batterynacc: i did it with ‘sudo apt-get update’.  :)00:00
chasinglogicbattery: yeah apt-get update / upgrade will do that00:00
tortibnacc, hello again.  It was actually my USB switch, which has been working in windows and OS X.00:00
batterythanks chasinglogic and nacc00:00
OerHekshammer25, let windows10 make free space on your drive, then start the installer again.00:01
hammer25OerHeks: how do i do that? I have a sizable partition that is currently unallocated that I was trying to use for linux00:03
nacctortib: iirc (and i easily might be wrong) some usb devices that work well in other OSes don't work well in Linux. the other OSes intentinally ignore certain specs because they know they need to :)00:03
OerHeksoh oke, that will be fine.00:03
nacctortib: you *could* try to use the latest mainline and see if it's any different00:03
naccor see if there are any bugs about it already00:03
tortibnacc, okay how do I install it?00:04
nacc!mainline | tortib00:04
ubottutortib: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds00:04
nacctortib: but keep in mind, that is *only* for testing00:04
OerHekshammer25, make sure you have disabled fastboot, that could prevent installation too.00:04
tortibnacc, what about if it fixes the problem?00:04
tortibthen what do I do?00:04
nacctortib: stay on the ubuntu kernel even if mainline fixes it, and file a bug (or see if there is already one filed)00:04
OerHeks* as such empty disk during installation00:04
nacctortib: otherwise, you arent' getting security updates, etc. for the kernel00:04
nacctortib: also those mainline builds are purely for testing, no support, etc.00:05
hammer25OerHeks: I couldn't find the option in the boot menu to turn that off. I turned off fast startup in Windows, is that the same?00:05
nacctortib: have you already tried some quick googling if it's a known issue with that device?00:05
OerHekshammer25, correct, is is set in windows00:05
tortibnacc, I did and some people that were on 3.10 on Arch had the same problem, it's just a USB3 Hub00:05
tortibthey didn't mention they were using a switch00:05
nacctortib: hrm, ok00:05
nacctortib: are you sure you've not go ttoo many devices plugged in?00:06
nacctortib: sometimes, hubs can end up messing things up if the draw is too heavy00:06
nacctortib: and windows/osx workaround that (aiui)00:06
tortibnacc, it's a 7 port hub and only 5 devices are plugged in, plus it's powered by a AC adapter.00:06
hammer25OerHeks: alright, its already off :/ should I do something to the partition? All I did was shrink the main windows partition to make room, nothing more00:06
nacctortib: linux is generally less forgiving00:06
nacctortib: hrm, ok00:06
OerHekssudo parted /dev/sda print00:06
hammer25OerHeks: Was that sudo parted thing directed at me? Where would I type that?00:09
OerHeksoh, you can use that only in the live environment, not during install.00:10
OerHeksi look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall#Installation_type and this option should be oke for you. just choose alongside.00:11
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EvgeniyHey guys, does anyone know if there is a GUI keyboard remapping tool available for Ubuntu? I am running 14.02 and trying to fix some of the keys on my Kenisis Freestlye 2 keyboard00:13
hammer25OerHeks: none of those options show up, its just a blank table00:13
hammer25I'll upload a picture of it now00:14
EvgeniySpecifically I'd love to create some simple keyboard combinations associated to a key. Ex: make "cut" key on keyboard fire Ctrl+X00:14
EvgeniyI see some info about using XKB, but that's discussed around changing modifier keys. I've already done this with the Ubuntu Tweak Tool)00:15
hammer25OerHeks: sorry for the cellphone quality, but this is the screen: http://imgur.com/Vs9CuBV00:15
hammer25pressing the little plus sign makes it freeze00:15
OerHekshammer25, is this a machine with UEFI ?00:18
hammer25OerHeks: yes it is, is that a problem?00:18
OerHeksno, there is a guide for that, i think i tackled the issue00:18
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI00:19
EvgeniyAnyone have any info on how to map key combos to custom keyboard buttons?00:19
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OerHeksbut sadly, i have no UEFI and a little experience :-(00:19
hammer25OerHeks: awesome, I'll give that a read00:19
hammer25thank you for your help00:19
roastedQuestion: You folks on 16.04, are you simply getting a notification saying updates are available? Or do you *also* get update manager popping up? On my 16.04 laptop, I get a notification, but must manually open update manager. Curious if that was a new thing or if I have an issue that needs looking into.00:20
hammer25OerHeks: I've talked to you before, was it here or #learnpython?00:20
OerHekshammer25, here i guess00:22
l0bSpecifically interested in non-standard keyboard keys00:23
eellhey guys! inside the ubuntu live usb atm, need some help00:24
eellis this a place to ask for help00:24
mridul!ask | eell00:25
ubottueell: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:25
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eellCool. Just wanted to be sure. Ok. Q: I've partitioned my drive, but am having trouble figuring out what to do for "device for bootloader install". I have two hard drives, A and B. A is for storage, and B is where Windows 10 currently resides.00:27
eellI'm installing Ubuntu to a partition on drive A. What do I do?00:28
l0bmridul, do you know of any gui utils that let you customize keyboard layout? specifically for custom keyboard buttons00:28
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l0banyone make their keyboard's non-standard keys work under ubuntu?00:35
samwilliaml0b: did you try mapping those keys?00:37
l0bThat's what I want to do. I have a Freestyle2 keyboard I want to use with Ubuntu. It has custom shortcut keys like "Cut" and "Undo" that I'd like to map to their key combo equivalents because they don't work out of the box00:38
l0bThey keyboard shows up correctly under xinput list00:38
l0bBut that's as far as I've gotten. For some reason the numeric keypress ID of these buttons is almost all the same00:39
l0bI also looked at the xkb config file, but I don't know how these custom keys would fit under their notation such as <AE12>00:41
l0bYeah, all those buttons share two keycodes00:42
l0bWould it be even possible to map them then? There are 9 buttons, 4 with keycode 50 and five with keycode 5200:42
eellis there an easy way to tell if the live usb i am booted in is UEFI and not BIOS00:44
moat_joeWhen's the EOL for 15.10?00:49
SchrodingersScat!15.10 | moat_joe00:50
ubottumoat_joe: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10 - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/wily - Scheduled to go EOL in July, 201600:50
_Max85_i know this isn't really related to linux, but there are probably some programmers here... no one is answering in "iosdev" room, so i came here... so... can someone tell me does this seem like a good way to learn Swift and Objective-C for cheap? I've heard about that website before (MacRumors has a lot articles about their deals) and they seem to h00:54
_Max85_ave a lot of deals on various online courses... https://stacksocial.com/sales/ios-9-xcode-7-guide-make-20-apps-2?rid=319541100:54
eellstill need help with bootloader installation, if anyone can lend a tip00:56
jesperKShej fokes00:56
jesperKSwahtrs up00:57
_Max85_not much... i went to iosdev room to ask something, but no one seems to be online, so i came here because there are more users00:58
_Max85_i wanted to ask people's opinions on some courses that i saw on some discount00:58
eellhonestly this place is deader than bernie sanders campaign00:59
jesperKSokay... you have a question ?00:59
eelli've asked two questions and no bites00:59
k1l!ot | _Max85_00:59
ubottu_Max85_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:59
_Max85_ok ubottu :) I won't ask offtopic questions :)01:00
roastedQuestion: You folks on 16.04, are you simply getting a notification saying updates are available? Or do you *also* get update manager popping up? On my 16.04 laptop, I get a notification, but must manually open update manager. Curious if that was a new thing or if I have an issue that needs looking into.01:00
samwilliameell: check if /sys/firmware/efi exists01:01
jesperKS_Max85_, i think it is normal mate01:01
jesperKSroasted, It is normal01:02
roastedah, new thing?01:02
jesperKSroasted, yes ;-)01:02
samwilliameell: "ls  /sys/firmware/efi" if it exists, the kernel has booted in UEFI mode01:02
eellyeah, samwilliam, it does exist. That means the liveUSB I'm in is in UEFI mode?01:02
eellOh, thanks01:03
eellI appreciate the help. Any ganders on my other question? The articles I'm looking at online aren't giving me much01:03
samwilliameell: what is the problem with bootloader? can I help?01:04
eellJust wanted to be sure. Ok. Q: I've partitioned my drive, but am having trouble figuring out what to do for "device for bootloader install". I have two hard drives, A and B. A is for storage, and B is where Windows 10 currently resides. "01:04
samwilliaml0b: I can't figure out a way to help you for now, sorry.01:04
eellInstalling Ubuntu to drive A01:04
eellWindows 10 obviously boots in UEFI, but the EFI partition windows uses is on drive B01:05
eelltag samwilliam01:07
samwilliameell: there eellare lots of ways , but I sugest  you chose  the B HD and create a EFI partition with at least 512Mb01:09
eellSo choose HD B @samwilliams? An EFI part. already exists for Win10. I just don't want to f anything up01:10
samwilliameell: Can you acess this partiton?  What folders do you see inde that?01:11
samwilliameell: you don't need sda3 partitionm and you should use sdb1 for ubuntu installation, It has only 104MB, no problem, but better with at least 512.01:22
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t3kg33kAnyone know if it is possible to get the latest nmap 7.12 installed on Ubuntu 15.10?01:26
Ben64t3kg33k: you'd have to find a PPA or compile it yourself, neither of which are supported01:28
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t3kg33kBen64: I was afraid someone would say that. :(01:29
brianxnot supported here, but possibly supported by the authors.01:29
OerHeksnext yakety got the src , but you might run in dependencie problems https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/yakkety/+source/nmap01:29
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eellthanks samwilliam01:31
samwilliamell: you're welcome.01:33
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mini-iso-modhey, modding the mini.iso to boot directly to shell, how do i remove the timeout from grub again?01:57
mini-iso-modcan't remember where to put the option if it's not already there01:57
mini-iso-mod(not grub2)01:57
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Bashing-ommini-iso-mod: /etc/default/grub >> GRUB_TIMEOUT=X . Where X is the time in seconds .01:59
mini-iso-modno i'm building the iso with an initrd. the filesystem is packed away01:59
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monolithCould someone tell me a terminal command that can be used to show the lightdm greeter/lockscreen?02:00
monolith(What shows when selecting 'Switch User')02:01
mini-iso-modmay have found the article on GNU. "timeout" is meant to go under menu. easier than i imagined. duh. thanks though Bashing-om02:02
Bashing-ommini-iso-mod: :) tha'st 'buntu, it it is hard; doing something wrong .02:04
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SnoopyDggGuys, is there a way to find some line of code inside of some files in the folder with multiple files and subfolders? I know, it's inside of functions.php, but I have 100 of this. Can I search for the line, somehow?02:15
OerHeksgrep -r "somelineofcode" .02:16
OerHeksmind the . at the end02:16
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JdenkixHello, is anyone familiar with VGA Passthrough for Virtual Machines? I was thinking of trying it out but not sure if will work.02:24
quazimodoi messed with bluetooth02:25
quazimodonow devices that used to pair with difficulty don't pair at all02:25
blackblackblackI need help02:25
blackblackblackI'm new here02:25
Bashing-om!help | blackblackblack02:25
ubottublackblackblack: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:25
blackblackblackI need to know how to join icq chat02:26
blackblackblackBut I don't know the server02:26
blackblackblackNor the port02:26
blackblackblackI could only make it to your server and channel by luck02:27
Jdenkixblack, what are you looking for?02:27
blackblackblackjdenkix. . I want to join icq02:27
blackblackblackfrom my irc app02:27
blackblackblackThe app just gave hint about how to join your channel02:28
blackblackblackSo any help ? :)02:29
k1lblackblackblack: well, ask the simpleirc android guys how to set servers etc. this is the ubuntu support.02:30
blackblackblackk1l .. hey thank you for replying, I'm totally lost02:30
OerHeksicq needs adobe air, AFAIK02:30
blackblackblackCan you tell me how to ask them?02:31
blackblackblackoer, I have no Adobe on my mobile .. that's why I installed this app simplirc02:31
blackblackblackBut I have no idea about using it I tried but eventually failed xD02:32
k1lblackblackblack: see their website how to connect. that is really not the business of ubuntu.02:32
Guest94980Does the stock Ubuntu kernel come with vfio drivers installed?02:32
blackblackblackguest, look, at first I installed the app then I didn't know what to do lol . so I've found some pix02:34
blackblackblackin this app in Google store about how to join this server .. that's what I did ! ..02:34
blackblackblackThen I found a picture of this channel name02:34
blackblackblackSo I joined02:35
blackblackblackSo basically I know nothing but this channel02:35
OerHeksblackblackblack, wait, this is ubuntusupport , try #android02:35
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blackblackblackoer, thank you ever so much :)02:36
blackblackblackIt's unsupported02:37
blackblackblacknon existing02:37
sirriffsalotHi, is there a command I could run to check if gparted is still working on a shrink-operation or if it has fact crashed?02:43
pushpopHi all, I installed the AMDGPU-PRO drivers but they don't appear to work.  How would i remove them and go back to the default Ubuntu Video drivers?02:45
sirriffsalotpushpop, are you in the OS itself and able to use a graphical user interface?02:45
pushpopYes, currently using it.02:46
sirriffsalotpushpop, in that case, run $ update-manager in terminal, go to additional drivers and select the one you had before and click apply02:46
sirriffsalotpushpop, did you reboot before trying the new ones though?02:46
pushpopsirriffsalot, just did that doesn't list anything related to the video card in additional drivers.02:48
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samwilliamsirriffsalot: you can use htop or iotop to check if there is any operation running in your system.03:01
kaosupushpop: You just need to remove the package for the new video card drivers. As long as you didn't remove the default driver's package, Ubuntu will automatically use it upon removing any third-party packages.03:01
maddawg2hmmm so i need to figure out a way to recursively delete only files with certain extensions but I also need a way to export what files it deleted into a text file so that  I can see which ones were deleted and what wasnt03:01
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pushpopkaosu, i can't figure out how to remove them.  Thats my problem, I installed amdgpu-pro03:03
kaosupushpop: Open up a terminal and type the following: sudo apt-get purge amdgpu-pro -y03:04
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, currently I'm ona boot repair 64-bit live session, and running top I can see the process running (resize2fs) and constantly changing cpu-usage.. Going between 7% to 6%.. that a good sign?03:04
pushpopkaosu, unable to locate03:04
kaosupushpop: Try doing the following: sudo apt-cache search amdgpu03:05
kaosuSee if a package is listed with the name you're looking for. You may just not be using the right package name.03:05
sirriffsalotHow long should a 2TB disk with about half the space used take to shrink?03:05
pushpopthink i found it thanks03:06
pushpoprebooting to see03:06
samwilliamsirriffsalot: What kind of partition are you shrinking?03:07
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, an entire ext3 partition03:08
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, been going for a few hours now03:08
pushpopkaosu, is there a way to see what drivers im using?03:09
K1rkpushpop, lsmod03:10
kaosupushpop: glxinfo | grep vendor03:10
kaosuYou will see an OpenGL vendor string which will tell you the driver name.03:11
pushpopserver glx vendor string: SGI03:11
pushpopclient glx vendor string: Mesa Project and SGI03:11
pushpopOpenGL vendor string: X.Org03:11
samwilliamsirriffsalot: I never shrank a partition with this size, I can't tell you about how much time will take because it depends of your HD. If there is important data you must wait.03:11
pushpopVMware workstation complains that there is no OpenGL installed03:11
pushpopdont think its working03:11
kaosupushpop: Which package did you remove?03:12
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, yeah I'll wait I guess. Does it mean it's still working though, or?03:12
pushpopkaosu, xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu03:12
samwilliamsirriffsalot: still working03:12
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, cool, cheers! :)03:12
kaosupushpop: You removed the wrong package then.03:13
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samwilliamsirriffsalot: try iotop also.03:13
pushpopgrr what do I remove then03:13
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, seems I can't install it on this distro...03:13
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kaosupushpop: Make sure to reinstall that package. Also, did you install your proprietary drivers using AMD's official installer? If so, it creates an alias to simply run the removal script.03:14
