyze: I changed the corporate proxy and now it works12:31
Bengt__What is your own personal reason for using Linux?12:31
moog_Bengt__: quite strangely it's not sluggishly slow, yet extremely configurable and rich in features12:32
ikoniaBengt__: enough12:32
kvmmmI'm using Linux because I hate Windows 10, but I need it for my music-production software, which I'm trying to run in KVM12:33
ikoniaBengt__: you are jumping from channel to channel with generic linux chat topics12:33
ikoniaBengt__: this channel is ubuntu support for ubuntu support discussion12:33
kvmmmoh, sorry I'll ignore him12:33
Bengt__Thats why I asked for offtopic channel before12:33
lyze!offtopic | Bengt__12:33
ubottuBengt__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:33
kvmmmcan I upload screenshots here? and which site is prefered? Tinypic?12:34
manintheskyhiHow can I disable log auth.log?12:35
moog_Bengt__: my wife insists that I use Windows 10 because all the cool kids use it, but it's Gentoo Linux that lets me alt-tab out of CSGO in under 1 second to read messages from her on Telegram and alt-tab back into the game in, again, less than 1 second, so that my team doesn't kick me12:35
lyzekvmmm, imgur12:35
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.12:35
moog_whereas on Windows 10 the alt-tabbing takes 30 seconds at least12:35
Picimanintheskyhi: why would you ever want to do that?12:36
kvmmmI think that's the wrong way to do it ^^12:36
manintheskyhiI want disable the logs on server and how I must do it!12:36
kvmmmis this the right way? http://imgur.com/yNYWAo712:37
lyzekvmmm, do you want to use a physical disk as your drive for the vm?12:41
kvmmmI just want the VM to be able to read the physical disk12:42
kvmmmand write to it12:42
manintheskyhiI have done the following http://unsigned-nerd.blogspot.com/2010/08/how-to-disable-sshd-authentication-log.html with file /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf12:42
manintheskyhibut the logs take on12:43
lyzekvmmm, select the device in /dev/12:43
kvmmmlyze where in /dev?12:45
k1l<k1l> manintheskyhi: see /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf12:45
lyzekvmmm, send me the output of "sudo mount -l"12:46
kvmmmlyze http://pastie.org/1090023512:48
lyzekvmmm, and the correct path is /media/k/SAMPLES?12:49
lyzeif so then you'd select /dev/sdb112:49
lyzeif it's /media/k/OS then it would be /dev/sdc212:49
kvmmmI'm learning :P12:49
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kvmmmlyze I shout put SATA right?12:50
=== meles1 is now known as meles
manintheskyhik1l: I have modified /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf   But also everything will write in auth.log12:51
k1lmanintheskyhi: did you restart the service?12:51
manintheskyhiHow I restart it?12:51
Men_Command to check running services ?12:51
juanonymoushello what is the command to search for available packages on ubuntu?12:52
k1lmanintheskyhi: what ubuntu version is that exactly?12:52
juanonymousis it sudo apt-get search "packagename"12:52
EriC^^juanonymous: apt-cache search <package name or description>12:52
Picijuanonymous: or apt search words, if you're on newer releases12:53
k1ljuanonymous: apt search program12:53
Men_Command to check running services ?12:53
juanonymousok thanks12:53
manintheskyhiUbuntu 14.04.4 LTS12:53
Men_on network if more specific12:53
k1lMen_: systemctl status12:53
k1lmanintheskyhi: sudo service rsyslog restart12:54
Men_k1l: all services running on network12:54
Men_like servers12:54
k1lMen_: i dont know what you mean.12:55
k1lMen_: do you want to look at the ports? what port is used by what program?12:55
Men_no, command to list all services with their status?12:56
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e-dardI have 8 bytes in a file that are a big endian representation of an unsigned byte. Is there anything I can pipe them into to get the decimal representation of the number?12:56
e-dard*of an unsigned int :)12:57
Men_or if I want to know status of a service with its port number then what is the command and option ?12:58
FuchsMen_: netstat -taunp      if you only want these that are active on the network12:59
Fuchsas in: either listening or having an active connection12:59
Men_Fuchs : thanks exactly what I needed !13:00
kvmmmthanks for all the help! I'm off13:00
FuchsMen_: if you really want all services and status:  systemctl list-units, but from your question I assume you mean services listening on network ports, then you want netstat13:00
FuchsMen_: as root  (with sudo) to get process names etc.13:00
Men_Is there any other option than killing to unbind or stop them ?13:01
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Fuchswhat was the initial use case? I only just joined13:02
Fuchs(as in: why do you ask, what are you trying to achieve)13:02
Men_No I actually couldn't find the name of service that was used by a network utility and only knew port that's why ....13:03
Fuchsthen why would you want to stop them?13:03
FuchsUsually you can, on modern systems, use systemctl stop servicename      (or disable if you want it to be gone forever). If it is a program you started manually: kill, but with SIGTERM  (that should be default) should quit it13:04
Palm_premiumI think what Men wants to do is stop a service from listening on a certain ip:port combination without stopping the service.13:05
Palm_premiumMen_: How about changing the bindings in the config and reloading the service?13:06
Men_Its config files are not present on etc . It uses RDP btw13:08
Men_Btw, what is netconfig for in etc ?13:08
Palm_premiumMen_: First I think you need to look for the process name, perform a netstat -tupan |grep <PORTNR> to find the binary name13:11
Palm_premiumMen_: then do a which <BINARY> to find it's location in the file system, if it is in /opt or one of the local directories the config is probably in a different place than /etc/13:12
Men_binary name ?13:13
Men_In type of names it shows servicename only !13:14
Men_No its not in local directory man13:15
Palm_premiumThen I would expect it to be in /etc/ :-$13:16
Palm_premiumMen_: whats the name of the binary?13:16
Men_*btw which works same as locate ?13:18
Palm_premiumNo locate finds all files/folder with that name13:19
Palm_premiumMen_: which shows you what file will be run when typing mouseserver13:19
Men_ya path for that command13:19
Palm_premiumMen_: if you have multiple files named mouseserver which shows you which file will be executed13:20
Men_So does it means that A script can be binded to a name as such >13:21
Palm_premiumMen_: I find a wifimouse apllication when looking for info on that mouseserver. But they don't have a lot of documentaion on their website (http://wifimouse.necta.us/)13:22
Palm_premiumwhich only shows you the path of the file that will be executed.13:23
UbuntuDudeTwo questions I've asked GodZillion times in #ubuntu without an answer. If I ask in other channels then it's an off topic related to #ubuntu! therefore I concluded it's just a bunch of newbies in this channel13:23
Palm_premiumMen_: as far as I know you cant rebind the special characters such as ><|&13:23
UbuntuDudethe only difference whether each nubie is messleading othe newbies or not13:24
Palm_premiumMen_: You probably don't want to either.13:24
neufeldkann i get help13:25
Palm_premiumneufeld: Regarding?13:27
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HounddogHow can i update the locale without using dpkg-reconfigure locales? i am trying to configure this in a docker container and am failing :/13:33
=== pkennedy_ is now known as pkennedy
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Aavar_Hi. I have just installed (x)Ubuntu on my ol white Macbook. It shows up at boot time, but when I select it it wont boot. THe error is something like "not a system drive" or something like that. Does anyone have an idea?13:44
ApachezFailed to fetch http://non-us.debian.org/debian-non-US/dists/testing/non-US/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  Could not resolve 'non-us.debian.org'13:51
PiciApachez: on Ubuntu??13:51
Apachez16.04 LTS right now13:51
ApachezE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ftp.se.debian.org_debian_dists_testing_main_binary-i386_Packages13:52
ApachezE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.13:52
Apacheznow what?13:52
PiciApachez: You shouldn't be adding debian repositories to your Ubuntu installs13:52
Apachezno wait13:52
Apachezwrong box :)13:52
Apachezcorrect box went much better =)13:53
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Men_Command to check if current user is sudoer ?14:07
rahul-kumimy sytem uses a wifi adapter of the Broadcomm make-BCM43224[14e4:4353],using a wl driver14:10
Tazmainhi all I have ubuntu 16.04, but when I try install something or update I get a14:11
Tazmain505 not found IP: . The results I found on google is for old releases ?14:11
Tazmain404 *14:11
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=== funkyHat2 is now known as funkyHat
anabainhow can I tell my system to use generic video drivers? I'm one of those having issues with 16.04 because of lack of fglrx drivers for radeon, constantly experiencing awful refresh, artifacts and the like. Will switching to generic drivers solve my issues? (not going to game at all)14:14
=== GitBug is now known as GitDug
Dynetrekkhi, I'm working on a USB3 lab camera attached to an ubuntu 16.04 desktop. I'm not able to connect to the camera except if I run the program with sudo (I get a segmentation fault when running as myself)14:16
Dynetrekkany ideas? I've added myself to the "dialout" group, and rebooted twice14:16
rahul-kumimy sytem uses a wifi adapter of the Broadcomm make-BCM43224[14e4:4353],using a wl driver,i am not able to run the aircrack-ng on this, as there is no proper support for this driver could someone suggest a solution..14:17
Dynetrekksorry about that - I don't get a segfault - I get "no camera"14:17
Dynetrekkany ideas about permissions that my user doesn't have? seems senseless to need sudo/root to run a camera14:17
Men_rahul-kumi : change adapter14:18
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Tazmainnvm my mirror was bad14:22
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JRWR_I've been searching around and have not found this issue yet: Ubuntu 16.04 I'm getting a kernal panic every few hours at random (sometimes a day. sometimes 3 hours) http://hastebin.com/igikugosab.md is the log -14:28
JRWR_All Im getting is older data from '11 about the issue14:28
KeyboardNotFoundWhen my ubuntu started I got error "system running in low graphics mode", why this happens?14:32
KeyboardNotFoundAlso I get error VCE init failed(-22)14:32
=== Pap00se is now known as badboykas
JRWR_KeyboardNotFound: You do not have any accelerated drivers for your graphics card, the built-ings didn't work14:34
KeyboardNotFoundJRWR_: my driver was working, I have two gpus, can I use the integarted intel?14:35
KeyboardNotFoundUbuntu sucks!14:35
JRWR_do you know how to pull logs (just paste bin your dmesg output)14:35
KeyboardNotFoundJRWR_: no access to browser, terminal only14:35
JRWR_apt install pastebinit14:36
varaindemianNautilius can't the usb flash drive. Little help pls14:36
JRWR_dmesg > pastebinit14:36
JRWR_dmesg | pastebinit14:36
KeyboardNotFoundJRWR_: do you need the whole dmesg or just the tail /?14:38
JRWR_whole thing14:38
JRWR_shove it into a pastebin14:38
KeyboardNotFoundJRWR_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18637239/14:40
anabainwhich are the generic video drivers for ubuntu?14:43
JRWR_KeyboardNotFound: Looks like the driver is loading correctly, at this point I'm not sure14:43
KeyboardNotFoundJRWR_: Ihave also installed intel-microcode14:43
KeyboardNotFoundhow to select my X server to use it ?14:43
JRWR_thats for your processor14:44
akikanabain: vesa is a generic driver14:44
KeyboardNotFoundJRWR_: Yes I have i5 with integrated GPU14:44
KeyboardNotFoundHow to select which gpu to use my os?14:46
jiggawattzKeyboardNotFound ▸ nVidia14:47
jiggawattzo wait14:47
jiggawattznot on UBuntu14:47
jiggawattzDo not get nVidia14:47
KeyboardNotFoundjiggawattz: did you meandon't get ubuntu?14:47
jiggawattznvidia GPUs are terrible in Linux14:47
jiggawattznvidia is a bad company14:48
huesaurustoo bad they outperform the only competition they have :/14:48
KeyboardNotFoundThere's no way to repair my ubuntu :(14:49
KeyboardNotFoundit stopped working as windows xp was before, BSOD and never way to start it14:49
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tatertotsI updated my 12.04 LTS system to a newer kernel and now applications that use OpenGL are having issues.  I'll see Loading OpenGL driver libGL.so.1 error failed request14:54
xanguaBy newer kernel you mean something outside of official Ubuntu repositories?14:55
KeyboardNotFoundMy computer started in low graphics mode, but I can't start unity, How to repair it?14:57
KeyboardNotFoundtatertots: which GPU do youhave?14:57
tatertotsI have amd radeon 4250 onboard gpu14:57
KeyboardNotFoundtatertots: I'm having similar problems, amd dones't have driver for ubuntu 16.0414:58
