superflyMaaz: tell Kilos to wake up 06:03
Maazsuperfly: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode06:03
inetprogoeie more06:24
inetprohi superfly06:24
superflyGood evening inetpro 06:25
inetprohow's things going at debconf?06:25
superflyGood 06:25
andrewlsdMorning all06:29
inetprohi andrewlsd06:29
pavlushkaMorning ZA & Eid Mubarak06:52
Kilosmorning superfly inetpro paddatrapper theblazehen and others08:24
Kilossorry , been doing farm work and head thumpin today08:25
paddatrapperMorning Kilos 08:25
superflyKilos: goeie middag :-P08:25
Kiloshi kmf whats news08:37
kmfKilos, enjoying DebConf :)08:37
inetprohi Kilos08:44
Kilosmt pro :D08:44
Kiloswhew blinder by the day08:44
inetprooh and hi kmf08:45
inetprokmf: you better write us a report of all the things you experienced there08:45
Kilosyes in text08:46
Kilosno pics08:46
inetpronot all of us are so lucky and able to attend08:46
Kilosor videos08:46
andrewlsdlive video streams are available for the talks09:30
Kilosthats great for uncapped peeps andrewlsd 09:30
andrewlsdlisted on the main page https://debconf16.debconf.org09:30
kmfandrewlsd, cuddles when are you coming :D09:49
andrewlsdkmf: after lunch (14h00-ish)09:55
inetprohopefully by the next debconf debian has caught up with youtube to allow live streaming with the DVR feature that allows you to pause, rewind, and play from any point in the event12:15
andrewlsdpaddatrapper: where are you12:38
paddatrapperandrewlsd: Menzies 10 - main camera currently. Will be at front desk afterwards with superfly sorting things12:40
andrewlsdCool, I'm in 912:40
paddatrapperandrewlsd: Cool. Meet you at front desk after this talk slot ends then? 12:42
theblazehenhi Kilos12:46
andrewlsdkmf says "Liefde Kosmos Niks"14:09
kmfandrewlsd, you blew my cover14:09
kmfandrewlsd, I'm a romantic that way14:09
andrewlsdtime to put the petal to the metal...14:09
kmfflour power14:10
andrewlsdI'm just pollen your leg kmf14:10
kmfrose butt14:10
andrewlsdthat's so (rose)hip14:10
andrewlsdI think we're getting into thorny territory here14:11
kmfprickly pear14:11
andrewlsdap_pear_ances can be deceiving14:11
kmfyou rose to the occasion14:11
kmfsmells fishy though14:11
kmfnot just moonshine and roses14:12
andrewlsdmy bad, I was trying to be e-fish-nt14:12
kmfbalancing act like a scale14:12
andrewlsdHave you fin_ished14:13
kmflike Linus14:13
andrewlsdI find that of_fin_sive14:13
andrewlsdWe should use the Tor-valds network to hide our real IPs14:14
kmfonioned 14:14
kmflike Donkey ... you are my Shrek14:14
andrewlsdyou brought tears to my eys.14:14
kmfyou are tear-ing me apart14:15
andrewlsdthis is tearrible14:15
kmfsure, my flat?14:15
andrewlsdin the morning, I'll make waffles!14:15
kmfhow original and compartmentalized ... you must be squared 14:16
kmffull circle a beautiful thing14:17
kmfso andrewlsd this place looks pretty dead ... they must all be reading the GLUG flame ware14:17
andrewlsdfullcircle --- like ubuntu magazine14:17
andrewlsdKilos: ?14:21
Kilossorry just got in from outside15:02
Kiloswhew you two can ramble15:03
Kilosandrewlsd you called?15:31
tareqhi kilos15:57
tareqhello all15:57
Kiloshi tareq 15:57
tareqI'm looking for a tool which can repair media files15:58
tareqlike mp4, mkv15:58
Kilossorry for such a long link15:59
superflytareq: have you looked at ffmpeg/avconv?16:00
Kiloswhat has happened to your media files and where are they16:00
Kilosohi superfly 16:00
* Kilos steps back16:00
tareqsuperfly: ffmpeg shows it does not have any stream16:01
tareqKilos: some old media files16:01
Kiloson your drive or on cd?16:02
Kilosi see they have linux version as well16:06
