nomiconboard video00:20
nomicthats it00:20
nomicyou have to accept it -- it is a hardware thing00:21
nomicit requires as, vram00:21
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BudTubaI have been using Ubuntu from 10 through 14.04 and impressed with the features of MATE.  What I cannot seem to get through is the change in the desktop.  I like the virtual spread of applications to the left of the main screen.  I like the lcon to open settings, etc.  Has anyone developed a desktop for MATE that similar to U 14.04?01:18
BudTubaHow does one see a conversation to join in?01:24
t3kg33kGreetings all01:30
t3kg33kHas anyone ever attempted to compile the latest nmap in Ubuntu Mate 15.10?01:32
t3kg33kI've never compiled before so I don't know if there would be any issues or not, especially since I had nmap 6.47 installed at one time.\01:33
t3kg33kNever mind. I found the instructions and followed. nmap 7.12 seems to be working now.01:39
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njloghello world05:50
njlogany rpi users?05:50
icywhoa IRC I love mIRC07:27
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az_ i have freezes on ubuntu, i can only move mouse, nothing else that pc restart button works, this is desktop, no laptop12:15
az_i have nvidia btw12:16
az_how update ubuntu mate to 16.10?12:25
az_sudo sed -i 's/xenial/yakkety/g' /etc/apt/sources.list12:26
az_looks like that crash apt after update / dist-upgrade12:26
tewardaz_: if it freezes on 16.04 I'm not sure 16.10 will help much12:33
tewardbecause 16.10 is still under active development and probably is going to have a lot of bugs12:33
teward(just saying)12:33
az_i fixed that apt12:37
az_but dunno what todo12:37
az_mate looks great, everything like i want after install12:38
az_but freezes, probably because of nvidia gfx12:38
az_but this is old gfx, like 4y so drivers should be correct :(12:38
az_i use that free driver because when from nvidia then i have some bigger text etc, when try change that manualy then it dont look nice12:39
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lapideviridiEvening folks. I just converted to Linux, starting with Linux Mate. All of a sudden, caja looks like something from the 90's rather than following the right theme. I'm a bit lost, so some help would be appreciated.18:50
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ouroumovHi lapideviridi19:12
ouroumovlapideviridi, what version of Ubuntu MATE are you using?19:12
lapideviridiouroumov, 15.1019:12
lapideviridiI think. Hang in, I'll check19:12
lapideviridi16.04, my bad19:13
ouroumovDo you remember if you did something that could have triggered this?19:14
lapideviridiI didn't notice at once, but I may either have been a reboot, some software updates or trying on some differente themes for mate19:15
ouroumovStart by going back to the theme settings in System -> Preferences -> Look & Feel -> Appearance19:16
ouroumovTry a few, see if it changes things19:16
lapideviridiChanging themes doesn't affect the file manager. I can't find anything in the settings or by googling19:16
ouroumovCan you grad a screenshot of the file manager and post it to imgur?19:16
ouroumovgrab *19:17
lapideviridiWill do19:17
lapideviridiI got to appearance through the control panel. No look and feel there19:17
ouroumovYou should have one, on 16.0419:18
lapideviridiouroumov, http://imgur.com/sSyRs5019:23
lapideviridiouroumov, changign themes has no effect. Still the god ol'e 90's look19:25
ouroumovI see, no issue here19:26
ouroumovIt's an Icon theme19:26
ouroumovMy guess is you're set on a custom appearance19:26
ouroumovIf you click on "customize" in the appearance settings, you get 4 tabs19:26
ouroumovSorry, five19:27
ouroumovThe 4rth one is "icons"19:27
lapideviridiI guessed that too19:27
ouroumovGo there, set it to "Ambiant-MATEĆ©"19:27
lapideviridiAnd that is what I did19:27
lapideviridiI tried changing the icons just now, but that doesn't have any effect either19:28
ouroumovTry and create a new user, and log into that new user's account, see if the appearance is the same19:29
lapideviridiouroumov, I just read that the file browser used to be nautilus. Perhaps I should try that instead?19:34
lapideviridiOr would that break stuff?19:35
ouroumovcaja is a fork of nautilus19:35
ouroumovBe careful what advice you follow, often the things you'll find online are targeted at standard Ubuntu, not Ubuntu MATE19:36
lapideviridiThanks for the advice19:36
ouroumovThere's a "Fixes" section in the software boutique (last icon on the right)19:36
ouroumovTry and run them, then reboot19:36
lapideviridiAh, so they're not separate browsers? Just a fork made to work better with mate?19:38
ouroumovThey are completely separate programs, but they have a common ancestor that dates back to somewhere around 4 years ago19:39
lapideviridiSo there would be no reason for me to just dump caja and go for nautilus?19:40
lapideviridiouroumov, sorry, I had a meltdown19:58
lapideviridiTried to use the guest session, but it was the same19:59
lapideviridiAlso, I ran all the fixes. Seems like they just did a apt-get update and upgrade?19:59
ouroumovNot exactly, but never mind19:59
ouroumovI wonder if there's a way de reinstall caja20:00
ouroumovto *20:00
lapideviridiouroumov, I was thinking of the same, but I'd rather let you try all your tricks before I wreck my system20:00
ouroumovI'm kind of out of ideas if even the guest session looks the same20:01
ouroumovI'd recommend you ask on the forums20:02
ouroumov( in here: https://ubuntu-mate.community/ )20:02
ouroumov( Mention what happened, what you tried, post the screenshot too and maybe some recovery expert will come by )20:03
lapideviridiouroumov, should I try to reinstall caji?20:05
ouroumovlapideviridi, I'd try, but I don't know how to do that cleanly20:19
lapideviridiouroumov, the forums it is then.20:20
lapideviridiThanks a lot for the help anyway!20:20
ouroumovYou're welcome20:21
administrador_Default password root20:40
az_how change dpi?22:29
az_after nvidia driver i have larger fonts22:29
az_but still are same in menu so it change me dpi22:29
az_dconf-editor -> mate -> desktop -> font-rendering22:37
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