sarnoldgotta admit it worked though, now irc is foreground :)03:08
qenghoNext I'll be using "wall" instead of irc.03:10
qenghoMy PPA fails to build at dependency-installation time, and I can't understand why. Help?06:45
qengho"Depends: libpng12-dev but it is not going to be installed". Well, okay then.06:46
RAOFqengho: I suspect you want libpng-06:47
RAOFqengho: I suspect you want libpng-dev, if Chromium can build against it.06:48
qenghoRAOF: Earlier I had  libpng12-dev | libpng16-dev  . Grr, okay.06:49
RAOFI don't think that'd work, either. I don't think the build-depend resolver is smart enough to take anything but the first alternative unless it's already installed.06:50
* qengho boggles.06:51
Laneymoin moin moin07:53
TheMusoHey Laney , willcooke. :)07:53
willcookemorning Laney TheMuso07:55
Laneyoh, hi TheMuso07:56
willcookeLaney, thanks for the merge of #159481607:56
LaneyI'm in your hemisphere07:56
Laneywillcooke: np07:56
Laneyalready what?07:56
willcookealready home07:56
didrocksbrain hemisphere maybe? :)07:56
willcookeor visiting Nigeria on the way home perhaps07:57
Laneynot your hemisphere07:57
willcookeas you were07:57
didrocksah, it's a different you than the other "you"07:57
didrocksconfusing Laney :)07:57
didrockshey btw guys!07:57
TheMusoLaney: Enjoy your time in this part of the world. No idea where you are, but I'm guessing its cooler than what you are used to atm.07:58
LaneyTheMuso: I'm in CPT for debconf :)07:58
LaneyIt's actually pretty nice07:59
Laneywe got 23 one day07:59
TheMusoOh right.07:59
TrevinhoLaney: y07:59
Trevinhoseb128: hey, can you re-hit the publish button on https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1614 (or Laney)?08:00
Laneyhi Trevinho08:00
TrevinhoLaney: is debconf still going?08:00
seb128hey Laney Trevinho TheMuso08:04
seb128Laney, I saw you had long sleaves on that photo ;-)08:04
seb128Trevinho, done08:05
Trevinhoseb128: thanks08:05
Trevinhoseb128: how are you?08:05
seb128I'm good thanks!08:05
davmor2seb128: that is to protect his arms against the blistering sun08:05
seb128how are you?08:05
seb128you are up on normal european time now? ;-)08:05
Trevinhoallright, re-organizing a "mini-sprint" with andyrock :-D08:06
TrevinhoWell, trying to be a good guy :-P08:06
seb128where this time?08:06
LaneyI was trying to load that08:06
Laneybut lag08:06
Trevinhoat my place, so Florence and somewhere around it.08:06
seb128Trevinho, going to watch the game tonight? so you can see how to play Germany :-)08:06
Trevinhoseb128: sure, but it's hard to watch a match hoping that both would lose :-D08:07
* TheMuso -> EOD - Later folks.08:08
seb128is anyone using gdm here?08:08
seb128night TheMuso08:08
tjaaltonseb128, willcooke: debian will soon switch all gen4+ intel to use modesetting instead of intel ddx driver. we'll follow soon after08:21
seb128hey andyrock, how are you?08:21
tjaaltonintel driver will have a minimal xorg.conf that can be copied to /etc/X11 if someone wants to continue using it because of a bug in modeset/glamor or otherwise08:22
seb128so it doesn't change much for users in practice?08:23
seb128just tech changes?08:23
tjaaltonhopefully _less_ bugs08:23
seb128k, good08:24
andyrockseb128: bad08:26
andyrockyou know Trevinho....08:26
willcookeseb128, Laney - is it worth sruing this to 16.04.1?  I can do the paperwork if you think it is.  It would be "nice" but not super important08:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 1594816 in ubuntu-themes (Ubuntu) "GtkSwitch button background overflows the border" [Medium,Fix released]08:29
seb128going for some small errands, back in ~1h08:30
seb128willcooke, could be, unsure if we have a bit more to bundle with it though, which would be better08:30