tatertotsno it was an official update..as ubuntu 12.04 LTS is still supported i'd have no need to taint the system with any other method of obtaining a new kernel14:58
KeyboardNotFoundtatertots: tatertots yes it was true, but after upgrading I'm having unsolvable problem...14:59
tatertotsI'll share some things i've already tried15:00
minimectatertots: COUld it be that you use the proprietary amd driver and that one is no longer supported with the new kernel you installed?15:01
tatertotsi ran update-alternatives --config x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf15:02
tatertotsi selected the mesa manual mode15:03
tatertotsstill OpenGL applications have issues15:03
KeyboardNotFoundis there way to downgrade to old kernel and older software?15:03
tatertotsi do use the proprietary amd driver, i can still open catlyst control center and use it to change monitor configurations as i have 3x monitors attached, so it appears the amd ccc software still functions in that regard15:04
naccKeyboardNotFound: typically, Ubuntu leaves the last kernel installed for specifically that reason15:05
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minimectatertots: I see.15:05
k1ltatertots: see what driver is in use15:05
KeyboardNotFoundnacc: ubuntu doesn't care about AMD users15:05
tatertotsi can still use the amd ccc that comes with the proprietary driver to enable/disable 1 of 3 monitors i have connected15:05
=== Guest86269 is now known as xpkill22
naccKeyboardNotFound: that's FUD.15:06
naccKeyboardNotFound: 1) "Ubuntu" is not a person, so can't "care" one way or the other :)15:06
naccKeyboardNotFound: 2) the decision to move to amdgpu is AMD's decision15:06
k1lKeyboardNotFound: that is not right. please dont spread such wrong things15:06
todd_dsm_wkhey all, ubuntu - how would you ask the system to tell you the name of a specific package? eg: openjdk-8-jdk.deb  I need to get the .deb package name output somehow.15:07
naccKeyboardNotFound: 3) 16.04's release notes made it clear fglrx was no longer supported (by AMD and thus in Ubuntu)15:07
nacctodd_dsm_wk: from a .deb file? or generally?15:07
KeyboardNotFoundnacc: Canonical*15:07
k1lKeyboardNotFound: ubuntu would ship a fglrx with 16.04 if amd would still make one. that is the fact15:07
nacctodd_dsm_wk: maybe specify your issue more clearly? `apt-cache search` may be what you want15:08
k1ltatertots: then see the logs syslog and Xorg what is going wrong15:08
tatertotskil how can i confirm this?....lspci shows kernel moduels fglrx, radeon15:08
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: I have two GPU's and I can't start my pc, when I select reconfigure gpu I don't see anything on my screen, Ubuntu is user friendly. Canonical doesn't offer paid support for users15:08
todd_dsm_wknacc: all I have is the name; need to find the package associate with it. For example, I'm starting with this: aptitude search '~Abackports ?not(~S ~i ~Abackports)' | grep openjdk15:08
KeyboardNotFoundI have to solve my problem but there is no way, what shoud I do ? Never use ubuntu ?15:09
k1lKeyboardNotFound: you are mixing a lot of things here.15:09
k1lKeyboardNotFound: what?15:09
nacctodd_dsm_wk: I would do `apt-cache search openjdk`15:09
nacctodd_dsm_wk: although aptitude search should be equivalent15:09
nacctodd_dsm_wk: given that output, what are you trying to get to? the package is, e.g., openjdk-8-jre15:10
ceed^I am trying to install the package ttf-mscorefonts-installer but I get a bunch of errors and failed downloads. Then I keep getting an error popup daily telling me about a "Failure to download extra data files". All other packages install without problems. I'm on 16.0415:10
teboholy crap thats a lotta people15:10
todd_dsm_wknacc: just tried 'apt-cache search openjdk' it just give descriptions. like everything else. is there no way to see which package a program comes from?15:10
nacctodd_dsm_wk: each line starts with <pkgname> -15:11
nacctodd_dsm_wk: are you saying package name when you mean .deb name?15:12
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: I'm having problems with my PC, and there is no support how to solve it, problem is that Canonical doesn't offer support for their OFFICAL UPDATES which was declared as LONG TERM SUPPORTed... I have no comment15:12
minimecceed^: ttf-mscorefonts-installer is some kind of 'downloader', same as flashplugin-installer, that downloads the font from a third party server. That server seems to be unavailable right now.15:12
k1lKeyboardNotFound: canonical does offer support. but you will have to pay them15:12
birkanhello world15:12
todd_dsm_wknacc: probably but yes - I'd like to be able to determine the .deb name somehow.15:13
k1lKeyboardNotFound: and i only see you mixing a lot of wrong statements and accusations. i dont know if its malicious or just out of frustration.15:13
minimecceed^: Did you agree to the EULA agreement that pops up?15:13
birkanhow download google earth ?15:13
lernerI opened a svg file with image viewer. It is huge and I want to focus the image on a certain part. How do I move the image with the keyboard?15:14
minimecbirkan: https://www.google.de/intl/de/earth/download/ge/agree.html15:14
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: no problem, I need my pc working, I don't care about paying support15:14
naccKeyboardNotFound: have you tried the normal 'nomodeset' approach for graphics issue?15:15
nacctodd_dsm_wk: may I ask why?15:15
birkanminimec very thank you15:15
KeyboardNotFoundnacc: no, by default I get this15:15
minimecbirkan: No problem.15:15
todd_dsm_wkah, yes - I'm needing to list the contents of a package before I install it.15:15
naccKeyboardNotFound: right, so what have you done to try and figure out what's going on?15:16
nacctodd_dsm_wk: you don't need the .deb for that.15:16
k1lKeyboardNotFound: what did you do? what ubuntu is that exactly?15:16
nacctodd_dsm_wk: `apt-file`15:16
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: ubuntu 16.0415:16
nacctodd_dsm_wk: also, why do you need to do that :) (that's a what, more than a why :)15:16
tatertotsgoing to reboot brb15:16
k1lKeyboardNotFound: so did it work before with 16.04?15:16
todd_dsm_wkI have developers to support and Fedora is falling over. Ubuntu is seeming very developer-friendly so I need to find "equivalent" packages, sometimes by their contents.15:16
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: yep, after that I upgraded to 16.04 but it wasn't working, so I decided to reinstall and it WAS working and stopped working when restarted pc :)15:17
k1lKeyboardNotFound: ok, so you updated to 16.04 and then it stopped working. did you read one time the release notes? or did you just come here to rant and show that you have no clue what is going on?15:18
todd_dsm_wknacc: I have developers to support and Fedora is failing us. Ubuntu is seeming very developer-friendly so I need to find "equivalent" packages, sometimes by their contents.15:20
k1lKeyboardNotFound: and, btw, the LTS upgrade is not even opened yet. so you made the developer upgrade. but nice that you just keep on ranting in here when you made the mess15:20
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: I read that there's other AMD driver which is working, but I have second GPU integrated on my intel cpu, and I can't use it15:20
k1lKeyboardNotFound: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#fglrx15:21
todd_dsm_wknacc: for example: what's the ubuntu equivalent to "java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel" ?15:21
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: " so that the system is set to use either the amdgpu driver or the radeon driver (depending on the available hardware)."15:22
todd_dsm_wknacc: now it seems like I have to scour package contents to find what I'm looking for; but only in a few cases.15:22
k1lKeyboardNotFound: yes. and amd did not make amdgpu work as good as the fglrx before. so please stop complaining in here and complain to amd15:23
jenniewho is responsible for website paste.ubuntu.com ? can someone tell me please?15:23
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: Ok, can I disable that gpu and use the other one?15:23
k1ljennie: i guess best is to send an email to rt (at) ubuntu.com15:24
xuhello every15:25
todd_dsm_wknacc: apt-file did the trick - thank you.15:25
tatertotsgoing to eboot brb15:27
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: do you work for canonical?15:27
tatertotsi reinstalled fglrx15:27
k1lKeyboardNotFound: no. i dont work for canonical. this channel is run by volunteers.15:28
nacctodd_dsm_wk: sorry, stepped away for a bit (walked the dog). back now, reading scrollback15:29
tatertotsgoing to reboot ...with fingers crossed, i thought ...hmmm maybe i should reinstall the proprietary drivers since i did update to a newer kernel from when it was originally installed...simply runing fglrxinfo produced the error so if that goes away i think i'll be in good shape15:29
k1lKeyboardNotFound: you need to look up what exact card you got and see what the best method is to support it. usually the open source drivers lag behind with the full feature support.15:29
nacctodd_dsm_wk: ah i see what you mean15:29
nacctodd_dsm_wk: what does that package do normally? :)15:30
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: I have AMD R5 M230, but as I told you I can use the intel's one, I'm looking for way to disable the amd and use intel only, or start the ubuntu in low resolution15:31
nacctodd_dsm_wk: "java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel".15:31
k1lKeyboardNotFound: easiest is to look into the bios if you can disable the amd there15:31
todd_dsm_wkit allows java devs to patch java - if they need to. Sometimes the do a pull request, patch something and submit.15:32
nacctodd_dsm_wk: ok, so it's the jdk's development files, then?15:32
todd_dsm_wknacc: that's the way it was described to me. I'm all bash/python/ruby - that's above my pay-grade :-)15:33
tatertotsI'm back and with good news..now when i run fglrxinfo it looks like it's supposed to15:33
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: Just disabled it and ubuntu again started in low graphics mode, I think that my amd is not problem, maybe X server is not ok ?15:33
todd_dsm_wk*java* is above my pay-grade :-)15:34
tatertotsshows my OpenGL vendor string and renderer string and ersion string15:34
ceed^minimec, yes I agreed to everything but it keeps failing.15:34
tatertotsi feel better ...haven't tested my OpenGL software yet but that's a good sign of improvement15:34
naccKeyboardNotFound: didn't you just say you want to start in "low graphics mode"?15:34
todd_dsm_wkI did find a "devel" file () in the debian package openjdk-8-jdk though. I'll let them play with it. Hopefully that will set us in the right direction.15:35
k1lKeyboardNotFound: look at syslog and Xorg log in /var/log for what is wrong15:35
tatertotsnow i'm going to try to fire up one of my OpenGL software applications and see if it still pukes15:35
todd_dsm_wknacc: anyway - thank you - big help.15:35
nacctodd_dsm_wk: ah ok, yeah, i don't think there is a distinct package for Ubuntu here; typically, we wouldn't encourage users to patch (unless you mean something else) java -- as that would then be unsupported in Ubuntu15:36
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: which file Xorg.0.log or Xorg.failsafe?15:37
tatertotswell one OpenGL software is not functional...now to test the others....i expect that they will all work now but i like to be thorough15:37
tatertotsi mean IS functional15:37
todd_dsm_wknacc: these crazies are off-roading like you wouldn't believe. I mostly try to give them what they want and walk away.15:37
nacctodd_dsm_wk: fair enough :)15:37
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KeyboardNotFoundk1l: no errors, only (II) tags15:38
tatertotsi think all is well guys...you'd think i would have remembered to reinstall the proprietary amd driver after a kernel update....especially being a old school nvidia user that didn't use dkms back in the day15:39
KeyboardNotFoundCan I repair ubuntu os with Ubuntu live CD?15:40
tatertotsthe clean up jobs after a kernel update.....hey i'll take that over getting a tooth pulled anyday lol :)15:40
minimecceed^: Ok. I just checked the 'corefont-packages' it uses a script that downloads the fonts from here...(see link) Is that site available for you? https://sourceforge.net/projects/corefonts/files/15:40
tatertotsboy...that had me all worked up for a second15:41
tatertotsthanks kil15:41
tatertotshave a cup of virtual coffee...it's on me15:41
tatertotsahhh now i can enjoy all this opengl goodness15:43
colbywIs anyone available to help get pipelight working in FF? I've googled and tried all the suggestions, but I still get the install silverlight prompts on netflix15:44
k1lKeyboardNotFound: you need to know what you want to repair first15:44
KeyboardNotFoundk1l: yes you're right, I don't know what is problem on my pc15:45
tatertotskeyboard what kinda ubuntu problem are you having this morning sir?15:45
