grendal_primecannot seem to install on hp probook 6560b03:21
grendal_primei just get a black screen with flashing cursor03:21
sarnoldfiddle with secure boot and uefi/legacy bios settings?03:23
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torodorois it possible to make site on my ubuntu server to be available  only with ssl  secure connection with usage of certificates, but i give to the client my self made certificate. Not the browser download it07:38
torodorosorry for my bad english07:38
Shoe16So I installed Ubuntu server with hyper-V on a Windows 10 host07:39
Shoe16However startx isn't working07:40
Shoe16And lspci returns absolutely nothing07:40
cpaelzertorodoro: ssl only apache setup (there are many more sources if you google for it) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145565508:00
cpaelzertorodoro: and for making/installing certificates https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/certificates-and-security.html#installing-the-certificate08:00
cpaelzertorodoro: If I understand you correctly you want to avoid the message "invalid certificate, to you want to ... accept"08:01
cpaelzertorodoro: which almost sounds like wanting to exploit someone08:01
cpaelzertorodoro: never the less the install certificate locally from the link should help to make the local system believe08:01
cpaelzertorodoro: browsers might need an extra step I don't know08:01
cpaelzerShoe16: not even a lspci -vvv shows anything?08:02
cpaelzerShoe16: how does that guest even work :-)08:03
cpaelzerShoe16: unfortunately no hiper-v around to test08:03
hateballtorodoro: you can also use letsencrypt for a free and browser-accepted SSL cert08:03
cpaelzerhateball: while it doesn't anwer what he asked for I like your suggestion way more!08:03
cpaelzerShoe16: should be something like here http://www.overclock.net/t/1478179/lspci-produces-no-output (last post)08:04
cpaelzerrbasak: if you are around you might want to throw another bug or merge at me08:14
cpaelzerrbasak: if it is a merge please do the import into the repo and let me know08:14
cpaelzerrbasak: I doubt that I start today, but looking at m other loose ends I might have some time on Monday - and nothing is worse than idling08:14
Shoe16cpaelzer: nope08:15
Shoe16and xorg fails saying08:15
Shoe16something along the lines of no screen attached08:16
Shoe16however the VM runs fine, has network and all08:16
cpaelzerShoe16: if it has network it has to have some virtual card at least - hmmm08:16
Shoe16cpaelzer: thats exactly what i dont get08:17
Shoe16network works perfectly fine08:17
Shoe16but lspci is empty08:17
cpaelzerShoe16: well lets go backward from there - what does ifconfig report your network is on?08:17
Shoe16cpaelzer: the usual, eth0 and lo08:17
cpaelzersometimes also the easy mistakes - "sudo lspci" maybe ?08:17
Shoe16cpaelzer: nothing08:18
cpaelzerls -laF /sys/class/net/08:18
Shoe16cpaelzer: eth0 and lo08:19
cpaelzerShoe16: eth0 should be a symlink to somewhere - where is it pointing to?08:19
cpaelzerShoe16: mine for example is "enp0s25 -> ../../devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:19.0/net/enp0s25/"08:19
Shoe16 /devices/LNXSYSTM:00/ something08:20
Shoe16let me take a screenshot08:20
Shoe16cpaelzer: http://puu.sh/pTeFR/5d885cbbe7.png08:21
cpaelzerShoe16: ok, now we start :-)08:23
cpaelzerShoe16: virtual devices on hyper-v do not use pci08:23
cpaelzerShoe16: they use vmbus08:23
cpaelzerShoe16: that is why we don't see anything in lspci08:23
cpaelzerShoe16: and that is what matches your screenshot08:23
Shoe16and thats why xorg detects no screen08:24
cpaelzerShoe16: possible, at least for old xorg08:24
cpaelzerShoe16: if it wouldn't work in general I'd expect more people to complain08:24
cpaelzer(or older hiper-v)08:24
Shoe16cpaelzer: i just made this VM 2 hours ago08:24
Shoe16cpaelzer: and i updated windows last night08:25
cpaelzerShoe16: good, is the ubuntu in the guest a recent release ?08:25
Shoe16cpaelzer: 16.0408:25