superflytareq: have you asked the great information gathering network on the intarwebs?16:06
Kilosoh superfly i have downloaded some of taras songs from the tube and they work fine here on lappy, but if i copy them to a stick and take them to desktop they are scratchy, what am i doing wrong16:10
tareqsuperfly: google? yea16:10
superflyKilos: I don't know. What's the difference between the two systems in terms of speakers?16:16
Kilosboth kde 14.0416:16
superflyKilos: have you tried using a pair of earphones/headphones on both to check that it's not a problem with your speakers?16:16
Kilosdesktop is dual core16:16
superflyalso, check that your desktop is not over 100% volume16:17
Kilosok ty16:17
superflywhat are you using to play the files?16:17
Kilostareq ffmpeg -i your_input_file_that_does_not_play.mp416:17
Kiloson both16:17
superflyKilos: make sure VLC is not over 100% volume16:17
Kiloshave tried that16:17
superflyit can boost the volume, and this can cause distortion on sound files that have balanced volume16:18
Kiloson the desktop i have external speakers with built in amp16:18
Kilosill try again16:18
Kilosmust go eat now16:18
superflyKilos: standard trouble-shooting. Start at one end and work your way through all the components to the other16:19
Kiloswill do ty16:19
inetpro"Ubuntu 15.10 will reach end of life on Thursday, July 28th" 16:25
inetproKilos: ^^16:25
tareqkilos: that comment shows - it does not contain stream16:31
superflySicelo: are you also at DebConf?16:33
Siceloyes :)16:33
superflyI thought I'd seen your nick16:34
Siceloi think you are too, am i right?16:34
Siceloyes.. i've heard someone call you as well16:34
superflyYes, I'm localteam. I've been working frontdesk16:34
superflyI'm the one at the back with the money, muhahaha!16:35
Siceloandrewlsd and kmf told me about this channel16:36
superflyandrewlsd and kmf and I go a few years back :-)16:37
Siceloafter my crap talk, haha16:37
superflyLooks like a good one to me, from the title, at least. I'll have to watch the video when the video team is finished encoding and I have linked to it on the site.16:40
Kiloshi Sicelo welcome to ubuntu-za16:40
Sicelohi hi Kilos :)16:41
Sicelojust subscribed to the fb group too16:41
LangjanHi KDE fanatical Kilos 16:50
Kiloshaha hi Langjan what did you break16:50
Kiloshee hee16:50
LangjanDie man met die oogklappe, lmga16:50
Langjannutting, not on kde16:51
Kilosnon so blind as those that will not see16:51
Kilosyes you broke your terminal16:51
Langjanaye mate, lookee in de mirror16:51
Kilosi cant see the mirror even16:51
Kiloshow can a terminal get all messy16:52
Langjanterminal is working and does not worry me, just wondered why it looks funny16:52
Kilosshow screen shot at http://pasteboard.co16:52
Kilostap the prtSc button to get screen shot16:53
LangjanI have screen shot but website does not work with copy and paste16:54
Kilosmy terminal only looks funny with emoticons in it16:54
LangjanDrag 'n drop worked: http://pasteboard.co/8FLvjMxtB.png16:55
Kilosi only see a small black line there16:56
SiceloKilos: at debconf too?16:57
Kilosnope Sicelo i was forced to stay home and look after irc16:57
Kilosthey dont want me there16:58
* Kilos ducks16:58
Sicelosomeone has to watch things, yes ;)16:58
KilosLangjan pasteboard battling16:59
LangjanShows on website but the link does not work afterwards17:00
Langjanok chat later gotta go for dinner Kilos 17:00
nsnzeroevening all17:30
Kilosni nsnzero 17:31
nsnzerohi Kilos17:31
magespawngood evening18:10
Kiloshi magespawn 18:10
LangjanKilos, I think its working now: http://pasteboard.co/8H4gd8hjC.png18:12
Langjanhi magespawn 18:13
LangjanWebsite must have been messed up by kde18:13
