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xubuntu47wHi all!07:16
xubuntu47wLooking for a solution for thunar crashes when cut and paste files. Any help?07:17
flocculantxubuntu47w: assuming you're up to date, then it's a known issue which isn't fixed yet07:23
xubuntu47wIt's a nasty bug, i am desperate07:28
flocculantyes - we know that, yes - I understand07:36
flocculantyou could always try a different file manager see if that helps you, something like pcmanfm perhaps07:39
xubuntu47wThanks flocculant, I thinking to try Caja from Mate Desktop to remember the old-good nautilus07:47
Aavar_Hi. I am hoping someone can help me with the installation of Xubuntu. I have started the installation, and I am unsure if it is installing or not. I see the terminal window in the botom of the screen and it is listing warning messages and it has been doing so for a few hours. Is this normal?09:19
flocculantAavar_: no - it's not09:36
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Aavar_flocculant: Do you know what I can do about it? It says "detecting file systems". The only other (maybe related) issue I had was that it cant unmount /cdrom (probably because I don't actually have a cd-drive and is booting from a partition on a different harddrive.10:11
olspookishmagushello, every time I open a new roxterm window it creates a 112x84 window which is really small, how do I tamper with this?10:14
knomeAavar_, the /cdrom issue you mention should not block the installation10:43
olspookishmagusanswer: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=82135710:44
ubottuDebian bug 821357 in roxterm "roxterm: starts at completely useless size" [Important,Fixed]10:44
Aavar_knome flocculant: Could this be related to the partitions?10:45
flocculantAavar_: what are you doing? installing from iso on a different partition?10:46
Aavar_flocculant: Yes I am installing from a partition on to another (on the same disk).10:46
knomeAavar_, did you select to use a custom partition setup when installing?10:47
flocculantAavar_: not sure then tbh - I've only ever used grub to boot the iso10:47
Aavar_knome: Yes I did.10:47
knomei've done that once or twice, but it's years ago, so i totally don't remember the details10:48
knomedo you have any possibility to just dumping the ISO on a USB disk or something?10:48
Aavar_knome: The reason why I am booting from a partition on the harddrive is that this computer does not like to boot from usb-drives (old Macbook)10:49
* mladen-online is new to xubuntu and to IRC. What a day !11:26
mladen-onlinethanks knome. I really can't use facebook.11:33
mladen-onlinesorry guys but I just can't remember the name of the application the displays your system details on the desktop. Can help ?11:48
mladen-onlineeureka ! Thx11:49
bazhangubuntuforums has a superb guide for this11:49
bazhang'conky beginners guide'  <--- first hit11:49
mladen-onlinewhat's ubuntu forums ? a irc hannel ?11:50
bazhangan online help forum11:50
knome!conky | bazhang12:11
ubottubazhang: Conky is an application that can show system information (and more) on your desktop. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpConky for more details and a beginners guide.12:11
knomebazhang, just added the factoid for future use12:11
bazhanggreat call knome thanks12:13
mladen-onlinethanks ubottu. I was exactly looking for this. I just installed conky via terminal and the default aspect looks so bad, it nearly made me blind12:14
bazhangthats a bot12:15
mladen-onlinereally ? wouaw12:15
mladen-onlinedoes the bot understand what i say ?12:15
bazhangsure hope not12:16
mladen-onlinehow do i distinguish bots from humans ?12:16
mladen-onlinemaybe by their speach that sound like google ? lol12:18
knomemladen-online, uBOTtu12:30
knomebasically bots should only respond to specific calls, eg. in this case, the line starting with "!conky" (without the quotes)12:31
mladen-online!ubottu hi12:33
mladen-online:'(not polite12:34
mladen-onlineah my syntax is incorrect12:35
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!12:35
mladen-online:)polite !12:35
mladen-onlineokay. I am installing some helpful applications and updates on my new xubuntu install. But before going further I would like to create a LVM picture of my PC. Do you know how to do that ?12:37
mladen-onlinehave to go. bye :)12:43
Aavar_I managed to install XUbuntu to the drive, but it won't boot when I select it at boot time. As mentioned earlier this is a Mac. How can I fix this?13:41
chokisorry i dont know, maybe you ask in #ubuntu13:41
chokidid you choose the mac iso?13:42
flocculantAavar_: might help to know exactly what 'happens'13:42
Aavar_flocculant: of cource... my bad. It shows an error. "Non-system disk. Press any key to reboot"13:46
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flocculantAavar_: sorry - was afk there. Not going to be of much help, with *my* experience that is - troubleshooting apple issues is not something I am much use with14:34
flocculanthave some (more) patience and see who else pops up14:34
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Aavar_flocculant: okey. Thank you anyway :)15:16
flocculantAavar_: you might want to ask 'question' periodically, this being irc ...16:21
ax562hello hello hello18:44
SandeiraAnyone see my Question in #Xubuntu-offtopic ?20:35
MR-DOSwhat was your question20:37
tmsbrgwhat input system does Xubuntu 16.04 use? The kind of software like ibus, except it's not ibus21:14
* mladen-online is back on hexchat21:20
mladen-onlinethe graphics are a little sad, but new interresting functionalities21:21
mladen-onlineso, as said before, first day on IRC. Also first day on xubuntu. Which is nice btw21:22
tmsbrgXubuntu really is nice21:23
mladen-onlineI'm looking for a software that allows me to flash a microcontroller21:24
mladen-onlineI used to have flash magic, but that's only for windows or mac21:24
mladen-onlineand I'd like to avoid vine21:24
mladen-onlineany idea ?21:24
mladen-onlinebang ! tough question for a first day !21:25
tmsbrgsorry, i don't flash microcontrollers every day. Actually I never do21:27
tmsbrgwhat I do every day however is type " on top of letters which I'm now unable to due to what seems like an input system bug21:27
mladen-onlineyeah. that's not a funny thing to do. That's understandable21:27
mladen-onlineactually I'm trying to fix a keyboard (for music) : M-audio Axiom Pro 61 keys, that doesn't boot21:29
mladen-onlineMaybe you have ever heard about a small program written in python, called : miniterm.py21:33
mladen-onlineDoes that ring your bell ?21:33
mladen-onlineI saw a guy on youtube, using this to talk to his microcontroller from a linux OS21:35
mladen-onlinebut not really user friendly. That's why I ask on this channel if any of you know a software to program microcontrollers from linux21:36
tmsbrgthe answer to my question apparently was XIM21:44
tmsbrgand installing ibus fixed my bug of not being able to type things like ï with the altgr dead keys input method21:46
Unit193tmsbrg: It used to be shipped by default, but there was some big problems with it.21:48
tmsbrgthere were? I know it used to be, because I used to always use it. Never had problems with ibus myself though21:48
tmsbrgwell except https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1138159 but I solved that21:49
ubottuMozilla bug 1138159 in Widget: Gtk "selecting text with ibus pinyin input method on Xubuntu immediately deletes it" [Normal,New]21:49
tmsbrgmaybe I should report this, but I just installed Xubuntu, and in the install menu I picked US international AltGr dead keys (the best keyboard layout for international programmers), tested it and it worked fine (press altgr+" and then i to get ï, press " to get regular ", no dead key); but then when Xubuntu was installed it broke. Pressing altgr+" wasn't a dead key anymore (and neither was regular "), so I couldn't type ï etc.21:52
tmsbrgjust installed 16.04 that is21:52

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