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kaosupushpop: You should be able to just run the following command from a terminal if you manually installed the drivers: amdgpu-pro-uninstall03:15
pushpopyea doesn't work03:15
pushpopcommand not found03:15
Guest31717speaking of amdgpu, does the amdgpu driver work the new RX 480?03:16
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OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers list03:16
maddawg2i'm having issues with ubuntu blocking ports03:16
maddawg2i just installed 16.04 and installed a few services that are webbased03:17
kaosupushpop: Run the following command: sudo apt-get purge amdgpu-pro* && sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu03:17
OerHeksor go strait to the default ones suitable for your card : sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall03:17
maddawg2and for the life of me i cant access it from remote machines03:17
maddawg2i did a "sudo ufw allow <port number>03:17
maddawg2it shows as being allowed if i do "sudo ufw status" but they still dont load03:17
maddawg2any ideas?03:17
maddawg2this has never happaned to  me in previous version of ubuntu03:18
maddawg2my understanding is that the firewall is disabled by default03:18
pushpopkaosu, unable to locate a bunch of amdgpu packages03:18
kaosupushpop: At the very least you need to reinstall the open-source driver package xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu03:18
pushpopdo you need to reboot after doing that?03:18
samwilliamsirriffsalot, try: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install iotop -y03:19
kaosuReinstall the open-source driver and then take OerHek's advice and run: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall03:19
pushpopthank you03:20
maddawg2nvm it seems to be working03:20
maddawg2not sure what was borking it up before03:20
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, unable to locate the package, have to get it manually and stuff...03:28
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, is it really necessary though, that program does more or less the same as top does?03:28
samwilliamsirriffsalot: unecessary, but iotop is for input/output operations.03:30
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, hehe, yeah03:30
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, incidentally, can I use the "copy" function in gparted to slap a completely identical image of a partition and paste it in another disk (the one I'm partitioning at the moment)?03:33
samwilliamsirriffsalo: As far I know you can't do two operations at the same time using gparted.03:34
tortibi ran systemctl disable lightdm && systemctl enable gdm and now antergos freezes up03:36
tortibsorry ubuntu not antergos03:36
tortibit wont boot03:36
samwilliamsirriffsalo: I always use dd to copy partitons.03:36
tortibSomeone please help i'm locked out of my system03:37
tortibnacc, you there?03:37
OerHekstortib, how do you perform that, from TTY7 ???03:37
tortibOerHeks, i did it in gnome3 classic with a term and then rebooted03:37
tortibdid i do something wrong?!03:38
OerHekswith a term, > with a terminalvenster, not tty2??03:38
quazimodo\j #opencv03:38
tortibi'm just going to switch to antergos03:38
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, nono of course now, but once the shrink is over, would it be as safe as doing a df?03:39
tortibi'm done with ubuntus flaky crap03:39
OerHeksnever heard of antegros, but good luck there.03:40
tortibit's a arch distro03:40
samwilliamtortib: RTFM, instead of say something you don't know is a crap03:40
tortibsamwilliam, excuse me you elitist jerk.03:40
tortibexplain to me how i switch login managers then?03:40
OerHekswell, switching back to GDM makes me wonder .. certainly your attitude, tortib03:41
tortibOerHeks, classic elitist attitude and the /topic says no elitism03:41
samwilliamtortib: better than an ad hominem03:41
samwilliamtortib: at least  you should care about your words also03:42
Guest56103How can I query dnsmasq to discover what upstream DNS servers it's using?03:56
kingsleyDoes the iso for 16.04-desktop provide a BitCoin application?04:01
wyseguyhey guys, i have ubuntu 14.04 server up with 2 users, we are both ssh'ed in from different locations, but I want to be able to see what is being typed into the other users terminal, basically need to shadow it, can this be done easily as root?04:05
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rypervenchewyseguy: Yes, it is.04:08
rypervenchewyseguy: You need to set up tmux or screen.04:08
wyseguyi have tmux installed04:09
dewwapologies i was thinking of malicious snooping04:09
rypervenchewyseguy: Then have one of you type "tmux" and the other then types "tmux a"04:09
rypervenchewyseguy: Must be logged in as the same user.04:09
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notadeveloperhow do i install amd drivers04:10
wyseguyrypervenche its different users04:10
wyseguyboth in sudoers file04:10
rypervenchewyseguy: Then both of you "sudo -i" first and do it as root, or you log into his user and do it there.04:10
wyseguyokay 1 sec04:11
rypervenchewyseguy: "sudo su - hisuser" to become his user.04:11
notadeveloperhow do i install amd drivers04:12
wyseguyk then on his user i typed tmux04:12
wyseguyso on mine do tmux a?04:12
rypervencheThe a is for "attach"04:13
rypervencheSo the second person will type that.04:13
rypervenche"tmux" by itself will start a tmux session.04:13
wyseguyk, is there a way to do it without input from the other user by chance?04:14
wyseguyrypervenche ah, i think i got it04:15
wyseguythere are a bunch of dots on the screen04:15
rypervencheOnly if you add the tmux command to his .bashrc file I guess.04:15
rypervencheThe person with the larger screen will see those.04:15
rypervencheYou can ask him to maximize his terminal.04:15
wyseguyif its not maxed, will i still see input?04:16
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, operation completed successfully :)04:17
rypervenchewyseguy: Yes.04:17
wyseguyhm, cant seem to exit tmux04:17
wyseguyctrl c, :q or any of those, hm04:18
rypervenchewyseguy: Do you want to close the session or just leave it open?04:18
brianxwyseguy: ctrl b d04:18
wyseguyrypervenche i was testing it with ssh from one terminal then on the vm itself from another04:19
wyseguybut its stuck04:19
wyseguyi guess i could just restart it04:19
rypervenchewyseguy: try ctrl + b then k04:19
wyseguyrestarted it04:19
wyseguyokay so on both sudo -i then on one do tmux and on the other do tmuxa04:20
rypervencheIf you know what you're doing, sure. But be careful. You'll both be root at that point.04:21
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, slapping the other one over, least it's giving me a count this one, hope it's somewhat accurate (3.5 hours)04:21
SebastianRasor01Hello! I just installed Xubuntu and I was hoping I could get some help. The headphone volume is extremely low.04:21
wyseguyohhh it worked!04:21
wyseguyhow cool04:21
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, incidentally, will the fact that the partition I'm copying being a primary one be a problem if I try to slap it onto a logical partition?04:23
dharmai need help with a flash drive i just got, i can't write to it at all and my ubuntu is telling me i don't have permission04:25
rypervenchedharma: Did you reformat it?04:25
dharmai know very little about linux but it's what i use, and i just need to make space right now by putting files onto the flash drive04:25
dharmayes my son did it on his windows machine for FAT04:25
samwilliamsirriffsalot: no there is no problem04:27
rypervenchedharma: Can you run "sudo blkid" and then put the output on pastebin please?04:27
sirriffsalotsamwilliam, fantastic :)04:27
dharmayou want the link here?04:30
rypervenchedharma: Yes please.04:30
rypervencheSo 2016NEW is the one that you are trying to access?04:31
SebastianRasor01I just installed Xubuntu and I was hoping I could get some help. The headphone volume is extremely low.04:32
SebastianRasor01Sorry for saying that again.04:32
dharmaoh, sorry rypervenche, i didn't see that... yes 2016NEW is the one i'm trying to access04:36
dharmathe error msg saving a webpage is "could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder.04:38
dharmaChange the folder properties and try again, or try saving in a different location."04:38
samwilliamSebastian Razor 01: Please, install pavucontrol and try to raise the volume in output devices tab04:43
samwilliamSebastianRasor01: Please, install pavucontrol and try to raise the volume in output devices tab04:44
dharmai've had permissions problems with this machine for years04:45
dharmashould i be able to write to a FAT drive from Linux?04:50
EriC^^dharma: yeah04:50
dharmawhen i click on the Kingston drive in Computer it tells me "Unable to mount location" and "Internal error: No mount object for mounted volume"04:54
EriC^^dharma: try sudo parted -l in a terminal04:56
EriC^^get the number next to the fat partition04:56
dharmaNUmber 1 corresponds to the FAT partition04:58
EriC^^is the disk sda?04:58
dharmano it's sdb04:59
EriC^^ok, try sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt04:59
dharma"mount: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or /mnt busy05:01
dharmamount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb1 is already mounted on /mnt05:01
EriC^^ok try browsing to /mnt in the file manager05:01
dharmaok, it shows the files my son test-pasted onto the USB drive from Windows05:03
dharmabut when i right click on "2016NEW" in the file browser or on the Knigston volume under Computer, I get an option to Mount05:03
dharma(earlier i was getting some fstab message)05:04
EriC^^no idea05:04
EriC^^you could try unmounting from /mnt and try from the filemanager05:04
EriC^^sudo umount /mnt05:05
dharma"unable to unmount usb0" "umount: /media/usb0 is not in the fstab (and you are not root)05:05
EriC^^yeah you need to use sudo umount /mnt05:05
dharma"umount: /mnt: not mounted05:06
EriC^^that's odd05:06
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
EriC^^dharma: type grep /dev/sdb1 /proc/mounts05:07
dharma/dev/sdb1 /media/usb0 vfat rw,sync,nodev,noexec,noatime,nodiratime,fmask=0022,dmask=0022,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,errors=remount-ro 0 005:08
EriC^^dharma: ok, try sydo umount /media/usb005:09
dharmaumount: /media/usb0: not mounted05:10
dharmaoh, i should say that i have almost no space on my drive... maybe it's just malfunctioning?05:11
dharmait malfunctions a lot when i'm low on space05:11
dharmamaybe my previously-saved-to-linux files will not write to a FAT partition anyway?05:12
EriC^^no they should write fine05:12
EriC^^dharma: try "lsblk" and see what it says under mountpoint05:12
dharmait asked if i meant "lslk"No command 'lsblk' found, did you mean:05:13
dharma Command 'lslk' from package 'lslk' (universe)05:13
dharmalsblk: command not found05:13
EriC^^which ubuntu is this?05:14
dharmai'm on ubuntu 10.04LTS05:14
EriC^^do you use it often? 10.04 is eol05:14
=== jim is now known as jim2
EriC^^you should install a newer version that's still supported if you plan on using it05:15
dharmai know... yes i can't install new because i need a bigger hdd to accommodate my growing data collection, holding old plus new stuff, i always have install problems so i'm stuck for now05:15
EriC^^dharma: ok, try "df"05:15
dharmai've had no time to devote to this, i was just trying to save stuff somewhere.... i go to LUG's but i'm hopeless for now05:15
=== jim2 is now known as jim
pgregI am trying install openjdk for apache directory studio, now I am having the following issues on ubuntu 16.04. Appreciate any help!05:16
dharmawhat do you need to know from this output chart?05:16
EriC^^does it say anything under mounted on?05:17
dharma(a friend set up this dual boot for me, then died about a year later, though i didn't expect him to maintain this forever)05:17
pgreginstall errors are available on pastebin link ^^05:17
EriC^^dharma: sorry about your friend05:17
dharmai just don't know much what he did :) he did it fast and easily and kind of disappeared05:18
dharmait's got percentages.... 100% under sda2... 1% under /dev, /dev/shm, and /var/run, and 0% under /var/lock and /lib/init/rw05:19
EriC^^is /dev/sdb1 there?05:19
dharma92% under /sda1 /mnt/windows05:19
dharmano sdb105:20
EriC^^ok, try to click on it from the filemanager now05:20
dharmaoh, now clicking on it from the 2016NEW or the Kingston label both bring up flash drive contents :)05:21
EriC^^cool :)05:21
dharmaand usb0 has disappeared from the list05:21
dharmayay! it accepts files!05:22
dharmawhoa my friend had your name05:22
dharmathank you so much!05:22
EriC^^no problem05:22
EriC^^his name was Eric?05:22
dharmatrippy hunh05:22
dharmaso i should save this in case my other flash drive is giving me problems05:25
dharmaso maybe the trick is just doing all the mounting and unmounting from the terminal where i have root?05:27
EriC^^dharma: you could do that, but if you want to copy files in the file manager you'd need to start it as root05:27
EriC^^if you have gksu installed you can do gksu nautilus05:28
dharmai don't understand any of that... i know i should give up on linux but i have no choice right now05:28
dharmai need to hire someone from the LUG :)05:28
dharmaonce i get my 2+TB drive and if i go to an Installfest maybe things will go better05:29
EriC^^what's LUG?05:30
dharmalinux user group05:30
dharmait's fun though i'm too scatterbrained in my increasing age to be able to follow much lol05:30
dharmai had a small degree in programming once, but life took over and i never used it05:31
EriC^^looks like it went well though05:32
EriC^^you have a son?05:32
dharmayeah he's grown now05:32
EriC^^how old?05:32
dharmai was raising him while i was in tech school, it was impossible05:32
dharmahe's 2305:32
dharmayeah he makes fun of me now since i'm out of touch, he taught me how to use my smartphone05:33
dharmalike i was a 5 year old lol05:33
xanguaHe shall avenge you05:34
dharmai shall go plot how to find a geek who needs my healing skills so he can help me with my linux05:35
dharmafor now i can clean up my desktop and make space to last til the re-install, thanks again and take care05:37
EriC^^no problem, you too05:37
McDnltCHezBurGrZHy, my computer keeps freezing05:39
McDnltCHezBurGrZn e 1 can help?05:40
zebulanI'm going to try to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as the sole OS on an old Macbook Air I have sitting around. I just watched a youtube video where the guy deletes all the partitions (including EFI) but I'm reading a different article on help.ubuntu.com where it says to leave EFI (although the article is for MacPro). Any help appreciated!05:42
McDnltCHezBurGrZken n e 1 hlp me plz?05:42
McDnltCHezBurGrZim hazing puter trublz05:43
McDnltCHezBurGrZet kepz gitting stuk05:43
McDnltCHezBurGrZteh arrow movez but no prgramz wil opin05:44
McDnltCHezBurGrZI herd thet sexure koupa shelz culd b et05:45
McDnltCHezBurGrZiz n e 1 en hier?05:46
pgregAnyone able to take a quick look into this => https://paste.fedoraproject.org/388536/67868593/05:46
pgregI am trying install openjdk for apache directory studio, now I am having the following issues on ubuntu 16.04. Appreciate any help!05:47
pgreginstall errors are available on pastebin link ^^05:47
McDnltCHezBurGrZI cn lukk, butt I dnt no n e thin05:47
McDnltCHezBurGrZpgreg: y u use apt-get?  16.04 uses apt05:49
pgregMcDnltCHezBurGrZ, sorry - little new to ubuntu here05:49
pgreglet me try to apt instead ... i think even with apt, I was hitting the same issue - will confirm shortly05:51
McDnltCHezBurGrZpgreg: you have java 8 installed already05:52
McDnltCHezBurGrZtry doing systemctl start apacheds.service05:52
McDnltCHezBurGrZwhat do you get from that?05:52
pgregFailed to start apacheds.service: Unit apacheds.service is not loaded properly: Invalid argument.05:52
pgregSee system logs and 'systemctl status apacheds.service' for details05:52
samwilliampgreg: try reinstall the app: sudo apt-get remove --purge -y openjdk-* && sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk -y05:52
pgregremoving gives the errors05:53
pgregErrors were encountered while processing:05:53
pgreg apacheds05:53
pgregE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:53
McDnltCHezBurGrZwhat about sudo apt-get -f install?05:54
=== McDnltCHezBurGrZ is now known as dont-panic
pgregdoing that now ...05:55
Al3x_10mhi all..anyone knows how i can enable double tap on my sinaptics touchpad?05:57
Al3x_10mi'm using ubuntu gnome05:58
Al3x_10min mouse settings i don't have touchpad settings05:58
dont-panicAl3x_10m: do you get any output if you type synclient into a terminal and hit enter?05:58
Al3x_10mi suppose tapbutton1 must be 1?05:59
Al3x_10mi saw something about that on my googling..06:00
Al3x_10mnot sure tho'06:00
dont-panicdo 'synclient TapButton2=3 && synclient TapButton3=2' I think06:00
Al3x_10mthen restart?06:01
dont-panicshould work06:01
Al3x_10mit doesnt06:02
dont-panicif it doesn't then you need to synclient TouchpadOff = 006:02
Al3x_10mi solved it..synclient tapbutton1=106:02
Al3x_10mone more question...it is permanent?06:03
dont-panicyou'll need to put it in your ~/.bashrc06:03
dont-panicjust do this06:03
dont-panicecho 'syclient tapbutton1=1' >> ~/.bashrc06:03
dont-panicmake sure you use 2 >'s06:04
dont-panic1 will delete the file, 2 will add whatever your adding to the end06:04
dont-panictechnically you'd want to put it in your ~/.bash_profile, but either works06:04
dont-panicone just sets it once, the other sets it everytime you open a terminal06:04
dont-panicI came in here to troll and ended up helping people... and I'm using arch... wtf am I doing? hahaha06:07
hateballMaybe there's hope yet06:07
pgregdont-panic, https://paste.fedoraproject.org/388545/71748146/06:09
dont-panicidk, I don't really know what apacheds is, some weird version of apache or something?06:11
dont-panicin my experience, when dpkg throws an error, something doesn't have a dependency it needs06:12
pgregits apache directory service06:13
pgregI think the main issue is some of the pkgs are partially install with some kind of inter-dependencies not being met06:14
dont-panicall three of those words sound like a nightmare when you put them together lol06:14