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Laneywillcooke: I wouldn't just for that personally, but rather bundle it up if other things come along12:23
Laneyup to you though12:23
Laneycould make a merge proposal to make it less likely to get missed at that point12:25
dpmwillcooke, ubuntu software has not been working for me for a while (whenever I do a search or click on one of the featured apps, I end up with a blank screen with a spinning logo). Do you happen to know if this a known bug/is there a fix or workaround?12:36
seb128dpm, not known afaik/not workaround that I know about ... does it list things in the installed/to update sections and in the categories or do you get content only on the main screen?12:42
dpmthanks seb128, I get content only on the main screen. Either clicking on a tab at the top, on an app on the main screen or searching for an app gets me the blank screen12:43
seb128does it work in a guest session?12:44
seb128just asking in case, but I don't think there is much user specific state12:44
* dpm tries and hopes he can log back in12:44
dpmseb128, heh, strangely enough the guest session does not work, I cannot log into it12:45
dpmit takes me to logdm with only my user listed12:45
dpmerr *lightdm12:46
seb128did you turn it off in your lightdm config?12:47
seb128the greeter is not listing guest as an option?12:47
dpmI don't even know you could do this, so I guess the answer is "no"12:47
dpmexactly, guest is not listed as an optin in the greeter12:47
willcookeLaney, thanks, done.12:57
seb128dpm, is that on xenial or yakkety?12:57
dpmxenial, with proposed enabled12:57
seb128dpm, you don't have any guest config in /etc/lightdm/...?12:59
dpmlet me check13:00
seb128dpm, otherwise for the gnome-software issue, do you get any warning/error/buggy source if you sudo apt update?13:01
seb128could be a buggy/unsigned repo created issue13:01
seb128like spotify or chrome (used?) to do that13:01
dpmseb128, http://paste.ubuntu.com/18700521/ for lightdm, let me start g-s from cli13:01
dpmseb128, actually 'ubuntu-software' from cli launches the app but returns immediately with no terminal output13:02
seb128dpm, it's in the session as a service13:03
seb128you need to stop the current one to get the full output13:03
Sweet5harkwhops, notebook seems to have rebooted out of the blue ... (overheating?)13:03
seb128but check if apt update works13:04
Sweet5harkahhh, journalctl shows all the fine logs ... from the reboot onwards, which isnt helping at all.13:04
dpmseb128, any particular process I should look for? 'killall ubuntu-software' does not find anything13:05
seb128dpm, gnome-software it's called13:05
seb128but try to apt update thing first13:05
dpmseb128, actually, killing gnome-software made it all work13:06
seb128dunno what the issue was then13:06
seb128check if journalctl or syslog has some errors maybe13:06
dpmok, in any case, that unblocked me, thanks!13:08
willcooketurn it off and back on again \o/13:08
willcookethanks seb12813:08
dpmthat bug where the store icons for snaps are not shown in g-s, I guess is still needs to land?13:08
willcookedpm, I can't remember exactly where that's at, I think it was pending a change in the store13:09
willcookebut it's certainly on the list of things to fix13:09
dpmthanks, just double-checking, g-s on my system mades me unsure of whether things break or they're still pending a fix13:10
seb128dpm, willcooke, unsure about the icon, I think the store guys said it should work but attente had issues, unsure if he debugged more/filed a bug on the store or snapd13:15
dpmseb128, is bug 1588266 the one?13:15
ubot5bug 1588266 in snapd (Ubuntu) "Almost no info about Krita snap in Ubuntu Software" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158826613:15
dpmI see it refers to another bug marked as invalid13:17
seb128well it has things that snapd doesn't provide13:17