tatertotsI'm glad my OpenGL problem lasted less than 1/2 hour after it was discovered15:45
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KeyboardNotFoundtatertots: When I start my pc it starts in "low graphics-mode" and I don't  see the login neighter I can continue in low graphics-mode. First I was thinking it is problem with AMD driver but after disabling the amd gpu and using only intel gpu Istill get the same error.15:48
Exagone313colbyw: Did you run the command to install the "mozilla plugin"? Check --help and it probably needs sudo/root15:49
tatertotsdon't they have a netflix desktop app15:49
tatertotsi could have sworn i saw that somewhere15:49
colbywnetflix desktop app is a disaster15:49
colbywexagon, i'll see what i can find...15:50
tatertotsnetflix app a disaster?...non functional or poor performance ...like how is it a disaster?15:51
cgrshi everyone!15:52
cgrsi recently installed ubuntu 16.04 64bit15:52
cgrsand when i tried to install a font, the font viewer tries to launch, but it doesn't15:53
cgrsbut when i start it from the  terminal, it shows up, with the font i want to install correctly15:53
cgrswhat could be wrong?15:53
cgrs(my font viewer is the default one: gnome-font-viewer)15:54
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colbyw@tatertots functionality isn't great and neither is the performance. very buggy for me. but the browser side works fine. not sure what the problem is/was.15:57
colbywhuh...chrome is funtional but firefox, chromium, and opera aren't with pipelight/silverlight.16:04
colbywi guess that solves my problem16:04
tatertotsi can't use chrome it's no longer supported on 12.04 LTS16:06
tatertotschomium is as good as it get's on my 12.04 box16:06
tatertotschome still works on my 14.04 boxes though16:07
tatertotswhen i get the money to build a new rig i can decommission this 12.04 LTS box16:07
tatertotssounds like you got the silverlight work around going in chrome16:09
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Hounddogi am having troubles with my system telling me that its full "cd /tmbash: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device" http://pastebin.com/ie8WKGVL16:17
Hounddogi have been cleaning up all over the place but as i see /dev/sda8 is full and no idea how to clean it16:18
nuke1989anyone knows how to install xchat on ubuntu 16.04?16:18
nacc!xchat | nuke198916:19
ubottunuke1989: xchat and xchat-gnome have not had stable releases in years. xchat was removed from Ubuntu for 16.04. Consider using hexchat instead, which is actively developed and available in 14.04 onwards.16:19
tewardnuke1989: I think xchat was dropped, but hexchat is usable - sudo apt-get install hexchat16:19
GarheadeHounddog, you have to find what files are taking up all the space and remove or delete them.16:19
nuke1989i tried hexchat but it doesnt minimize when i close it and i must have a window while with xchat i just had an icon16:20
GarheadeHounddog, I would start by cleaning up /var/log16:20
naccHounddog: cna you pastebin the output of `df -h` ?16:20
naccGarheade: it's likely that /tmp itself is full16:20
Hounddognacc: i just did that16:21
Garheadenacc, didn't even think about that.16:21
nuke1989btw hexchat, has what i want, but there must be a bug that doesnt allow it to work as it should. But oh well. I think i will give up and use hexchat16:21
naccHounddog: ah you filled up your root fs ...16:21
naccHounddog: which also happens to be your /tmp :)16:21
GarheadeHounddog, run 'll /tmp'16:21
GarheadeThere should be plenty of stuff to remove from there.16:22
Hounddogi have been looking...16:22
naccHounddog: you could try running `sudo du -h --max-depth=1 /` (which may spin your disk quite a bit) to see what in / is taking up the most space. It's possibly that Garheade was right and it's logs that have exploded or something16:22
Hounddognacc: i have been checking with ncdu16:23
EriC^^Hounddog: sudo apt-get autoclean should free some space without harm quickly16:23
EriC^^for tab completion and stuff16:23
naccEriC^^: good point16:23
HounddogEriC^^: that gave me 2%16:24
naccHounddog: you also *may* need to run `sync` to flush your deletions "all over the place"16:24
EriC^^Hounddog: try du -sh /var16:24
naccHounddog: and deleting a file that's open by something else won't help (if that happens to be the case)16:24
HounddogEriC^^: 8g lemme check whats taking it up16:24
CaffeineAddictI am attempting to use tar -zcvf <file> </full/path/from/root> ... it works but the tar.gz file contains the full path inside ... how do I get just the one folder that contains the files16:25
Hounddogdocker files are taking up the space16:26
tatertotsCaffeine....run it from the parent directory16:26
rhnvrmhey, i'm getting 403 forbidden on `apt-get install libssh2-1`16:26
naccrhnvrm: pastebin?16:26
tatertotscd into the parent and create your archive16:26
naccCaffeineAddict: -C option to tar16:26
rhnvrmnacc, just a sec16:26
CaffeineAddictnacc: ty16:26
sm00thhello all16:27
sm00thdoes anyone have experience using aa-easyprof?16:27
sm00thI've used it on debian, but on ubuntu it doesn't work it tells me no abstractions specified, policy groups, etc.   how do I set it up/16:27
rhnvrmnacc ^16:27
naccrhnvrm: i'm guessing a digitaloceans problem16:27
naccrhnvrm: (meaning ask their support)16:28
rhnvrmhmm, okay will do that :)16:28
sm00thwait I think i'm using wrong command sorry16:30
=== precise|snek is now known as precise|lunch
sm00thi'm supposed to use aa-genprof doh!16:32
sm00thdam,  an uexpected error occoured!16:35
sm00this that how you spell occoured? hehe16:35
sm00thpparmor.common.AppArmorBug: Log contains unknown mode senw16:36
sm00thThe error was caused by the log line: [ 1585.343460] audit: type=1400 audit(1467822705.150:668): apparmor="ALLOWED" operation="file_perm" profile="/usr/bin/konversation" pid=6877 comm="konversation" laddr= lport=58236 faddr= fport=6697 family="inet" sock_type="stream" protocol=6 requested_mask="send" denied_mask="send"16:36
sm00thraise AppArmorException(_('Log contains unknown mode %s') % rmask)16:37
sm00thapparmor.common.AppArmorException: 'Log contains unknown mode senw'16:37
nacc!paste | sm00th16:38
ubottusm00th: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:38
naccsm00th: please don't spam the channel :)16:38
sm00thnacc:  go fuck yourself and ban me right now16:39
naccsm00th: ...16:39
naccsm00th: just asking you to follow the channel rules, no need to overreact16:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1582374 in apparmor (Ubuntu Xenial) "Log contains unknown mode senw" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:39
tusharmI have an apache server running on port 3000 on my ubuntu desktop. I have added port forwarding on my router to forward tcp 3000 to my local ip address 3000. When I try to access it using my external ip:port, I get "The site cannot be reached"16:39
tusharmWhat could be the problem?16:40
sm00thnacc: what does this mean Hotfix commited to bzr trunk r3460, 2.10 branch r3333 and 2.9 branch r3011. ?16:41
tusharmalso, ufw status verbose on my desktop shows tcp/3000 is open from anywhere16:41
sm00thtusharm: change it to your ip16:41
cgrshi! anyone could help me?16:41
ruani_join #swagger16:42
tusharmchange what to my ip?16:42
sm00thtusharm:   so its not open from anywhere16:42
=== stub` is now known as stub
sm00thtusharm:  you can specify port too if you want.16:42
nacc!help | cgrs16:43
ubottucgrs: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:43
tusharmsm00th: Change what to my ip?16:43
sm00thtusharm:  sudo ufw allow out proto tcp from <yourip> <yourport> to any port 300016:43
=== sudo is now known as Guest31638
tusharmok cool ill try that16:43
tusharmand this is internal ip right?16:43
hispeed67hey, if i have a 240G hard drive with 20G of data, if i use dd to perform backup, will the .dd file be 20g or 240g?16:43
sm00thskip the yourport part16:43
cgrsi recently installed ubuntu 16.04 64bit, and when i tried to install a font, the font viewer tries to launch, but it doesn't. when i start it from the  terminal, it shows up, with the font i want to install correctly: anyone could help me?16:43
sm00thjust do your ip16:43
Guest31638Hey can't connect to #bash from hexchat. Please help16:43
sm00thanyone know what this means.   Hotfix commited to bzr trunk r3460, 2.10 branch r3333 and 2.9 branch r3011.?16:44
sm00thhow I apply this hotfix?16:44
nacchispeed67: depends on what you dd ...16:44
hispeed67was thinking 'dd if=/dev/sdb of=/tmp/backup.dd16:44
Guest31638Need to add the configurations for that !16:44
nacchispeed67: /tmp/backup.dd will be of the same size as whatever size /dev/sdb is (aiui)16:45
Guest31638Not listed there !16:45
tusharmsm00th: nope, still unreachable16:45
hispeed67argle, bargle..16:45
hispeed67mumble, grumble.16:45
Guy1524is it still possible to go into Unity 2D on 16.0416:45
sm00thtusharm:  oh something is unreachable?16:45
WixyHey guys, I have a log file that keeps growing, and I want to replace something with \n so I can read it properly. what's wrong with this? unbuffer tail -f stream | sed 's/<\/script><script>/\n/'16:45
sm00thcheck dmesg what does it say ufw is blocking16:45
naccWixy: do you need to escape the \ in the replacement?16:46
naccGuy1524: i believe unity 2d is no longer supported (not sure)16:47
EriC^^Wixy: try with \\n16:47
sm00th https://bugs.launchpad.net/apparmor/+bug/1577051  I have this bug too.  anyone know how to apply the hotfix?16:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1577051 in apparmor (Ubuntu Xenial) "aa-logprof fails with unknown mode "reweive"" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:47
sm00thI'll go spam the forums...16:47
Guy1524nacc: ok thanks16:47
tusharmyes something about ufw block16:47
tusharmplease stay and help me out16:47
sm00thtusharm:  post the line16:47
sm00thpost that entry from dmesg so we can read it16:48
tusharmu sure? it contains my mac add16:48
sm00thdelete those parts i guess lol16:48
sm00thi just posted my ip on here by accident so i understand lmao16:48
sm00thnacc is prolly going to hack me now :)16:48
tusharm89276.820467] [UFW BLOCK] IN=wlan0 OUT= MAC=xxx SRC=xxx DST= LEN=338 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=56 ID=65129 PROTO=TCP SPT=443 DPT=39411 WINDOW=350 RES=0x00 ACK PSH URGP=016:49
Guest31638Hey can't connect to #bash from hexchat. Please help16:49
sm00thok you have to allow port 3941116:49
sm00thtusharm:  its trying to conect to 39411 instead of 300016:49
sm00ththat is another ip on your lan?16:50
sm00this that what you trying to connect to?16:50
tusharmnope i want to forward localhost:3000 to my externalip:300016:50
tusharmthe other way round16:50
sm00thoh so I guess that entry is unrelated then16:50
sm00thdont' think I can help you there,  try asking nacc16:51
tusharmyeah, it doesn't progress as I make more requests16:51
Guest31638koi to batao ?16:51
sm00thlocalhost is btw16:51
tusharmnacc: ping16:51
tusharmyeah i know16:51
sm00thbut maybe ufw is not the issue not sure.16:51
tusharmcool, thanks for your help btw16:51
sm00thyou can see if ufw the issue by simply disabling it16:52
nacctusharm: pong16:52
tusharmi want to forward my external ip:3000 to
tusharmi've added port forwarding in my router for tcp/3000 to my internal ip 300016:54
Wixynacc, EriC^^: same result, sed just won't do anything to the output16:54
tusharmand added ufw entry for tcp/3000 out to my internal ip16:54
tusharmgetting an unreachable on my externalip:3000 on browser16:54
Wixyeven replacing "unbuffer tail -f" with cat16:55
monsterjampHello I need help with nautilus, when I start it  up it crashes.16:55
monsterjampI had to install an alternative file manager because of this.16:56
naccWixy: hrm, just did a quick test here and it worked fine :/16:56
monsterjampThis is the error I get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18643744/16:57
Wixycat stream | sed 's/<\/script><script>/\\n/'16:57
Wixynacc, like this?16:57
naccWixy: well, i was catting a text file i wrote to test, and used a different tag, but yeah :)16:57
Guest31638Hey can't connect to #bash from hexchat. Please help16:57
sm00thnacc: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2329968&p=13514230#post1351423016:58
Wixyweird, it doesn't do anything here16:58
Wixythe output is the same for cat stream without sed16:58
=== precise|lunch is now known as precise
sm00thhaha holy wall of text.16:58
naccWixy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18643818/16:58
sm00thlet me fix that16:58
naccmonsterjamp: what version of ubuntu?16:59
monsterjampnacc: 16.0416:59
naccmonsterjamp: using any PPAs or anything? nautilus runs fine here :/17:00
WixyI see the problem, I was missing the global modifier17:01
Wixysince the text was all in one line, sed was replacing only the first pairs of tags :)17:01
monsterjampnacc: I think there may be one PPA (budgie-remix) that might affect nautilus but nautilus just randomly bugged out and doesn't start anymore.17:01
sm00thhow do i see what version of package i have in ubuntu?17:02
sm00thfound it dpkg -s17:02
Wixywell, that's a problem because now unbuffer doesn't work -.-17:02