Kiloswhat is funny there Langjan 18:13
Kiloshaha keep trying18:14
Kilosyou wont win18:14
magespawnhi Langjan 18:14
LangjanOverlapping letters and spaces out of proportion18:14
Kilosin a wolf pack all the underlings always yap yap at the alpha mail18:15
LangjanIs that why you keep yapping at me? Now I understand18:15
Langjanja ek weet...lmga18:16
Langjanindeed, but old men cannot spell18:16
superflypavlushka: if you're not organising DebConf, please stay out of the #debconf-team channel18:17
Kilosdo you open it with ctrl+alt+t18:17
Kilosty magespawn 18:17
pavlushkasuperfly: sure, I just didn't know that, right away18:18
superflypavlushka: that's why I'm telling you now18:18
KilosLangjan you still on 14.04?18:18
* superfly hugs his Debian unstable18:19
Kiloswell i will be shotdown for this but here does18:19
LangjanMy boss told me to stay away from 16.0418:19
superflypavlushka: feel free to join #debconf though18:19
pavlushkasuperfly: its done, but can I be in the 9, 10, and 12 channels?18:19
Kilosrun sud touch /forcefsck and reboot18:19
superflypavlushka: yes18:19
pavlushkasuperfly: thanks18:19
superflyKilos: that's never worked for me18:19
Kilossudo Langjan 18:19
Kilosi have no other suggestions for unity users superfly 18:20
Kilosthe pro said one time there is other stuff you need to do to make touch force work properly18:21
Kilosand i did it here but dont remember what it was18:21
Kilosand he is a stubborn old man, who wont try kde even18:22
Kiloskde 14.04 is rock solid18:22
Kilosinetpro ping18:22
magespawnnothing wrong with that really, some people just know what they want18:23
superflykde 14.04 is so old it's almost rotten18:23
inetprohey 18:23
inetprogood evening18:23
Kiloshi my pro18:23
LangjanStill pretty much the same18:23
Langjanhi inetpro 18:23
Kilosplease give Langjan the link of what he needs to do to make touch /forcefsck to work properly18:23
KilosLangjan its a unity bug18:24
Kilospro is looking for a link for you18:24
Kilosi dont even know if the terminal is reinstallable18:24
* inetpro looking for a link?18:25
inetprothat's news18:25
inetproLangjan: WAYTTD?18:25
Kilosai! goosie18:25
Kiloshis terminal isnt showing text clearly18:26
inetproand forcefsck is supposed to fix that?18:26
magespawnchange the font settings maybe?18:26
Kiloson unity yes18:26
Kiloshttp://pasteboard.co/8H4gd8hjC.png  looks ok to me18:27
LangjanIt will if youre used to kde18:27
KilosLangjan listen to the real clever guys18:27
Kiloshehe such a cheeky old man18:27
KilosLangjan tick the show image link there18:28
Kilosoh i see some overlapping letters18:29
inetprolook, I can be wrong but for the life of me can't imagine why a file system consistency check will fix such an issue18:29
Kilosnm inetpro just fix poor jans problem please18:30
Kilosi dunno how18:30
Kilossomething needs reinstalling is my way of curing things18:30
Langjannot treally a prob, just wondered if its right cause it works fine18:30
nsnzeroLangjan: have you tired changing the font or anti aliasing ?18:31
* Kilos waits for what is a font18:31
* Kilos ducks18:32
Langjanhi nsnzero where do I change the font of terminal?18:32
nsnzero1 second18:32
nsnzeroLangjan:  if you right click do you get an option to show menu bar ?18:33
inetproLangjan: if that is what you want to do then just google it as follows: https://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+force+fsck+on+the+next+reboot18:33
* Sicelo is now checking how to remove the Unity side bar, Ubuntu 12.0418:34
Langjanyes nsnzero it is ticked18:35
Langjanthks inetpro 18:35
KilosLangjan try this too18:36
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall gnome-terminal18:36