seb128like screenshots or license13:17
seb128but icons is supposed to work as you just said13:17
seb128it's just that attente said it was not working13:17
seb128unsure if that got resolved13:17
seb128attente, did you end up looking more into it/filing a bug?13:17
willcookeI'll pick it up with Robert13:17
seb128willcooke, best to check if attente did something about it first though?13:18
seb128no point asking robert to re-investigate something which somebody in the team already debugged13:18
attenteseb128: wasn't it an issue with the snaps themselves? that they were built with an older snapcraft?13:19
seb128that's what the store guys said13:20
seb128but we didn't find a snap that works13:20
seb128which is suspicious13:20
seb128but if you didn't debug more let's do what willcooke suggested and ask robert_ancell to have a look13:21
attenteit's definitely snapd not giving an appropriate icon uri13:22
attenteall of them just return "icon":""13:23
a1faandyrock: you around ?13:24
andyrocka1fa: yep?13:29
dpmattente, seb128, from reading that bug, I think what they mentioned was that the apps hadn't been targetted to the '16' series, which is why they didn't return an icon. I can confirm though, that the apps that I've uploaded are definitely targetted to the 16 series, and still the icon is not showing up in g-s13:30
attentedpm: which snap(s) did you upload? i'll check it now13:30
dpmattente, notes, ubuntu-clock-app13:31
attentedpm: yeah. snapd is still not returning an icon uri there13:33
dpmattente, and is the series correct?13:33
attentedpm: how do i check that?13:34
dpmattente, well, I hoped you or the store guys could confirm that, I've no idea how to do that. I can confirm from looking at the store web UI that these two apps are for Ubuntu series: 16 :)13:35
dpmwell, it says "Supported releases16"13:36
dpmit might be worth updating the bug, as I've got the impression the store guys think this is fixed on their side13:36
a1faandyrock: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/158191213:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1581912 in unity (Ubuntu) "Specific NVIDIA driver settings in xorg.conf will cause issues with Unity Panel" [Undecided,New]13:37
seb128dpm, attente, right, that's what I was saying. we need somebody to investigate if that's true, snaps might not done what the store expect, or we might talk to the store the wrong way or their might still be a bug13:37
seb128attente is asking on #snappy, let's move there/wait for Chipaca to reply13:38
a1faandyrock: this one is so annoying.. stuff gets tucked under the unity top panel, and its hard to get it out from there13:39
a1faandyrock: oh. and its only present if unity launcher is on the bottom13:40
a1faandyrock: if unity launcher is on the left, then maybe 5px are cut off because of the panel13:41
a1faandyrock: instead of ~3213:41
a1faso in both cases, its a bug :) launcher on the bottom -- pannel eats about 32 pixels from the top.. launcher on the left, panel eats ~5pxs13:42
a1fai posted a screenshot too13:47
dpmseb128, I think you looked at fonts a bit for the desktop launchers. Does a particular font need to be shipped to work on a snap? Context: I'm upstreaming a snap, and upstream have explicitly set (and want) the app's font to be Liberation Sans, but it ends up being another font14:03
dpmI'm wondering if I need to specifically ship the package that contains Liberation Sans14:04
seb128you should side-package it14:04
didrocksdpm: we symlink and enable any fonts that you ship in your snap14:08
didrocksso as seb128 told (I guess he meant "stage-packages" it)14:08
dpmthanks guys14:09
seb128didrocks, yes, sorry ;-)14:10
willcookeLaney, deleted that mess of an MP for 16.04 and made a new one: https://code.launchpad.net/~willcooke/ubuntu-themes/gtkswitchoverflow-1604/+merge/29943114:30
