aneeshGot a question on unity8. After following https://bregmatter.wordpress.com/2016/07/04/previewing-the-new-unity11:49
aneeshhow do i get my existing X11 apps listed in scopes ?11:49
aneeshdo i need to install anything else ?11:50
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bregmaaneesh, install the Xapps scope from the Ubuntu Store12:05
bregmaso, I just woke up my m10 after it fell asleep while my attention was elsewhere and all I see is the Ubuntu screen with the 5 crawling red dots instead of the usual password screen...  does that mean Unity 8 has crashed?12:07
bregmaah, I guess so: Dynamic exception type: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implINS0_19error_info_injectorISt13runtime_errorEEEE12:08
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aneeshbregma, so typing Xapps on that scopes window doesn't list anything .13:15
aneeshany easy steps i can do on unity7 to install Xapps scope13:15
bregmaaneesh, apt install libertine-scope13:15
aneeshbregma, after selecting Xapps from the lower part of the screen13:20
aneeshit says no Xapps available13:20
aneeshDo i need to install anything else13:20
aneeshI have libertine-scope and libertine-tools installed13:21
bregmaaneesh, you might want to install some XApps in a Libertine container....13:43
bregmalibertine-container-manager create --id xapps --name "A Libertine Container"13:44
bregmalibertine-container-manager install-package --id xapps terminator13:45
phablet_xchat on the tablet with oak 😃14:51
mzanettithat was me testing :D14:51
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Saviqshould've known from kabel-badenwuerttemberg.de15:12
Saviqmzanetti, dandrader|afk, there's a failing test in silo 76 https://unity8-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/test-archive-autopkgtest/7/15:13
Saviqrebuilding, let's see if it got fixed since15:14
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mterryjosharenson, latest silo 32 only shows one session for me18:45
mterry(I have at least two)18:46
josharensonmterry: uh oh18:46
josharensonmterry: I've only tested using the mock, so something could be messed up w/ the backend18:46
josharensonmterry: I'll take a look after lunch18:46
josharensonmterry: is the icon visible to open the sessions list? or is the sessions list only showing 1?18:50
mterryjosharenson, icon is visible, session list only shows 118:50
josharensonmterry: Did you try scrolling the list? Perhaps the height calculation is wrong18:50
mterryjosharenson, I did, but couldn't make anything happen18:51
josharensonand its cutting off the bottom one18:51
* josharenson rebuilds the mock w/ only 2 sessions18:51
josharensonmterry: root cause is the height is of by the height of 1 delegate (I assume), however the list is a bit glitchy as it only scrolls sometimes (I was able to make it scroll however)18:53
josharensonmterry: pushed a fix18:59
* josharenson foods18:59
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dandradermterry, why do you give focus to that "promptButton" in GreeterPrompt.qml?20:51
dandradermterry, ping21:12
mterrydandrader, heyo21:12
dandraderyou were on and off, so I think you missed my that:21:12
dandrader<dandrader> mterry, why do you give focus to that "promptButton" in GreeterPrompt.qml?21:12
mterrydandrader, so sometimes a prompt will be a button -- basically if PAM never gave us a prompt21:13
mterrydandrader, in that case, either the user is authenticated with no password (the button is a Log In button)21:13
mterrydandrader, or an error case happened and the button just says "Retry"21:13
mterrydandrader, but GreeterPrompt is either a button or a text field, based on whether we actually got a PAM prompt21:14
mterrydandrader, and if it's a button, we want to give it focus, natch21:14
mterrydandrader, naturally  :)21:14
dandradermterry, so that you can just press enter?21:15
mterrydandrader, yeah or space21:15
mterrydandrader, I gotta log off, we can talk more tomorrow about that branch as needed21:18
dandradermterry, ack21:19

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