cpaelzerShoe16: yeah that should really be fine - I wonder if it is just missing a little piece to recognize the HiperV stuff in xorg08:25
cpaelzerShoe16: but as I said initially I don't have one around to test quickly08:26
Shoe16cpaelzer: should i just forget this and use znc or something?08:26
Shoe16i have no experience with that kinda stuff though08:26
cpaelzerznc is an irc bouncer - did you mean vnc ?08:26
cpaelzerShoe16: if you need graphics you likely want a Desktop install anyway - and vice versa people using server usually prefer just a network console08:27
Shoe16right, vnc08:28
cpaelzerShoe16: if you can afford the time I'd wonder if graphics work if you install Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 in another hiper-v VM08:28
Shoe16cpaelzer: i just need to use a web browser on the guest08:28
Shoe16and for that i need graphics08:28
Shoe16otherwise im fine with tty08:28
cpaelzerShoe16: if you really want to run your X against vnc you could follow http://askubuntu.com/questions/621313/vnc-server-for-headless-ubuntu-14-0408:31
cpaelzerShoe16: but I'd prefer digging down why it doesn't atch the graphic -and installing an Ubuntu Desktop to see if it is a general issue on your setup would be my first step08:31
Shoe16cpaelzer: i just realized, i have 90MB of upgrades pending08:32
Shoe16cpaelzer: im downloading those now, will report back08:32
Shoe16connection is slow so08:32
Shoe16will take time08:32
Shoe16cpaelzer: ubuntu live desktop works08:37
Shoe16cpaelzer: however shows some 'fatal error' stuff at frist08:37
Shoe16and then goes black for a while08:37
Shoe16i thought it wasnt gonna work08:37
Shoe16and then it did08:37
Shoe16however, lspci still returns nothing08:38
Shoe16cpaelzer: http://puu.sh/pTfij/06ae930c2f.jpg08:39
cpaelzerShoe16: lspci will not show soemthing as it doesn't use pci as I pointed out before08:39
cpaelzerI don't know if there are tools for vmbus08:39
Shoe16cpaelzer: how else could you display graphics without pci though08:39
Shoe16let me check08:39
cpaelzeryou have a graphics adapter, just not on a pci bus08:40
cpaelzerShoe16: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc768520(v=bts.10).aspx08:40
Shoe16cpaelzer: could it have something to do with generation 1 vm vs generation 2 vm?08:49
Shoe16im using generation 2 on both the ubuntu desktop and server08:49
cpaelzerShoe16: some older hiper-v used pci08:49
Shoe16gui appears fine on ubuntu desktop08:49
cpaelzerShoe16: maybe that generation thing is what decides pci or vmbus08:49
cpaelzerShoe16: but since it is working fine you are good08:49
Shoe16cpaelzer: arch wiki however says that arch doesnt work properly with gen208:50
cpaelzerShoe16: very likely your server install misses some packages that make it working in hiper-v whicih are default in the Desktop install08:50
cpaelzerShoe16: unfortunately I don't know which packages08:50
cpaelzerShoe16: essentially Desktop and Server are not so different - the are made fromt he same apckages, just the selection is different08:51
Shoe16cpaelzer: arch wiki says to use 'xf86-video-fbdev'. do you know what package this is on ubuntu?08:51
Shoe16i did a quick search with aptitude but i cant make sense of the packages08:51
cpaelzerShoe16: they are usually all installed as dependency of xorg08:52
Shoe16yeah thats installed cpaelzer08:54
Shoe16cpaelzer: installing vnc now08:55
cpaelzerSorry - maybe someone in #ubuntu-desktop has the experience to track down your startx issu08:55
Shoe16cpaelzer: i asked there first08:55
Shoe16they directed me here haha08:56
cpaelzerwell, even if not working we got a bit further08:58
Shoe16cpaelzer: i got headless vnc working09:09
Shoe16good enough for me09:09
rbasakcpaelzer: how about bug 1595901 and bug 1571295. Neither are urgent.10:18
ubottubug 1595901 in pacemaker (Ubuntu) "Missing dependency on dbus" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159590110:18
ubottubug 1571295 in pptpd (Ubuntu Xenial) "pptpd module config loaded at wrong location" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157129510:18
