BluesKajHi folks11:21
naccit's like pulling teeth with maddawg2 to get the details15:43
daftykinsthat definitely rings a bell as to one of the more trying best-ignored users15:45
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tgm4883"I know I did something I shouldn't have so don't bother telling me that, just tell me how to fix it"21:31
nacctgm4883: yep, i stopped trying to help them :/21:33
daftykinswhat did this person do?21:33
tgm4883"hello I was trying to upgrade from 14.04 to 15.10 (don't lecture me please) and the upgrade was interrupted.  Now I cannot boot into any OS.  However, I can get into grub and a command prompt.  This is a lenovo laptop."21:33
* daftykins chuckles21:34
DArqueBishopMy official advice would probably be, "Use a live CD to back up your data, and rebuild from scratch."21:35
naccDArqueBishop: absolutely21:36
naccesp. given 15.10 goes eol in < 1 month21:36
Bashing-omPanicing, and dread has bad bad side effects .. ignoance we can address .. stupidity I let go ! Just can not fix stupidity .21:36
naccand who knows what actually works on that upgrade path21:36
daftykinsmmm and that direct upgrade must've been achieved through a very bad move21:36
daftykinsBashing-om: well said :)21:36
naccdaftykins: i assume as much (-d flag to various tools, i think)21:37
daftykinsor even worse, sources edits D:21:38
naccyeah :/21:38
daxand yet people still randomly come out with "but i just change sources.list every time and it works fine!"21:39
daxmakes me facepalm21:39
tgm4883nacc: I don't think the -d would do that21:40
daftykinsnah -d would more likely be thinking of 16.10 right now21:40
* tgm4883 bets on the sources.list change21:40
daftykinsdax: heh yeah, gotta love the anecdotals21:40
daftykinsi don't even believe in upgrades of any kind21:40
daxas i understand it, -d would take you to x or y, not w21:40
nacctgm4883: i don't think so either, but that's what he claimed21:41
nacctgm4883: it might have been one of the GUI tools21:41
naccas opposed to -d explicitly21:41
tgm4883nacc: pardon me if I don't believe the guy that says "Don't lecture me on not doing the bad things that I did"21:41
nacctgm4883: :)21:41
daftykinsthere's a certain level of <insert your choice of word here> user that reads enough to know not to do it, then does it21:42
dax"knows enough to be dangerous"21:42
tgm4883If you want to blow up your system, that's fine with me (and a good way to learn things), but don't bother the channel with that21:43
DArqueBishopPersonally, I'm of the mindset that if a system is THAT important, I'm upgrading via backing up data and installing a fresh system anyway.21:46
naccDArqueBishop: well, right, they went from LTS to an arbitrary development release because (iirc) 'some things weren't working'21:47
Bashing-omI will say I learned the most breaking/fixing my system(s). I have progressed to now to the point I no longer break it !21:47
daftykinsi do that for all systems, upgrades aren't worth the hope and pray21:47
naccDArqueBishop: which to me means it can't be that important of a system :)21:48
daftykinsguy about to play tetris blindfolded: www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick21:48
DArqueBishopnacc: sounded more like a "I didn't realize how important this system was" system. ;-)21:48
tgm4883reminds me of backups21:49
tgm4883If you don't have 3 copies on 2 different types of media in more than 1 location, then your data isn't important21:49
DArqueBishoptgm4883: right.21:50
* DArqueBishop has both local and offsite copies of his backups for his servers.21:50
* nacc just doesn't have that much important stuff :)21:50
DArqueBishopnacc: I'm anal, plus my dad's business lives and dies off my mail server.21:50
naccDArqueBishop: wasn't meant as a critique, more just a genuine realization i basically have nothing on my machine(s) i can't recreate easily anymore21:51
DArqueBishopnacc: I didn't take it as such. :-)21:52
Bashing-omAs above, I broke it enough to learn to keep backups ! .. Yes I do have as tgm4883 says . Practice, I can re-install in 20 minutes !21:54
daftykins!info linux-generic xenial22:17
ubot5linux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 11 kB22:17
daftykins!info linux-image-generic xenial22:18
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB22:18
daftykinsi thought it had newer than 4.4 o022:18
Bashing-omWhoda thunk it - this quick - jon5000 onward and upward to 16.04 .23:17
naccdaftykins: nah, 4.4. in xenial, 4.7/4.8 in yakkety23:18
naccdaftykins: so 16.04.1 hwe will get that stack too, iiuc23:18
naccbut i'm not sure they've published the first yakkety kernels yet (meaning it's still in sync with xenial)23:19
daftykinsall the cool kids never touch non-LTS ;)23:21
naccdaftykins: :)23:24

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