pavlushkaEId Mubarak every one!06:52
pavlushkaEid Mubarak Kilos !09:04
Kilossame there ty pavlushka 09:07
Kilosto you all09:07
tareqhello all09:37
tareqeid mubarak to all09:37
pavlushkaEid Mubarak tareq !09:37
tareqpavlushka: are you safe brother?09:38
tareqdifferent eid this time with lots of issues09:39
pavlushkatareq: sure, thanks but why, I mean any concern?09:39
Kiloshi tareq 09:39
tareqpavlushka: common thing now a days :(09:40
tareqhello killos09:40
tareqkillos: anything on plasma 5.7?09:40
pavlushkatareq: no no , i am alright, and how about you?09:40
Kilosnope tareq ive stayed on 14.04 because i dont have time for troubleshooting09:41
Kilosi need a pc that is working all the time09:41
tareqpavlushka: I'm also fine, playing with laptop hdd09:41
tareqkilos: that is good09:42
pavlushkatareq: careful, Desktop HDDs are easy to play with but Laptop HDDs are not likely, :)09:44
tareqpavlushka: so far so good09:46
TuhinEid Mubarak all12:26
Kilossame for you Tuhin 12:45
pavlushkaHello every one, Eid Mubarak!12:47
TuhinEid Mubarak12:49
pavlushkaTuhin: How is it going so far?12:49
Tuhincelebrating eid12:50
Tuhineating good home food12:50
Tuhinwhat about u?12:50
* pavlushka grins12:50
pavlushkaTuhin: same here + being Horizontal on the bed I guess12:51
Tuhinwhat did u and mr tareq mean playing with hard disks?12:51
Tuhindata recovery?12:51
pavlushkaTuhin: wow, you checking the logs?12:51
Tuhini was logged in12:51
Tuhinbut wasn't paying attention12:52
pavlushkaTuhin: I think he was partitioning the disk at his will I guess.12:52
Tuhinwhat is plasma?12:52
pavlushkaTuhin: plasma about?12:53
Tuhinah t, it was mr tareq asking kilos about12:54
Tuhin[15:40] <tareq> killos: anything on plasma 5.7?12:54
pavlushkaTuhin: I see, let me check12:55
Tuhinsome kind of app i guess12:55
pavlushkaTuhin: ITs a kde desktop variant12:56
Tuhinwhat ubuntu uses now by default?12:57
Tuhini use cinnamon and  MATE12:57
pavlushkaUnity with lightdm12:58
pavlushkaby default12:58
Tuhinwhat u use?12:58
Tuhini haven't tried unity after reading its like win8 start menu12:59
pavlushkaI use Ubuntu with gnome 3 and gdm and Mate as it is and Xubuntu xfce4+gdm12:59
pavlushkaTuhin: Cinnamon is windows like I think13:00
Tuhini liked the LXDE13:00
Tuhinwin8 start menu was scary13:00
Tuhinas soon as it is clicked , users forgot what he was doing13:01
pavlushkaUbuntu phone uses Unity8 by default13:02
Tuhinchinese gov banned win8 for this13:02
pavlushkaChinese Gov adopted Ubuntu officially13:02
Tuhinchina owns the top super computer 7 years in row13:03
pavlushkaHats off to them13:03
Tuhin1-2 years ago US barred intel to sell Xeon cpus to china to stop them13:04
Tuhinso they made their own CPU and made the top super computer13:04
Tuhintheir cpu have 260 cores per chip.......13:05
Tuhinintel have 16....13:05
pavlushkaTuhin: ha ha ha, US helped them to be better, thanks to US13:05
Tuhini hope china starts selling their cpus at 1 tenth the price of i713:06
pavlushkame too13:06
Tuhini7 @ 30,000 tk price is ridiculous13:07
pavlushkaThat's what tech business is, you charge the cutting edge tech some extra for it's being cutting edge, though it doesn't cuts that well, :p13:09
* pavlushka off to prayer13:09
pavlushkaTuhin: you can check http://www.techrepublic.com/article/ubuntu-convergence-finally-impresses-me/13:36
pavlushkaHey AudaciousTUX 13:36
=== [1]Tuhin is now known as Tuhin
tareqhello all15:15
Kiloshi tareq 15:16
tareqhi kilos15:16
pavlushkahello tareq , wb , I'll mail you something tonight, just to inform, gotta go , Eid Mubarak15:17
tareqpavlushka: no problem15:17
pavlushkatareq: what about the Doc that ashabadi gave us? I didn't do anything yet in that context but I think we should divide and conquer.18:40
pavlushkatareq: I just marked some part that I think needs revision18:42
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: you there?18:42
AudaciousTUX_eid mubarak18:42
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: ইযাহ না ইয়াহু?18:43
pavlushkaEid Mubarak!18:43
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: ইযাহ না ইয়াহু?18:43
AudaciousTUX_ইয়াহু কেমনে কমু? ঈদ কাটাইলাম সারাদিন গেম খেইল্লা :318:43
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: তাইলে তো কালকেও আপনার ঈদ, আরো কয়েকটা ঈদ করতে পারবেন, :p18:44
AudaciousTUX_<3 :D19:20
Kilosi <3 ubuntu19:21
Kilosand all my friends worldwide19:21
AudaciousTUX_i <3 whole linux world ;)19:21
AudaciousTUX_meh too :D19:21
Kilostoo big for me19:21
Kilosi need to retire19:22
Kilostoo old for this19:22
Kilostake up gardening or something19:22
AudaciousTUX_noo.... old is gold :D19:23
* pavlushka watching GER vs FR19:28
pavlushkanight every one20:22

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