pgregwould it be best to clean up all these packages06:14
pgreglol :)06:15
dont-panicare you putting a mail server together?06:15
dont-panicI don't think the autoremove would hurt anythign06:15
dont-panicI had something like this happen with node and I never figured it out, but I know what I did to cause the issue, and that was delete a bunch of packages it needed on accident.06:16
pgregeven autoremove throws the same error ...06:17
pgregFailed to start apacheds.service: Unit apacheds.service is not loaded properly: Invalid argument.06:17
pgregSee system logs and 'systemctl status apacheds.service' for details.06:17
pgreginvoke-rc.d: initscript apacheds, action "start" failed.06:17
pgregdpkg: error processing package apacheds (--configure):06:17
pgreg subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 106:17
pgregErrors were encountered while processing:06:17
dont-panicholy certificates batman06:17
dont-panicdoes it allow you to run apacheds --configure?06:18
pgregcmd not found06:19
pgregwhile trying to run ^^06:19
Ben64where did you get apacheds06:19
Ben64then ask the maintainer there for support, 3rd party stuff isn't supported in this channel06:20
pgregsudo apt install apacheds -y06:20
pgregah ok06:20
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest76972
dont-panicmaybe check /var/log/syslog for more clues06:20
=== Guest76972 is now known as xubuntulive-raid
dont-panicor wherever syslog hides, I cant remember... I'm on arch06:21
B0R3Dhi, i am trying to install VirtualBox on my vps and i get the following error 'kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)' . i ahve tried everything i could and found o interent. installing dkms removing and reinstalling. i did it all with root. can someone please help me? my version is 14.0406:24
dont-panicAl3x_10m: For those TapButton's, 1 = left, 2 = middle, 3 = right.  The number after the = sign is how many fingers you want to use.  So TapButton2=3 means that 3 fingers tapping the touch pad do a middle click, or paste buffer.06:24
dont-panicB0R3D: what kind of vps?06:25
Al3x_10mi figured..06:25
sla3kB0R3D: VPS? openVZ ?06:25
Al3x_10mmy touchpad is old enough06:25
Al3x_10mso that doesn't work anyway06:25
B0R3Ddont-panic how i can know that :X ?06:25
dont-panicif its openvz, you wont be able to I don't think06:25
dont-panicB0R3D: who'd you buy it through and did it say openvz or kvm next to it?06:26
B0R3Ddont-panic i can't remember :X06:27
B0R3Dis it possible to check which virtuallization?06:27
dont-panicB0R3D: the fact that its throwing a kernel error, its probably openvz06:28
B0R3Ddont-panic i connected to the panel it says ovz seems like openvz right?06:28
dont-panicif its not more than like 12 bucks a month, you have openvz06:28
varikonniemihello, i think there is a bug in system monitor's bandwidth graph06:28
dont-panicyeah, can't do virtualziation on that06:28
sla3kB0R3D: dmidecode -s system-product-name06:28
B0R3Dthere is nothing i can do to run virtual machine in it?06:28
dont-panicopenvz uses the underlying systems kernel and makes containers ontop of it.  you can't modify the underlying kernel06:29
varikonniemiwhen it is running for a long time it shows wildly different utilization than virtualbox actually uses06:29
B0R3Dso vmware won't work as well?06:29
B0R3Dwhich kind of server i need to rent?06:30
dont-panicno, openvz is basically a chroot with less underlying access06:30
dont-panicB0R3D: why are you trying to put a vm on a vps?06:32
B0R3Ddont-panic i want few system running from one machine. (few windows under linux)06:33
dont-panicthat's gonna be an expensive vm06:33
B0R3Ddont-panic so it's better just buying few vps of windows?06:33
dont-panicwhy not just build a box, install linux and then virtualbox and your vms?06:33
dont-panicdepends on what you're using them for06:34
B0R3Dwhat do you mean build a  box and install linux?06:34
dont-panicwhen you buy a vps, you're just buying space on a computer from someone who has servers in a data center.  Most of what you get there you can do in your house06:35
hadleighcan someone tell me why i can not play japanese dvd on my computer06:35
hadleighi have other ones that do?06:35
dont-panichadleigh: idk, but I had the same issue. some arent recognized under linux, others are.06:36
B0R3Dbecause i don't have free pc and high speed connection as vps06:36
B0R3D*not used pc06:36
defekthah DC has a few more advantages than the household06:36
hadleighno anapanman06:36
dont-panicdepends, I have a 150mps up and down for free because my isp swears I don't have them for service06:37
dont-panicdefekt: depends on who you go through, I've had less uptime through some services due to over selling and poor configurations on their end.  in the long run its usually cheaper to build your own unless you're going to need some sort of back up service and people to fix your stuff, which is unlikely if you're going through a vps provider06:38
defektdont-panic: yes, depends how critial the system is06:40
dont-panicI went through 123systems once and they were so bad it would take over 20 seconds for your typing to show up... never got anything done06:40
B0R3Ddont-panic thanks for help :)06:41
sla3kdont-panic: 123systems are the worst ones, had similar experience with them in the past06:44
dont-panicramnode is pretty damn good.  i have an affiliate link if anyones thinking of getting one soon06:46
sla3kramnode is number one, then comes hostus followed by crissic (personal preference). I have one from time4vps for the past couple of months and it's damn stable so far06:47
dont-panicI stopped using all mine.  I was mostly using them for silly hacky things06:48
sla3kThat's what most of us use them for, lol06:49
tanja84dk_I have a issue dpkg is freezing on ubuntu server 16.04 at "W: mdadm: /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf defines no arrays." apd cant upgrade the server. How can I fix that06:49
dont-paniclike ordering one in the UK so I can socks5 proxy and get streaming fifa for free on top of whatever sillyness lol06:49
dont-panicI put a script on the 123systems one to search specific byte sized chunks of /dev/urandom for a specific phrase.  they don't like that when you run those asychronously lol06:51
tortibmy ubuntu is lagging bad06:53
tortiband my hardware is good06:53
dont-panicAnother fun way to get your boss mad is to set up a cron sending him an email every minute saying 'The time is now $(date), please ignore, as this is a test.'06:53
sla3kha ha06:54
dont-panictortib:  check top and see whats taking all the resources06:54
tanja84dk_btw I have a paste here of the terminal if someone is able to help me get it fixed. http://paste.ubuntu.com/18686084/06:54
=== GitDug is now known as TheRealGitGud
Pattehello are PIDs unique across reboots?07:29
=== andreas_ is now known as Guest53702
Shoe16so i installed ubuntu server with hyper-v on my windows 10 host07:36
Shoe16however startx is not working07:36
Shoe16i installed xorg and openbox07:36
Shoe16lspci returns absolutely nothing07:37
YankDownUnderShoe16: Is it safe to assume you've looked through the Ubuntu wiki about installing graphical desktops on Ubuntu server, hmm?07:37
Shoe16YankDownUnder: yeah07:37
paranoidabhiany suggestions on this http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-0407:37
YankDownUnderShoe16: ...and you've also installed light-dm...?07:37
Shoe16YankDownUnder: I'm trying to launch openbox directly from tty using startx07:38
YankDownUnderShoe16: Just thought - since you're reading through things - have you asked in #ubuntu-server => as per the "special" configurations for running in hyper-v situations?07:39
Shoe16No, I didn't know that channel existed07:39
YankDownUnderShoe16: Yeah - kinda been there done that before - however, not in a hyper-v situation07:39
YankDownUnderShoe16: Great blokes in there, truly.07:39
Ben64Shoe16: what is your end goal07:39
Ben64!cn | llb60807:40
ubottullb608: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:40
YankDownUnder英文频道 :)07:41
Shoe16Ben64: to use openbox on my Ubuntu-server guest07:41
Shoe16When I need to, that is07:41
Shoe16Im okay with TTY 99% of the time07:41
Ben64is there a screen attached to it07:42
Shoe16Ben64: there is a VM window07:43
Ben64and you installed xorg and openbox?07:43
Shoe16Yeah Ben6407:44
Ben64i'd recommend getting lightdm and using that07:46
xubuntulive-raidWhere are apt/repository settings stored?07:54
Ben64xubuntulive-raid: /etc/apt/ ?07:55
vltxubuntulive-raid: sources.list and sources.list.d/ there.07:56
jatin30Hi can someone look into this error https://gist.github.com/woote/e71c4577d48bcac5459a5e8811d4890d ?08:11
geirhalooks like you already have the 64-bit version of that package installed08:13
geirhaand they both try to install the same .h file, which dpkg won't allow08:14
jatin30how do I check If i already have the 64 bit version in my system?08:16
geirhaah wait, I might have read that wrong. It says lib32z1-dev has already installed zconf.h08:17
geirhaso lib32z1-dev and zlib1g-dev conflict with each other08:18
jatin30so I cant have both the packages in my system?08:21
=== ponyride1 is now known as ponyrider
=== sudo is now known as Guest87394
Guest87394how do i use a a selection list in zenity ?08:32
=== Guest87394 is now known as suda
sudaNeed a selection list like08:33
sudachoose state08:34
Atlantic778Hey, what's happening with network manager? I had issue with WiFi networks list in nm-applet on one thinkpad, now I have the same issue with hp laptop. The bug is reported at lunchpad, a lot of users are complaining but nothing seems to change for months. Any new info about that issue here?08:35
fnodeusersuda https://help.gnome.org/users/zenity/stable/list.html.en08:35
bazhangAtlantic778, did you subscribe3 to the bug yet08:37
Atlantic778bazhang: yes, I'm following that bug for at least 2 months.08:37
fnodeuserAtlantic778: dinnerpad08:37
bazhangAtlantic778, if you subscribe, you can be a part of help to fix it08:38
bazhangwhats the bug number Atlantic77808:38
Atlantic778bazhang: let me check it :)08:38
=== diffra is now known as Guest13240
Atlantic778bazhang: this is one in siries Bug #155635708:41
ubottubug 1585863 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1556357 WiFi malfunction after suspend & resume stress" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158586308:41
sudafnodeuser : I need something like a selection list like the one you see while filling online forms that are like :- to choose state and when you tap on that option a list opens up for states08:41
sudaI couldn't find that option in list08:42
bazhangbug #155635708:42
loop01hi there08:42
fnodeusersuda i don't know if that is possible with zenity08:42
B0R3Dhi, is it possible install virtualbox on my vps under KVM ?08:43
fnodeusersuda --help-question08:44
fnodeusermaybe one question after the other08:44
B0R3Dwhat you mean :X ?08:45
Atlantic778bazhang: I can say that I am experienced user, and I really did put effort into researching state of this bug. The problem is that many tried to fix it and there is still no working solution so I didn't even try to make solution myself. I don't feel like I will make some progress on this. It bugs me that there is so many users affected and this hits me wherever I turn.08:45
Atlantic778I'm just asking if I'm missing some piece of the puzzle. Seems like it's a well known problem. :)08:46
fnodeusersuda look at all these https://help.gnome.org/users/zenity/stable/index.html.en#dialogs08:47
sudafnodeuser : ya already referred that . I need something more informative08:49
sudamay be a complete example can help08:49
theptrWhen i try to upgrade 14.04 Lts server to 16.04 the mysql failes someone who also experienced this ? (because now i just restored my backup but i want to go to 16.04 :) )08:52
=== max__141 is now known as Cybersplice
sudahmm I think only radio list can work as a substitute of it . Btw is it possible if I can output more than more zenity commands on the same panel ?08:55
suda* more than one08:55
fnodeusersuda you will have to try that, i have never used it08:57
fnodeuserthe worst that could happen is your cpu being damaged by incorrect instructions08:59
chaouchانشاء الله عيدكوم مبروك09:01
fnodeusermuhammad ali09:02
YankDownUnderchaouch: Type: "/close"09:03
sudaToday is the festival of eid09:05
YankDownUnderUbuntu support channels are for Ubuntu support...oddly enough.09:06
tatertots_is eid having ubuntu problems?09:06
sudaI don09:06
suda know09:06
fnodeuserthe majority of linux users are non-religious09:07
sudatatertots : ask at #eid09:07
YankDownUnder(by preference)09:07
fnodeuserbut they believe in the new age cult of linus09:08
netcrimeHey can you recommend Supervisor alternative for Python 3?09:14
leonarthI can't find any guide with best practices to setup a binary to run as a service09:35
leonarthmay you guys recommend me something?09:36
sudo_suset path09:36
sudo_suto the binary09:37
sudo_su* folder containing binary09:38
leonarthI was thinking about something like this:09:41
leonarth- create a user for the binary09:41
leonarth- put the binary in /usr/local/binary09:41
leonarth- put the .conf in /etc/binary09:41
leonarth- give access to the binary only that system user09:41
leonarth- setup somehow a service script to control service binary start/stop/status09:41
sudo_suIn order for that to act as a service you need to decide port_no and other stuff and entry in /etc/services09:46
sudo_sufor that09:46
hateballleonarth: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers09:47
Triffid_Huntersudo_su: /etc/services is only for naming ports by name, don't need to touch it unless you want iptables et al to spit out myservice instead of 4137 for port number09:48
Triffid_Hunterleonarth: yeah basically that's the procedure, you can use setsid blah & to daemonize something that doesn't daemonize itself.. not all daemons want to run under drop privs too, some need to stay root, something to keep in mind before you go creating users09:50
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=== yavor is now known as dinogreen_rex
paranoidabhiany suggestions on this http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-0409:58
Aavar__Hi. I am having issues with installing Ubuntu on a old white macbook. After installing and rebooting it only shows "Operating Ststem missing". Anyone know how to fix this?09:59
craptalki plan to delete this file '_usr_lib_xorg_Xorg.0.crash', on /var/crash, but it says no such directory with that name. I run command rm [name file] and rm -r [name file]. Why is it happening?10:00
craptalkboth command didnt seem to work out10:00
YankDownUnderAavar__: Is this going through "Boot Camp" / dual boot...?10:01
Ben64craptalk: ls -l /var/crash10:01
craptalkBen64: yeah, i did it, to see the hidden file10:02
craptalkBen64: it shows the file i want to delete, but i cant delete it10:02
Ben64then you're typing it incorrectly, use <tab> to complete10:03
craptalkBen64: what you mean?10:03
leonarththank you Triffid_Hunter10:03
Ben64rm /var/crash/<tab>10:04
Ben64it should complete or give you options with another press of <tab>10:04
DulcinHi I am trying to lrunzip a large sql backup, previous backups unzip just fine, but this one keeps freezing up ubuntu, cant switch shell, mouse and keyboard unresponsive. I tried it 4 times now after rebooting/updates/checking disk space/leaving 'top' open. I noticed during the last freeze that lrunzip was using 200% CPU when it froze.10:05
DulcinI dont think its doing anything because yesterday I waited a couple of hours and after the reboot there was a 0 byte file from the unzipping10:05
Triffid_HunterDulcin: sounds like you're running out of ram and swapping hard, try on a machine with more ram. alternatively you have a hardware fault where the CPU is allowed to overheat10:06
craptalkBen64: little stupid mistake, thank you10:06
YankDownUnderDulcin: clean out the /tmp and /var/tmp, try again...have you tried that route yet?10:06
craptalkBen64: i was inside of its folder instead10:06
DulcinYankDownUnder: No I havent10:07
craptalkBen64: then try to delete it from the inside, cant seem to work, cause the command rm i use needed to include the path folder10:07
DulcinIll try it10:07
jatin30I am not able to install the following packages- mingw32 and zlib1g-dev:i386 and it is giving me the following error https://bpaste.net/show/6e5923959af0 I posted this about 3 hours ago and got disconnected coz poor internet :(10:08
jatin30I am using ubuntu 15.10 64 bit10:08
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:10
Ben64jatin30: Jul 07 2016 01:18:08 <geirha>so lib32z1-dev and zlib1g-dev conflict with each other10:10
jatin30how to resolve the conflict?10:10
Ben64pick one10:10
jatin30I was actually trying to start caching for building the ROM and it said I got to have the list of packages installed here http://xda-university.com/as-a-developer/getting-started-building-android-from-source10:11
jatin30so will it be fine if I have one of lib32z1-dev and zlib1g-dev ?10:11
Ben64you'd have to check with whatever you're building10:12
jatin30and what about mingw3210:12
jatin30it says it cannot locate the package10:12
Ben64that's a windows thing10:13
Ben64hmm, maybe not10:14
istanbulmerhaba millet10:14
Ben64there is a mingw32 package10:14
=== aaron is now known as Guest31858
sudo_suGuest31858, just ask your question10:18
sudo_suno need to say hello, hi etc.10:19
daumie254!info Guest3185810:21
ubottuPackage Guest31858 does not exist in xenial10:21
sudo_su!info daumie25410:22
ubottuPackage daumie254 does not exist in xenial10:22
daumie254sudo_su: gparted  ain't working in xenial... Tried to remove and install but still not working10:23
Ben64how does it "not work"10:24
YankDownUnderdaumie254: Did you type: sudo gparted ?10:24
Guest31858can you speak german10:24
Guest31858i am from germany10:24
sudo_su!ot  Guest31858,10:24
hateball!de | Guest3185810:24
ubottuGuest31858: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:24
hateballIt's not super great to be running X apps with sudo, at least use gksudo if so10:24
daumie254YankDownUnder: I just opened it from the GUI10:26
=== atrius_ is now known as atrius
daumie254Ben64: It ain't opening up10:26