WixyI guess it waits for a \n to flush the line17:02
Wixybut all the file is in one line (no \n at all)17:02
hilbillyI just bought a pair of bluetooth earbuds.  I can get them to pair to my 16.04 box, but I can not see them in my pulse volume control or find a way to have them work for my audio output.17:03
monsterjampI want to remove and reinstall nautilus but then I have to remove things like unity :(17:05
sm00thnacc: oops I added that to the wrong bug report.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/apparmor/+bug/158237417:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1582374 in apparmor (Ubuntu Xenial) "Log contains unknown mode senw" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:06
naccsm00th: why do you keep addressing me?17:06
naccWixy: :)17:06
sm00thnacc:  I updated my forum thread.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2329968&p=13514230#post1351423017:06
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Wixynacc, doesn't work, don't smile :(17:06
inerkickHi. I got an ISO file of Ubuntu 14.10. But I dont know is it 32bit or 64bit. How to check which iso it is. Kindly help17:07
naccWixy: it would help if you provided exactly the input you're trying to sed, i guess (paste)17:07
naccWixy: *(pastebin)17:07
naccinerkick: uh, 14.10 is EOL, don't install that.17:07
Wixyyeah, I thought it wasn't important. it's a stream like      <script>foo1</script><script>foo2</script><script>foo3</script>17:08
Wixythat goes forever and ever17:08
inerkickI know. But I got 32bit installed already. I want to replace this with in case if this iso is 64bit and than upgrade, nacc17:08
naccmonsterjamp: yes, nautilus is rather core, you can reinstall without removing it, iirc (`apt-get reinstall nautilus` ?)17:08
Wixynow the sed part is fine, but it's not receiving the test from unbuffer tail17:08
naccinerkick: what? i don't understand what you just said17:09
naccinerkick: "with in case"17:09
monsterjampnacc: Well I've tried that. I was thinking maybe I need to purge it would that not help?17:09
naccmonsterjamp: purging nautils probably will make your system unusable :/17:10
inerkickI mean I got Ubuntu 14.04 , 32bit Kernel installed in my laptop right now. I want to install x64 . More than downloading new , I thought to find out if the iso I got is 64bit,so that I can install it and than upgrade to 16.10 version.17:11
=== luis_ is now known as LuiX
naccinerkick: you said 14.10 earlier, that was a typo?17:12
monsterjampnacc: Well then I'm not sure what to do :( Nautilus randomly bugged out and now it refuses to start up.17:12
naccinerkick: you can't upgrade from 14.04 to 16.1017:12
inerkickI got two iso's 14.04, 14.10. I installed 14.04 which is 32 bit. I can't remember which kernel is the another iso I got.17:13
=== fritz_ is now known as bob
naccinerkick: just d/l whatever version ISO you want ... did you mean 16.04 earlier?17:14
=== bob is now known as Guest56171
naccinerkick: just get 16.04 64-bit and install that?17:14
inerkickI just want to know which bit is the iso I have, nacc .17:15
aditi_guptaI'm receiving this error "BusyBox v1.22.1 built-in shell (ash)17:15
sm00thnacc: ubuntu installer crashes when trying to encrypt single partition = big brother.17:15
aditi_gupta(initramfs) promt17:16
aditi_guptaplease help17:16
inerkickIf you got any Ubuntu ISO Image and you don't know which bit it is. How to find out is the question.17:16
naccinerkick: did you rename the ISO? what's the current name of it?17:16
sm00thnacc: also ecryptfs has error messages in dmesg when encrypting home partition on latest kernels on my machine.  I have posted bug report a while ago.17:16
naccsm00th: please stop addressing me with every problem you have.17:16
inerkickit just got name as Ubuntu14.10.iso And I don't know which bit it is.17:17
aditi_guptaPlease help.17:17
sm00thnacc: so now I am being good vulnerable citizen with no encryption.  since I am forced to be that way by ubuntu design.17:17
naccaditi_gupta: this is happening during installation of ubuntu?17:17
sm00thnacc:  unless doing full disk encryption which still work.17:17
aditi_guptanacc: n17:17
naccinerkick: i guess you could loopback mount the iso and see what's on it; i'm not sure there is a trivial way otherwise17:18
aditi_guptanacc: no17:18
naccaditi_gupta: this is with ubuntu? what version? what changed that you now are being dropped to the initramfs shell?17:18
aditi_guptanacc: Kubuntu worked fine all the time... 16.0417:18
aditi_guptanacc: I updated BIOS17:18
inerkickok thanks nacc17:18
aditi_guptaPlease help to fix this17:19
naccaditi_gupta: well, if the only thing that changed was updating the BIOS ... then it's probably the BIOS update that broke things?17:19
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naccaditi_gupta: why did you update your BIOS?17:19
aditi_guptanacc: I was facing some issues with the laptop from some days.17:20
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cgrsaditi_gupta: you have secure boot enabled maybe?17:20
aditi_guptanacc: And, I didn't do it.. the engineer did... said it would work17:20
aditi_guptacgrs: How to disable?17:20
cgrsaditi_gupta: on BIOS settings17:21
cgrsthere are many different ways for different BIOS17:21
CarlFKsudo service isc-dhcp-server status ...  Can't open /etc/bind/rndc.key: Permission denied ...  -rw-rw---- 1 bind bind 77 Jul  4 03:25 /etc/bind/rndc.key ... groups... dhcpd : dhcpd bind ...17:21
CarlFK dmesg ... audit: type=1400 audit(1467823970.769:50): apparmor="DENIED" operation="capable" profile="/usr/sbin/dhcpd" pid=4492 comm="dhcpd" capability=1  capname="dac_override"17:21
cgrsaditi_gupta: but it can't be the error, it was just a suposition17:21
CarlFKI would like to fix this properly, but happy to just hit it with a hammer to make it work for now17:22
sm00thuse sledgehammer17:22
naccCarlFK: please use a pastebin, it's hard to read that output17:22
cgrsanyone faced issues with the `gnome-font-viewer`?17:22
MonkeyDustcgrs  what brings you here17:23
cgrsMonkeyDust: i asked few minutes ago, but i'll repeat it ;D17:24
cgrsi recently installed ubuntu 16.04 64bit, and when i tried to install a font, the font viewer tries to launch, but it doesn't. when i start it from the  terminal, it shows up, with the font i want to install correctly: anyone could help me?17:24
cgrsMonkeyDust: basically, gnome-font-viewer works on terminal, but not on desktop.17:24
cgrsI tried to reinstall the packagr17:24
cgrspurge it17:25
cgrsand all that17:25
CarlFKnacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18645231/17:25
will__usb wifi adpater suddenly stopped working. getiing error during startup "failed to load kernel module" . Ubuntu 16.0417:25
cgrswill__: which model of wifi adapter?17:26
naccCarlFK: can dhcpd user read /etc/bind ?17:26
will__cgrs: RTL8188EUS17:26
whlaivery strange issue. I am unable to enter my own user's /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys17:27
CarlFKnacc: um.. how do I check that?17:27
whlaidirectory is set to 60017:27
whlaiand owner and group are both the username17:27
whlaiany ideas?17:27
=== diffra is now known as Guest84950
cgrswill__: it worked before the error?17:27
CarlFKwhlai: "enter" ?17:27
whlaiCarlFK: cd17:27
naccCarlFK: ls -l /etc/bind and check the permissions?17:28
whlaipermssions 60017:28
whlaiowner and group are user:user17:28
CarlFKwhlai: it is a file17:28
will__cgrs: yeah it was working smoothly17:28
whlaia diirectory I created17:28
whlaibut cannot cd to when 60017:28
will__cgrs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18645399/ systemctl output17:28
tuxianoHi, I have issues to get gpu passthrough working on a ubuntu 16.04 + intel + nvidia system. I try to run this script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18644889/ and this is my configuration and other relevant outputs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18645325/17:28
CarlFKwhlai: you need exe perms17:29
whlaithe dir needs a +x?17:29
will__cgrs: lsusb is showing that it is there but does not show in wifi manager .17:29
CarlFKwhlai: not a, just u17:29
will__cgrs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18645490/ lsusb output17:29
whlaiCarlFK are you saying that the directory (authorized keys) needs +x?17:30
cgrswill__: my last issues with wifi adapters was years ago, i fear i couldn't help you17:30
cgrswill__: i'm really sorry17:30
CarlFKnacc:  ls -ld /etc/bind; drwxr-sr-x 2 root bind 4096 Jul  4 03:25 /etc/bind17:30
whlaido the keys need +x as well?17:30
cgrswill__: maybe you can look on additional drivers section on settings, on the software and updates section17:31
will__cgrs: never mind17:31
CarlFKwhlai: well.. if you want to cd into a dir, yes.  what you are doing with ssh keys makes me nervous ;)17:31
whlaireplacing the need to use passwords for ssh17:31
will__cgrs: yeah tried that but nothing worked . this is frustrating was working fine and suddenly boom this error appears from no where17:31
CarlFKum... you don't need to replace a file with a dir to do that17:31
cgrswill__: any update recently?17:32
will__cgrs: yeah updated the system . bugs with 16.04 ??17:32
cgrswill__: perhaps...17:32
naccwhlai: i think you misunderstood how authorized_keys works17:32
cgrswill__: check this out, maybe it can help https://github.com/lwfinger/rtl8188eu17:33
naccwhlai: are you sure it can even be a directory?17:33
will__cgrs: thanks , but i already tried that17:33
whlainacc, I understand that I need to put my pub keys into the authorized_keys directory of machines I want to SSH into17:33
naccwhlai: no17:33
will__cgrs: only solution is to again build my system17:34
naccwhlai: you put your keys into an authorized_keys *file*17:34
CarlFKwhlai: lol  ... once you have un broken your box, look at these two commands: ssh-copy-id ssh-import-id17:34
naccCarlFK: hrm, why is the directory g+s ?17:34
whlaiThanks CarlFK17:34
whlaiahhh, I see17:35
cgrswill__: i think the problem here is the kernel... maybe there aren't drivers yet for the wifi adapter on 4.x kernels?17:35
whlaii derped hard17:35
will__cgrs: may be but it was working fine will try downgrading17:35
will__cgrs: can you tell me which is the least version of kernel supported by 16.0417:36
nacctuxiano: you may want to ask in ubuntu-server17:36
cgrswill__: try another kernel (3.x or 2.x), to see if that works17:36
nacccgrs: uhhh, never suggest somoene tries 2.x17:36
tortue_i think that too much things have been change on ubuntu 16.04 lts17:36
cgrsnacc: i was going to tell him that17:37
tuxianonacc: thank you, I'll try17:37
will__ yeah tried installing 3.19.3 but it is not supported by 16.04 i guess got a lot of errors17:37
CarlFKnacc: that's what apt install did.    here is the script that was run on a fresh 16.10 install  (relevant bits selected)  https://github.com/CarlFK/veyepar/blob/master/setup/nodes/pxe/install.sh#L29-L7117:37
kukkuunmet dependencies:17:37
kukkulibpcap0.8 : Breaks: libpcap0.8:i386 (!= 1.7.4-2) but 1.4.0-2 is installed17:37
kukku libpcap0.8:i386 : Breaks: libpcap0.8 (!= 1.4.0-2) but 1.7.4-2 is installed  // -f is not working17:37
kukku any help??17:37
naccwill__: did you paste the ouptut youa reseeing?17:37
naccwill__: specifically, did you upgrade to 16.04 recently?17:37
naccwill__: if so, from what17:37
naccCarlFK: 16.10 ?17:37
will__nacc: it has a been a month since i upgraded and output of what can you please tell me that17:38
tatertotsthere are three supported LTS versions of ubuntu...........heck i have 12.04 on one of my boxes to keep my software environment happy17:38
will__i upgraded using bootable usb17:38
naccwill__: upgraded from what?17:38
CarlFKnacc: er... 16.04 .. derp :p17:38
naccCarlFK: ok, just checking :)17:38
tatertotsnewer isn't always better........17:38
will__nacc: yeah from 15.1017:39
nacckukku: `apt-cache policy libcap0.8` in a pastebin, please17:39
tortue_I upgraded from a 14.04.4 lts version17:39
nacc!ltsupgrade | tortue_17:39
ubottutortue_: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.17:39
nacctortue_: how did you upgrade?17:39
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tortue_I upgraded my 14.04 version several times until I received the 16.04 lts upgrade proposal17:40
nacctortue_: ... you mean you went 14.04 -> 14.10 -> 15.04 -> 15.10 -> 16.04 ?17:41
ioriajust 15.1017:41
tortue_14.04.3 and 14.04.417:41
nacctortue_: you wouldn't have been offered 16.04 by any tooling yet, if you were on 14.04.17:42
k1ltortue_: so you did the developer upgrade with -d17:42
nacctortue_: did you pass -d to a tool?17:42
tortue_but i am ok with my distribution17:42
tortue_my problem is that too much package have been change17:42
naccCarlFK: still thinking about what might be happening; if you turn off apparmor, does dhcp start?17:43
nacctortue_: so you installed a release that's from about a month ago, and it's *too* new?17:43
k1ltortue_: well, that is what happens if you change the base release.17:43
tortue_by example it took me 4 weeks to understand that xchat is now hexchat17:43
k1ltortue_: you could have stayed longer on 14.04. 3 more years to be precise17:43
