clivejoyofel: did you upload kde-l10n ?00:39
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clivejo*** FIX ME ***01:34
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acheronukclivejo: are you broken?06:28
yofelclivejo: my emails say I did07:34
acheronukclivejo: ffmpegthumbs failed, so oddly still not getting that patch in the release tarballs, but KCI does in it's snapshot?07:43
acheronukfix for that segfault in dpkg it seems, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/1.18.9ubuntu2 so hopefully the YY iso install won't crash at the end soon07:45
yofelsomeone rewrite dpkg in rust, that supposedly prevents segfaults by itself ^^07:47
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> I see the folder view patch has been added and updated package landed in proposed \o/08:44
acheronukyep, you can see/click the install icon easily in the YY daily ISO again :)09:23
acheronukclivejo: some files in marble no longer included, so need to go?09:28
acheronukI 'could' do that later, but it would be MUUUUCH later if so, so I'm not fussed.09:30
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Yes, I just grabbed the latest ISO and am installing in KVM now09:31
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> It was great to see a clear desktop install icon, within a folder 😃09:31
acheronuknot sure if the new dpkg went in soon enough to fix the installer crash at the end today? 09:32
yofelsitter: what's the easiest way to disable 'stable' builds in the ci?10:02
sitteryofel: disable or remove?10:04
yofelsitter: well, disable preferably. Though removing would work too if I can easily add them back once the branch logic and scalability are fixed10:05
sitterour pangea-tooling has jenkins_able.rb which has a -d swithc to disable all jobs matching a regex10:06
sitteralso jenkins_delete.rb which does the same thing but deletes the jobs instead10:06
yofelok, thanks. I'll look at those10:06
sitterto prevent the jobs getting added back you'll want to remove the stable build type from your kci.yaml10:06
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BluesKaj_Hiyas all10:24
vKLBGPlasma 5.8 is going to be a long term support release but it will require Qt 5.6 as a minimum version. Will Kubuntu 16.04 ship Qt 5.6 at least in backports ppa, maybe as optional renamed package? The reason for more fresh KDE in LTS nowadays is bug fixing rather than new(ported old) features. And plasma also going to be LTS for 18 months just fixin10:31
vKLBGg bugs. Its a win win situation for LTS Kubuntu if you'll include it.10:31
jimarvanhelloz :D10:34
yofelvKLBG: yes, we plan putting 5.8 into the backports eventually, including Qt 5.6 and we're working on it, but Qt 5.6 and Plasma 5.7 will take a while to get done thanks to the Qt update10:42
vKLBGThank you!10:42
ahoneybunyofel: I made a lxc container called kde-apps but it seesm I did not do something right10:54
yofellooked right to me, just the ssh key was missing10:54
ahoneybunfunny as I added both mine and his10:55
yofelyou need to add it *inside*10:55
ahoneybunI did10:55
yofeloh, you added it for 'root', not 'ubuntu'10:55
ahoneybunwell ubuntu kept giving me permission denied when editing anything10:56
yofelyou did change to ubuntu's $HOME, right?10:56
yofelactually let me improve the howto10:56
ahoneybunmost likely I messed up10:57
yofelyeah, I think I know what happened10:57
ahoneybunthat's what I was afraid of10:57
yofelthere's a better way to do this10:57
yofelupdated, 'su' leaves you in the directory you are, 'sudo -u ubuntu -i' puts you into the proper one10:58
yofeltechnically key-based root login is enabled, so you could've logged in if you had used 'root', but lets use ubuntu as that's what I configured11:00
ahoneybunI did not you to have to do EVERYTHING if it could be avoided I guess11:00
ahoneybun*want you11:01
yofelthere should be more than one person that can add containers anyway11:02
ahoneybunwhile your here I should try again I think11:02
sheytanAny python fans out here? :D12:36
mamarleyclivejo: I have installed the staged 16.04.3 apps.  Looking good so far. :)12:39
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Eakkk12:44
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Not ready for testing yet12:44
yofelthat's what happens if you tell people to test from staging :P12:45
mamarleyI won't get mad at any of you if I break my computer though.  I know the risks. :)12:45
yofelbrrrrrr http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20160701-yakkety.html#kubuntu12:50
yofelthose depwaits make no sense..12:51
ahoneybunhow could12:51
mparilloDid I hear new, shiny, and fragile in  ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications ?12:59