Kilosthen reboot someone elses pc and yours will be fixed18:37
LangjanThat will make sense to certain kde users18:38
Kilosand turn off your microwave oven18:38
Kilosand reboot your wifi router18:38
inetprolook, I know that a reinstall for very odd reasons works from time to time but I do not consider that to be a fix either18:39
Kilosand have a cup of strong coffee18:39
Langjanand reboot your backside18:39
nsnzeroLangjan:  settings > edit profile > appearance > fonts are in the bottom 18:39
inetprosorry Kilos18:39
Kilosits all i know inetpro , i cant troubleshoot like you guys18:40
Kilosthats why i am here for the extra knowlege i dont have18:40
inetprounfortunately it's often very difficult to suggest a fix if you haven't experienced a problem yourself18:40
KilosLangjan listen to them all18:41
Kilosi had i on unity as well18:41
Kilosfixed it by installing kde18:41
Langjannsnzero, I see no settings toolbar18:41
inetproKilos: please don't let me demotivate you from helping others... I think your suggestions are always more helpful the suggestions that are withheld from a guy like me 18:44
inetprothan the suggestions*18:44
captineevening all18:45
Kiloshi captine 18:45
inetprowb captine18:45
captinehi Kilos .  thnx inetpro 18:45
inetproKilos: no worries, I don't always withhold comments on purpose18:45
Kilosi wish you would come comment in my war zone18:46
inetprosometimes I just don't know the answer, other times I'm busy with something else, and then...18:46
Kiloswhen are you applying for membership inetpro 18:46
inetproother times I'm just too lazy to get involved18:47
Kilosthe whole secret is to make peeps believe that you know how to help them inetpro 18:49
Kilosand remarks about unity and kde are smoke screens18:49
Kilosfalse flags18:49
inetprothat's called fooling yourself18:49
LangjanLkike telling them to reboot their microwaves...18:49
Kilosi do that all the time18:49
Kilosunity is know to be affected by microwaves and stray wifi signals18:50
Kilosand known to break often18:50
LangjanYou're more biased than a bowling ball18:51
Kilosi learned the hard way18:51
Kiloswhat good is a ball that cant even roll straight18:53
Kilosat least with ruby they changed the shape to make it unpredictable18:54
LangjanChanging the font does not make any difference18:54
Kilosyou have even lost your settings toolbar18:54
Kiloswat nou oom andrewlsd 18:56
Kilosoom Langjan 18:56
Langjanja seuntjie?18:57
Kilosopen synaptic and type in gnome-terminal and right click reinstall every thing that shows installed18:57
Kilosthen it will be fine18:58
Kilosim sure it will download some patches18:58
* inetpro watching the quarterfinals between Germany and France 18:59
inetproon SABC1 18:59
Kilosoh i go see18:59
Langjanstill the same19:00
inetproabout to start now 19:00
Kilosoh my19:00
Langjanis that soccah?19:00
Kilossjoe Langjan ek sal moet dink daaroor19:01
inetproLangjan: make no mistake, this is quality stuff at its best 19:01
LangjanThks but its really not a problem19:01
Kilosclose that faulty terminal and open another one19:01
Kiloseven 2 or three19:02
Kiloswhen you get one that works fine then keep it open and close the others19:02
Langjanall the same...19:02
nsnzeroLangjan: sorry i am on KDE , ubuntu is abit different19:02
Kilossee Langjan '19:03
Kilosnsnzero is also clever19:03
Langjanno prob nsnzero , I found it but font change does nothing19:03
Kilosdid this start after an upgrade Langjan 19:03
LangjanYes I think it did when I did my last fresh install, its been like that for a while, just thought you are getting frustrated only having to fix things on kde19:05
Kilosi dont have the need or the time to fix kde19:05