Ben64daumie254: run 'gksu gparted' from a terminal10:26
sudo_suwhat is gksu for ?10:27
sudo_sugrant su ?10:27
Ben64       gksu - GTK+ frontend for su and sudo10:27
hateballYes gksu, pardon my typo :D10:28
=== Desu is now known as MrElendig
Ben64hateball: gksudo works as well, but involves typing a whole two extra characters :(10:29
hateball!tab | :D10:30
ubottu:D: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:30
sudo_sucool how can I have gksu source code ?10:30
hateballAnyhow, dont run with just sudo. That'll end badly some day.10:30
sudo_suI really was fumbling for such utility as its code can solve my issue !10:31
sudo_suWhat's the directory for its script ?10:32
daumie254Ben64: i wanna use gparted to attempt data rescue on my external hard drive10:34
Ben64thats not what gparted does10:35
hateballIf you're after data rescue, there are tools for that10:35
hateballdaumie254: Use testdisk or something instead10:35
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode10:35
daumie254hateball: from n external hard drive10:35
hateballdaumie254: Yes, that doesnt matter10:36
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode10:36
Ben64damn, what is it10:36
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery10:36
Ben64there you go10:36
daumie254Ben64: i will go for that...lemme see he link10:37
daumieUnder "device" tab..there's something like "Attempt Data Rescue"10:38
daumie254On hitting "Attempt Data Rescue"....i get "command gpart was not found"10:39
Ben64using what10:40
maddawg2ok so I have a media folder that contains a folder for every show/film i have but in each sub folder of my media there is also a folder called "Plex Versions".   How can I recursively delete all folders that contain the name "Plex Versions"10:40
daumie254Gparted ofcourse....i wanna give it a try first10:40
Ben64daumie: no. gparted is not for that10:41
hateballIt'll try and restore MBR, but that's not really rescuing a drive..10:41
sudo_suI got an external partition mounted . I can create backup script to make regular backups but backup for complete system regularly would be obsolete . Any command to append the backup with only modified and newly created files or folders ?10:41
Ben64sudo_su: look into using rsync10:42
daumie254The data is mostly project psd and some music on an external hard drive10:43
Aavar__YankDownUnder: i'm sorry for the late reply. Yes I am dualbooting with os x yes.10:44
brunch875Could someone link me on how to receive faxes on ubuntu?10:45
brunch875I thought it was an archaic technology but I need it10:46
brunch875do I have to make a contract with a fax company? Does anyone know how this goes?10:46
Ben64you need to have a phone line and a modem, and some software to answer the calls10:47
auvajshi, on my xvda I have 35 gb but only xvda1 is used (20 gb), how can I use the other 15 gb?10:47
sudo_suCool , btw I once had some boot issue I was unable to read the contents of the filesystem for Ubuntu on Windows (system on dual boot) . Was it due to perms or Windows can't read ext4 by default ?10:48
EriC^^sudo_su: windows can't read ext by default10:48
marahinHello. I'm having issues while connecting 2nd external monitor to my x230 Thinkpad. It is recognized but when I click "enable", screens flash but enable tick revers back to empty10:48
marahinxrandr --output DP1 --auto --verbose: http://pastebin.com/R8RZmn6M10:49
sudo_suAnd ubuntu has NTFS package installed by default ?10:49
sudo_suor any ntfs reading utility10:50
hateballsudo_su: Yes10:50
EriC^^sudo_su: yes10:50
swebi need to have reinstall and repartiotion my whole os just using ssh connection ... here is the thing ... enable grub-image-loader use mini.iso of ubuntu but need to have ssh connection during boot ... if there is the better way ? also the better solution reinstall ubuntu over ssh10:59
swebdeboostrap not helped cause i need repartitioning my whole server10:59
Ben64sweb: not possible, you need physical access11:01
swebBen64: so bad it's will be great tools ... many ISP dont have IPMI kvm Over IP for reinstall ... some of them use invalid ISO files ... touched by douche administrators ... this is the real problem ... i need to install fresh copy of my own ISO11:03
AdithyaNeeded help on sound issues.11:06
AdithyaIs this the right channel?11:06
Ben64Adithya: depends on your OS11:07
lyze!ask | Adithya11:07
ubottuAdithya: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:07
lyzeyeah c;11:07
lyzego ahead and ask ^^11:07
AdithyaThe sound is wierd on headphones, but it works fine on speakers. I used the test sound feature. When i selected the left speaker, the sound is played on both the ear pieces.11:08
Ben64plug the headphones in better11:08
AdithyaI tried that.11:09
Ben64try them on another device11:09
AdithyaThe earphones work fine in my phone.11:09
AdithyaNexus 6.11:09
Aavar__Adithya: does the connector have three or four contact-points?11:10
AdithyaIt was working fine before. After a random update this issue has popped up.11:11
adacLets say I have two displays, one is running on hdmi1 port and the other on hdmi2 port. I was wondering if i could start a browser explicitly to be shown on hdm2, and a second browser explicitely on hdm1? If yes, how owuld you do that?11:11
AdithyaShifting the stereo balance to any one side left/right slightly improves the quality.11:13
tomaz__i am running ubuntu 14.04 on ARM11:16
tomaz__i would like to install docker11:16
tomaz__from repo i can install docker.io11:16
tomaz__if i try to use it it says11:16
tomaz__ unix /var/run/docker.sock: no such file or directory11:17
tomaz__Can someone suggest me how to make it working?11:17
kukkuplank issue --  NO "keep in dock " option  ,,  running 16.04 ,any help???11:18
tomaz__kukku? are you asking me?11:19
kukkutomaz__, -- no dude ,, :)   ,,11:19
kukkutomaz__,  -- i mean , not particularly , but if u know the solution u can tell me11:21
BluesKajHi folks11:21
lyzetomaz__, are you running it as root?11:21
wm4I'm running this command, and it fails at boot: "qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -cdrom ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso -hda system.img  -boot d"11:21
sudo_suHey I tried "zenity --info --text=$ans" But that does not print full string in ans. Any reason ?11:21
wm4the sha256sum of the iso is correct, and system.img is a newly created image11:21
wm4it says something about not being able to mount the root fs11:22
OptiprismHey I'm having some trouble with git svn, I can access the svn via browser using the url https://<url>/folder11:22
OptiprismBut when I try to "git svn clone <usrname>@https://<url>/folder" I get "Bad URL passed to RA layer: Illegal repository URL"11:23
OptiprismAny tips?11:23
sudo_suHelp with zenity please11:24
leonarthwhen you create a .deb package, does the `rules` file must be a Make file exclusively? Can't I just use a sh script for system configuration?11:24
sudo_suHey I tried "zenity --info --text=$ans" But that does not print full string in ans. Any reason ?11:24
EriC^^sudo_su: maybe try with text="$ans"11:25
=== zhongfu_ is now known as zhongfu
sudo_suEriC^^, silly mistake, thanks btw11:27
wm4actually I can bring up the installation menu11:28
eugenio_hi all, sometimes on my ubuntu 16.04 (but it happens also with previous versions) in the text field such as the search box of the desktop environment (but also in any kind of plece where I can digit from the keyboard) appears the number 5 written many many times of course without touching the keyboard, any ideas?11:28
tomaz__lyze: yes11:28
wm4just trying to install it (or something similar, like doing nothing) results in that error11:28
tomaz__i run it as root11:29
tomaz__the problem is that i need docker to build and push my build to registry11:29
tomaz__i need it on 14.0411:29
tomaz__i can pass by the docker.io naming problem but when trying to do a little bit more, i get error regarding missing /var/run/docker.sock11:30
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kukkuplank issue --  NO "keep in dock " option  ,,  running 16.04 ,any help???11:34
Guest10093hi anyone is there11:40
hateball!help | Guest1009311:40
ubottuGuest10093: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:40
k1l_yes. some are here. if you have an issue just ask and give details11:40
sudo_suIn zenity for form option how can I add more options to the form like checkbox as checkbox is present in list option but not in forms11:42
=== Guest10093 is now known as dhakad
sudo_suOr is there a way I can merge them on same panel ?11:45
sudo_suAnybody got to know ?11:49
RtMFsudo_su: -11:55
sudo_suWhat ?11:55
wm4ok, qemu default memory wasn't enough12:02
pushpopHi Everyone, I just installed Ubuntu 16.04.  I'm using an AMD Radeon R280x video card. It appears I don't have openGL installed.  How would I go about doing this?12:17
hateballpushpop: You don't install OpenGL. What is the real problem you're facing?12:19
pushpopwhat of my apps require openGL12:20
pushpopVMware workstation12:20
pushpopso I have no 3D Graphics12:20
pushpopin VMware workstation12:20
hateballpushpop: Is Ubuntu the host or the guest?12:20
tewardpushpop: and what 'apps' need OpenGL?  In the guest OS or your Ubuntu host?12:21
pushpopUbuntu is my host os12:22
pushpopwhen I start my windows 7 VM12:22
pushpopit says 3d graphics will be disabled12:22
arunpyasiHello people, were can I join the sysadmin of ubuntu repos ?12:22
arunpyasiI forgot the channel it was similar to ubuntu-rt or something12:22
hateballpushpop: That's not really an Ubuntu problem12:23
hateballpushpop: Open a terminal and run "glxinfo|grep direct", if it returns Yes you've got OpenGL working in Ubuntu12:23
DJonesarunpyasi: it may be #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-motu , but I'm not certain12:24
arunpyasiDJones: oh, its #canonical-sysadmin got it12:25
arunpyasithanks !12:25
pushpopok seems I do have it installed12:26
pushpopthanks hateball12:26
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
pushpopfound this fix12:29
pushpopthanks guys => http://askubuntu.com/questions/537787/enable-3d-hw-acceleration-on-vmware-workstation-10-on-ubuntu-14-0412:29
escimopushpop: I gave up on that a long time ago. I just dual-boot now. RIP :/12:31
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_geohello i want to configure smtp access to sendmail server, with LOGIN PLAIN but even though i follow the guide , connecting via telnet to port 25 doesn't list the auth mechanisms that i defined in configuration..12:49
_geois there any guide with more details in setting up smtp access with Sendmail,12:50
loop01I am trying to write a preseed file for ubuntu 14.04.02. I am setting the Timezone to Europe/London but the installer still asks "Where are you?"12:52
loop01I am also unable to find where to set the answer to the questions of whether to install restricted third party software and whether to install updates during the install process12:52
MuftwareI m using Ubuntu 16.04 and not able to connect through a wired network correctly13:02
MuftwareIts showng connected on network connention but firefox is saying check you internet connection.....13:03
tigefahello all13:06
tigefacan i boot side by side ubuntu in my laptop 32/64 bit?13:07
EriC^^if it's 64bit yeah13:07
EriC^^why not put the 32bit in a vm?13:08
k1l_there is no reason for 32bit today.13:08
chachasmoothhas anyone tried itunes on ubuntu with playonlinux ?13:08
tigefaside by side like windows and ubuntu in 1 laptop?13:08
hateball!appdb | chachasmooth13:08
ubottuchachasmooth: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help13:08
EriC^^tigefa: yeah13:09
k1l_chachasmooth: best is to see the wine database and ask the wine guys about that.13:09
k1l_!dualboot | tigefa13:09
ubottutigefa: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot13:09
vltMuftware: Does ping to an IP address (like work? If yes, does resolving (ping google.com) work?13:10
tigefaside by side ubuntu 32 bit + ubuntu 64 bit? ubottu13:10
Muftwareping google.com is not working13:10
Muftwarevlt:ping google.com is not working13:11
k1l_tigefa: why would you want a 32bit ubuntu if your hardware can go 64bit?13:11
tigefaubottu: ok13:11
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)13:11
six86Hello. How can I get hosts.d working? On Some of our servers I can configure hosts there, on other systems the files are not honored13:12
tigefajust fast with 32 bit ;)13:12
=== jos is now known as Guest61464
k1l_tigefa: no13:14
tigefaloot of software and apps just support 64 bit. :)13:14
k1l_tigefa: support for 32bit is dying. like chrome is no more for 32bit13:14
tigefathat it, ;)13:15
=== loki_ is now known as loa
tigefathanks all, i will try boot 64 bit. :)13:25
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petrovi4всем привет13:29
timvisheris there a way, using standard tooling (apt-get, dpkg, etc) to install just the available security updates on 14.04?13:30
hateballtimvisher: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:31
EriC^^that installs everything13:31
tewardtimvisher: disable the updates repository, apt-get update, then dist-upgrade13:31
tewardEriC^^: kernel security updates won't install without dist-upgrade 'cause they call in new additional packages13:31
EriC^^i know13:31
EriC^^i meant i think he wants to just install the security updates13:32
tewardyes, he does.13:32
tewardunattended-upgrades can do it13:32
tewardbut if he wants to only use apt-get, etc. he'll have a little trickiness there, I think.13:32
timvisherok. that's what i found online. i figured the info had to be old13:35
EriC^^if there are a couple packages you don't want upgraded, maybe put a hold on them13:36
timvisheri wasn't interested in unattended-uprgades because it sounded like it was intended for cron13:36
timvisherand i'm just interested in doing this in a one-off fashion13:37
six86Hello. After inerting "noplymouth" to the boot params my system here is ultra slow. When issuing "date" one can see that one second last roughly 5 seconds. But there is no cpu or RAM load?!13:40
=== emil_ is now known as Guest86204
yoda_./msg NickServ identify abcd123413:45
lyzegood job13:45
DJonesyoda_: New password time13:46
Exagone313use a strong one this time13:46
six86Nice password...13:46
Exagone313a passphrase or one randomly generated13:46
=== Nix is now known as Guest61245
BluesKajyoda_, make your nickerv entry in the server textbox13:48
sudo_suWhat does listen option in zenity do ?13:48
sudo_suDoes it acts as a bridge to pass commands to terminal ?13:49
sudo_suanybody alive ?13:50
chl_hello, has anyone had issues with evolution-ews on 16.04?13:50
k1l_sudo_su: maybe the gnome guys or better the zenity team can answer your questions better than the general ubuntu support13:50
lyze!ask | ch1_13:52
ubottuch1_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:52
chl_silly me, long day, has anyone else had issues with evolution-ews and socket timeouts on 16.04? it worked fine on 15.1013:53
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netoI have a Toshiba SatelitePro R50-B-119 with Windows 7 installed.14:04
netoI am iterested to install in dual boot configuration the new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.14:04
netoBut I could not be able to install the Ubuntu from a DVD or a PEN, and I discover that the possible reason is the computer do not have a BIOS but a UEFI, and to get the installation I have to make changes in the UEFI ( F2, Security, Safe Boot, Avanced, System Configuration, Change boot from UEFI to CSM, F10) and then try to start the installation.14:04
netoHowever, before, I have some questions:14:04
netoa) If I succed to have a good installation with Ubuntu 16.04 I will lose acess to WIN 7 with the CSM boot mode?14:04
netob) Can I run Ubuntu 16.04 with UEFI safe mode?14:04
=== paul_ is now known as Jack56
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bluenemohi guys. I've put this: "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty-backports main restricted universe multiverse" into my /etc/apt/sources.list.d/backports.list, installed the apt-key and did an apt-get upgrade. I'm looking for this packet: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/facter/facter_2.3.0-0ubuntu1_all.deb but it wont show up in apt-cache policy facter14:10
netoSorry about the flood.14:16
tatertotsi was wondering where all this water came from14:16
=== diffra is now known as Guest14718
trajanhi guys, going crazy about a Canon IR 2520, found the drivers, installed, but ubuntu 16.04 and it cannot communicate in any mean: it says "printer inactive" could you please help? I need to work with it and it's been 3 days now. Considering I bought it because I read many times it was perfectly compatible. Thanks14:18
statusfailedI have an "Extended" partition with a LVM partition inside it, and free space immediately following it. How do I expand it to take up the free space (without using gparted)?14:24
=== nerd is now known as Guest92486
tatertotstrajan is that printer supported by HPLIP?...is it connected via USB or network?14:27
DJonestatertots: Not sure if a  Canon printer would be supported by hplip14:28
trajantatertots, no idea, network, answered in pm14:29
tatertotsHPLIP supports other brand of printers, not just HP printers14:29
DJonestatertots: Thanks for the info, must admit I thought it was only for hp printers14:29
tatertotssurprised ...i know right14:30
DJonestatertots: Very surprising14:30
tatertotssee if your printer is supported by HPLIP http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/supported_devices/14:30
trajantatertots, ok checking it now14:31
tatertotsI checked the manufactures support page http://www.canon-europe.com/support/products/imagerunner/imagerunner-2520.aspx?type=download&language=EN&os=LINUX14:32
tatertotswindows/Mac are the only supported OS's14:32
tatertotswhere did you read this printer was supported/compatible?14:33
=== rafael_ is now known as rafaelg
trajantatertots, no man it's even written on the manual, plus I did find the drivers for linux .deb and Installed them!14:33
Palm_premiumtatertots: Is there a specific reason you need this driver, most printers support generic LPD.14:33
GreenPearlsHow are you doing?14:34