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nacctortue_: do you have an actual issue you need help with?17:44
tortue_but with eclipse17:45
CarlFKnacc: yes.. well, sudo service apparmor stop; aa-complain dhcpd (because http://paste.ubuntu.com/18646340/17:45
naccCarlFK: trying to narrow down if it's apparmor denial or something else that's preventing dhcp from starting17:45
tortue_i can't use eclipse on ubuntu 16.0417:45
naccCarlFK: ok, and it starts then?17:45
CarlFKnacc: yes17:46
naccCarlFK: hrm ...17:46
tortue_i need it for android application programming17:46
k1ltortue_: what is the issue?17:46
kukkunacc, - http://pastebin.com/4ZDvTqHU   sorry for that .17:47
sm00thI think I figured it out17:49
nacckukku: please pastebin the output of `apt-get update; apt-get -f install` and then `apt-cache policy libpcap0.8:i386`17:49
mgoranyone know why systemd-udev would go and change a interface to "rename<x>"? I have set net.ifnames=0 as a boot argument17:50
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naccCarlFK: heh17:51
naccCarlFK: nm, i thought i saw a typo in the system apparmor profile, was wrong17:52
CarlFKnacc: man aa-complain ... SEE ALSO aa_change_hat ... No manual entry for aa_change_hat   what does that do?17:52
CarlFK 17:52
naccCarlFK: maybe try adding: '/etc/bind r,' to your file?17:53
CarlFKaa_change_hat: command not found  ... awesome.17:53
CarlFK 17:53
naccCarlFK: hrm, ihave a manpage for it17:53
naccCarlFK: it's an API17:53
CarlFKnacc: what packaged did it come from?17:53
naccCarlFK: libapparmor-dev17:54
kukkunacc --   http://pastebin.com/DusPkqAF17:54
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CarlFKnacc: first I need to get back to the 'bad state' ... to undo -complain, I want this right?   aa-enforce dhcpd17:55
nacckukku: is ftp.cuhk.edu.hk a mirror? why do you have that and the primary mirror at the same time?17:55
naccCarlFK: i think that's right, but i'm not an AA master :)17:55
nacckukku: where did you get "libcap0.8:i386" v. 1.4.0-2 ?17:56
nacckukku: it's not a published version in any ubuntu right now17:56
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mario_Hi all!!!17:57
kukkunacc, -- selected the best server  - that came  , changing back now  ....   from a forum link .,(actually wash wasn't working-- that led to this )  ,,17:57
nacckukku: you got a pacakge from a forum link?17:58
=== PrezObama is now known as Agent
nacckukku: i'm guessing you should remove 'libpcap0.8:i386' first, see if that works, then run '-f install'17:58
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CarlFKnacc: /etc/apparmor.d/local/usr.sbin.dhcpd  added /etc/bind r,  -- turned everything back on, still broke.   Can't open /etc/bind/rndc.key: Permission denied17:59
CarlFKnacc: I think I'll just put dhcpd back into complain mode and forget about it for now18:00
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kukkunacc,  --   apt-get -f install   not working18:00
naccCarlFK: sorry i couldn't help more, there *might* be a more apparmore specific channel (i'd check with !alis)18:01
nacckukku: you removed libpcap0.8:i386 first?18:01
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k1lAgent: would you mind not spam this channel with nickchanges? thanks18:02
kukkunacc, -- don't know how to do that exactly    ,, apt-get remove   not useful  :(18:02
nacckukku: can you pastebin the output of `apt-get remove libpcap0.8:i386` ?18:04
enoch85hey guys, anyone that knows how I restore from this backup? http://pastebin.com/LzMFA5Bt18:05
MonkeyDustenoch85  rsync is similar to cp, i use it too ... use rsync to 'cp' files back to the source18:08
kukkunacc,   --- thanks that worked ,,, i tried that 8-9 times but with libcap instead of libpcap ;) , things back to normal18:08
nacckukku: ok.18:08
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enoch85MonkeyDust: yeah, the problem is that it doesn't work. I accedently removed files from one of my servers, and now when I want to syncit back ($DESTINATION > $SOURCE ) it doesn't sync any files at all18:10
=== wam_ is now known as Guest42991
enoch85it should sync back the deleted files but it doesn't sync anything18:12
enoch85I use this script: http://pastebin.com/CCjG0w5u18:13
enoch85MonkeyDust: --^ thanks for helping18:13
tan__Hello all, I have a problem of plenty of missing icons on KStars GUI, running on a fresh install of Xubuntu 16.04. Toolbars had absolutely no icons. I solved half of the problem by installing package oxygen-icon-theme, but I am still missing all the very basic icons (zoom in, search, etc.). If anyone has an idea that would be great.18:16
tortue_carlFK: i think you must be root to write in that file18:17
CarlFKtortue_: um.. what file ?18:20
enoch85nvm, it was an error in the script18:21
enoch85solved it now18:21
mist_akik: this is an intel nuc18:24
nicomachusso when I open a program from terminal, how can I close terminal without also killing the processes that it started?18:26
MonkeyDustenoch85  what was the error18:26
tgm4883nicomachus: use nohup? http://linux.101hacks.com/unix/nohup-command/18:27
lapiondoes anyone test installation of ubuntu on syste ms with 2 harddisks ?18:30
nicomachusthat may work. to explain more: every morning when I start work, I open my browser to the same 4 tabs, open the same 2 spreadsheets, and the same 2 other programs. So I just created an alias that does all that so that I can just open a terminal, type "startwork", and have it open everything. but I want to be able to close that terminal once everything is opened.18:30
tgm4883lapion: why? that doesn't sound like a support quesion, but I've done it in the past18:30
tgm4883nicomachus: so put an exit command at the end of your script?18:31
nicomachustgm4883: but wouldn't that kill all the processes?18:31
levtimDoes anyone use midori (light web browser) or know of any alternatives for a slow CPU machine?18:32
tgm4883nicomachus: follow each command with & perhaps?18:32
MonkeyDustlevtim  cli based web browsers18:32
nicomachustgm4883: I'm using && at the moment.18:32
tgm4883nicomachus: such as "firefox &" then closing the terminal leaves it open18:33
Bashing-omlevtim: Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware.18:33
levtimMonkeyDust: I've tried elinks and some other one, but can't figure out how to get images18:33
nicomachuslevtim: well, CLI based browsers don't do images.18:33
levtimI've been really happy with the speed of midori, but it closes down without warning or explanation18:34
nicomachustgm4883: nevermind, 'exit' does work without closing anything.18:35
CosmicSoundGood day18:35
MonkeyDustlevtim  http://www.kompx.com/en/lightweight-web-browsers-for-linux.htm18:36
MonkeyDust!info dillo18:36
nicomachusnow if I could just figure out how to get the tabs to open in the right order... haha18:36
ubottudillo (source: dillo): Small and fast web browser. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.0.5-2 (xenial), package size 465 kB, installed size 1471 kB18:36
CosmicSoundI have some issue setting up networking in 15.0418:37
CosmicSoundHere is my current config, I am using bridge networking: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18649336/18:37
MonkeyDustCosmicSound  if that's no typo* : 15.04 is long dead18:37
nicomachushmmm... is 15.04 EOL yet?18:37
Bashing-om!15.04 | CosmicSound18:37
ubottuCosmicSound: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid18:37
NeffiI'm looking to image an install of Ubuntu 16.04 to deploy on many like machines. Can anyone recommend some software for this besides Clonezilla?18:38
levtimMonkeyDust: Thanks, netsurf looks interesting18:38
abolfazl123hi.I was wroking with uck.and I get problem(http://paste.ubuntu.com/18649489/).I search a lot in google but I don't find any right thing.18:39
CosmicSoundGood I installed 16.0418:41
abolfazl123I was wroking with uck.and I get problem(http://paste.ubuntu.com/18649489/) I search a lot in google but I don't find any right thing.18:43
MonkeyDustabolfazl123  what's uck18:44
abolfazl123MonkeyDust:a tools for make a Customize ubuntu(Ubuntu Customization Kit)18:46
abolfazl123MonkeyDust:I think the problem isn't for the tool.I think it's for other packges18:47
paranoidabhiI came across this interesting article to speed boot http://www.howtogeek.com/69753/how-to-cut-your-linux-pcs-boot-time-in-half-with-e4rat/18:47
paranoidabhidoes this still work?18:47
paranoidabhiit is from 201218:48
nicomachusparanoidabhi: doesn't look like the software mentioned has been updated at all recently. I would say no.18:49
Guest31638how does that works ?18:50
paranoidabhinicomachus, is there an alternative to do the same job.18:50
Guest31638to cut the time ?18:50
abolfazl123I was wroking with uck.and I get problem(http://paste.ubuntu.com/18649489/) I search a lot in google but I don't find any right thing.18:51
MonkeyDustparanoidabhi  in 16.04, use this to see what's slowing it down ... systemd-analyze blame18:52
Guest31638I think it works like fastboot in Windows ?18:52
Guest31638I was planning on some project as such but that is for restoration !18:52
paranoidabhiMonkeyDust, please have a look http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-0418:55
abolfazl123no idea for this  problem?( http://paste.ubuntu.com/18649489/ )18:56
CosmicSoundWhat is the best and smallest desktop manager window manager for ubuntu?18:56
MonkeyDustCosmicSound  i guess Awesome18:57
MonkeyDustor openbox18:58
guntbertabolfazl12: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience.18:58
abolfazl123guntbert:it's the smallest "** (zenity:10217): WARNING **: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-ZDXVQ6RfwT: Connection refused Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged. Build ended at 2016-07-06 23:05:03"18:59
MonkeyDustabolfazl123  what are you trying to do or achieve19:00
abolfazl123I am trying to make a costumaize linux with uck19:00
MonkeyDustabolfazl123  this is the support channel, not the 'how do i make a distro' channel19:01
MonkeyDustubuntu support*19:01
abolfazl123Monkey:ok.where I should go?19:01
MonkeyDustabolfazl123  try in ##linux19:01
enoch85MonkeyDust: wrong directory19:06
Guest31638hi hi19:10
Guest31638hi hi hi19:11
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paranoidabhifolks any ideas on this  http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-04?19:23
justJanneTesting again (sorry)19:29
Bashing-omparanoidabhi: Slow boot tutorial: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/systemd-blame.html .19:30
k1ljustJanne: #test might want to see some testing :)19:31
justJannek1l: I needed a channel with > 1500 users for that19:32
justJanneusually I use during the eurovision on quakenet #eurovision for that, it’s ~8000 users19:33
justJannebut I’m already gone again :)19:33
superbeastdjI've got a host of problems but only a small one related to ubuntu atm.. can someone give me a second19:33
MonkeyDustparanoidabhi  you can use this, be careful, tho ... sudo sysv-rc-conf19:34
Netekif I am making Ubuntu USB Drive why one 1 laptop it loads and on another laptop it give me basic bash when it boot for install?  Maybe UEFI is making this problem? -_-19:34
MonkeyDustparanoidabhi  http://askubuntu.com/questions/698993/disable-services-on-startup-in-ubuntu19:35
superbeastdjI had a dual boot setup, but I just reinstalled windows and now my boot selection menu is gone and I cant get into ubuntu.19:35
MonkeyDust!repairgrub | superbeastdj19:35
JamesLovehow to do fsck on mounted / filesystem? have to reboot into safe mode?19:35
MonkeyDust!grubrepair | superbeastdj19:36
ubottusuperbeastdj: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:36
ioriaJamesLove, iirc sudo touch /forcefsck   and reboot19:37
JamesLoveah good one19:37
Bashing-omJamesLove: 16.04 (systemd ) is a different command to run a file system check .19:38
ioriaBashing-om, really ?19:39
superbeastdjty monkeydust I will try that19:39
Bashing-omioria: Yeah .. for systemd : You can also force fsck at boot time by passing fsck.mode=force, as a kernel parameter. This will check every filesystem you have on the machine.19:41
ioriaBashing-om, thanks19:41
Bashing-omioria: My reference: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd-fsck@.service.html .19:42
ioriaBashing-om,  yeah https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/fsck#Forcing_the_check19:43
ioria so not working anymore sudo touch /forcefsck19:45
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sawdogHi folks, is the appropriate place to ask questions re: Ubuntu Core?20:02
Bashing-omsawdog: One can ask here, maybe get a re-direct ?20:04
sawdogBashing-om: thanks.  I’m getting my head wrapped around Core - and snappy in particular.20:04
sawdogso I’m running on a Gigabyte IOT gateway box, have Core installed on a USB stick and am trying to get it installed on the internal MMC. I installed curl via snappy so I can grab the image and download it so that I can dd the image to the internal MMC; but using curl to redirect the output to a file, I get a permission denied. I’m assuming this is because curl doesn’t have the appropriate access granted to write to my disk?20:07
