rick_h_staying home sick01:42
cmaloneyGood plan01:46
cmaloneyesp if you're sick01:46
cmaloneyHope you feel better soon01:49
cmaloneyHow goes?13:52
_stink_not bad13:53
_stink_just you at CHC last night?13:53
cmaloneyI got there late, so not sure if anyone showed up before 8:30pm13:57
cmaloneyBut, fortunately they had the AC on13:58
cmaloneythough I still haven't seen Dale there for the past few weeks13:58
cmaloneyhow goes?14:52
greg-ghopefully better than yesterday14:53
cmaloneyI think that's a mantra15:01
cmaloneyom om better than yesterday om15:01
greg-gno you know my hippy routine, chant "om dooooon't fuuuuuck uuuuup liiiiike Iiiii diiiid yeeeesteeerdaaaay. Ommmmmm"15:02
greg-gkinda similar to Chip Taylor's "Church of the Trainwreck" http://www.trainwreckrecords.com/pdf/Church_of_the_train_wreck_-_motion_chart.pdf15:08
greg-g"Please Oh Lord, help me get off my ass & get my soul in motion."15:09
rick_h_wow, that went sideways quick15:09
cmaloneyI kind of like that15:15
greg-gcmaloney: http://www.trainwreckrecords.com/church/15:16
cmaloneyYeah, I'm reading through it15:19
cmaloneyLooks similar to a lot of other things that I've seen over the years.15:19
cmaloney Similar to the weekly review15:19
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