trajantatertots, it is seen and recognized, just "inactive" when I try to print (I even read online of ppl who installed it and had it working, just didn't explain how...)14:34
Navy8404HessHas anyone else had a problem trying to install WINE on a 64bit system?14:37
lyzeWorks fine, obviously14:38
lyzewhat's the problem?14:38
lyzeNavy8404Hess, ^14:38
Navy8404HessI am having a problem with broken dependencies.14:38
lyzeCan you send us the logfile, Navy8404Hess ?14:39
GreenPearlsWhat is WINE?14:39
lyze!wine | GreenPearls14:39
ubottuGreenPearls: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu14:39
EriC^^GreenPearls: it's that thing that supposed to get your drunk but instead you get a cold or sick cause of it14:39
lyzeOr that ^^14:39
EriC^^replace drunk with windows and it's the same effect14:39
GreenPearlsIs it a programmers room?14:39
EriC^^it's a windows emulation layer14:39
GreenPearlswow, thank you Eric14:40
Navy8404HessI'm headed over to the winehq support14:40
EriC^^sure GreenPearls14:40
GreenPearlsI'm totally an ignorant about programming stuff14:41
GreenPearlsMaybe I should learn or something  :)14:41
lyzeYou could give it a try, yeah14:41
trajantatertots, these are the output errors, how can I fix it? I don't get much out of this14:41
moat_joeWhat is the date of the EOL for 15.10?, i.e. June Xth?14:44
lyzeThis month14:45
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:45
GreenPearlslyze, where  to start?14:47
lyzeGreenPearls, With wine?14:47
lyzeInstall playonlinux, which is a wrapper and has some preset games with one click installers14:47
maddawg2ok i'm having nothing but issues with the ubuntu firewall i think14:47
maddawg2i just did a fresh install and installed some software with a web interface that i want to access from remote machines but it wont let me14:48
tatertotsby removing one of them and repeating the print job to determine what errors persist after there are no duplicates14:48
maddawg2i tried to do sudo ufw allow <port number>14:48
moat_joelyze, end of month?14:48
GreenPearlsNo I meant with programming14:48
maddawg2and it shows as allowed from anywhere when i run "sudo ufw status"14:48
lyzemoat_joe, I guess so14:49
GreenPearlsI need a basic information14:49
maddawg2but still nothing is loading14:49
EriC^^maddawg2: ufw is disabled by default14:49
maddawg2not in 16.0414:49
EriC^^Jack56: uncomplicated firewall14:49
Jack56load ufw14:49
lyzeGreenPearls, Ahh. I guess you'd choose a programming language first. Maybe python is a great language for you since it's pretty easy to learn, powerful and can create lots of different apps including games and stuff.14:49
GreenPearlsAs If I understand what a wrapper is .. I'm zero knowledge  but I'm a good learner14:49
lyzeBut you'd need to look around and try stuff out14:49
EriC^^maddawg2: yes it is, try sudo iptables -S14:49
lyzeGreenPearls, There a great online tutorials, even complete websites which are dedicated to help people with programming. (Can't recommend you one though)14:50
GreenPearlsGreat, should i download certain books about phyton? or YouTube videos?14:50
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:52
rypervencheGreenPearls: There are different people talking to different people. The WINE and wrapper talk were not meant for you. :)14:55
tme5GreenPearls, I learnt how to program Ruby with why's poignant guide to ruby. Might not work for all, as it is a very strange read :P14:57
maddawg2EriC^^, http://imgur.com/I8TuGbD14:58
maddawg2thats a screenshot of my iptables -S output14:58
tme5i would recommend ruby or python for a first language. i recommend finding a recent book or other credible guide14:58
EriC^^maddawg2: ok, it's default and everything is set to accept14:59
EriC^^what's actually not working14:59
EriC^^mit has a book and tutorial coursework on python14:59
EriC^^in the freeware section14:59
EriC^^GreenPearls: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/intro-programming/15:00
NartaHow to make own OS based in Ubuntu?15:00
GreenPearlsThank you tem15:00
NartaOr Linux Mint?15:00
Palm_premiummaddawg2: Can you confirm your webinterface is not just listenintg on localhost or check with netstat -tupen |grep :<port>15:01
EriC^^GreenPearls: there's a python specific intro course there15:01
Palm_premiummaddawg2: meant netstat -tupan |grep :<PORT>15:01
GreenPearlsEric, thank you ever so much ... checking15:01
NartaHEy any?15:03
GreenPearlsHey dear15:04
GreenPearlsHow are you,Narta?15:04
NartaEric^^, ?15:04
EriC^^there was a factoid for that Narta15:04
NartaGreenPearls, mybad15:05
BluesKajGreenPearls,  do you have an ubuntu question ?15:05
maddawg2Palm_premium, pretty sure it's not the web interface as even ssh doesnt work15:05
BluesKajNarta,  you're not bad , mistaken perhaps, thta's all15:05
EriC^^maddawg2: check /var/log/syslog for anything15:06
EriC^^usually it'll say there it got a connection and dropped it, /var/log/auth.log maybe15:06
GreenPearlsBlue,  hey there well I don't know if you gonna believe me I dunno what does Ubuntu mean15:06
NartaAnyone how to create own OS?15:07
BluesKaj!ubuntu | GreenPearls15:07
ubottuGreenPearls: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com15:07
GreenPearlsI've discovered that this group is related to programming15:07
debidiNarta: like assembling your own distro LFS-style kind of thing or actually coding a kernel and a libc etc..15:08
GreenPearlsThank you for explaining.. what is a hmm Linux?15:08
EriC^^debidi: i think he wants to make his own ubuntu-based distro, like a spin off15:08
NartaOS LIKE MINT15:08
EriC^^Narta Os15:09
BluesKajGreenPearls,  Ubuntu is a linux operating system like Windows 7 is a Microsoft Operating system15:09
GreenPearlsBlue, thank you for explaining, I do appreciate your help15:10
tme5GreenPearls, Linux is a kernel, the part of an OS that talks to the hardware15:10
BluesKajGreenPearls,  do you understand?15:10
EriC^^Narta: found it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DerivativeDistroHowto15:10
tme5and Ubuntu is an OS that uses Linux15:10
GreenPearlsYes its same like windows 7 and xp15:10
debidiin that case what I would do is debootstrap a minimal ubuntu or debian system and add what I need using apt/dpkg15:10
tme5those are both OSes, yes15:10
GreenPearlstm, thank you :))15:10
NartaAnd Trademarks?15:11
therealtbelubuntu install, my monitor keeps turning off after some time (10 minutes?)   how do I disable this ?15:11
GreenPearlsI will stay here for a while to learn from you if you don't mind me joining15:11
EriC^^Narta: it explains everything in the page15:11
tme5GreenPearls, there are better places to learn about programming :)15:11
EriC^^Narta: follow the links about the trademark policy there15:12
tme5this is mostly a support channel for ubuntu-related questions15:12
=== spideynn is now known as Guest62626
NartaI cant sell it ?15:13
EriC^^Narta: i'm not a lawyer :)15:13
EriC^^BluesKaj: are you sure about that?15:13
NartaAnd Zorin OS?15:13
tewardNarta: ZorinOS is offtopic here15:13
tewardwe don't have insight into that project15:13
debidii think you can try chargig for it then  wait for the suka who bites.. yea perfectly legal15:13
BluesKajEriC^^,  let's not give them any ideas :-)15:14
tewardNarta: that said, you're going to be wanting to talk to a lawyer to answer your questions about trademark policy, and legal questions.15:14
Nartaok my OS will be illegal then :)15:14
EriC^^BluesKaj: free world :)15:14
Palm_premiummaddawg2: You do have a working internet connection on that machine? Also when you try to connect too the webinterface/ssh are you on the same network or is there a firewall in between (, this might be the case on large company/organization networks).15:15
NartaBut Mint use Ubuntu trademak?15:15
EriC^^just recursively use sed 's/ubuntu/Narta/g' and you should be ok15:15
EriC^^watch the monies come15:15
BluesKaj!ot | Narta15:15
ubottuNarta: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:15
NartaEriC^^,  You about open source?15:16
maddawg2Palm_premium, i am on the same network and i can ping it and access my ohter devices from the ubuntu machine15:16
NartaThis command15:16
maddawg2it seems that ubuntu is blocking it15:16
Nartastop stop15:17
NartaI mean SOURCE CODE15:17
Nartased no will work with the .debs15:17
EriC^^Narta: it was a joke15:17
shincodex2008 jimi_hendrix in messageboards is a total noob.15:21
Palm_premiummaddawg2: If you are being blocked by the firewall it should be logged in /var/log/kern.log or /var/log/messages15:21
Palm_premiummaddawg2: could you also check /etc/hosts.deny if there are any entries?15:21
Palm_premium /set bell_beeps15:23
NartaHow to install remastersys?15:24
maddawg2Palm_premium, i'm checking now.. sorry it's taking awhile i'm having to use the vm console15:25
maddawg2this ubuntu machine is on a home network so now firewall really between them (other than router) but all local traffic is allowed15:25
maddawg2and interestingly if i do ubuntu 14.04 and install the same packages they all work no problme15:26
maddawg2even ssh15:26
maddawg2important to note that this is a fresh install too15:26
EriC^^maddawg2: maybe it's a systemd thing?15:27
EriC^^the init system15:27
maddawg2well the services work from localhost15:27
maddawg2like if i ssh into localhost works fine15:27
maddawg2and web interfaces all work via localhost15:28
EriC^^does something depend on the conventional eth0 naming?15:28
maddawg2it's a fresh install15:28
maddawg2and all i did was sudo apt-get install openssh-server15:28
maddawg2that was the first thing i did and that didnt work15:28
EriC^^try a simple server15:28
naccmaddawg2: you just said ssh into localhost works fine? so openssh-server works, afaict?15:28
EriC^^nc -lvp 909015:29
maddawg2from localhost nacc15:29
maddawg2but not from other machines15:29
maddawg2which is why i immediately assumed firewall15:29
yeticryyooooooo! my dell 7559 can not install ubuntu 16.04 lts. the DE crashed on startup. dmesg shown the libmutter.so SIGFAULT.15:29
yeticryhow can i fix that?15:29
naccmaddawg2: ah ok, but still, i think that means openssh-server installed fine (otherwise ssh localhost also would fail)15:29
NartaHow to install remastersys?15:29
maddawg2yes as do i'15:29
naccmaddawg2: nothing relevant in the logs? (sorry had to reboot a second ago)15:30
EriC^^maddawg2: try nc -lvp 9090  , and from another terminal type nc localhost 909015:30
naccNarta: is that a command? i don't see it in ubuntu15:30
Palm_premiummaddawg2: By default I dont think port 22 is blocked by the local firewall15:30
Nartanacc, http://www.remastersys.org/15:30
Palm_premiummaddawg2: what is the error you get when sshing from remote?15:31
maddawg2connection refused15:31
yeticryso Intel+NVIDIA is still buggy on 16.04 ?15:31
maddawg2same with apache15:31
naccNarta: seems like you'd read their webpage or github pages to find out. Or ask them on IRC.15:31
naccNarta: not an Ubuntu support topic15:32
G-Rayyeticry: I installed 16.04 on a intel + nvidia 950 without any probleme15:32
yeticryhi, how? any tips?15:32
naccyeticry: what version of ubuntu?15:32
Palm_premiumcould you just add someting like iptables -I INPUT 1-s <IP> -j ACCEPT15:32
yeticryUbuntu 16.04 LTS15:32
naccyeticry: oh i see, 16.0415:32
naccyeticry: sorry about that15:32
yeticrymachine is Dell 755915:32
Palm_premiummaddawg2: could you just add someting like iptables -I INPUT 1-s <IP> -j ACCEPT and test if that solves it15:32
yeticryModel is Ins15P-274815:33
Palm_premiummaddawg2: should be "iptables -I INPUT 1 -s <IP> -j ACCEPT"15:33
maddawg2Palm_premium, whats the difference between ufw and iptables?15:33
maddawg2it seems ufw is running on mine by default15:33
Palm_premiummaddawg2: ufw is a frontend to iptables15:33
Palm_premiumiptables -nL does not produce long lists of output?15:34
maddawg2cuz ufw was enabled at a fresh install15:34
naccyeticry: is it related to LP: #143469815:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1434698 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome-shell segfault blaming libmutter in vertical screen configuration" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143469815:34
yeticryhi G-Ray, how do you install ubuntu with dual graphics card?15:34
EriC^^maddawg2: it shouldn't be enabled, is this ubuntu or a derivative?15:34
yeticrythanks nacc.15:34
yeticrythank you.15:34
Palm_premiummaddawg2: Just googled ufw and it is indeed a frontend to iptables15:34
naccyeticry: not a lot of detail, unfortunately. There are similar bugs in ever distro, it seems though :/15:35
maddawg2EriC^^, it's literally a fresh install of ubuntu 16.04 desktop15:35
G-Rayyeticry: only nvidia card was used15:35
maddawg2very first thing i did was install openssh15:35
maddawg2and then this happened15:35
naccyeticry: the workaround in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1250128#c7  might be worth trying?15:35
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1250128 in gnome-shell "segfault in libmutter.so.0.0.0" [High,Closed: duplicate]15:35
yeticryi will try now.15:35
Palm_premiummaddawg2: could you check what ip ssh is bound to in the config?15:35
yeticryreinstall again.15:35
maddawg2Palm_premium, listen address is commented out as it is on all  my linux machines15:36
maddawg2it looks precisely the same15:37
maddawg2also apache2 doesnt work15:37
maddawg2literally nothing from another machine works15:37
Palm_premiummaddawg2: can you disable ufw/iptables?15:37
maddawg2tried that too15:38
maddawg2it worked after a reboot15:38
maddawg2but then it stgopped working suddenly15:38
yeticryany error in apache2's error.log?15:38
maddawg2give me a minute15:39
naccthat seems highly suspect -- that it works and then stops working (randomly). Is your cable loose? :)15:39
maddawg2based on the symptoms i really think it's firewall related.. i mean al lservices work exactly as they should15:39
maddawg2nacc if that were the case then all my VMs wouldnt work15:39
maddawg2and i wouldnt be able to get to my VM15:39
maddawg2it's a vm guest on a vmware esxi server with 8 other guests15:40
maddawg2and i can ping the machine fine15:40
naccmaddawg2: i don't believe you said that before; not sure how I would have known that15:40
maddawg2i sent a screenshot15:40
naccmaddawg2: so of 9 guests, 1 fails?15:40
Palm_premiummaddawg2: i take it you alread tried to open the port using ufw? "sudo ufw allow <PORT>", port 80 443 and 22 should be open15:40
maddawg2and the only one running 16.0415:40
maddawg2i even created a new VM of ubuntu 14.04 since i had an ISO for it15:40
maddawg2installed everything no issue15:40
maddawg2and loaded everything no issue15:40
maddawg2Palm_premium, yea i did that15:41
naccmaddawg2: can the host access the guest (over ssh)?15:41
maddawg2if i do sudo ufw show15:41
maddawg2it shows all the poprts i specified as allow from anywhere15:41
maddawg2what do you mean?15:41
Palm_premiummaddawg2: It seems unlikely, but it could also be the outgoing firewall on your client15:41
maddawg2my client?15:41
maddawg2has no firewall15:42
naccmaddawg2: i've never used vmware, but in a kvm hosting environment, presuming your guests have routable IPs, i can ssh from the host to the guest15:42
maddawg2and it doesnt work from any of my linux machines15:42
maddawg2nacc yes i can do that but not to the machine in question15:42
maddawg2connection is refused15:42
maddawg2i can however ssh into all other linux machines on my vm15:42
naccmaddawg2: are you trying to ssh in as root?15:42
yeticrytry this? sudo ufw allow Apache15:42
maddawg2nacc no15:42
Palm_premiummaddawg2: What virtualization software are you running and what is the type of nic thats been configured?15:42
maddawg2i dont even get to the login screen15:42
naccmaddawg2: login screen? you're using ssh...15:43
maddawg2Palm_premium, i am running vmware esxi 6.015:43
maddawg2yes i am aware15:43
maddawg2i am using putty15:43
maddawg2you enter ip and port15:43
maddawg2get the login prompt15:43
maddawg2but i dont ever get the login prompt15:43
Palm_premiummaddawg2: are you using a NATed nic?15:43
maddawg2connection is refused15:43
maddawg2Palm_premium, no such thing in vmware esxi15:43
maddawg2it's all bridgred15:43
maddawg2vmware esxi isnt capable of nat15:43
maddawg2the guest gets an ip from my router15:44
maddawg2i can get to the internet15:44
Palm_premiummaddawg2: awesome, that caused me heaps of trouble in the past.15:44
maddawg2i can access all network resources from guest15:44
maddawg2but none of my other drevices can access that guest15:44
maddawg2tho the guest responds to pings15:44
maddawg2i mean have my home NFS mounted on the guest right now15:44
maddawg2and thats a whole seperate device15:45
naccmaddawg2: two NICs in the guest?15:47
maddawg2just one15:47
maddawg2i'm just gonna give up15:47
maddawg2it's been 2 days of this crap with 16.0415:47
maddawg2everything under it works perfectly fine15:47
maddawg2i'm gonna do a fresh install of 16.04 and try every damn step over again15:48
maddawg2i've installed hundreds of linux guests in the past and this is literally the ONLY one that refuses external connections15:48
EriC^^maddawg2: try nc -lvp 909015:49
EriC^^then nc localhost 9090 in another terminal15:49
Xinmaddawg2; so whats different between this vm and your others?15:49
maddawg2Xin nothing15:49
maddawg2except this one has 16.0415:49
Xinright, so some things15:49
maddawg2in fact if i wipe this one and install 14.04 it works fine15:49
Xinincluding various configurations15:49
EriC^^maddawg2: nc <ip> 9090 on the other machine i mean15:49
maddawg2EriC^^, what?15:50
maddawg2from another linux machine?15:50
Xinso, its 99% likely your firewall or, you installed a dns server, or made other relevant changes15:50
EriC^^from the external pc you're connecting from15:50
Xin99.999 even15:50
maddawg2Xin no i'm using IP so not DNS involved15:50
maddawg2also I have no firewall15:50
maddawg2it's a home network15:50
buzziganghello mec15:50
Xindoesnt 16 come with a firewall by default15:50
maddawg2Thats what i said15:51
maddawg2and everyone said NO i was wrong15:51
EriC^^no, it's disabled by default15:51
maddawg2that it'd disabled by default15:51
Xinfuck what people SAY, check15:51
maddawg2but i can attest that it is in fact not15:51
maddawg2i did15:51
maddawg2and it shows as running15:51
maddawg2and i added the accepted ports15:51