Kiloseverything works fine19:06
nsnzeroLangjan:  install  the ttf-ubuntu-font family from synaptic 19:06
Kilosi hope19:06
LangjanNo wonder they wont let you into Oz19:06
Langjannsnzero, its already installed19:07
Kiloswow i wonder how we gonna fix that19:07
Kilosreinstall it19:07
Kilosmaybe not properly upgrade19:08
Kilossjoe you fast19:08
Kilosi suppose any excuse is better than none19:08
Langjandont need excuses for fast19:09
Kilosdid you even google that problem19:10
Kilosmost likely other unity users have it too19:10
Kilosfile a bug report19:10
Kilosmine is longer than yours we we19:12
Kilosdont they give a fix?19:12
Kilospaddatrapper when does debconf finish19:13
paddatrapperKilos: Saturday 19:13
Kilosyou guys are having too much fun19:13
paddatrapperHaha. Yup! 19:13
Kilosok i can wait till monday for a working ibid19:13
nsnzerothe fix is to check ' Use system fixed width font'19:14
Kilosdont forget to get the weed to check your fix19:14
LangjanMonospace bold sorted the problem 19:14
Langjanthks google and Kilos 19:14
Kiloswell done nsnzero 19:15
nsnzeromy pleasure 19:15
Langjanthks nsnzero 19:15
nsnzerohi paddatrapper19:15
Kiloslangjan is our grandpa19:15
Langjanyou put us on the track19:15
paddatrapperHey nsnzero19:16
nsnzeropaddatrapper: i will take you up on the offer to install LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql PHP ) when i return to work - so no hurry 19:16
paddatrapperKilos: I will. Though probably will be more end of next week 19:17
paddatrappernsnzero: awesome 19:17
Kilosok i am very patient19:17
Kilosand busy19:17
Kilosoh yes thats good Langjan 19:18
Kiloswell done19:18
LangjanThks guys19:20
Kilosyou welcome oom19:20
Kilosfeel free to pop in anytime19:20
Langjanno I get bugged by kde fanatics19:21
Langjanslaap lekker Kilos skaapwagter19:22
Langjanhow are the headaches?19:22
Kilosjulle ook dankie Langjan 19:22
Kilosnot too bad ty19:23
Kilosodd one here and there19:23
LangjanGood, well take care and hoping for good news by Friday next19:23
Kilosty sir, you enjoy yourself19:23
Langjanyou too thks19:24
nsnzerosomething crashed on my system now - going to reboot 19:24
Kilosoh my19:24
nsnzerotake care all - good night if i dont return in time 19:24
Kilosits because he was browsing unity probs19:24
Langjangood luck nsnzero 19:24
nsnzerolol 19:24
* pavlushka following inetpro 19:27
nsnzeronothing serious - i am back 19:33
nsnzeroi have a lot of junk on my system - its prone to a crashing now and then 19:34
Kiloswhat kind of junk19:34
nsnzerowell i have a openssh session connected to my android phone - so i can see the system log - which is unnecessarily important for me  19:35
nsnzeroand i install from the unstable branch - just for fun 19:37
Kilosi even tried to install android desktop once19:37
Kiloswasted much time and energy19:37
Kilosoh you like fixing things19:38
nsnzeroyeah - i get bored with stable - unstable is where the fun is 19:39
nsnzeroyou learn faster when you fixing the stuff yourself - (with help from google , mind you)19:41
Kilosinetpro the important thing is that langjan always leaves here saitisfied19:42
nsnzerotime to call it a night for me - take care Kilos good night all 19:42
Kilosnono nsnzero when i use google  i really break things19:42
Kilossleep tight nsnzero 19:42
Kiloswake up germany19:48
captineso.  my company is finally going to be getting some linux machines.  they going to use Oracle Linux... ;)19:56
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:09
Kilosgo germany20:09
pavlushkaYes, Go Germany20:22
pavlushkaI am going too, night guys!20:22
magespawngood night20:39

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