Mister_Qgood morning everyone o/06:51
belkinsa_G'day all.07:47
dholbachhey popey07:50
=== belkinsa_ is now known as belkinsa
Kiloshi dholbach svij and others that are awake08:27
dholbachhi Kilos08:27
Mister_QKilos o/08:28
Kiloshi Mister_Q08:30
Kilosand popey08:30
* belkinsa is awake but bed time for me is in three or four hours.08:40
belkinsaG'day Kilos.08:40
Kiloshi belkinsa hyou ok?08:41
belkinsaKilos: I am, but I'm not home. In fact, I'm (timezone wise) 14 hours away from home and many many kilometers from home.08:42
Kiloslook after yourself08:42
belkinsaKilos: I am and also my brother since he is also with me.  In fact, he had the honor to play on the Opera House's stage with his high school band.08:43
belkinsaAnd we are ones who travelled the farrest to play on that stage.08:44
belkinsaWe are enjoying it and we still have two more days!08:45
belkinsaOi!  I saw an aspring Ubuntu user from one of the chours from New Zealand!  He had the print version of the free handbook that we can get with him.  I introducted myself and we may get another folk in the Community.08:47
belkinsaAs in this one: http://tinyurl.com/zaalmu408:51
knomepopey, you got mail from me, along with balloons and jose. canonical needs to send the invoice by 15th, so please act upon it sooner than later.10:26
popeynot sure I'm the best person to as I go on vacation and will be afk and away from email from the next week.10:38
popeydpm: ^10:38
czajkowskialso not all finance depts can turn around and just pay, some do have a grace period, and weeks they run payment10:40
dpmpopey, can you CC me and Claire on that e-mail and start the process and then we can pick it up from there?10:42
knomeczajkowski, sure, they don't need to pay me immediately, but as google will pay canonical, they will need to send the invoice to google before the 15th.10:45
dpmthanks, and lunch time :)11:28
josekeep me in the loop to ping Stefanie if needed13:10
tsimonq2o/ all15:50
Kiloshi tsimonq215:51
tsimonq2o/ how are you Kilos?15:52
Kilosgood ty lad and you?15:52
tsimonq2great :)15:52

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