Laneywillcooke: okay (I get emailed) - you could have pushed over the old branch and it would have been updated, but thanks!14:34
attentedidrocks: hey, can you rename this project on github? https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snap-desktop-links -> snapd-xdg-open14:35
Laneyximion is starting his appstream talk now if you want to knon what that is14:39
willcookeooh, thanks Laney14:40
pittiseb128: zeitgeist was removed from Debian (Debian bug 813582); do we plan to keep it?14:40
ubot5Debian bug 813582 in ftp.debian.org "RM: libzeitgeist -- RoQA; obsoleted, unused, abandoned, superseeded" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/81358214:40
willcookehm, video feed died14:41
seb128pitti, v1 vs v2?14:43
pittiseb128: oh, right; libzeitgeist got removed, zeitgeist is still there14:45
didrocksattente: done!14:45
attentedidrocks: thanks!14:46
didrocksyw :)14:46
pittiseb128: and there are still three scropes that build against the old lib14:46
pittiseb128: ok, these are certainly crufty, but I'll keep it for now as we have rdepends14:46
pittisorry, missed 1 vs 2.14:46
seb128(sorry otp)14:47
willcookeLaney, is this talk going to be recorded?  Would like to point m_vo and robert_ancell at it later14:55
mdeslaurhrm, compiz is segfaulting since I updated my yakkety vm this morning. Is that a known issue?14:57
willcookeruh roh - hikiko, Trevinho  --^14:57
seb128pitti, no worry, but yeah we still use it for the unity/dash recently used, GNOME never really used it I think so maybe Debian doesn't need it14:58
willcookeLaney, I can see yoouuuuuu!14:58
seb128mdeslaur, I don't think so, could be an issue in the lowgfx mode, can you get a backtrace?14:59
seb128Trevinho, willcooke, ^ that might put the SRU at risk :-/14:59
willcookeseb128, yeah. :((14:59
hikikomdeslaur: "known" i ve seen some bug reports and I am looking for invalid memory access with valgrind14:59
mdeslaurbug 159989014:59
ubot5bug 1599890 in compiz (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in ccsObjectGetInterface_()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159989014:59
hikikoNo willcooke seb12814:59
willcookehopefully hikiko can track it down and fix it quickly14:59
hikikoThere was a bug report15:00
hikikoIt's not the low gfx15:00
hikikoI am looking for it15:00
hikikoThe report was from before15:00
Laneywillcooke: they all end up here http://meetings-archive.debian.net/Public/debian-meetings/2016/debconf16/15:01
seb128well, mdeslaur issue started with today's update he said15:01
seb128so maybe a different one15:01
willcookethanks Laney15:01
Laneyafter several hours15:01
Laneytranscoding and shizzle15:01
mdeslaurlet me paste my update log to the bug15:01
hikikothanks mdeslaur I will look at it tomorrow15:02
TrevinhoMmm it does not look related to the last updates or at least in the SRU15:06
mdeslaurhrm, let me install a fresh vm, maybe something got borked during the upgrade15:08
TrevinhoOk let me know15:09
seb128Trevinho, hikiko, could be in the profile switch?15:10
Trevinhoseb128: there's no profile switch at runtime15:11
seb128mdeslaur, when do it segfault, on session start? could you install the dbgsym to get a dbg bt?15:11
hikikoseb128: I have to check with valgrind but sounds highly impossible15:11
mdeslaurseb128: when I login, yes15:12
mdeslaurlet me install a clean vm first, just to see15:12
seb128mdeslaur, keep the one that segfault though, maybe you can also try a guest session with it?15:13
* mdeslaur tries guest session15:13
mdeslaurtyhicks just hit the compiz segfault after updating his vm too15:13
hikikoWhen did you update?15:14
mdeslaurseb128: guest session fails also15:14
hikikoGreat :-/15:14
seb128mdeslaur, can you get a dbg bt?15:15
mdeslauryeah, one sec15:15