sawdogI did do a snappy hw-assign curl.tetor /dev/sda520:07
sawdogwhich granted access to the device, but same behavior; —> 0Warning: Failed to create the file ubuntu-core-15.04-intel-nuc.img.xz: Warning: Permission denied curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 9922)20:08
sawdogany potential clues; not finding a lot googling this so far20:08
naccsawdog: you might try #snappy20:10
naccsawdog: per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:10
sawdog@nacc: thanks!20:11
naccsawdog: np20:11
jstarcherI've got a situation where my client's VPN will only run on OSX and Windows (some stupid java applet) and I need my ubuntu server to be able to hit things over the VPN20:22
SchrodingersScatthat does sound terrible20:22
jstarcherI can run the VPN on my macbook, but how can my ubuntu machine route traffic through the vpn on the mac20:22
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jstarcherseems possible with route add but I'm not sure what exactly I need to do20:26
Skaaghow do I find out which package is preventing an upgrade from trusty to wily?20:27
diskinSkaag, how do you run the upgrade?20:29
k1lSkaag: from 14.04 to 15.10?20:29
naccSkaag: you should not upgrade from trusty to wily20:31
ejuan do-release-upgrade -d20:32
k1lejuan: stop20:32
maddawg2gah the new ubuntu sucks20:32
ejuanshould upgrade from 14.04 to 16.0420:32
naccejuan: that is bad advice to give, please don't do that.20:32
maddawg2no more interfaces directory?20:32
naccejuan: do you know what the '-d' flag means?20:33
maddawg2and whats up with the new naming scheme for the nics20:33
JohnDoe1972hey guys how do i resolve the login loop problem ?20:33
maddawg2such BS20:33
k1lejuan: that is not what he asked and you are telling people to do the developer upgrade while not telling them what that is20:33
k1l!language | maddawg220:33
ubottumaddawg2: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:33
naccmaddawg2: i have a /etc/network/interfaces directory (well, /etc/network/interfaces.d, which is what I assume you meant)20:33
SnoopyDggGuys, how do I tar folder1 in /var/www/ and put it into folder1.tar.gz in /home/user/ ?20:33
ejuanwell  do-release-upgrade  wont upgrade from 14.04 it just says nothing aviable or what ever20:33
nacc!ltsupgrade | ejuan20:33
ubottuejuan: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.20:33
k1lejuan: and that has a reason20:34
maddawg2nacc in 16.04?20:34
maddawg2i dont20:34
naccSnoopyDgg: `tar zcf /home/user/folder1.tar.gz /var/www/folder1`20:34
naccmaddawg2: yes20:34
JohnDoe1972hey guys how do i resolve the login loop problem ?20:34
k1lJohnDoe1972: try the guest account if that works20:34
naccmaddawg2: as to your second question, https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/20:34
JohnDoe1972it does20:35
maddawg2i have a interfaces.d20:35
maddawg2but says /etc/network/interfaces is not a directory20:35
JohnDoe1972k1l, it does20:35
naccmaddawg2: because it's not?20:35
k1lJohnDoe1972: then login on tty1 (ctrl+alt+f1) and look with "ls -al" what is owned by root.20:35
naccmaddawg2: /etc/network/interfaces has always been a file20:35
maddawg2err thats  what i mean sorry20:35
JohnDoe1972k1l, 0_0 err umm ok20:36
JohnDoe1972what do i do and what am i looking for ?20:36
SnoopyDggnacc, but once I untar folder1 I'll have my files in /home/user/var/www/folder/. so with that command I'll put folders inside tar. and I want only 1 folder and it's subfolder to go into tar and avoid creating /var/www/20:36
maddawg2i tried to do a pico /etc/network/interfaces and it says that /etc/network isn't a directory20:36
maddawg2but i think i see my error20:36
k1lmaddawg2: use tab completion20:36
diskinnacc, thanks, I did not know that automatic upgrade is only to 16.04.1.. was it the same for all previous LTS?20:37
maddawg2i have the wrong keyboard layout selected20:37
k1lJohnDoe1972: especially the .Xauthority file. if that is owned by root that is the reason why its not logging in20:37
maddawg2and it's replacing the n in network with some random ^ character20:37
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naccSnoopyDgg: `tar -z -c -C /var/www/ -f /home/user/folder1.tar.gz folder1`20:37
JohnDoe1972k1l, how do i tell what is owned ?20:38
k1lJohnDoe1972: "ls -al" will list it20:38
naccdiskin: i think LTS -> LTS has been that way since 12.04 (haven't been that many LTS :)20:38
JohnDoe1972k1 i dont understand. is everything on the list owned ?20:38
maddawg2i had no issues with the previous way that network interfaces were named20:38
JohnDoe1972k1l,  i dont understand. is everything on the list owned ?20:39
naccmaddawg2: that's nice?20:39
maddawg2this predictable naming is BS and is stupid20:39
naccmaddawg2: no, it's really not.20:39
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maddawg2yes it really is20:39
k1lJohnDoe1972: just open a terminal now and make a "ls -al" and you will understand20:39
maddawg2now i have to go figure out how to change my scripts that i have20:39
maddawg2cuz they all expected eth as the interface name20:39
maddawg2also it randomly chose ens160 for my interface name20:40
maddawg2that's an odd prediction20:40
tgm4883nacc: maddawg2 whether it is or isn't, is irrelevant. It's changed. Now you can set it to use the old names if you want20:40
maddawg2it's the only NIC  i have20:40
Netwolfscripts shouldbe smarter with logic to help that20:40
nacctgm4883: fair point :)20:40
tgm4883Netwolf: that is arguably true20:41
naccand technically relying on the same eth* naming was wrong ... it could change w/o warning in the kernel (kernel's namespace), so if you only have one interface, your script should be looking at the interfaces defined in the running system to get the current name20:41
tgm4883nacc: meh, I refer to the method of KISS20:42
ShadowAndrewwhen i run wpa_supplicant i get this error: ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: Invalid Argument20:42
tgm4883nacc: don't write 20 lines of code when 5 will do20:43
nacctgm4883: true, if you don't really care, as you said, just turn off the feature20:45
akikmaddawg2: you can change back to the previous naming system if you wish20:45
maddawg2thanks i am now20:46
akikmaddawg2: net.ifnames=0 kernel parameter20:46
maddawg2cuz no way my firewall config file will work20:46
maddawg2it's all eth1 and eth020:47
ejuanfind/replace brah20:47
akikin my case the usb-ethernet adapter had its mac address in the interface name :P20:47
maddawg2sure but when you have 32 of them to upgrade it's a big pain in the butt20:47
CacheMoneywhat would be the easiest way to expand an ext4 partition to use the full size of the disk it resides on without losing data20:48
maddawg2i never had issues with nics being named wrong after a reboot as the nic name had always been assinged by device20:48
CacheMoneyif thats even possible20:48
maddawg2so it seems like an odd change to make20:48
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k1lCacheMoney: touching partitions is always a risk of failure. on hardware or software.20:49
maddawg2CacheMoney, gparted is easy20:49
maddawg2CacheMoney, but theres always a risk you'll mess something up20:49
maddawg2so i'd back it up first20:49
ShadowAndrewwhen i run wpa_supplicant i get this error: ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: Invalid Argument20:49
JohnDoe1972k1l, i cant login on tty1. it askes me to kogin but it says login incorrect20:50
maddawg2especially if it's your boot partition20:50
k1lCacheMoney: but boot a live usb and use gparted. that wil work20:50
k1lJohnDoe1972: use your user and password.20:50
k1lJohnDoe1972: or is the disk full?20:50
JohnDoe1972disk is fresh20:50
JohnDoe1972i enter user and password but it fails20:51
JohnDoe1972i had forgotten my password so i reset it yesterday20:51
maddawg2oh he meant to enter it here20:51
JohnDoe1972then i experianced this loop problem20:51
JohnDoe1972i now try to sortr the loop problem20:51
maddawg2what loop problem?20:51
JohnDoe1972cant login20:52
renergyCacheMoney: does the partition begin at the beginning of the disk, or somewhere in the middle?20:52
k1l!lostpassword | JohnDoe197220:52
ubottuJohnDoe1972: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords20:52
JohnDoe1972it keeps sending me back to the login screen20:52
maddawg2are you sure you are using the right password20:52
k1lJohnDoe1972: so i guess your recovering did something wrong on that user20:52
JohnDoe1972i reset ti yesterday !20:52
maddawg2are u sure you are using the password yoou reset it to?20:53
tgm4883if it's not telling you that you had an incorrect password, then the session is crashing20:53
JohnDoe1972yesterday one guy though it might be an encrypted home drive20:53
renergyCacheMoney: If it's at the beginning, gparted should do the job fine20:53
JohnDoe1972but he didnt tell me how to check this or how to fix it20:53
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tgm4883JohnDoe1972: logging in via TTY1 would answer that pretty quickly I think20:55
JohnDoe1972tgm4883, i cant login via tty120:55
ShadowAndrewwhen i run wpa_supplicant i get this error: ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: Invalid Argument20:55
ShadowAndrewwhen i run wpa_supplicant i get this error: ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: Invalid Argument20:55
ShadowAndrewwhen i run wpa_supplicant i get this error: ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: Invalid Argument20:55
ShadowAndrewwhen i run wpa_supplicant i get this error: ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: Invalid Argument20:55
ShadowAndrewwhen i run wpa_supplicant i get this error: ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: Invalid Argument20:55
ShadowAndrewwhen i run wpa_supplicant i get this error: ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: Invalid Argument20:55
k1lJohnDoe1972: use that recovery way to set the password the correct way.20:55
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JohnDoe1972k1l, the first link ?20:55
tgm4883JohnDoe1972: is it telling you of an invalid password?20:56
k1lJohnDoe1972: yes20:56
JohnDoe1972tg it did yesterday but i reset it and it no longer gives password error on login screen but using tty1 it shows login incorreect error20:56
tgm4883JohnDoe1972: Try resetting it again and see if you can login20:57
tortibI have a USB3 hub that keeps resetting in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS21:02
SnoopyDggguys, if I do 'sudo mv /home/user/folder1/* var/www/folder1/' I will not lose owner, group and permissions, right?21:03
tortibSnoopyDgg, i told ya man, nope :p21:04
melvin_Heey peeps, anyone any knowledge on how to close a terminal after the livestreamer is used in the terminal or a bash script?21:05
SnoopyDggtortib, sorry, though you were trolling :) (before you eloborated) Thanks again, bro!!!21:05
tortibwhy does everyone think i'm a dang troll?21:05
melvin_tortib: why not?21:06
tortibI get this error [ 6403.801821] usb 2- cannot submit urb (err = -19)21:06
tortiband my USB3 Hub resets all devices21:06
anabainafter using jackd in 16.04, which is the safest/foolproof method to get pulseaudio back to work?21:16
JohnDoe1972k1l, ok i rest my password21:17
JohnDoe1972tgm4883, ive reset my password again21:17
JohnDoe1972still same problem21:17
silver-dragonHey I have a question about memory. I have 4 gb installed with 2 sticks of 2 gb memory I am using the 64 bit version of ubuntu mate and my computer only says I have 3.2 gb What gives?21:18
tgm4883JohnDoe1972: what's the exact error you get when you try to login via TTY121:19
tgm4883silver-dragon: what's the output of 'uname -a' and 'free -m'21:19
bapun"uname -a" prints all system information21:20
silver-dragontgm4883: Linux divine-conspiracy 4.4.0-28-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 24 10:09:13 UTC21:21
silver-dragontgm4883:               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available21:21
silver-dragonMem:           3259        1392          77          83        1789        158321:21
silver-dragonSwap:          3323           0        332321:21
JohnDoe1972tgm4883, ok it seemed to do something in tty1 this time . get a load of license guff then an error Signature not found in user keyring21:21
bapun"free -m" displays free memory in megabyte21:21
tgm4883bapun: not sure what your doing...21:21
bapuntgm4883: sorry my mistake , i thought you are asking , what these commands does21:23
silver-dragonsystem monitor screenshot https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/1/view/n8g1dtxrgseo6tq/Apps/Shutter/Selection_025.png21:24
JohnDoe1972tgm4883, ?21:24
JohnDoe1972k1l, ?21:24
photosgood day21:26
silver-dragonMemTotal:        3337440 kB21:29
JohnDoe1972hi silver they seem to have gone afk21:30
JohnDoe1972you tested your ram ?21:30
diskinsilver-dragon, maybe video card took it (not sure if it can take that much)?21:31
JohnDoe1972silver-dragon, you tested your ram ? try looking at memory in bios to see if it is correct21:31
silver-dragonhow can I test it?21:32
JohnDoe1972there are memory checkers you can doewnload of the internet21:32