* mamarley duct-tapes his mouth.12:59
* yofel goes into "deny what happens in front of you" mode13:00
mparilloI have VMs with YY and XX that I am prepared to break, or are the apps still loading into staging?13:01
mparilloIn en.US there is an expression, "Who are you going to believe; me or your own lying eyes?" Originally from fraudsters, now mostly just a joke.13:02
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IrcsomeBot<Clifford> I done a "quick" staging last night and haven't had time to get back to it15:11
mparilloclivejo: in YY or XX? Both are running too smoothly for me.15:30
clivejoI only uploaded for YY15:30
mparillo137 to be upgraded; 4 to be newly installed15:36
clivejothere are lot still in the red15:37
mparilloWell, the full-upgrade went smoothly.15:42
acheronukthe red ones are showing version 16.04.2?15:43
mparilloKonsole and Dolphin both show 16.04.3 and seem to work normally.15:47
acheronukclivejo: why are there some 16.04.3 apps uploaded to the frameworks staging ppa? alphabetically akonadi to baloo-widgets5?16:09
clivejobecause I was very tired last night and didnt check a command I run16:10
clivejowanna delete them?16:10
acheronukI see. I can? yes, I presume I can now?16:11
clivejothere was about six before I realised I had made a mistake16:11
acheronukeasy to do, believe me16:11
clivejogo into delete moed and select the packages that shouldnt be there16:11
acheronukjust as I would in my own ppa16:12
clivejoforgot you had probably done it before16:12
acheronukplenty of times, but only on my own head be it!16:14
clivejoI uploaded them, but no ack from LP16:15
acheronukI had a couple of the qt ones do that when I uploaded those. one built but no email. The other uploaded, but just vanished. Had to repeat it.16:17
acheronukLP weirdness 16:17
clivejothrowing them at LP again16:17
clivejohopefully some will stick16:17
clivejo3rd time lucky16:18
clivejoand the two moved to manual khelp and libkdegames16:20
clivejook got accepted emails16:21
acheronukback later. pub lunch and a few beers, and I haven't quite recovered yet16:24
clivejoacheronuk: can you see why ffmpegthumbs is FTBFS16:24
acheronuksame as before? rolled tarball is missing the ffmpeg 2.9 changes? 16:26
acheronukwhile KCI pulling from git gets them?16:26
acheronukthat is what I assumed anyway. I only looked very very briefly16:27
acheronukback in hour or 216:27
clivejohave fun!16:27
acheronukalready had the fun. now getting over it!16:28
clivejofunny how every webpage I visit now is trying to sell me hotels and flights to Berlin16:30
clivejotrying to find a part for a washing machine but Google wants me to book a hotel room16:31
BluesKajclivejo:  you've obviously flown to Berlin recently :-)16:39
BluesKajamazon is bombqarding my inbox with raspi accessories now that I finally bought the canakit ...works quite well except the resolution seems hard coded to 1824x984 rather than the full 1920x108016:43
BluesKajdidn't care much for the debian jessie version so I'm using ubuntu mate instead . Wonder if there will ever be a kde/plasma image for raspi316:46
clivejomamarley: how are apps looking now?18:50
mamarleyclivejo: Still looking good. :)18:50
acheronukjust ffmpegthumbs left?18:58
acheronukoh. a YY update is pulling in apt-xapian-index. that is good to see19:07
acheronukapps updated cleanly in a YY VM :)19:13
clivejoyofel: why are they all failing??19:40
yofeldep issues on i386 mostly I think19:43
yofelhm, maybe we should drop the i386 builds19:45
yofelnot like they have much value19:45
sick_rimmitMy system is i38619:47
yofelare you using the CI packages?19:47
soeetrolololo http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Skype-Linux-Exciting-Next-Week19:47
sick_rimmitOh sorry, No - completely out of context19:47
sick_rimmitI misunderstood 19:48
yofelThere is talk about killing "official" i386 support (iso, desktop) for maybe 18.04. But I don't think it's time for that yet19:48
sick_rimmitMy laptop is old 2009, but I learned recently that I believe it can run amd6419:49
yofelyou can probably just look up the vendor spec for your CPU. I have a 2006 notebook (64bit) and a 2008 netbook (32bit), so year doesn't tell much19:51
yofelI'm not the biggest fan of dropping i386, but looking at things realistically, building for armhf would probably have more use today than i386...19:52
yofeland for the CI it would cut our build count in half19:52
sick_rimmitOh I agree with that, and I think we'll see that grow quite quickly19:52
mamarleyAs far as laptop and desktop processors go, anything Core 2 Duo and up is x86_64.  Earlier Atoms and later Pentiums can go either way.19:52