Xinok, well, you know to a 100% certainty15:51
buzzigangplease a tale one probleme of my ubuntu distribution15:51
maddawg2and then i rebooted and it worked once15:51
maddawg2then all of the sudden stopped15:51
Xinthat the problem lies in the differences between 14 and 1615:51
buzziganghelp me please15:51
maddawg2that's my guess15:52
maddawg2that's what i concluded15:52
nacc!help | buzzigang15:52
ubottubuzzigang: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:52
maddawg2but cant figure out what15:52
Xinits not a guess if installing 14 worked15:52
Xinskim the change logs of 15 and 1615:52
maddawg2i did15:52
naccmaddawg2: have you tried installing 14.04 on the exact same VM?15:52
maddawg2and nothing about firewall15:52
maddawg2nacc yep15:52
EriC^^Xin: his problem is intermittent though15:52
maddawg2no issue15:52
maddawg2no it was intermitten ONCE15:52
naccmaddawg2: does it work on every reboot?15:52
EriC^^"a restart fixed it, then suddenly"15:52
maddawg2yes that one time it fixed15:52
maddawg2then all of the sudden it stopped15:53
maddawg2and never worked again after15:53
maddawg2despite the firewall rules being the exact same15:53
EriC^^maddawg2: well you haven't been very cooperative with us15:53
Xindo a clean install of ubuntu server mini.iso15:53
maddawg2what do you mean?15:53
* nacc blames vmware and walks away :)15:53
Xinselect no packages15:53
Xinsee if that works any better15:53
maddawg2i've been very cooperative15:53
maddawg2i sent logs15:53
maddawg2and screenshots15:53
EriC^^maddawg2: did you check /var/log/syslog and /var/log/auth.log?15:53
maddawg2nothing in them from remote connections15:54
maddawg2i'd paste them if i could ssh in15:54
naccmaddawg2: you don't have console to your VM?15:54
EriC^^can you ping the ip?15:54
maddawg2i do15:54
maddawg2but cant copy and paste from a vm console15:54
naccmaddawg2: that sounds like a bad console.15:54
maddawg2EriC^^, yes pinging works fine15:54
maddawg2no vmware server can do that15:54
* nacc returns to blaming vmware and walking further away15:55
maddawg2there is no copy and paste on a vmserver cuz your client doesnt pass clipboard15:55
EriC^^maybe vmware has some firewall of it's own or something?15:55
maddawg2no firewall in vmware esxi15:55
maddawg2it's simply passive15:55
maddawg2the host doresnt even have the ability to NAT or assign IP addresses15:55
maddawg2it attaches EVERYTHING to your own router15:55
maddawg2and passes it through just like a physical PC15:56
maddawg2i can ping the guest15:56
maddawg2and the guest can access all my home srervers and my synology is working fine on it15:56
maddawg2but connecting to the guest from any machine is refused15:56
maddawg2i am going to do a fresh install right now and try all over again15:56
therealtbelubuntu install, my monitor keeps turning off after some time (10 minutes?)   how do I disable this ?15:57
EriC^^maddawg2: try nc for a sec15:57
therealtbeI have already disabled DPMS and it still turns off the monitor15:57
therealtbewhy is it turning off the monitor15:57
EriC^^it's a simple test to see if you can connect15:58
maddawg2EriC^^, just a sec firing up my machine again15:58
maddawg2i reset ufw to default config15:58
yeticryor just sudo apt-get purge ufw?15:58
maddawg2well i dont want to dump that as i do want a firewall eventually15:59
ioriatherealtbe, are you forced to reboot  it or what ?15:59
maddawg2it'd be bad not to have any15:59
therealtbeioria:  no, after 10 minutes of inactivity the monitor powers off,  if I move the mouse or keyboard it wakes back up16:00
maddawg2EriC^^, whats the nc command you want me to try?16:00
EriC^^maddawg2: nc -lvp 909016:00
maddawg2from another PC right?16:00
EriC^^on the host, and nc <ip> 9090 on the client that's trying to connect16:00
ioriatherealtbe,  ctrl + alt + L  , gives you same effect ?16:00
therealtbeioria:   xset -q   says DPMS is disabled    http://paste.ubuntu.com/18711021/16:00
naccmaddawg2: wehre host is your 'broken' VM16:00
naccmaddawg2: and client is any other system in your network, aiui16:01
ioriatherealtbe,  ctrl + alt + L  , gives you same effect ?16:01
therealtbeioria:  it is a kiosk and all ctrl+alt keymappings have been disabled...16:01
nacctherealtbe: maybe check under settings -> power (at least on ubuntu gnome, not sure generally) to see if a blank screen timeout is turned on?16:02
ioriatherealtbe,  idk then .  i had big issues with light-locker and light-locker-settings  on lubuntu16:02
therealtbenacc:  it is lubuntu and there is no such thing.  is that controled by a config file somewhere that I can look?16:02
maddawg2nacc just flashing cursor from client right now16:03
maddawg2think it's gonna refuse16:03
nacctherealtbe: it'd be DM/DE specific, i think16:03
maddawg2no error yet16:03
therealtbenacc nacc:   I see from xset that it says Screen saver   prefer blanking:  yes16:03
EriC^^maddawg2: on the host it said it's listening fine16:03
Palm_premiummaddawg2: I wish you the best of luck with this very interesting pain in the arse problem, but I am signing off.16:03
nacctherealtbe: hrm, i guess that could be it, and would probably related to what ioria said about lightlocker?16:04
maddawg2EriC^^, actually the host shows that it accepted it16:04
maddawg2shows the IP of the machine i'm connecting from16:04
EriC^^maddawg2: nice16:04
maddawg2so that worked16:04
maddawg2wtf is up with the other stuff tho16:04
ioriatherealtbe,  light-locker should be installed by default on lubuntu 16.04 ---- dpkg -l light-locker ?16:04
maddawg2so strange16:04
EriC^^ok, so it's an ssh/apache config issue16:04
therealtbeioria:  nacc   I have completely purged lightlocker from the system16:04
maddawg2and webmin16:04
maddawg2and plex?16:04
maddawg2and every other remote service?16:04
EriC^^maddawg2: try sudo service ssh stop16:05
ioriatherealtbe,  dpkg -l gnome-screensaver16:05
EriC^^then sudo nc -lvp 2216:05
EriC^^to see if it's port specific16:05
therealtbeioria:  nacc sorry 14.04 LTS  I should have mentioned.   I removed lightlocker.    I have set   xset s off    to disable screensaver, and xset -dpms  to disable dpms.16:05
maddawg2no it accepted it16:06
therealtbeioria:  nacc    removing gnome-screensaver now16:06
ioriatherealtbe,  have you installed other  screensaver  , like xscreensaver ?16:07
EriC^^maddawg2: try with ssh -vvv16:07
maddawg2so start the ssh service again?16:07
therealtbeioria:  nacc:  no other screensaver packages installed.16:08
WDAE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.16:10
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XinWDA; okay.jpg16:11
WDAwhat to do?16:11
XinIt tells you?16:12
WDAit wan rewrite grub16:12
Xinlike, directly?16:12
Xinlol grub? what?16:12
Xinare you high again16:12
WDA Configuring grub-pc16:12
KramerboyHello, is it safe to shut down PC while rsync is still running as a client? Last night I did this without killing rsync beforehand16:12
WDAWindows in terminal16:12
naccWDA: did you interrupt dpkg?16:13
WDAnacc, yes16:13
ioriatherealtbe,  if you removed light-locker and screensaver... it can't time out ... am i right ?16:13
naccWDA: why?16:13
naccWDA: if you want help, please provide actual answers.16:13
naccWDA: and if you don't want to, then just do what dpkg told you.16:14
therealtbeioria:  that is what I thought,  and I disabled screensaver, and disable dpms.   but it still does, thus I am here and perplexed16:15
ioriatherealtbe,  disable != removed16:15
WDAnacc, I not want rewrite grub16:15
ramrebolHi. When I open a folder (ex: /home/user/) always shows the hidden files. The option: 'view -> hidden hidden files' fix the problem during the currently session, but when I reboot I have the same problem. There exists a way to do not show hidden files permanentely?16:16
therealtbeioria:  I just removed gnome-power-manager and upower,  seeing if that fixes it16:16
varaindemianI don;t know why but my desktop is stuck. I can not interact with it. Right click isn;t working, desktop image doesn;t change16:17
therealtberamrebol:     gsettings get org.gnome.nautilus.preferences show-hidden-files16:18
ramrebolthanks therealtbe !!   look like the solution that I need.16:21
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varaindemianI don;t know why but my desktop is stuck. I can not interact with it. Right click isn;t working, desktop image doesn;t change16:26
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Cocacolaaaye tejaswi16:27
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WulfWhere can I find checksums + signatures for the mini.iso in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ ?16:29
Wulfnever mind.16:30
Wulfparent dir.16:30
PiciWulf: they're also on the minimal wiki page16:31
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rafakinalgun@ ha probado gps usp??16:34
rafakinens raspberry16:35
varaindemianI don;t know why but my desktop is stuck. I can not interact with it. Right click isn;t working, desktop image doesn;t change16:35
varaindemianCan someone help me out?16:35
Xinvarikonniemi; can you change to a tty?16:36
varikonniemiin vm or host?16:37
Sohrontext console16:37
varikonniemii think you tabcompleted wrog :d16:37
Sohronvaraindemian was the target /me thinks16:38
meshuggahhello, i try to install wine, but it dont work, i get this error message : http://pastebin.com/7rjWWTZ8    does someone can help me?16:46
naccmeshuggah: you appear to be using a PPA16:49
naccmeshuggah: contact the PPA owner or purge that PPA; PPAs are not supported in this channel16:49
=== Cocacola is now known as Mirinda
meshuggahnacc, but do you know how to help me?16:50
naccmeshuggah: it's something with the PPAs packages, presumably. There is no "wine1.8" package in Ubuntu.16:51
meshuggahnacc, is there a common solution for unmet package that cannot be installed?16:52
meshuggahjust something to give me a hint of an answer16:52
=== coffeeguy is now known as coffeeagent
naccmeshuggah: you could try adding those packages to the install line, that's as much help as I can give. But it's not a good sign the PPA doesn't work, and I wouldn't trust it.16:53
meshuggahokay, thank you for your time16:53
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elspruhow do I stop it from updating firefox? because the latest versions don't have working sound.16:59
elsprubut every time I do apt-get upgrade it updates firefox, and then I have this cumbersome process of uninstalling it and installling an old (working) version of firefox16:59
naccelspru: you will want to look at pinning17:00
naccelspru: but you also should file a bug or see if one is already filed for that issue17:00
nacc!pinning | elspru17:00
ubottuelspru: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto17:00
virushotstar not working in ubuntu17:05
virusany help17:05
Mirinda/ban virus17:06
tortibHow can I get compiz effects in gnome3 classic?17:06
naccvirus: is that from an ubuntu package? if not, contact the maintainer/owner of the program17:06
Mirindainstall compiz17:06
Mirindahotstar is an android app !17:07
Mirindafor online Indian television channels17:08
nacctortib: quick cursory reading implies that compiz isn't compatible with gnome3 (there is its own compositing manager in gnome3 (mutter?))17:09
MirindaBtw how do I build a package ?17:09
wingerHey guys, I've a bit of questions about Ubuntu executables. I've heard that Ubuntu sees the first few bytes to determine the type of it. Why are the executables compiled by me shown as a shared lib in Ubuntu GUI file manager? It can't even execute from file manager (Says no application for this) but runs fine from terminal.17:10
naccMirinda: that's a very general question, `dpkg-buildpackage` or `debuild`.17:10
naccwinger: the first statement is a Linux statement, not an Ubuntu-specific one, btw.17:11
popeywinger: depends how you built it17:12
naccwinger: what is an "executable" in this context? what did you build?17:12
nacctortib: you could try installing compizconfig-settings-manager, though17:13
tortibnacc, ty17:14
wingernacc: Yeah that was a typo. It's just a hello world program built using the Rust compiler. "file test" shows that it's an ELF 64-bit shared object, x86-64 version 1. But when I right click and see the properties, it shows an application/x-sharedlib. I'm totally new to linux so please bear with me :)17:14
tortibnacc, wouldn't i have to use compiz as the window manager then?17:15
tortibnacc, can I do that in gnome3 classic?17:15
nacctortib: i'm genuinely not sure :)17:15
tortibnacc, i'm having a problem with lightdm17:15
naccwinger: it says "shared object" or "ELF... executable" when you run `file` ?17:15
tortibsomething in my home dir is causing lightdm to show a black screen when I boot up, I have to switch to a tty and then back to lightdm in order to see the login screen.  Then when I login it takes a long long time to bring the desktop up, almost 5min.17:15
naccwinger: if it says "shared object", then both `file` and the file manager are agreeing17:16
MirindaIs unity 2d available for 16.04 ?17:16
naccMirinda: no, I believe it is deprecated17:16
naccMirinda: well, unsupported, rather17:16
DArqueBishopnacc: admittedly, I'd like to see Unity 2D still be supported, as the current version of Unity won't work with X2Go.17:16
wingernacc: Why doesn't it run normally when I double click it tho?17:17
winger"There is no application installed for “shared library” files."17:17
naccDArqueBishop: is there a bug filed? :)17:17
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naccwinger: because it's not an executable (if `file` outputted what you said)17:17
naccwinger: not a normal executable, at least17:18
DArqueBishopnacc: I have no idea.17:18
=== Surfer is now known as surf
debidiusually because shared libs are application17:19
naccDArqueBishop: Mirinda: looking at unity changelog, it seems unity2d transitional packages were removed in 16.0417:20
wetwipesI went to use traceroute and was prompted to install it. It gives the option of "inetutils-traceroute" or "traceroute" - what's the difference?17:20
MirindaWere there any reported issues with it ?17:21
naccMirinda: i don't know17:22
DArqueBishopnacc: from what I'm reading, it's Unity's hardware acceleration requirement that prevents X2Go from using it properly.17:22
tortibnacc, any idea?17:22
tortibnacc, I got disconnected17:22
naccwetwipes: different upstream projects17:22
CountryfiedLinuxHow do I remove all the lenses at the bottom of the menu?17:22
naccDArqueBishop: ah, i guess i could see that17:22
naccwinger: if you want some further help, maybe pastebin `file path/to/executable` and evidence that `./path/to/exeuctable` launches it17:23
nacctortib: sorry not really; sounds abnormal. Could you try creating a new user and seeing if it happens to that user?17:23
tortibnacc, with a new user it doesn't happen, it's something in my home dir, I've cleared out the cache and it still does it.17:24
nacctortib: clearing out what cache?17:25
tortibnacc, ~/.cache17:25
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nacctortib: i would assume it's a config (so in .config) rather than a .cache value; but hard to say. You could try `mv ~/.config ~/.config.bak` as a test and see if it helps?17:25
wingernacc: Properties: http://prntscr.com/bq157q    file path and ./path: http://prntscr.com/bq152v17:28
tortibnacc, fixed it! :D17:28
naccwinger: yeah, so a normal executable (as understood by the GUI stuff, I assume too) is a "executable" to `file`17:28
wetwipesnacc, thanks17:29
naccwinger: i assume this is something rust does, which i don't know much about17:29
tortibnacc, still one more problem, when I log out I get a blank screen and I have to switch to a tty then back to lightdm to get a login screen.17:29
wingerI see. Thanks for the help nacc, I'll ask them17:29
nacctortib: note you might have lost some of your configuration bits, which are now ~/.config.bak ... so you could try to restore bit-by-bit. Or just ignore it if you didn't have much customziation17:29
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tortibnacc, nah i'm using my .config i deleted some stuff in there that I don't use17:30
tortibnow it works17:30
tortibnacc, please read my previous problem tho maybe you can help with that too17:30
tortibnacc, i'm using nvidia-36717:30
nacctortib: i have no experience with nvidia, unfortunately17:30
nacctortib: does anything show up in syslog when you logout?17:31
nacctortib: or Xorg.0.log17:31
Hacker432Hi guys17:45
Hacker432I've a question for you17:45
baizonHacker432: and what is that question?17:46
MirindaQuestion is: who is the founder of facebook17:46
naccMirinda: please stop that.17:46
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tortibnacc, long wait again when logging into gnome3 classic17:49
tortibit just started doing it again17:49
Hacker432I have a dual boot and I use Ubuntu most of the time for development. Since I finished space on the main partition I created a second partition with Gparted reducing windows one so I can sync sources(about 30GB) on that new partition but until now I compiled in /home mount point, how can I execute all commands an make the new partition permissions same as /home?17:49
nacctortib: really not sure, sorry ... does it go away aagain if you backup .config like before?17:50
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tortibnacc, yes17:50
DArqueBishopHacker432: does your system use LVM?17:50
nacctortib: very strange, maybe someone else can help debug17:53
ubuntu759my samsung monitor supports 1366x768  resolution.. but no option in the display settings17:54
ubuntu759how to go about this17:54
DArqueBishopHacker432: I'd rather you answer in public rather than PM or notice.17:54
Hacker432ok sorry ^^17:55
=== offworld-colonie is now known as offworldcolonies
naccubuntu759: does xrandr indicate that is a possible resolution?17:55
ubuntu759how to check it17:56
naccubuntu759: run `xrandr` and see what the output says17:56
ubuntu759it is not showing17:56
ubuntu759max 32767x3276717:57
naccubuntu759: that is the X configuration; not your device17:57
DArqueBishopHacker432: I suppose the quickest way would be to run "sudo pvdisplay". If there are no physical volumes defined, then the answer is no.17:57
naccubuntu759: can you pastebin the output of `xrandr` ?17:58
