fantomВсем привет!06:27
CDParkGood moro Morning.07:07
CDParkGood moro Morning.07:54
CDParkThis needs to be updated: https://ubuntustudio.org/category/news/release-notes/07:56
CDParkdanwe: Good moring.08:00
danweCDPpark: Good Morning08:01
CDParklikevinyl: good Morning.08:02
fantomПривет привет!08:08
CDParkВы говорите по-английски тоже?08:11
fantomЯ? Только через переводчик Гугл или Яндекс. А вы по русски говорить?08:57
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dabblers-buffetHey everyone.14:29
dabblers-buffetHi OvenWerks, are you active right now? I wanted to make an update to that issue.14:33
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Asathoorjoin #Debian22:23
AsathoorI had some problems with wifi and Linux Mint. Changed  to U- Studio. Works like a charm.22:25

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