silver-dragonok I will boot in to the bios and brb21:32
diskinhold on21:32
JohnDoe1972or try swapping in some different sticks if you know anyone with some spare21:32
MonkeyDustsilver-dragon  http://www.linuxatemyram.com/21:32
akikJohnDoe1972: there's a memory checked in the grub boot loader menu21:33
JohnDoe1972ohh cool21:33
silver-dragonwhats the grub hot key?21:33
SnoopyDggWhen I do sudo tar -zcvpf /home/user/archive.tar.gz folder1/ multiple times, does it overwrite the tar that already exists?21:33
JohnDoe1972akik i have login loop problem. in tty1 i get error Signature not found in user keyring21:33
JohnDoe1972Signature not found in user keyring ?21:34
akikJohnDoe1972: sorry, don't know21:34
JohnDoe1972ok np21:34
silver-dragonI am on a Getac M230 kind of weird hard ware I have a hard time finding any info or help on it21:34
akikJohnDoe1972: if you create a new user, does that error stay the same?21:34
JohnDoe1972diskin, any idea what to do about Signature not found in user keyring ?21:34
diskinJohnDoe1972, sorry, no21:35
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silver-dragonshift boots to grub21:36
=== e-dard is now known as e-dard_afk
akiksomehow memtest86 is missing from this installation's grub menu21:40
akikahh # We need 16-bit boot, which isn't available on EFI.21:40
akikthat's from /etc/grub.d/20_memtest86+21:41
d3bugwell, I know this isn't the phoronix channel but everyone there is a corpse aparently, so I thought I would ask in here and see if anyone is familiar with it under Ubuntu 16.04   x86_6421:47
Te3-BloodyIronSo the odrej repo advised me to add a new repo as the curent one is depreciated for 5.621:47
Te3-BloodyIronI'm using 5.6 on a server, and want to stay at that version21:48
Te3-BloodyIronadding the new repo, apt upgrade now insists I install php721:48
naccTe3-BloodyIron: you should contact ondrej for support (ppa owner)21:48
Te3-BloodyIronI haven't installed php7, and I am wondering how I can go about preventing apt update from installing it at this time21:48
Te3-BloodyIronI'm asking about general package management21:48
naccTe3-BloodyIron: what version of ubuntu are you on?21:48
Ben64d3bug: it?21:49
d3bugBen64: it what?21:49
Te3-BloodyIron14.04 LTS21:49
d3bugooookie dokie21:49
naccTe3-BloodyIron: php7 is *only* supported via ondrej's ppa on 14.04; and php5 in 14.04 is at 5.5.9 or so. So you've got two packages coming from the ppa. You probably could use pinning to prevent php7 from installing. But that's something with the ppa, not anything supported in this channel.21:50
naccd3bug: you haven't actually stated a question yet, was Ben64's point21:50
naccd3bug: you just said "it" in your statement21:51
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naccd3bug: did you mean "phoronix" ?21:51
=== CodeMouse is now known as CodeMouse92
Te3-BloodyIronI'm considering removing the new repo, since I didn't remove the "depreceiated" one21:51
Te3-BloodyIrondo you see any pitfalls from that?21:51
naccTe3-BloodyIron: ppas should only be removed with ppa-purge, imo21:52
Te3-BloodyIronwhy do you say that?21:52
d3bugnacc:  I stated "well, I know this isn't the phoronix channel but everyone there is a corpse aparently, so I thought I would ask in here and see if anyone is familiar with it under Ubuntu 16.04   x86_64"  if that is undecypherable to the average person (that I am asking if anyone is familiar with using phoronix under Ubuntu 16.04  x86_64) then I am afraid they would not speak enough English to help me anyway.21:52
Ben64phoronix is a website, doesn't make sense to ask anything about that here21:52
tortibI'm running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I'm getting this error which disconnects my USB3 Hub and resets all my devices :: [ 6403.801821] usb 2- cannot submit urb (err = -19)21:53
naccTe3-BloodyIron: but "pitfalls" would again be something to ask the ppa onwer about (ppa-purge should remove all affected packages), but ondrej probably knows what he is doing if he deprecated the first ppa21:53
d3bugit's a test suite actually, and they have a website dedicated to the test suite.21:53
tortibIs there a testing kernel I can upgrade to that may resolve this problem?21:53
Ben64phoronix-test-suite is a test suite sure, but you didn't say that21:53
naccd3bug: you still didn't ask an *actual* question :)21:53
Te3-BloodyIronwell, I'm sure he generally means well indeed, but in my case this will lead to actions I'm not okay with21:54
Te3-BloodyIronwell, thanks for the info :)21:54
naccTe3-BloodyIron: you're choosing to use his ppa, so you must already trust him that much21:54
naccd3bug: we're all volunteers. It is better to give *more* information than less (ideally on one line), so people can know what you want help with.21:55
Te3-BloodyIronwell, I also seem to trust you21:55
naccTe3-BloodyIron: fair point :)21:55
Te3-BloodyIrongenerally trusting must happen before progress can happen21:55
Te3-BloodyIronI trust Canonical21:55
Te3-BloodyIronand many others21:56
naccTe3-BloodyIron: right, but ondrej has no affiliation to canonical or ubuntu, technically21:56
naccTe3-BloodyIron: well, that ppa doesn't21:56
Te3-BloodyIronI imagine though that his repo has gone through at least _some_ vetting21:56
naccTe3-BloodyIron: no, that's not how PPAs work21:56
nacc!ppa | Te3-BloodyIron21:56
Te3-BloodyIronyeah, I understand it is 3rd party21:56
ubottuTe3-BloodyIron: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge21:56
d3bugpedantic pagentry... it must be a specialty today... :|21:56
Te3-BloodyIronyes, I understand that21:56
Te3-BloodyIronbut I assume that the ppa would not be presented if enough people complained about the ppa21:56
JohnDoe1972hey guys anyone know what to do about Signature not found in user keyring21:56
Te3-BloodyIronas I assume it would be taken down from the ppa environment21:56
Te3-BloodyIronas an option21:57
naccTe3-BloodyIron: no, that's not how ppas work21:57
Te3-BloodyIronso you're telling me, if enough people complained, a ppa would not be barred from general access in the environment?21:57
Te3-BloodyIronwhat if the ppa went malicious?21:57
naccTe3-BloodyIron: i guess if it was something malicious, you're probably right; but if it's just plain wrong, then probably not21:57
Te3-BloodyIron"if that's just plain wrong", pardon?21:58
naccTe3-BloodyIron: what do you mean "general access in the environment" ?21:58
Te3-BloodyIronokay, let me rephrase that21:58
Ben64you'd also probably get the malicious stuff before anyone could do anything about it21:58
naccTe3-BloodyIron: like a bad package (mispackaged, etc)21:58
Te3-BloodyIronlike, if enough people complained about the ppa causing lots of problems, let's say for simplicity's sake, malicious packages21:58
tortibI'm running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I'm getting this error which disconnects my USB3 Hub and resets all my devices :: [ 6403.801821] usb 2- cannot submit urb (err = -19)21:58
tortibIs there a testing kernel I can upgrade to that may resolve this problem?21:58
d3bugI will rephrase the question so it is more to your liking:  Is anyone here familiar with using the phoronix-test-suite under Ubuntu 16.04 LTS  x86_64 ?   If so, can that person or persons help me with a problem I m having (even though this is not the support channel for the aforementioned program) ?21:58
Te3-BloodyIronI would _assume_ canonical to remove it from the ppa listing21:58
naccTe3-BloodyIron: malicious packages are a very specific case, I'd say21:58
Te3-BloodyIronI know it's specific, but it's easy to talk about21:59
naccTe3-BloodyIron: i don't think canonical really cares about the ppas that much21:59
naccTe3-BloodyIron: as any lp user can create one21:59
Te3-BloodyIronso if this ppa suddenly started sending out malicious versions of php7, with injected code, canonical would do nothing? not even if there were lots of complaints?21:59
naccd3bug: no one said you had to phrase it to anyone's liking. You've still only said you have a problem -- what is the problem?21:59
naccTe3-BloodyIron: dunno if there's precedence for that. I mean, you as root chose to put the PPA on your system :)22:00
Ben64Te3-BloodyIron: you're still relying on a lot of things to happen22:00
riqjhello everyone, would you recommend openvpn for using vpn with ubuntu?22:00
naccTe3-BloodyIron: and i already said malicious is probaby a special case that would be cared for22:00
naccTe3-BloodyIron: but that's only one case22:00
naccTe3-BloodyIron: using PPAs blindly (and assuming Canonical stands behind them at all) is bad.22:00
OerHeksTe3-BloodyIron, ppa's never go 'suddenly'...22:01
d3bugnacc:  since you asked, the problem is when trying to install any test the following message comes up "[PROBLEM] Network support is needed to obtain..." indicating it does not see a connection.  this is impossible as I am speaking to you on that very connection.22:01
Te3-BloodyIronPPAs serve similar trust functions to code contributors. If someone is trusted for a long time to commit good code, then suddenly they decide they're going to commit malicious code. There's a chance that it wil get missed.22:01
Te3-BloodyIronsame thing with PPAs22:01
Te3-BloodyIronthat's what I'm seeing22:01
d3bugnacc:  the only thing I found online was a reference to that problem back in 2015 and it was never answered.22:02
OerHeksTe3-BloodyIron, The only guarantee you get with ppa, is that malware ( if exist) gets to you unaltered or changed :-D22:02
rypervencheriqj: Sure, if you simply want a VPN, it works very well.22:02
Te3-BloodyIronit's fairly commonplace for people to use PPAs because mainline repos lag behind22:02
naccTe3-BloodyIron: except there's no oversight in a PPA. Code contributers have code commiteres.22:02
Te3-BloodyIronI'm not asking about guarantees22:02
Te3-BloodyIronI'm asking if canonical would act post-mortem22:02
naccTe3-BloodyIron: you would need to ask canonical that, i think22:03
Ben64Te3-BloodyIron: nobody knows. it's the risk you have to take if you want PPAs22:03
naccis not a bad answer22:03
naccthere is a ring of trust via GPG keys and signing for uploads to PPAs22:03
Te3-BloodyIron"So in the case of a known malicious PPA we would simply ban the account and shut down the PPA"22:04
Te3-BloodyIronwell that sounds a lot like what I was asking about22:04
Te3-BloodyIronwhich sounds good22:04
Ben64note the "known malicious"22:04
Te3-BloodyIronyeah, I understand the implications leading up22:05
Te3-BloodyIronanyways,  think that's about it for now peeps22:05
Te3-BloodyIroncya round :)22:05
naccd3bug: what version of ubuntu?22:06
d3bugnacc:  16.04  x86_6422:07
GrorcoHi does anyone here use pgp keys?22:08
d3bugGrorco:  nah, I use PGP bump keys :P22:09
riqjrypervenche, I found different documentations of ubuntu about openvpn..but mostly they refer to versions until 10.04...are there more recent ones, or can these be applied to 16.04. in the same way?22:09
naccGrorco: many people do22:09
naccd3bug: not used phoronix before, have a lxc instance up, can you provide an example command to run?22:10
OerHeksGrorco, you do, if you play with ubuntu.22:10
d3bugnacc:   phoronix-test-suite install pts/video-cpu-usage22:10
d3bugnacc: to which the response is - [PROBLEM] Network support is needed to obtain pts/video-cpu-usage-1.2.1 data.22:11
tominatorHey, I was wondering how to add a boot image to Ubuntu's boot options22:12
naccd3bug: hrm, i get a different response (but also an error): http://paste.ubuntu.com/18663219/ ah it might need php-zip, one sec22:12
tominatorSpecifically from an ISO22:12
riqja newbie of vpn needs some orientation :)22:12
d3bugnacc:  yeah, it sees your connection just fine... mine - not so much.  yet here I am22:13
naccd3bug: installing that, i get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18663277/ and it's working on d/ling stuff, i assume22:13
Grorcois there a way to send an encrypted email using thunderbird if you don't have your own pgp?22:13
d3bugnacc:  yup, it's working for you.22:14
naccd3bug: using any PPAs or any 3rd party packages? can you pastebin the exact command & output?22:14
d3bugnacc:  which is why it makes no sense whatsoever that it isn't working for me.22:14
d3bugnacc: one sec22:14
riqja nubian of openvpn needs some orientation :)22:16
d3bugnacc: http://pastebin.com/37uzbpRs22:16
naccd3bug: hrm, i am running it as root (in the container)22:17
d3bugI did try it through sudo as well...22:17
naccd3bug: ok, reading the code22:17
d3bugmaybe I should sudo su22:17
naccd3bug: nah, sudo would have been enough if that was it22:17
riqjpaul newman of openvpn needs some orientation :)22:18
d3bugnacc: actually it works now if I use sudo su22:18
d3bugnacc:  that makes no sense... you have to run this as pure root aparently.22:18
d3bugnacc: it would be nice if they indicated that somewhere...22:18
d3bugnacc:  though I did get a weird error just now - dpkg-preconfigure: unable to re-open stdin: No such file or directory22:19
XenonHGWhy hello22:19
d3bugnacc: seems to be working past it though22:20
XenonHGWhat's going on22:20
riqjisaac newton of openvpn needs some pastime company22:20
