xubuntu80wUpgraded to xubuntu 16.04  from 14 touch screen no longer working00:29
MR-DOSwhat do you need?02:22
Neggeri need ftp support on ubuntu02:52
Neggeri am noob but I am proud02:52
SebastianRasor01I just installed Xubuntu and I was hoping I could get some help. The headphone volume is extremely low.04:33
mnkfhello i have got this problem: initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system. Can someone help me?08:08
xubuntu81wanyone there09:22
xubuntu81wi am not getting sound on my Toshiba NB505 Netbook09:22
pavlushkaxubuntu81w: your Xubuntu lsb_release please09:28
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21WAAMOCWHi people. I'm running Xubuntu 16.04 amd64. Even though I have set the system to go to hibernate after 15 minutes, the system only shuts off/blanks the screen after 10 minutes or so and never goes to hibernate. How can I make Xubuntu go to hibernate after a given time?21:32
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mladen-onlineHi all,22:26
mladen-onlinehow do I run a windows program .exe on xubuntu ?22:27
mladen-onlinei have heard of something called wine, but can't find it22:27
mladen-onlineand some others suggest simply to make it executable via terminal22:27
mladen-onlinehello ? Can anyone help ?22:30
extinct_potatoWhat do you need help with?22:31
mladen-onlineHi, I need to execute a windows program (.exe) on xubuntu. I have heard of Wine but don't know where to find this and neither how it works. Plus, some others suggest just to make the file executable via chmod +x kind of thing. What do you think ?22:32
extinct_potatoOpen a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install wine"22:33
mladen-onlinegood. Then the .exe will work ?22:34
extinct_potatoYes and no, it depends on the executable. You will have to try it.22:35
extinct_potatoBut for most it does.22:35
mladen-onlineSounds good. To be more explicite, I want to install Keil MDK-ARM which is an IDE to debug microcontrollers via Serial ports22:36
knomeextinct_potato, wine has an appdb that can help you figure out if your app should work.22:36
extinct_potatomladen-online : try to check it in WineHQ database.22:37
extinct_potatoGood hint knome.22:37
extinct_potatoI totally forgot about that db22:37
knomeoh, it was mladen-online who was asking. sorry for the wrong ping :)22:37
extinct_potatoNo problem mate :)22:38
mladen-onlineOK. chacking on Wine DB...22:39
mladen-onlinethere are some Keil programs but not MDK-ARM22:40
mladen-onlinewhat conclusion should I draw from this ?22:40
extinct_potatoYou should just try it yourself.22:41
mladen-online:) OK22:41
extinct_potatoIt just won't work in worst case :P22:42
extinct_potatoif it works, you can report it to the database.22:42
chuckmcmmladen-online installing gcc-arm-embeded and openocd gives you a better command line ARM environment than Keil23:56

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