Hacker432This is the output of the fstab, could it be usefull? http://hastebin.com/eyiqatiwex.vala17:58
ubuntu759here u go17:59
naccubuntu759: it would appear that the combination of whatever graphics driver you are currently using + monitor EDID (aiui) doesn't support that resolution. I'd take a look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log for any errors/warnings about the resolution18:00
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Hacker432pvdisplay command not found18:00
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ubuntu759once my screen monitor was detected as samsung monitor18:01
ubuntu759but now its not happening18:01
naccHacker432: not sure i understand your original question: "how can I execute all commands an make the new partition permissions same as /home" ?18:01
naccHacker432: what commands are you referring to?18:02
ubuntu759is there any way to change my resolution to 1366x76818:02
naccubuntu759: what do you mean "once"? before? did you make some change recently?18:02
Hacker432all ubuntu commands, but now that I think it's obivious that I can run commands from everywhere. Regarding permissions now the owner of the partition is root18:03
naccHacker432: still not sure i understand -- what does a partition have to do with the commands you run? I guess you've answerd that part :)18:04
naccHacker432: do you mean the mount point?18:04
naccHacker432: partitions don't have owners18:04
naccHacker432: how do you mount the new partition?18:04
NantaUbuntu Costumization Kit and Remastersys - Bouth is died! How create own OS now?18:08
Hacker432see this http://imgur.com/a/QOM1H (sorry for the language ^^) it should be mounted in /media?18:08
NantaEriC^^, ?18:09
naccHacker432: ok so it's mounted to /media/thunderblockit, afaict18:10
naccHacker432: did you run `mount` for that to happen, or did it get automounted?18:11
Hacker432so, it is the problem, now, what mount point should i choose?18:11
Hacker432If I'm not wrong I mounted it with gparted, I did it few days ago18:11
tortibnacc, I ended up deleting ~/.config and starting over.  Still have the lightdm problem no matter which nvidia driver I try.18:13
tortibnacc, how can I switch to gdm3?18:13
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NantaHey Any?18:14
timvisheri have a weird situation where start-stop-daemon fails to start the process when i `--chuid user` that doesn't fail when i remove that option. are there any good gotcha's i can be looking for?18:14
timvisherthe user definitely exists (i login as it)18:15
timvisherthe user also owns most of the files in play (the executable, the target log files, etc.)18:15
naccHacker432: do you mean partitioned it with gparted? does gparted let you specify the mountpoint too?18:15
naccHacker432: the mountpoint isn't the problem, afaict, it's permissions?18:15
naccNanta: creating your own OS isn't really an Ubuntu support topic18:16
Hacker432No, it didn't18:16
NantaWhat to use?18:17
nacc!ot | Nanta18:17
ubottuNanta: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:17
naccHacker432: can you pastebin the output of `mount` ?18:17
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temhaahello there18:18
temhaaDo you have experience with kvm18:18
nacctemhaa: who are you addressing? many people have experience with kvm18:19
Hacker432here it is http://hastebin.com/oyulurafux.hs18:19
temhaanacc: It's about virtualization and I am living problem virtualization networking(in kvm)18:20
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nacctemhaa: you can ask here, and we might tell you to ask in a kvm channel, or in #ubuntu-server18:21
naccDArqueBishop: do you know how to read that gvfs output for mount that Hacker432 just pasted?18:22
timvisherlooks like it might be a problem with permissions18:22
temhaanacc: thanks I tried in kvm channel but the channel is very quiet. I will ask to ubuntu-server. thanks again18:22
soeehow can i copy all files and dires in current folder to different folder ?18:22
DArqueBishopnacc: I understand it. I guess my questions become a) where does he want it to be mounted, and b) what sort of permissions is he looking for?18:23
freecoder_soee: use ctrl+A to select all files and folders in the current folder18:24
naccDArqueBishop: timvisher: thanks, mind helping them out when they return? i have to step away18:24
soeefreecoder_: i mean from cli18:24
freecoder_soee: use 'cp -r'18:24
freecoder_see 'man cp' for more information18:24
naccsoee: `cp -R /path/to/folder1 /path/to/folder2` ? But read the manpage to know what to specify for both paths18:24
naccfreecoder_: ^518:25
DArqueBishopnacc, I'd actually use -a instead of -R, because it preserves permissions, etc. as best as possible when copying.18:25
naccDArqueBishop: good point, i hit backspace one too many times (i use -a as well)18:26
freecoder_agree. -a seems a very good option. wonder i have never used it before18:26
DArqueBishopHacker432: I guess my questions go to you. Where do you want the new partition to be mounted, and what permissions were you expecting them to have?18:28
Hacker432I don't know which mount point I can use, the important think for me is that I have free access as for /home mount point and if I need higher permission I run sudo18:31
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torpetWhat is the best and easiest way to sync iPhone photos with my Ubuntu installation?18:35
=== pentiumone133_ is now known as pentiumone133
torpetBy best I mean no 3rd parties involved18:35
torpetOK, what tools would you recommend?18:36
torpetAre there any photo editors that support that out of the box ?18:36
DArqueBishopHacker432: you can pretty much mount it whereever you want.18:38
Hacker432And if I create a new mount point? Is it possible?18:39
lapideviridiEvening folks. I just converted to Linux, starting with Linux Mate. All of a sudden, caja looks like something from the 90's rather than following the right theme. I'm a bit lost, so some help would be appreciated.18:40
DArqueBishopHacker432: sure.18:40
DArqueBishopHacker432: for example, on my VM host server I have a RAID 1 set mounted on /home/vmstores.18:40
Hacker432Interesting I'll try in case of I need help I'll come here ^^18:41
jon5000hello.  I was just in the middle of upgrading my lenovo yoga 13 fom 14.04 to 15.10.  At the point of package installation, I unplugged my phone from the usb, and it crashed.  now I cant boot.  what comes up is [FAILED] Failed to start Load Kernel Modules, and then a bunch of other [OK] lines then finally "Starting Show Plymouth Boot Screen..." at which point it hangs.  HELP!18:49
=== SCollins is now known as scollins
=== Neo_ is now known as Neo
naccjon5000: why would you upgrade 14.04 to 15.10?18:53
jon5000nacc: I am asking myself the same thing.  I figured it would be better.  I was having some trouble with xinput, mouse and trackpad, which as intermittent, and not easy to solve.  so I figured maybe there was improvement.  in any event, what should I do now18:55
nacc!ltsupgrade | jon500018:56
ubottujon5000: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.18:56
naccjon5000: ideally, you would have waited a few weeks :)18:57
jon5000nacc: ideally I ould have.  I did not know.18:57
naccjon5000: how did you upgrade? you probably need to fix/finish the upgrade process that was interrupted during the upgrade.18:57
jon5000nacc: I would like to do that but it is now not booting into anything18:57
naccjon5000: how did you upgrade?18:58
jon5000nacc: via the native upgrade software18:58
naccjon5000: the native upgrade software would not have (by default) upgraded 14.04 -> 15.10, aiui18:59
naccjon5000: did you check a box about development releases?18:59
jon5000nacc: yes18:59
=== Kenrinx is now known as kenrin
jon5000nacc: now it is not booting into anything at all.18:59
naccjon5000: i (or someone) will try and help -- but i think it's importnat to recognize, you opted for a development release, and something went wrong (which can ahppen with development releases, even if that isn't the case in your situation). If you were/are unable to figure that out, then you should not (IMO) have opted for development releases...19:01
naccjon5000: my guess is you'll need to boot a live USB or CD and repair your system19:01
jon5000nacc: thanks for the info on how i fucked up19:01
OerHeksjon5000, hold shift @ boot to enter grub2, and choose recovery, i guess19:02
OerHeksdpkg --configure -a and then update >> https://administratosphere.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/rescuing-an-interrupted-ubuntu-upgrade/  old tutor, still valid i think19:02
OerHeksif this does not work for you, you can always reinstall fresh 16.0419:03
jon5000OerHeks: thanks.  holding shift at boot does not work.19:03
naccjon5000: fwiw, 15.10 goes eol in ~1 month (july 28)19:03
Cocacola"empty: Data stream is empty. Keyphrase wasn't found. Exit on timeout" What would this mean for empty command error ?19:04
ioriajon5000,  what's that ?  failed  do-release-upgrade from 14.04 to 15.10 ?19:04
jon5000ioria: yes19:05
ioriajon5000,  can you open a console ?19:05
jon5000ioria: no19:05
mrinalmy ubuntu laptop does not shutdown; any suggestions (i have to manually turn it off; but when i start it again, it does not complain)19:05
ioriajon5000,  how comes ?19:05
mrinali'm using lubuntu 14.04 LTS19:06
mrinalwhat configuration files should i edit19:06
jon5000ioria: power on either goes blank screen, or to some text about [FAILED], followed by [OK]'s and ending with something about plymouth server.  then hangs19:07
jon5000ioria: I can get to bios, but dont know how to get to anything else19:07
ioriajon5000,  have you tried waiting a bit and then ctrl+alt + f1 (of f2) ?19:07
WizardGedwhere do i file a bug abount ubuntu touch filling its data partition with gps data?19:07
jon5000ioria: no.  i will try that19:08
nacc!bug | WizardGed19:08
ubottuWizardGed: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:08
ioriajon5000,  try19:08
mrinalsomeone, anyone please help19:08
WizardGednacc: that'll be a real treat on a phone19:08
naccWizardGed: you can run the command from any machine19:09
ioriamrinal, have you tried acpi=force ?19:09
WizardGednacc: this is a phone19:09
mrinalno... please suggest19:09
jon5000ioria: no that did not work.  blank screen.19:10
mrinalwhat is the specific command ?? i am a novice19:10
naccWizardGed: you have no ubuntu machines othewrise?19:10
naccWizardGed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Bugs19:11
ioriamrinal,  sudo nano /etc/default/grub  ,  find  'quiet splash '  and add   acpi=force, so it looks like 'quiet splash acpi=force', then run sudo update-grub19:11
Cocacola"empty: Data stream is empty. Keyphrase wasn't found. Exit on timeout" What would this mean for empty command error ? Do anybody knows ?19:11
CocacolaThough keyphrase matches most probably !19:11
jon5000ioria: i am at grub:19:12
ioriajon5000,  advanced options -> enable networking -> root shell19:12
jon5000ioria: no idea how i got to that.  every power on is different19:12
WizardGednacc: I do not19:12
WizardGedI run debian on all my other devices. I suppose I will spin up a vm19:13
jon5000ioria: i screwed up.  it was at a grub: prompt.  I typed exit and lost it.19:14
ioriajon5000,  oh....so grub is gone19:14
WizardGed/msg popey19:14
ioriajon5000,  think you need a livecd19:14
WizardGedignore that damn19:14
jon5000ioria: what was the "Grub:" prompt19:15
naccWizardGed: the link i just sent you implies you can do it from the fphone19:15
ioriajon5000,  should be the rescue grub shell19:15
ausjkeI'm using metacity flashback, is it possible to _share_ the desktop? (not vnc which starts a new desktop window each time)19:15
ausjkeunity/dash has it, my CPU got tied up sometimes with unity/3D so falls back to metacity now19:16
jon5000ioria: will i be able to do this with the usb stick?19:16
jon5000what if i get this back to "Grub:19:16
ioriajon5000,  do you have a uefi motherboard ?19:16
jon5000i think so19:17
ioriajon5000,  at the prompt run  'ls'19:17
WizardGednacc: the phone can but it's tiny and not the best for detailed bug report writing. I'll do it later but thank you for your help19:17
jon5000ioria: i cant seem to get back to that prompt... i dont know what got me there in the first place19:18
ioriajon5000,  esc, probably19:18
ioriajon5000,  try shift19:19
jon5000ioria: i got to bios.  under boot , efi, there are two ubuntu's listed.  identical in every way except one starts with "U" and the other starts with"u"19:19
ioriajon5000,  reboot and press shift  ....19:20
CocacolaAnybody familiar with empty here ?19:20
jon5000ioria: ok.19:20
Cocacolathen respond please19:20
jon5000i am at a choice: advanced options or system setup19:21
ioriajon5000,  advanced options -> enable networking -> root shell19:21
jon5000omg, it just disappeared and defaulted Ubuntu 15.10 tty1, Lenovo Login:19:21
ioriajon5000,  cat /etc/issue19:22
jon5000ioria: trying to get there again19:23
jon5000ioria: Ok. i hit advanced options and there is a list of ubuntu, with linux options to choose19:26
ioriajon5000,  recovery mode19:26
jon5000ioria: ranging fom 3.19.0-6419:26
mrinalioria: thanx a ton for the tip.... will try19:26
ioriamrinal, good luck19:26
jon5000ioria: a bunch of lines.  now "ubuntu 15.10 Lenovo tty1 Lenovo Login:19:27
jon5000ioria: ok19:27
jon5000i am at a prompt19:28
ioriajon5000,   uname -r19:28
jon5000ioria: 3.19.0-64-generic19:28
ioriajon5000,   cat /etcissue19:29
ioriajon5000,   cat /etc/issue19:29
jon5000ioria: will you be here for a while? i need to do something that cannot wait?19:29
ioriajon5000,   no, sorry :(19:29
jon5000ioria: Ubuntu 15.10 \m \l19:30
ioriajon5000,   have you seen in grub -> advanced options a kernel like or similar ?19:30
jon5000ioria: no.  there were many listed but i believe that 3.19 was the largest number19:31
ioriajon5000,   better  .... ls /boot and check19:31
jon5000ioria: confirmed nothing higher than 3.1919:32
ioriajon5000,   sudo apt-get update and see if it connects to wily repository19:32
blibIs there a way to tell ubunt to assign a particular device to /dev/ttyACMx?19:33
jon5000ioria: bunch of errors last one is dpkg was interrupted19:33
ioriajon5000,   ping www.google.com19:33
jon5000ioria: unknown host19:34
ioriajon5000,   you haven't enabled networking19:34
jon5000ioria: i have not enabled anything.  this is the most function i have had.  first time at a console19:35
ioriajon5000,   from grub->advanced -> recovery -> enable networking -> root shell19:35
jon5000do i hit escape to get to that?19:35
ioriajon5000,   exit19:35
ioriajon5000,    enable networking -> root shell19:36
jon5000exit gets me back to login and $ prompt19:36
ioriajon5000,    you're not in recovery mode19:37
jon5000ioria:  i had selected recovery mode19:37
ioriajon5000,   you should have a menu19:37
jon5000ioria: thank you for your help.  i have to step away from this now.  hopefully you will still be here hen i get back.  i just have no choice.  thank you again!19:38
ioriajon5000,    no problem19:38
andrejwho do I talk to about installation discrepancies between 14.04 and 16.04, and 16.04 CD install vs netboot? I've been here griping about 16.04 netboot leaving a successfuly installed low-end server class machine (Dell R320) unable to boot (works fine installed from CD). Now I have the same problem with a small SuperMicro. Netinst works in 2 of 4 scenarios for me, and I need to find out how to make it "just work".19:43
andrejIs it worth logging a bug?19:43
BeArDeDRaDiCaLI cant add ppas what shoulo i do ?19:45
andrejI have a sneaky suspicion that it somehow has to do w/ UEFI, because the machines I can get it to work on are VMware and Soekris, both of which have no UEFI support. The R320 *can*, but it's rendered ubootable regardless of whether it's turned on or not. Same for the SuperMicro ...19:46
andrejBeArDeDRaDiCaL - what do you mean?19:46
andrejand 14.04 works fine on all four types via netinstall, btw.19:47
BeArDeDRaDiCaLi dont know it just says please check that the PPA name or format is correct.19:47
andrejHow are you trying to add them?19:48
BeArDeDRaDiCaLsudo add-apt-repository19:48
=== sins-_s is now known as sins-
OerHekssudo add-apt-repository ppa:<name> .. what ppa are you trying to add and for what ubuntu version?19:49
BeArDeDRaDiCaLno ppa is working19:50
BeArDeDRaDiCaLfor 14.0419:50
wingerIs there any way to open all applications with a commandline by default? I have written a C hello world and it seems it works but as there's no terminal, no output is shown.19:50
wingerI am double clicking it btw19:51
winger./hello works as expected19:51
=== brian is now known as Guest25918
wingerOr at least give me options : Open in terminal, edit, blah blah like for shell scripts?19:52
Ben64winger: it probably does open in terminal, but finishes and then the terminal goes away19:56
wingerNo. I have configured the terminal to stay open19:57
wingerFrom terminal menu (Above it) > File> Profile preferences > Command > When command exits: Hold the terminal open19:58
Ben64not sure if that works globally like that19:58
wingerhmm, i'll put a sleep to test19:59
wingerDoesn't work20:00
BeArDeDRaDiCaLhow can i install ppas?20:01
BeArDeDRaDiCaLi get an error with every ppa20:01
=== sz is now known as Guest46767
wingerI guess I'll just use terminal for all console apps20:04
andrejBeArDeDRaDiCaL - create a gist with an actual example; not seeing what you see makes it impossible to know20:11
andrejcopy & paste your console output into one on those, than give us the link20:11
maddawg2i need syntax help...  i have a Media directory and in this directory there are sub directories and in these sub directories there's a directory called "Plex Versions"20:12
maddawg2how might I use the rm command to recursively delete all folders named "Plex Versions" in the media folder20:12
andrejOr pastebin, whatever, something with ACTUAL input and output20:12
enzoMatrixrm "Ples Versions" -r20:13
enzoMatrixas I remember20:13
maddawg2that will search every directory within the media folder?20:13
enzoMatrixthat will remove this directory20:13
andrejfind -name "Plex Versions" -exec rm -rf "{}" \+20:14
maddawg2can i list the files first with find just to make sure it finds them all20:14