cpaelzerrbasak: not urgent but need to be done is just right10:25
cpaelzerrbasak: thanks10:25
cpaelzerrbasak: I assinged them to me and will have a look next monday if nothing else pops up then10:27
cpaelzerrbasak: I won't be available tomorrow, do you care to poll the bug status or do you want to wait til next week?11:29
cpaelzerrbasak: I could also just send it to you, but I hate to dump so much at you - it is surely less confusing in a two person session11:29
rbasakcpaelzer: can we wait until next week please? I'm still wading through MySQL :-/11:44
cpaelzerrbasak: of course we can wait - this is up to you only11:51
cpaelzerrbasak: let me know if you need a saving lifeboat or so to esacpe any swamp you are wading11:51
rbasakThanks :)11:52
rbasakWe are slowly untangling everything. It gets better all the time.11:52
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adacdoes someone know how to set the "mouse focus" on montitor via xrandr or another application via command line/bash script?13:58
adacI would need to start chromium browser 1 on monitor 1 and chromium browser window 2 on montir 213:58
roaksoax_/win/win 414:02
rbasakadac: try asking in #ubuntu. It's not really a server thing, so you're less likely to find people to help you on that here.14:40
adacrbasak, kk. I found a solution that seems to work just fine: http://askubuntu.com/a/61639514:42
rbasaknacc: bug 159605616:19
ubottubug 1596056 in init-system-helpers (Ubuntu Xenial) "output of invoke-rc.d for systemd units un-debuggable on failure" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159605616:19
rattkingHello all is anyone here using FAI to install 16.04? I am having issues creating the nfsroot due to systemd and dracut I think16:53
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temhaahello there.18:23
temhaaI have problem in kvm actually networking in kvm18:23
temhaaI hope you can help  me for my problem18:23
temhaaI installed kvm to my ubuntu server. And I created guest machine. I want to access to guest from outside18:24
compdoceasy to create a bridge. you have more than 1 nic?18:25
temhaaI installed network using bridge but I can access just in host machine.18:25
compdocthen not done well18:26
temhaacompdoc: actually I generally using one nick named temhaa. But I asked to sysadmin channel using different nick.18:26
compdocno. nic = network card18:26
temhaacompdoc: omg sorry. My english is very bad.18:27
compdocnick = temhaa18:27
temhaacompdoc: actually I installed ubuntu server to my laptop. And I want to create multiple virtual server to that. I assigned static ip to host machine something like but how can I assign ip to use from host network. Actually I want to access from out of host.18:29
temhaacompdoc: Do I use nic more than 1 I dont know.18:30
temhaacompdoc: you can think me as inexperienced18:31
compdoccan you use pastebin.com, and show the file /etc/network/interfaces18:31
compdoctemhaa, you have a desktop installed on ubuntu server?18:33
sarnoldhopefully useful http://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Networking#Debian.2FUbuntu_Bridging18:33
temhaacompdoc: Actually I didnt desktop installation but I installed gnome-shell after18:34
temhaacompdoc: http://pastebin.com/ePkMvYJV18:34
temhaacompdoc: my ifconfig output: http://pastebin.com/T5PW5nC718:34
compdocIm surprised that works. not how I do it at all18:35
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compdocdont mess with virbr0/virbr1 etc. those are auto-created by kvm. I think this will work, but all my servers have more than one nic so I have no examples:  http://pastebin.com/nrS7Dr4D18:48
temhaacompdoc: so How can I configure network interfaces in guest18:49
compdocguests are assigned br118:50
temhaacompdoc: I can assign static ip range network and using br1?18:52
compdocyou should add --network bridge:br1 to the command line that creates the guest. then in the guest, use dhcp or assign an address18:54
compdocfirst, see what ifconfig tells you after you change /etc/network/interfaces18:55