d3bugnacc:  I'll let you know if it actually works - I'll run the benchmark22:20
maddawg2so that's odd22:21
maddawg2i can resolve from one account but not from root22:21
naccd3bug: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhoronixTestSuite22:21
maddawg2wtf is up with that22:21
naccd3bug: not sure about all of the requirements, but it does show the prompt as #22:21
OerHeksmaddawg2, please watch your language, you have been warned before22:22
naccd3bug: tbh, it's not surprsing that it needs to be root, benchmarks often do (or need to be properly isolated)22:22
maddawg2i didnt swear22:22
nacc!patience | riqj22:22
ubotturiqj: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:22
naccmaddawg2: resolve what?22:22
Cursarionhmm, is it trivial to switch from Gnome 3 to XCFE in 16.04? Couple of commands, or lots of tweaking?22:23
riqjI found different documentations of ubuntu about openvpn..but mostly they refer to versions until 10.04...are there more recent ones, or can these be applied to 16.04. in the same way?22:23
maddawg2nacc dns22:23
naccCursarion: i'd try `apt install xubuntu-desktop`, I think and then choose the right DE in the login prompt22:23
Cursarionnacc: ok, sounds easy enough22:24
jooniriqj: can you elaborate on what you want to do with openvpn?22:24
OerHeksriqj, https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openvpn.html 16.04 version22:24
riqjjooni, things that everyone does with it, I guess..OerHeks, thank you! :)22:25
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riqjit wasnt much of an elaboration, though :)22:26
d3bugnacc:  yeah, but sudo should suffice.22:26
riqjthere are a host of commercial vpn providers, some more frequently used, some less..how would ubuntu's openvpn compare to them? ..a newbie wonders..22:28
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naccriqj: that's not really a support topic -- this is more of a channel for if you have a problem, how to fix it...22:29
riqjnacc..ok, then let's skip this question and save it for a non-problem-solving environment...22:30
riqjhow much of prior knowledge of networks does the setup of openvpn in 16.04. require?22:32
jooniriqj: desktop?22:33
riqjjooni, yes22:33
riqjfor ex. I met 'iptables' in one of the tutorials for an earlier version, and didnt find where to edit it..22:34
jooniriqj: i use network-manager and it's pretty straight forward. do you have a provider yet?22:34
riqjjooni, ni22:35
riqjbut network manager is a default connection tool, no?22:35
riqjdoes vpn not have a different role for connections?22:36
OerHeksno, vpn is supported standard protocol in networkmanager.22:37
OerHeksit is *just* a connection.22:37
jooniriqj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager22:37
TheReaperVirusAnyone here try out the Nylas N1 email client?22:37
OerHeksTheReaperVirus, yes, nice cloud email client.22:38
riqjso then with network manager is there no need to go through the vpn installation?22:38
riqjlike a gui for noobs? :)22:38
OerHeksriqj, pretty sure those questions are answered in the docs22:39
TheReaperVirusOerHeks: Any issues with privacy with them since you send your email out to their servers?22:39
riqjor a newbie-friendly way of using vpn, maybe22:39
OerHeksTheReaperVirus, well, it is on *their* servers, i had no issues, not even with removing my account.22:40
silver-dragonthat mem test took for ever22:40
compdocno errors?22:41
silver-dragonI it says memory was ok but I do indeed have 2 sticks of 2048mb memory22:41
compdochow many passes?22:42
riqjok, a final question, do I need an external vpn provider even when I use openvpn?22:42
compdoc4g of ram is ok, i guess22:42
silver-dragonyes I have 4 gigs physical but ubuntu reports only 3.2 gigs22:43
compdocthen the video is assigned some ram22:43
compdocor you are using 32bit ubuntu22:43
riqjmine is shown as 3.7 when it is 4gb22:44
silver-dragonah I see22:44
ubuntu714can chown a user be possible like gicing a user root permissions always?22:44
compdocriqj, not sure your situation, but you never need a vpn provider to creat your own vpn22:45
compdocubuntu714, you dont like using sudo?22:45
riqjcompdoc, ah, thank you, that was what I wanted to know.22:46
ubuntu714compdoc: i do sudo is fine and nice but im using jdownloader java edition and it always cant update because it says it doesnt have permission to wirte to the drive22:47
riqjthank you everyone, have a good time!22:47
naccubuntu714: chown changes file ownership, it doesn't refer to root specifically22:47
ubuntu714well the error says it doesnt have premission to write22:47
naccubuntu714: well, does it have permission?22:48
ubuntu714nacc: i have chmod 777 'file.jar' premissions is this not enough?22:48
naccubuntu714: no, why would you do that?22:49
naccubuntu714: that chagnes the permissions of the jar file, not where it is saving anything to22:49
compdocubuntu714, changing permissions on one file isnt going to make things easier, I think22:49
ubuntu714nacc: why what is the difference betweek chmod 777 and chmod -x? isnt 777 perminent?22:50
ubuntu714compdoc: you are right because it is trying to write the log file to a different location so i should chmod or chown the place where it is trying to write?22:51
naccubuntu714: chmod 777 says to give owner, group and all rwx privileges to a specified file (or directory). chmod -x removes execute privileges22:51
JohnDoe1972hey guys anyone know why i cant login ?22:51
JohnDoe1972ive changed my password22:52
JohnDoe1972but i still get Signature not found in user keyring22:52
JohnDoe1972encrypted home ?22:52
ubuntu714nacc: so i should chmod -x to get rid of the 777 command22:52
naccubuntu714: hrm?22:53
naccubuntu714: you should never have changed the permissions on that .jar file probably22:53
ubuntu714nacc: well i could delete it and download again22:53
ubuntu714nacc: or place it in a different directory22:53
ubuntu714nacc: then give it a shot but i dont think it will have premission to write the log file to the folder its trying to write to22:54
ubuntu714nacc: is there a command that will give it premission?22:54
naccubuntu714: right, the permissions of the jar have nothing to do with the permissions of where it trying to write files to22:54
naccubuntu714: i'm not sure why you would have thought they were related22:54
ubuntu714nacc: beginers confusion22:55
ubuntu714nacc: so do I have to grant permission to where its trying to write or give the program permission to write?22:56
naccubuntu714: can you run whatever command you are trying to, and c&p the output to pastebin?22:56
naccubuntu714: those are the same thing?22:56
ubuntu714nacc: i would have to come back into the chat since i am on ethernet and i only have 1 cord22:56
JohnDoe1972guys can anyone help ?22:57
naccubuntu714: to clarify, changing write permissions on an executable does not allow that executable to wrtie anywhere, it just makes that executable itself writable22:57
ubuntu714nacc: i see22:57
naccubuntu714: where various programs can write to is determined by the permissions on those locations (and the hierarchy of directories to get to that location)22:57
ubuntu714nacc: so what would be the command to write after i write down the folder path22:57
ubuntu714nacc: chown /folder/path/here?22:58
naccubuntu714: i don't know, you haven't yet provided the error to diagnose22:58
naccubuntu714: why are you referring to chown?22:58
GarheadeJohnDoe1972, where exactly are you getting that warning?22:58
ubuntu714nacc: i feel like chown is the command to bring ownership to said directory22:59
JohnDoe1972my login loops22:59
naccubuntu714: please just paste the command & output and we can try and help22:59
JohnDoe1972so ive been advised to change password22:59
JohnDoe1972which ive done22:59
ubuntu714nacc: i will be back in chat in 5 minutes i will come with same name22:59
GarheadeJohnDoe1972, you might need to login via single user mode and reset the password for the user again.22:59
JohnDoe1972Garheade, ?22:59
JohnDoe1972ive reset the password in recovery mode23:00
JohnDoe1972ive reset the password via tty123:00
JohnDoe1972is it anything to do with encrypted home ?23:00
GarheadeJohnDoe1972, I can almost garuntee it does23:00
JohnDoe1972this is what i have been told23:01
JohnDoe1972but i dont know if my home is encrypted or not23:01
JohnDoe1972how would i confirm thiss ?23:01
JohnDoe1972and then how would i fix it23:02
davido_I suspect one way to confirm it is encryped is to log in as another user that has sudo privs. sudo sh, then cd to the encrypted user's homedir, and ls.  You shouldn't meet with success if it's encrypted.23:03
JohnDoe1972ok so how would i fix it then davido_ ?23:05
davido_did that check indicate that it is encrypted?23:05
JohnDoe1972umm i dont know how to do that check :/23:05
JohnDoe1972if i log in as guest would that be ok23:06
davido_no.  I don't believe guest has sudo privs.23:06
davido_If your homedir is encrypted and you don't have the password for it, you're probably in a bad state.  Can you try previous passwords?  Encryption really wouldn't be too useful if it were trivial to subvert it when someone mixes up their password.23:08
JohnDoe1972i dont have my old password23:08
JohnDoe1972ive reset it23:08
JohnDoe1972and now my login loops23:08
davido_i'm not quite sure what got you to where you are now, but you can't get around an encrypted homedir without the password against which it is encrypted.23:09
JohnDoe1972i did find one page that may help23:10
JohnDoe1972i dont really follow what i need to do however23:11
JohnDoe1972well i kindado23:11
davido_maybe that command will work.23:11
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tortibMy USB keeps resetting and I keep getting this error in dmesg output: [  690.532271] usb 2- cannot submit urb (err = -19)23:13
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ubuntu060nacc: i would like to thank you23:39
PcMasterRacesup all23:40
ubuntu060nacc: moving jdownloader.jar to home folder without any chmod or chown commands made it work!23:40
chasinglogicPcMasterRace, what's up23:40
PcMasterRacemaxing and relaxing now.23:41
debzdgotta make you. understaaand23:41
danny_What is a good backup solution?  I keep hearing rsync mentioned but does it really hold up to something like crashplan?23:50
chasinglogicdanny_ it depends, are you backing up to a server you own? and are you primarily looking for snapshots23:50
Bashing-om!backup | danny_23:53
ubottudanny_: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning23:53
naccdanny_: in some ways, rsync is just the tool; you still need a plan to build around it (meaning it's not really a complete backup solution on its own, IMO)23:54
batterywhat is xfce4?23:54
nacctortib: have you tried using a newer kernel? not sure it's kernel realted (could also be a buggy usb device)23:54
nacc!xfce | battery23:54
ubottubattery: Xfce is a lightweight and configurable desktop environment used by !Xubuntu. Read more at http://xfce.org/23:54
Bashing-ombattery: xfce4 is a Desktop Environment .23:55
debzdbattery: desktop environment, good for low spec hardware23:55
batteryoh thanks23:55
naccd3bug: do you happen to know if zip support is generally needed for phoronix? i will fix that up if so23:55
d3bugnacc: I would imagine so.23:56
naccd3bug: any chance i could get you to file the bug? not a big deal, i can do it, just helps to have a user test the fix :)23:56
d3bugnacc: what it grabs mainly are archives, so it stands to reason it needs a way to extract them.23:56
naccd3bug: ack, at least it gives a pretty clear error message right now; i'll also check trusty's version to see if mabye it was a builtin before23:56
batterysudo apt install xfce4 xfce4-goodies tightvncserverE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)23:57
batteryE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?23:57
batterywhat’s wrong? :(23:57
d3bugnacc: remind me in 40min... watching Columbo :)23:57
chasinglogicbattery: something else is installing / updating packages23:57
naccbattery: as it says, possibly somethign else (autoupdater, etc.) may be running?23:57
chasinglogicbattery: do you have update manager running?23:57
naccd3bug: cool, thanks23:57
batterysudo apt-get update?23:58
batterychasinglogic: ?23:58
hammer25Hey guys, I've been using windows 10 on my laptop, and I'm in the process of installing 16.04 along side it by repartioning my drive. When I start the install process, i get to the third slide and it asks for my installation type. It has an empty table with spaces for "device, type, mount point, format?, size, used, system". There is also a drop down box for "Device for boot loader installation" where the only option is "/dev/sda". What23:59
naccbattery: if it happens again, see what `ps aux | grep dpkg` says (maybe something else is runnig)23:59
hammer25 I haven't seen this screen in any of the tutorials I've looked at. I made backups of windows and all my data, but I'm trying to avoid damaging anything unnecessarily. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!23:59

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