sick_rimmitthat's what I have19:53
mamarleyThough some stupid vendors ship 64-bit processors with 32-bit UEFI, making it difficult to install 64-bit OSes.19:53
sick_rimmitCould I be of any assistance with the CI.19:54
sick_rimmitWe use Jenkins at work, I am no expert, more a novice, but I do understand what is trying to be achieved19:54
yofelI think most of our issues are currently somewhere in the Ruby tooling19:56
yofel+ some scalability19:56
yofel(the jobs have to wait for launchpad on successful builds, which takes a long time, but we can't have too many concurrent jobs or the server freezes)19:57
yofelthat's why I want to reduce the build count so we actually return the CI into a useful state19:57
yofelclivejo: would you be against disabling i386?19:57
sick_rimmitOops sorry back19:57
sick_rimmitCould we split the Successful builds out into a Submit Queue19:58
sick_rimmitRunning it as a seperate Job, so that its orthogonal to the Builds, but still provides the LP submission ?19:59
yofeldunno, currently I think the jobs poll the LP API to find out whether the builds are published to do the binary checks19:59
yofelsplitting might work, esp. with long queues so that Launchpad can get some work done in the meantime19:59
yofelI have no idea how that would be accomplished though20:00
sick_rimmitOK.. Maybe I poke about... Well I am not too sure, but my colleague Janet at work is a bit of a wizard20:00
sick_rimmitso I can ask her20:00
yofel(as in: I have no idea how our tooling would create that follow up job)20:00
sick_rimmitLeave it with me if I come up with something I'll shout20:00
yofeland FWIW, you can also train your packaging skills by trying to fix builds ;)20:02
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Ive no issues with disabling 386 builds20:02
yofelok, then let me do that and lets see what happens20:03
yofeluhm, and let me enable debug symbols for the PPAs while at it20:04
yofelthat sounds like a useful thing20:04
sick_rimmitYes that would be useful Xen, trying to fix builds is more flexible than trying to package from scratch, as I am very time constrained. So I can dip in and out, and hopefully add small bits of usefulness20:05
yofelok, kubuntu-ci/* updated. Lets see if the CI can handle that or waits forever for i386 builds20:07
acheronuknow I can make commits directly, I should get on with doing more of those 'fixes' as well 20:08
yofeloh, there is an architecture list in kci.yaml. Let me remove i38620:10
yofeland stable while at it. That's broken anyway20:10
yofel<title>Launchpad is temporarily unavailable</title>20:13
yofelI was also getting a lot of timeouts just now :(20:13
yofel<title>Launchpad is temporarily unavailable</title>20:14
yofelI was also getting a lot of timeouts just now :(20:14
yofeland my connection's being funny o.O20:15
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> And not funny ha ha20:17
mitya57sitter, actually all the headers in libqt5waylandclient5-dev were private. So now that you dropped them, this package no longer makes sense. I'll drop it.20:35
mitya57(Which makes sense, because this library has no public API and is intended to be used by the QPA plugin only)20:35
yofelthere we go, switch things to amd64-only and builds get fixed :P20:51
* acheronuk quietly cheers at the 'fixed' CI messages21:18
clivejois it still working on the apps I staged last night?21:19
yofelno, the recent ones are new jobs21:22
yofel... maybe21:22
yofelI don't get how this CI is supposed to be managed......21:52
yofelclivejo: how did you disable the daily jobs? Remove the schedule for mgmt_merger?21:53
yofeldid you remove any other schedules?21:53
clivejono, just on the one job21:54
yofelok. I tried adding that back for now...21:54
yofelthe actual package jobs all have "Build periodically" enabled, but none of them has a schedule set o.O21:55
clivejodunno why that is!21:55
yofelsitter: where is one supposed to run any of these tooling commands? 21:58
yofelError on retry_it(unknown) :: Access denied. Please ensure that Jenkins is set up to allow access to this operation. 22:18
yofelI'm making progress22:18
yofelthat's more than "no response at all"22:20
yofelok, I had to actually add my user to the admin rule in jenkins for this to work..22:56
yofelstable builds removed22:56
yofelsitter: unping22:59
yofelBuild Queue (399)23:11
yofelstill a lot of jobs :S23:12
clivejolots and lots23:12
yofeland why are only 6 executors doing something...23:14
clivejoyou must have told it to do that!23:16
yofelwell, *I* didn't23:16
yofeloh, the project dependencies are blocking each other23:21
yofelat least that's working properly ^^23:21

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