mdeslaurseb128: so I install the dbgsym packages, then login...can I get them attached to the same bug then?15:16
mdeslaurk, let me see and perhaps file another bug15:16
hikikoThanks mdeslaur15:17
seb128and dup the non dbg one15:17
mdeslaurargh, apport opened the existing bug15:20
mdeslaurok, bug 159990015:25
ubot5bug 1599900 in compiz (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in ccsObjectGetInterface_()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159990015:25
seb128Trevinho, hikiko, ^15:27
Laneynice bug number15:28
hikikoMmm no much info in stacktrace, I'll look at it tomorrow, thanks seb128 and mdeslaur15:32
seb128mdeslaur, does it work better if you don't use the lowgfx profile?15:32
mdeslaurseb128: how do I do that?15:32
seb128mdeslaur, e.g edit /usr/share/upstart/sessions/unity7.conf15:32
seb128change the compiz_profile="ubuntu-lowgfx"15:32
seb128or comment those 3 lines15:33
hikikoseb128 are we sure he is using that? Vmware has 3d acceleration by default15:33
mdeslaurI'm using kvm, no 3d here15:33
seb128hikiko, no, no idea ... but what he said15:34
davmor2mdeslaur: what gpu did you set?15:34
hikikoSounds a lot like lowgfx problem then15:34
mdeslaurI tried both vmvga and qxl15:34
mdeslaurseb128: it works without lowgfx15:35
davmor2mdeslaur: if you use vmware or qxl you get better15:35
seb128hikiko, highly impossible and yet seems to be the case15:35
hikikoI said the profile15:35
seb128mdeslaur, thanks for reporting15:35
mdeslaurmy vms may have a bunch of custom settings for compiz15:35
davmor2mdeslaur: only issue is vmware isn't available on uefi installs so I use qxl15:35
seb128mdeslaur, but guest session wouldn't have those?15:36
seb128mdeslaur, or did you customize system defaults in some ways?15:36
seb128also you said tyhicks has the issue as well?15:36
hikikoIt can't be the profile seb128 but maybe something else in tr15:36
mdeslauroh, true...let me look and make sure15:36
hikikoTrevinho's branch15:36
seb128could be15:36
seb128willcooke and I tested the lowgfx xenial SRU ppa version and didn't get that issue15:37
willcookeand sverdy did too15:39
tyhicksseb128: I hit the issue, as well, but mdeslaur and I are running identically configured VMs (part of the security team's testing infrastructure)15:39
mdeslaurseb128: the only thing I do that would apply to the guest user is removing animation and fade from /etc/compizconfig/unity.ini15:39
hikikoI said that the profile sounds highly impossible. I'll check this last branch that was merged and I didn't review it15:39
mdeslaurbut the unity session works, the lowgfx one doesn't15:39
hikikoWait the fade is removed ?15:40
hikikoIt shouldn't15:40
hikikoThe fade plugin15:40
mdeslaurhikiko: I do that when my script installs the vm, the default doesn't15:40
mdeslaurlet me try with a new vm not installed from my script15:41
hikikoAnd when you do that you have no crash?15:41
mdeslauroh, good question15:42
mdeslaurlet me add it back and see the regular session crashes15:42
hikikoI'm going to install a yaketty vm15:44
mdeslauradding it back didn't change anything15:45
hikikoWell since many people have that can't be the settings or the vm it's something in this last branch15:46
seb128going for some exercice, bbiab15:48
ogra_warming up fo the game ?15:49
* ogra_ noticed seb128 took off tomorrow for weeping too :P 15:51
davmor2ogra_: yeah you Germans and your weeping ;)15:54
davmor2ogra_: the only person who wins in this match is seb128 right he can fly either flag with a quick hop over the river right :)15:56
willcookemdeslaur, I just tried downloading a Y desktop image but dpkg is seg faulting (known issue) - when did you download your iso?16:20
willcookeor, how did you install it?16:20
willcookeah, so the install gets so far, then this: http://imgur.com/MzDmaFU16:26
