dholbachcould it be that remote parts of snaps don't work on LP? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/271441376/buildlog_snap_ubuntu_xenial_amd64_qownnotes_BUILDING.txt.gz06:44
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cjwatsondholbach: can you file a bug against launchpad-buildd about that please?09:34
cjwatsonI assumed snapcraft on its own would just work, but maybe we do need to run update first09:34
dholbachcjwatson, thanks, will do09:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1599786 in launchpad-buildd "Run snapcraft update before attempting a snap build" [Undecided,New]09:53
PatrizioQONThank you dholbach and cjwatson!09:58
cjwatsonthank *you*, I had been naively assuming that snapcraft would work that out automatically without a separate step09:59
iceyis there a reasonably direct way of accessing all unit IPs of a service in amulet?14:37
iceygah wrong channel, sorry14:39
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kyrofacjwatson, what version of snapcraft is on the snap builders?18:06
mcphailkyrofa: ta18:06
kyrofacjwatson, it seems to be 2.8.4, which is quite old18:08
kyrofaLike... a month old18:08
kyrofamcphail, wait, which distro did you target? xenial?18:09
mcphailkyrofa: yes18:09
kyrofaOkay, just checking18:09
mcphailkyrofa: should I try yakkety?18:10
kyrofamcphail, no, you did the right thing18:10
mcphailkyrofa: actually, looking at your guide, I had set "pocket" to "release" rather than "updates". Has that broken anything?18:13
cjwatsonkyrofa: not a meaningful question - the builders install snapcraft from whatever suite you request18:13
cjwatson snapcraft | 2.8.4      | xenial/universe         | source, all18:13
cjwatson snapcraft | 2.12       | xenial-updates/universe | source, all18:13
cjwatson^- should explain what's going on here!18:13
kyrofamcphail, ah ha!18:14
kyrofaSorry for the noise cjwatson18:14
kyrofamcphail, yes, use updates18:14
cjwatsonupdates is the default18:14
* mcphail should learn not to press buttons when he doesn't know what they do ;)18:14
kyrofamcphail, or accept defaults more readily ;)18:14
mcphailThanks all!18:14
* mcphail blushes and parts18:15

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