unicornjedihello. I am coming from kxstudio and I am test driving the ubuntustudio OS. what are some things I should check out for music production on here?00:51
Jt_What's everyone favorite Open Source video editor? I can't stay away from kdenlive02:41
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fantomHi all. Tell me how to configure auto logon?09:53
cubfantom: perhaps http://askubuntu.com/questions/530072/how-to-auto-login-in-xubuntu works?09:54
fantomI'm from Russia and very bad know English. I have a lightdm folder are only two files that lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf and users.conf.10:01
cubfantom: the second answer on the page was a graphic solution. maybe a bit easier?10:02
fantomI have no settings in the Users and Groups which package to install for that to show up?10:07
cubI though that would be default. Unfortunately I can't check myself as I'm on a work computer with Windows ...10:11
fantomHow long are you going home?10:13
fantomEverything was solved, installed the package, users-manager and appeared setting up accounts and auto login.11:00
fantomВсем спасибо, все свободны!11:01
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dabblers-buffetHello, I have an issue here with Ubuntu Studio. Whenever I leave my computer alone for a while, and I come back to it, I see that my monitor went into power savings mode. I try to move the mouse and press some keys on the keyboard, and my monitor does not display the desktop at all, it will display only if I go into a TTY via Ctrl+Alt and any of the F keys.17:43
dabblers-buffetAnd I would have to type in "startx" to get it working again.17:43
dabblers-buffetThis issue also happens in suspend mode as well when waking up the computer.17:45
OvenWerksdabblers-buffet: Hmm, My first thought on that would be video driver.17:50
OvenWerks I do not have that here.17:50
dabblers-buffetNo, because I don't have that issue on Linux Mint.17:51
OvenWerksmonitors power down and mouse move wakes just fine.17:51
dabblers-buffetI wonder if that issue could have happened before I updated my system.17:51
OvenWerksminit is older. I am assuming Studio 16.04 against the latest Mint with will be based on an older ubuntu set of repos.17:52
dabblers-buffetI know Mint is older, that's why I came on to Ubuntu Studio, because I dabble in multimedia stuff as well, plus I have preset up to date packages too.17:53
OvenWerks16.04 ubuntu (not just studio) has switched over to systemd... but I think it is possible to boot to use upstart as well.17:53
dabblers-buffetThe latest version of Mint is based on 16.04.17:53
dabblers-buffetAlthough they are usually behind in the Ubuntu releases when it comes to the LTS ones.17:54
dabblers-buffetNever usually stay up to date with the LTS ones.17:54
OvenWerksThe grub menu should show up with other options as a submenu and last time I looked there was an upstart option. Do you see that? (may have to hit shift while booting for the grub menu to show.)17:55
dabblers-buffetI can't check now.17:56
dabblers-buffetI'll try that when I restart my computer.17:56
dabblers-buffetWhat's this upstart option?17:57
OvenWerksMint may have chosen not to allow systemd boot. We just used whtever xubuntu is doing.17:57
OvenWerkswhen linux starts it runs "init" (I think) which used to run sysv init. A number of years ago ubuntu switched to upstart which does the same thing but faster because it is paralel.17:58
Unit193In short though, I'd not recommend using the 'upstart' option.17:59
OvenWerkslately the whole linux world including debian has switched to systemd which is also a startup system17:59
OvenWerksUnit193: That would be my guess too... any other ideas?17:59
Unit193OvenWerks: Ideas?18:00
OvenWerkson what may be the problem with not waking from sleep or powering up monitors.18:00
dabblers-buffetI didn't get this issue on Mint, but to note I was running on 14.04.18:00
* OvenWerks uses intel onboard graphics which tend to "just work" if not be blazing fast...18:01
OvenWerksdabblers-buffet: the big difference from 14.04 (aside from kernel version) is the change from upstart to systemd.18:02
dabblers-buffetSo 16.04 runs on systemd while 14.04 runs on upstart?18:04
OvenWerksI am not aware of any xfce bugs with power management in the monitor so I would expect something with video driver.18:04
OvenWerksdabblers-buffet: yes.18:04
dabblers-buffetThat could be one problem.18:04
dabblers-buffetHow long is Ubuntu Studio supported?18:04
dabblers-buffetThe 14.04 version?18:04
Unit193OvenWerks: There's that one, and also check the changelog of..xfce4-settings, I recently uploaded one to yakkety that might fix a blcak screen bug.18:04
Unit193OvenWerks: Also, release notes, very important.18:05
OvenWerksdabblers-buffet: Ubuntu Studio 14.04 Trusty Tahr LTS will be supported until April 201718:06
OvenWerksdabblers-buffet: as above, make sure the sw is up to date18:07
dabblers-buffetYes, I did check that.18:07
dabblers-buffetI ran sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade.18:07
OvenWerksI am not sure if up dating is enough or if the settings file in your home directory would hold old settings.18:08
dabblers-buffetI just found this here.18:11
dabblers-buffetXfce4 Power Manager does not restore screen power (1259339). You can try running xrandr, which has worked as a problem-free workaround for some users. Alternatively, to restore a working desktop go to TTY1 (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and restart lightdm with sudo service lightdm restart. NOTE: You will lose all unsaved work in progress! It appears that all instances of this bug so far are caused by suspending by closing18:11
dabblers-buffetthe laptop lid - suspending from the logout dialog works to the best of our knowledge.18:11
dabblers-buffetThis is from the Trusty Tahr Release notes on Ubuntu's website.18:12
OvenWerksso instead of restarting x run xrandr then c/a/F7 back to GUI18:14
OvenWerksI thought xfce4 power manager just ran xset. I guess not.18:14
dabblers-buffetI'll try that.18:26
dabblers-buffetBut it also said as an alternative, to restart lightdm as well.18:26
OvenWerksstarting lightdm looses your work if it is not saved18:28
dabblers-buffetI know.18:29
OvenWerksif you can see what you are typing in the VT then just c/a/f7 should work.18:29
OvenWerksvirtual terminal.18:29
OvenWerkswhere you go with c/a/F118:30

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