sarnold(note that reboots are the best way to test changes to that file)18:56
compdocI install ubuntu server then add the mate desktop just so I can use virt-manager and the other amazing tools18:57
temhaacompdoc: sarnold I am trying now But I have already exist guest. I will apply them18:57
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phoenix_i need to configure postfix to send mail from my server to a gmail user how can i do that ?19:29
bvidoes anyone know a way to swap escape and capslock keys ?19:31
bviand no, not physically ;-)19:31
sarnoldbvi: the Xmodmap manpage has an example for that specific use :)19:32
phoenix_i need to configure postfix to send mail from my server to a gmail user how can i do that ?19:33
Slingphoenix_: what have you tried so far?19:33
Slinggoogling for 'postfix relay to gmail' will give you many good tips :)19:34
bviphoenix_, https://easyengine.io/tutorials/linux/ubuntu-postfix-gmail-smtp/19:34
phoenix_bvi, my domain is dahliaco.com19:35
Slinghave you read the page he linked?19:35
phoenix_i need to send email from my server for example info@dahliaco.com to a gmail user19:35
Slingif you need spoonfeeding for things like this, you shouldn't be running a mailserver..19:36
phoenix_Sling, this link is used to send email from gmail19:36
phoenix_i dont mean spoofing19:37
phoenix_i need to my customers see emails from my company19:37
Slingsorry, cba working trough this language and knowledge barrier :)19:38
Slingin gmail you can configure your own domain19:39
Slingand send mails from your own domain etc.19:39
phoenix_i am using laravel and i set smtp in my laravel but hen i send message i see the message has been sent but it is from my gmail account and not from my domain19:42
Slingso which smtp did you configure there?19:43
phoenix_smtp.gmail.com port=158719:44
Slingwell of course your mails will come from gmail then19:45
Slingyou're sending them trough their smtp19:45
Slingif you are running postfix, configure that host as your smtp19:46
phoenix_could you introduce me a link for that19:46
Slingfor what19:46
Slingreplacing smtp.gmail.com and that port for your own smtp host and port?19:47
Mr_Panfrancia su rigore19:47
Slingthere is no link for that19:47
Slingyou maintain your own laravel application19:48
Slingyou configure it :)19:48
Slingread up on smtp and postfix if this is all a mystery19:48
phoenix_so Sling is https://easyengine.io/tutorials/linux/ubuntu-postfix-gmail-smtp/ all i want ?19:50
phoenix_so what ?19:51
Sling21:48:25 < Sling> read up on smtp and postfix if this is all a mystery19:51
sarnoldstart here http://www.postfix.org/documentation.html19:52
phoenix_do you know and dont want to say me ?19:52
sarnoldIf you're going to run an email server on the public internet _you_ have to understand what you're running. That's all there is to it.19:52
phoenix_i am configuring postfix and in System mail name:   what should i enter ?19:54
phoenix_i entered dahliaco.com19:55
phoenix_i am going to soccer see you again guys about half an hour please wait for me here19:57
temhaacompdoc: If I use that one: http://pastebin.com/nrS7Dr4D  so I can't connect to internet20:11
temhaacompdoc: If I remove br1 part in interfaces file then I can access to internet in host machine but It is not creating bridge interface20:12
guntbertphoenix_: please really listen to what sarnold said: when you are intending to manage a public facing smtp server you **must** know what you are doing (and why) - so get your feet wet with an internal one first.20:20
compdoctemhaa, you there?20:21
temhaacompdoc: yes20:29
temhaacompdoc: I tried that one: http://pastebin.com/ic000gyL20:30
temhaacompdoc: I think they are same :)20:30
compdocthe way you created it was correct, but you shouldnt mess with the virtual nets that are created20:31
compdocbr1 can be any name you wish20:31
temhaacompdoc: But host machine is taking ip address and it is connecting to internet. But I edited guest machine something like that: http://pastebin.com/dn10UHjA But Guest machine is not taking ip address.20:32