enzoMatrixor simply find /home -name "Ples Versions"20:14
andrejsure ... omit the bit from -exec to end of line20:15
enzoMatrixandrej, yes sure sorry :)20:16
andrejenzoMatrix ?20:17
enzoMatrixbetter for remove after find :)20:18
maddawg2oh golly it worked20:19
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Guest23652hi there cant seem to get usb wireless keyboard to work anyone got any ideas20:22
YankDownUnderGuest23652: Turn off bluetooth, you might get it working.20:22
Guest23652cheers no joy there20:23
YankDownUnderGuest23652: Have you, for certain, turned off bluetooth? And here's another quick question - does the wireless key/mouse work in BIOS?20:24
Guest23652yes and grub and win 1020:25
Guest23652turned off top right btooth off20:25
n1ghtmar3hi i.m in20:25
Guest23652btooth faded out symbol20:25
YankDownUnderGuest23652: Thought so...well, one of the things that I've done (over many client installations and setups) is to make absolutely sure bluetooth is "killed" - even so much as making sure the bluetoothd service is not running....and in most instances, it starts to work...20:26
Guest23652great do you have a command to test that20:26
Guest23652to tot kill btooth?20:27
YankDownUnderGuest23652: sudo service bluetoothd stop20:27
Guest23652onboard is doing my suede in!20:27
YankDownUnderGuest23652: Peace.20:28
Guest23652Failed to stop bluetoothd.service: Unit bluetoothd.service not loaded.20:29
Guest23652any ideas?20:29
Guest23652cheers help20:29
YankDownUnderGuest23652: Hmm...what do you get when you type: ps -Ae | grep blue20:30
Guest23652 951 ?        00:00:00 bluetoothd20:31
Guest23652 1705 ?        00:00:00 indicator-bluet20:31
YankDownUnderGuest23652: Right...kinda thought so...so, then you can try: sudo killall -9 bluetoothd20:31
=== jq is now known as cydia
Guest23652ty still not working but killed btooth20:32
=== cydia is now known as jq
YankDownUnderGuest23652: ...and now you might try: sudo modprobe usbhid20:33
Ben64not sure why bluetooth would stop a non-bluetooth keyboard from working20:33
YankDownUnderBen64: It's been a strange one that's been bounced around in the wiki's - and here...20:33
Guest23652ty command entered20:34
Guest23652result blank still no keyboard20:35
Guest23652cheers help20:35
Guest23652mouse works kboard just not working20:36
YankDownUnderGuest23652: Unplug the dongle...wait for a few secs...plug it back in...20:36
Guest23652tried that many times20:36
Ben64is it logitech20:36
Ben64oh, seen that problem with the logitech combos20:37
Guest23652really weird20:38
Guest23652way to see usb devices cmd?20:38
YankDownUnderGuest23652: sudo lsusb20:38
Ben64sudo not needed for lsusb20:40
Guest23652cheers no joy there20:40
Guest23652hey ho cheers for all help20:42
YankDownUnderGuest23652: Here's something to have a read through...: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=232384620:43
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Guest23652thx :)20:45
Guest23652dunno may try again tomm20:47
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jon5000hello I was trying to upgrade from 14.04 to 15.10 (don't lecture me please) and the upgrade was interrupted.  Now I cannot boot into any OS.  However, I can get into grub and a command prompt.  This is a lenovo laptop.21:19
danny_Is Org-mode worth it?  E-macs seems arcane and heavy for only using org-mode and I'm still not exactly certain what it does so well21:20
tgm4883jon5000: bummer21:30
Bashing-omjon5000: Mind ya, no telling yet how messed up the system is .. But, might try and see if you can explicitly boot the system from that grub > prompt ???21:30
tgm4883Bashing-om: +121:30
jon5000Bashing-om: I can get into a Lenovo tty1 prompt...  it says jon@Lenovo:~$21:31
naccjon5000: how are you at a command prompt if you are not in an OS?21:32
jon5000Bashing-om:  how do you recommend I try to explicitly boot?21:32
Bashing-omjon5000: Well, that is a good thing .. maybe things are not helpless . What results when logging into the system here ? ( maybe all you have is a broken proprietary graphic's driver, ??)21:33
jon5000nacc: maybe I am.  During boot, I press escape and i get a grub menu one of which is advanced options, where i choose one of the linux options in the list, then it asks me to login, which i can21:33
naccjon5000: right, so you're in an OS...21:33
=== phil is now known as Guest8363
* tgm4883 smacks head21:34
naccjon5000: so as Bashing-om said you probably have busted graphics or an incomplete upgrade (most likely)21:34
naccjon5000: so i think someone told you how to fix that ( OerHeks ?) earlier21:34
naccjon5000: dpkg-configure -a; then follow that website's guide for finishing an interrupted upgrade21:34
jon5000nacc: Bashing-om it was an incomplete upgrade.  i pulled my usb phone out while it was installing packages and it crashed.21:34
naccjon5000: "12:02 < OerHeks> dpkg --configure -a and then update >>21:35
nacctu-upgrade/  old tutor, still valid i think21:35
naccsorry, link got cut: https://administratosphere.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/rescuing-an-interrupted-ubuntu-upgrade/21:35
=== LorPor is now known as lorpor
DArqueBishopjon5000: my best advice would be to use a live CD to back up your data, then blow out the old OS and rebuild from scratch (preferably with 16.04 if you need to upgrade).21:36
jon5000DArqueBishop: thanks.  might do that eventually.  right now dpkg --configure -a is doing alot of stuff21:38
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
jon5000nacc: Bashing-om: while this dpkg command is running through many lines of setting up and installing, i looked at that webpage.  looks like i will need to acccess repositories.  earlier today, before i got this far, it was determined that i did not have network capability (ping didnt work).  is it possible that all this dpkg work that it is going through will result in me having wifi access?21:42
naccjon5000: you didn't have networking your broken system? i'd say that's an invalid test, let the upgrade finish and then check21:42
jon5000nacc: thank you that is what i was hoping you would say.  ok.  so this dpkg is completing the update then?  that made me happy.21:43
OerHeksno, run updates again !...21:43
naccjon5000: it's doing the first part, you'll still need to finish the rest of it21:43
naccjon5000: it's only finishing any interrupted package installations; you still need to do the update, etc21:43
Bashing-omjon5000: ^^ as nacc says . let the fixes run and see .. By the way . no wired connection available ???21:44
OerHeksmaybe with the -f option, not sure.21:44
jon5000ok, so now just finished all that and could not hit the repository21:44
jon5000apt-get did not work21:44
naccthere's a reaonably good chance you'd need to reboot now that dpkg has finished ... not sure?21:44
Bashing-omjon5000: ' ping -c3 ' ' have a positive result ?21:45
OerHeksplug in networkcable, if you have no wireless network now.21:46
=== MZAWeb_ is now known as MZAWeb
jon5000_nacc: Bashing-om hello?  i was disconnected.  here is where i am now.  dpkg is finished.  apt-get update looked like it returned alot of errors.  apt-get upgrade listed one or two things that would be held back, but then proceeded to look like alot of errors.  ping www.google.com replied unknown host21:51
=== MZAWeb is now known as Guest7530
blibIs there a way to tell ubunt to assign a particular device to /dev/ttyACMx?21:52
jon5000_nacc: Bashing-om I think part of my problem may be that when apt-get update finished it said something about missing "resolveconf"  then this was mentioned again when apt-get upgrade seemed to fail.21:53
naccjon5000_: not sure it's worth trying to repair your system, I would probably just reinstall unless you have some critical data you need to keep. I unfortunately need to step away for a bit, hopefully someone else can help you out21:54
jon5000_do you think at this point i might be able to boot into a gui?21:54
jon5000_nacc: thanks.21:55
Bashing-omjon5000_: Will not hurt to try to boot to the GUI .. mabe also see what results when starting the GUI from terminal ?21:56
jon5000_Bashing-om: how do i start gui from terminal21:57
jon5000_Bashing-om: great success... i am in the gui21:58
Bashing-omjon5000_: What is the DE here ? That command depends on the display manager installed .21:58
jon5000_Bashing-om: well maybe not so great.  no mouse control.  x session does not have launcher21:58
k1l_startx might have just changed all xorg files to root now21:58
k1l_better start the *dm. lightdm if that is a standard ubuntu21:59
jon5000_Bashing-om: the system rebooted into 15.1022:01
Bashing-omjon5000_: There is hope yet .. Will have to fix all things in 15.10 and get 15.10 fully updated prior to going on up to 16.04 !22:02
jon5000_Bashing-om: how do i do that?22:03
hobnob11Hi, I'm on ubuntu 16.04 lts, does anyone know of a sound mixer for the taskbar similar to windows sound mixer? one that can do individual applications22:03
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BlueSharkCan someone suggest a good way to transfer files from Android to Ubuntu and vice versa?22:07
a-warriorwithout usb cable?22:09
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kingsleyHi. The "ls" command and file system browser say a certain file exists, and is executable. Why would I get the error "No such file or directory." when I try to run it on a so called "Try Ubuntu" (live USB iso) of version 16.04?22:12
noobandproudcould someone help me setting up ftp server in ubuntu22:14
noobandproudwow typical ubuntu support... an empty chatroom22:15
kingsleynoobandproud: Humble suggestion: Just explain what you expected to happen, what actually did, and ask why?22:16
netsinnoobandproud, http://www.liquidweb.com/kb/how-to-install-and-configure-vsftpd-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts/22:16
k1l_noobandproud: your cheap ranting doesnt motivate someone to help you.22:16
noobandproudi asked a simple and honest question22:17
k1l_noobandproud: and ftp is old and insecure. i would not even touch that with a stick22:17
noobandproudi even said hi when I entered22:17
netsinwith 0 effort22:17
netsinsomeone will go out of their way to help you with something you've put effort in but are stuck22:17
jon5000_Bashing-om: what should i do now.  15.10 seems to be up and running22:17
netsinyou've put no effort in this22:17
noobandprouduhh ya I have22:17
k1l_and ubuntus ssh server comes with included sftp service. so why not use that22:18
netsinwell, then be specific22:18
netsinwhere are you stuck22:18
noobandproudi installed ftps but do not know how open the admin tool22:18
noobandproudor even verifiy that it installed correctly22:19
Bashing-omjon5000_: Use 15.10. make sure all is stable in this release .. then: release upgrade to 16.04. Bear in mind, can not upgrade a broken system .22:23
jon5000_Bashing-om: ok22:24
Bashing-omjon5000_: In the relaese upgrade, no PPAa, no proprietary drivers ( display, WIFI) no screen saver active .22:25
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on3pkHey guys, how stupid would it be to run a Squid server on a system with only 2gb of ram?22:47
debidii'd image 2g to be plenty22:50
debidiassuming there aren't any major competitors22:50
* debidi loos @ u, kde22:51
on3pkwhat do you mean by competitors?22:51
on3pkoh, like kde...22:51
debidiother processing hogging memory22:51
daxother things that need memory22:51
on3pkNo, I think it could very well run by itself22:52
debidialso consider how many simultaenous clients are going to be accessing the proxy22:53
on3pkI don't know how many.  Probably not more than a half dozen or so at most.22:53
on3pkThe thing is, it needs to be entirely transparent.  So, with the exception of telling the client "this is your gateway/ip/whatever" there shouldn't be anything else that happens22:54
dax2GB should be plenty.22:55
PughoHello, I'm using ubuntu 15.10 and currenty Win7 in VirtualBox from time to time. But now I need graphics power on Win7 and read, that for virtualisation and PCI-Passthrough the choice might be KVM(?). If I want to have ubuntu stay my primary system but wanna start a Win7 on a second monitor "from time to time" am I right to read more about KVM or should I follow the experimental feature in VirtualBox? Just need a direction on how to continue for achieving23:00
Pughomy task :-) Thank you23:00
jon5000_Bashing-om: everything seems to look pretty good. i am ready to upgrade to 16.04.  how do i get that?23:01
debidipush ur hardware to its full potential, trial n error - inspirational quotes aside, how about xen ?23:02
PughoI just started to read some articles and watched some youtube videos to get a quick overview, but before spending too much time going to far into kvm or xen and end up going the other way, just thought to ask what might be better23:03
chasinglogicAnyone know why there isn't any ubuntu snappy images for 16.04?23:04
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Bashing-omjon5000_: In update-manager make sure is set to "normal" and let the update manager do it's thing again . -- BUT make sure that 15.10 is fully updated and upgraded prior to proceeding . No PPA active, no Proprietary drivers, no screen saver .23:06
Bashing-omchasinglogic: There are a few, more comming : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2327088 .23:07
jon5000_Bashing-om: thanks.  i have that all set.  it is not showing a 16.04 update23:07
u0_a1hello room23:07
jon5000_Bashing-om: nevermind.  there it is. :)23:08
Bashing-omjon5000_: Show ' grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' result .23:08
jon5000_Bashing-om: i got it... update manager is telling me 16.04 LTS is available.23:09
jon5000_I will upgrade. thanks.23:09
Bashing-omjon5000_: K; Not wishing you luck, as it is all Prior Prudent Planning .23:10
chasinglogicBashing-om: I meant ubuntu snappy core the distribution23:12
Pugho@debidi: I found some articles about xen vs kvm but cant decide based on that O.o why you mentioned xen?23:12
jon5000_Bashing-om: thanks!  I'm out23:13
Bashing-omchasinglogic: :(, sorry can not say about snappy core, no experience .23:14
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skinuxWhat is the best GUI DVD rip tool?23:22
skinuxSomeone suggested a few yesterday ( don't remember the names), couldn't get them to work.23:22
Hydr0p0nXhandbrake + ghb works pretty well23:22
Hydr0p0nXI use it for seasons and multi movie disks23:23
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naccchasinglogic: i would ask in #snappy23:24
chasinglogicnacc: thanks I didn't know that was a channel23:24
on3pkgoing back to squid, the system I was planning on using only has 1 NIC.  Is that going to be a massive headache?23:24
naccchasinglogic: !alis can help you find channels; also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:25
chasinglogicnacc: I realize now that sounded sarcastic-ish but it was sincere23:25
naccchasinglogic: np, i didn't take it that way :)23:26
naccon3pk: why would it matter if you had more than 1 nic?23:26
on3pkwell I want this to be a transparent install of squid.  Wouldn't it mean that data goes... in... one and out.. the other?23:27
naccon3pk: what do you mean by transparent install of squid? squid is a proxy. So you install it and tell clients to use it as their proxy (or you put it in the network in such a way that they have to use it)23:27
=== bear|away is now known as thebaer
naccon3pk: did you want squid to proxy your entire network without any configuration?23:29
on3pkas little configuration as possible, yeah23:29
on3pkhowever, if it's possible to I guess just set the squid server as the gateway, would 1 nic be ok?23:30
naccon3pk: gateway is a routing thing; is your squid server capable of being the gateway already (it really has nothing to do with squid, aiui). Does your network use dhcp? I think you can tell your dhcp server to serve out autoproxy information.23:33
on3pkmy dhcp server is built into some off brand router23:34
on3pkI don't know if I have that much control23:34
naccon3pk: have you read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/TransparentProxy.html ?23:35
=== k is now known as Guest67653
on3pkno I didn't see that one23:38
=== fishie is now known as thomas
amnixHow can I download paid applications from the software centre? Are there no paid apps now in 16.04?23:46
naccamnix: what paid apps were there before?23:47
amnixnacc: https://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=1923:48
GrorcoHi I was wondering how groups work, if I were to add my daughter to the games group would it let her install games?23:49
naccGrorco: no, installation is still controlled by having root access23:49
naccGrorco: you could in theory restrict access to running games to the games gropu, i think23:50
amnixnacc: So?23:50
naccamnix: i see the 'for purchase' section, but it's empty on my machine23:50
Grorconacc: okay so lets say I didn't want her to play GTA 5000 I could create a restricted-games-group add it to that and not allow her access?23:51
naccGrorco: well, you don't really add an executable to a group, to be clear, you restrict who an execute the executable (permissions), so her user would not be able to run the program.23:52
naccThere might be ways to circumvent htat, but off the top of my head there shouldn't be23:52
naccothers might have better ideas for fine-grained access control23:52
Grorconacc: See I want to let her install whatever games she wants, but I don't want to hand root access to a 13 year old lol not sure what to do23:53
amnixWhat happened to all the paid apps that were in the app store in 14.04? Can they not be installed on 16.04? Someone please answer.23:54
GrorcoI got to go thanks nacc :)23:55
RakkoIs it possible to use the menubar network controls sometimes, and command line and text editors other times, to modify network (especially wifi) settings? Can the two methodologies coexist?23:56
naccRakko: yes they can, although it's not recommended to mix & match (and they probably can confuse each other)23:57
Rakkonacc: hmm, sounds contradictory.23:57
Rakkois NetworkManager the right terminology for the GUI-based tools I'm talking about?23:58

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