RAOFjamiebennett: I'm an SRU team member; if you coordinate with mwhudson about an SRU bug & upload, I'm happy to review.00:29
tjaaltoninfinity: I hadn't noticed you acked the lts drivers already, so I've no uploaded the last missing bit, xorg-lts-xenial..05:09
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infinitytjaalton: Danke.07:49
infinitytjaalton: Is that the list bit?07:49
tjaaltonlast, yes07:49
infinityErr, yes.  last. :P07:51
infinityI'll review it this morning, flip the dailies over, and people can get to testing, hopefully.07:51
tjaaltonthere's an image building for an oem team right now, with this from the ppa07:53
LaneyTtrying nto load that site08:04
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dokopython-cryptography (1.3.1-2 to 1.4-1)08:11
dokoMaintainer: Tristan Seligmann08:11
doko13 days old08:11
dokopython-cryptography/amd64 unsatisfiable Depends: python-cffi-backend-api-min (<= 9729)08:11
dokopython-cryptography/amd64 unsatisfiable Depends: python-cffi-backend-api-max (>= 9729)08:11
dokoare we not able to handle versioned provides?08:11
infinityPossibly not.08:14
dokowhich package to file an issue?08:15
infinityNot sure if we have a project to track britney issues.08:15
infinityOdd are we just need to merge with Debian, unless this package is stuck there too.08:15
dokoyes, migrated08:18
cjwatsoninfinity: should be a merge, yes09:35
cjwatsonpossibly a complicated one09:35
cjwatsonthat support was added in Debian relatively recently09:35
infinitypitti: Could you look into merging britney from Debian, so we can haz versioned provides support?10:42
pittiinfinity: yeah, that's been on my list for a while; they dropped the RDEPENDS list though, I need to see whether there's a replacement (I think there is)10:42
pittiinfinity: that's because of http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#python-cryptography ?10:43
infinitypitti: Yeah.10:44
pittiwe have such an enormous delta, that's going to take some effort10:44
pittimaybe I should convert our bzr branch to git first, so that I can do some sensible rebasing; would you mind moving to git?10:45
infinitypitti: All for it.10:45
infinity-Package: xserver-xorg-video-all10:59
infinity+Package: xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-xenial10:59
infinity Architecture: any10:59
infinity Depends:10:59
infinity  xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu [!hurd-any !kfreebsd-any !s390x],10:59
infinity- xserver-xorg-video-ati [!hurd-any !s390x],10:59
infinity- xserver-xorg-video-fbdev [!s390x],10:59
infinity+ xserver-xorg-video-ati-lts-xenial [!hurd-any !s390x],10:59
infinity+ xserver-xorg-video-fbdev-lts-xenial [!s390x],10:59
infinitytjaalton: What's wrong with that first depends line?10:59
infinitytjaalton: input has similar issues.11:00
infinitytjaalton: For synaptics.11:00
tjaaltonand can drop kbd/mouse11:02
infinitytjaalton: Drop or not, doesn't matter, since it's arch-qualified to oblivion.11:03
infinitytjaalton: Rejected for the other two issues, though.11:03
pittiinfinity: awesome, bzr fast-export crashes on a UnicodeDecodeError *sigh*11:04
infinitypitti: Watch me be shocked.11:05
tjaaltoninfinity: uploaded a new one11:07
infinitytjaalton: Ta.11:07
infinitypitti: I hope your infra is happy today, I'm going to copy over a glibc to -proposed in a few minutes.11:08
pittiinfinity: yes, it is11:08
pittiinfinity: not for long :)11:08
infinityI can upload perl and kdelibs too, if that will help?11:08
pittiinfinity: please, and new pythons11:09
* pitti goes to clean up the armhf runners then11:09
pittiinfinity: one s390x machine is AWOL again (, it would help if you could resussitate that?11:10
infinitycpaelzer: ^11:10
infinitypitti: I keep forgetting how.  I'm a bad mainframe user.11:11
cpaelzerinfinity: ? ... reading11:11
cpaelzerinfinity: I won't have the logins needed but you surely have - let me try to help sorting out what needs to be done :-)11:12
cpaelzerinfinity: I guess you want to log into the z/VM host and "restart" it, that means knowing the disk it is bootet from and ipling from it - is that what you want to do?11:13
infinitycpaelzer: Probably? :P11:13
cpaelzerinfinity: ok, let me try how far I get without asking you for passwords to foundation/LP machines11:13
infinityI thought you bounced it for pitti last time.  Maybe it was xnox.11:13
pittiyes, usually xnos, and sometimes tinoco11:13
cpaelzerthey both have the logins needed for your z/VM host11:14
infinityI might.  But not sure.11:15
infinityI have a logon here for something. ;)11:15
infinityNot the right something.11:15
cpaelzersteps that have to be taken: 1. find which guest that IP belongs to - it was (?intentionally?) not added to the systemz HW doc11:17
infinitySo maybe we want an xnox or tinoco.11:17
cpaelzerI guess it is LM120C (C=12)11:17
cpaelzerthen log into the z/VM Host and IPL it from there - yes you want one of the two11:17
cpaelzerand you can ask them that they share the logins with me so I can help another day if you have trouble early in the day11:17
cpaelzerinfinity: well if you sign it off I can ask them, but I'd need some sort of authorized ack for that request11:18
cpaelzernot to say I could shred all your disks, but at least I couldn't read them - so it's safe11:18
infinitycpaelzer: If all you ever do is handle reboot requests, I'm sure I can trust you to do that. :P11:19
infinitytjaalton: That looks more plausibly correct.11:21
tjaaltoninfinity: great, thx11:23
infinitypitti: I'm curious how you're killing yours.  Other than the posixtestsuite vs. kernel thing, I've not been able to kill my z/VM buildds.11:23
infinitypitti: And I sure try.11:23
pittiheh, I wish I'd know11:24
pittias soon as it dies, I have no access to it whatsoever11:24
pittibut we did install kerneloops back then11:24
infinityAnd no reasonable logging to see what it was doing right before death?11:24
pittimaybe it left a pile of poo somewhere11:24
pittiwell, we do have the worker logs, so we know which test ran11:24
pittibut that's not very insightful, as it happens with several different ones which also run fine at other times11:25
pittiinfinity: https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/+git/britney2-ubuntu \o/11:50
pitti(just a straight import, no rebase/merge yet -- I'll start that after lunch)11:51
infinity[ubuntu/yakkety-proposed] glibc 2.23-1ubuntu1 (Accepted)12:04
infinitypitti: ^-- Enjoy.12:05
tewardwould it be far-fetched to presume July 22nd is the EOL date for 15.10?12:06
tewardgoing by 9 months' time, and the date of its initial release12:07
infinityteward: Might be a bit later than that, but ish.12:07
tewardinfinity: just trying to ballpark it - over on Ask Ubuntu I have a habit of trying to give 1 months notice about the EOL date :p12:08
infinityteward: I give 3 weeks.12:08
infinityFor non-LTS.12:08
infinityI suppose I could cut this one down a bit.12:09
infinityBut I think I'll EOL on the 28th.12:09
infinityWhich means an announce todayish.12:09
* infinity goes copy-and-pasting.12:11
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