compdocif you use dns-nameservers, sometimes it will use and sometimes, so you will get inconsistant results20:32
temhaacompdoc: dns server is not related for this issue?20:33
compdocno, you cannot define br1 in the guest. the guest should see the virtual nic assigned to it20:34
compdoclike e100020:34
compdocor rtl8139 is fine20:34
temhaacompdoc: I couldnt understand20:34
compdocthe guest cant see the bridge20:35
compdocor shouldnt20:35
temhaacompdoc: when I reboot host machine I see output of ifconfig: http://pastebin.com/vQumFSNg20:36
compdocthat looks great20:36
temhaacompdoc: so How can I edit guest configuration file for network(I should write bridge network but how)20:36
compdocwhen you create a guest you define an virtual nic (rtl8139), and tell kvm what the rtl8139 connects to. (br1). The guest only sees the virtual nic. kvm handles the rest20:40
compdocyou should install a desktop and virt-manager. it visually walks you through all the choices and shows you br1, if its created correctly. it makes a lot more sense that way20:42
temhaa1compdoc: I have virt-manager unfortunately I couldnt :(  I guess I am idiot20:50
compdocthe guest doesnt need to know the bridge. kvm does20:50
compdocguest <> rtl8139 <> br1 <> lan20:51
compdocteh guest only sees rtl813920:52
compdocno idea why you wouldnt use dhcp20:55
temhaa1compdoc: thank you for your replies.  you have been very helpful.  how can I provide connection between rtl8139 and br1. I am not sure should I provide20:59
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jaguardownHi all. I run Ubuntu Server 14.04. When others (outside of my LAN) enter my domain name in their browser it resolves fine and my apache2 webpage is loaded. However, all devices on my LAN is unsuccessful at connecting to the webpage as the connection times out.22:06
jaguardownI made sure that the domain name is resolving, dns name servers are correct, flushed dns cache in both browser and computer. Most of my troubleshooting is being done from a Windows10 laptop22:07
temhaacompdoc: I recreated guest machine and It seems succesfully. I guess "virsh edit" command  is not working (doesnt affect). Thanks a lot22:08
jaguardown_Not sure what happened there22:12
sarnoldjaguardown_: you didn't miss anything while you were ping timing out22:14
sarnoldjaguardown_: can the LAN machines route to that IP address?22:14
sarnoldjaguardown_: are you doing the usual RFC 1918 addresses inside the LAN, NAT to a single IP outside?22:14
sarnoldjaguardown_: .. not all routers will do 'hairpin' routing to allow the internal side of a NAT to contact internal hosts using the external IP address; for those devices it's usually best to configure DNS to give an internal address to internal hosts22:15
jaguardown_Ok LAN ip in browser works.22:16
jaguardown_Sorry I am listening to you but I am a bit of a newbie with networking.22:16
jaguardown_Most likely the answer to your questions are yes, I have a pretty standard setup22:18
jaguardown_Nothing out of the ordinary.22:19
jaguardown_I know that doesn't help much, sorry22:19
jaguardown_Okay to answer your question about routing more intelligently, no the requests are timing out.22:22
phoenix_im back22:22
jaguardown_brb updating my irc client22:39
jaguardownSarnold: Thanks for the help, I think you've showed me the problem/what I need to do.22:44
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ikatHello all. I have a problem with maas. Can anyone help?23:47
tewardikat: start by stating the problem, and wait for someone to help you.  Not stating the problem means we don't know whether we can or cannot help you out.23:49
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:49
teward(that includes giving a general description of the problem)23:49
ikatTrying to enlist nodes to my rack-controller. I start the node, it gets an IP from the DHCP and thet TFTP times out23:51

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