willcookethen you reboot and log in and it just get's stuck after the log in prompt16:26
willcookehikiko, same for you right? ^16:26
hikikoyes willcooke16:28
mdeslaurwillcooke: I am seeing this on a vm I updated, not a clean install16:39
mdeslaurwillcooke: my clean install seems to be stuck16:39
willcookemdeslaur, ah, kk16:39
mdeslaurwillcooke: so I guess I'm also hitting the dpkg issue16:39
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hikikomdeslaur, still here?17:10
mdeslaurhikiko: yep17:10
hikikocould you tell us if you were using any other repos apart from the default?17:10
hikikofor example proposed?17:11
mdeslaurjust the default, no proposed17:11
hikikothanks a lot17:11
hikikoand were did you see it's a segfault?17:11
hikikoor you said crash?17:11
hikikomdeslaur, :)17:12
mdeslaurfrom the title the apport dialog showed me17:13
hikikoI see :)17:14
hikikoand mdeslaur you were in u7 you upgraded from there and you saw the segfault?17:15
hikikoand all the other times you try to login you only see the background?17:15
mdeslaurmy upgrade script booted the vm, sshed in, dist apt-get dist-upgrade, then shut down the vm17:15
mdeslaurthe next time I booted the vm and logged in I got the compiz segfault17:16
hikikowhat happens if you login to lightdm then press ctrl alt f1 and write: DISPLAY=:0 unity --replace ccp&17:16
mdeslaurafter the segfault?17:16
hikikowait right now you login and you immediately see an error?17:17
hikikoor you login and you only see the background?17:17
mdeslaurnow I just get a blank screen17:17
mdeslaurright, the background17:17
hikikook then could you:17:17
mdeslaurhold on, I need to turn the lowgfx thing back on17:17
hikikosystemctl restart lightdm.service17:17
hikikono worries17:17
hikikoI got the issue without lowgfx17:17
hikikobut no segfault17:17
hikikothat's why I am trying to see17:18
hikikoif the segfault was caused once after the upgrade and was a consequence of the bug which is elsewhere17:18
hikikoyou shouldn't have marco's changes17:18
hikikoso the low gfx branch is not probably the problem17:18
hikikoour changes are in proposed17:19
hikikoso if you can do this:17:19
willcookeFWIW - I can't get an xfce session to start either, but MATE does.17:19
mdeslaurI don't see a compiz package in yakkety-proposed17:19
hikikothe latest changes are in unity17:19
hikikoand since it's a compiz plugin17:20
hikikoif it has an invalid mem access17:20
hikikothe segfault will appear in compiz17:20
mdeslaurno unity package in yakkety-proposed either17:20
hikikobut you had the animations enabled in lowgfx right?17:20
mdeslaurI didn't touch the lowgfx profile, so whatever was the default there is what I had17:21
hikikoif you do apt-cache show unity | grep -i version17:21
hikikowhat's the 1st line?17:21
hikikoVersion: ...?17:22
mdeslaur(btw, the systemctl restart lightdm.service didn't help)17:22
hikikowe have the same17:23
hikikono no after that17:23
hikikoyou login17:23
mdeslaur"DISPLAY=:0 unity --replace ccp&" did work though17:23
hikikoand you press ctrl+alt+f117:23
hikikosame in me17:24
hikikoand no segfault17:24
hikikoso I believe the problem is the initialization17:24
hikikoand because you upgraded from u717:24
hikikosomething broke and caused the segfault17:24
hikiko(just a theory though, I ll debug further)17:25
hikikoanyway we have to fix our unity init :p17:25
hikikomdeslaur, thank you, we ll debug it :)17:25
seb128calling it a day and week, having tomorrow off, have a nice friday&w.e everyone17:26
mdeslaurI rebooted, and hit the background only session again17:26
willcookecya seb12817:30
willcookenight all18:12
robert_ancelldesrt, are you running GDM atm?21:02
robert_ancellor anyone else?21:11
desrti'm just about to head out to dinner though.  quick question?22:12

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