Mister_QHey everyone :) according to the wiki I should ask here if I want an ubuntu cloak https://launchpad.net/~misterq09:35
k1l_Mister_Q: yeah, looks good. now we need the IRCC to wake up and confirm so the staff can set the cloak.10:58
Mister_Qk1l_no hurry thanks :)11:00
hggdhstaff: can we please have a cloak ubuntu/member/mister_q for Mister_Q16:31
daxhggdh: underscores don't work, replace with - or strip them16:32
hggdhMister_Q: how do you want your cloak? misterq, or mister-q?16:32
Mister_Qhggdh misterq please :)16:54
hggdhstaff: can we please have a cloak ubuntu/member/misterq for Mister_Q16:56
Unit193hggdh: e and mniip are on call.17:02
hggdhMister_Q: you are all set19:34
Mister_Qthanks hggdh :)19:42

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