pleia2fwiw, meetup.com has been very good for our events discoverability-wise, so far I think it has bumped the number of people who attend19:57
pleia2but I've noticed that there is a high percentage of people who sign up and never show, much higher than I've seen for other RSVP systems19:58
pleia2I think that's a "thing" with free meetup groups, I've seen it happen with other groups too19:58
pleia2and I would like to keep the LTP (and/or an "email me to RSVP) option as long as we can, there is still strong opposition to using the proprietary, aggressive meetup.com tooling and a lot of folks here simply won't19:59
lynorianpleia2, yeah I agree lots of people sign up to meetups then don't show20:00
DonkeyHoteiit's like a like button i guess20:40
philipballewPutting signs with free food helped me. But then people showed up for the food and nothing else.21:31
nhandlerI'm guilty of clicking the button on meetup and not showing (although I do try and update my rsvp when possible). Clicking the button adds it to my calendar, sends me reminders, and sends me updates from the organizers.21:36
philipballewI like how meetup.com can add it to your calender. Thats probably its best feature for me.23:22
lynorianit does not have calcurse support23:34

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