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user|19133just installed kubuntu 16.04, however i'm having problems with the screen flickering.01:20
user|19133can anyone help if this was already addressed thru latest updates, i've never since running kubuntu. please help01:24
user|19133*never updated01:24
YankDownUnderuser|19133: That sounds like the graphics driver might be the issue.01:43
user|19133but this is a known issue for Kubuntu right?02:00
YankDownUnderuser|19133: Um...is that a joke? Think of this for a second - there are hundreds of different graphics cards - thousands, really...so, in putting together any distro, there is really no means by which to get everything absolutely right...and as well, within the KDE control centre, there is a tool for checking for "drivers" that your system might require. Graphics drivers, whatever. So, that being said, it is recommended to check02:05
YankDownUnderthat. The screen flickering is truly an issue with the graphics - whether it be the driver, the resolution - whatever. But that is where you'd start.02:05
user|19133yup. thanks YankDownUnder02:10
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amichairwhen are newer KDE versions backported to 16.04?06:04
hateballamichair: You can get 5.6.5 in Kubuntu PPA06:04
hateballamichair: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports06:04
hateball5.7 is likely not going to be backported as it requires a newer version of Qt as well06:05
amichairhateball: so it will be stuck forever on the current version?06:05
hateballamichair: Likely, yes06:06
chiknrubplease backport qt 5.706:07
chiknrub5.5 too many bugs06:08
hateballThat might break things packaged for the non-KDE stuff, so I think that's why it might not happen06:08
hateballIt'll be in 16.10 anyhow06:08
chiknrubjust backport and fix evrrything06:10
acheronukhateball: going to try to make plasma 5.7 then perhaps 5.8 happen for xenial. just not going to be immediate if it does, as Qt issues with the non kubuntu package main archive would have to be smoothed out06:27
hateballacheronuk: cool06:28
hateballI'd like a *stable* 16.04 for work. I don't mind missing out on new shinies. At home I like to keep it rolling06:29
amichairmy 16.04 is far from stable, and hopefully newer KDE versions fix some issues06:30
acheronukplasma devs have provisionally decided on plasma 5.8 being an LTS plasma release. fixes for a year/18th/XX months beyond a normal one06:32
acheronukso if that can get into xenial, that would be ideal for the life of 16.04 LTS06:32
acheronukHowever, a lot of ifs/buts in that....06:32
amichairacheronuk: +106:43
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monzieHello everyone09:10
monzieI use Kubuntu as my OS at work, I want to thank all the fine developers and volunteers for helping craft this distro.09:11
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BluesKaj_Hiyas all10:24
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vKLBGPlasma 5.8 is going to be a long term support release but it will require Qt 5.6 as a minimum version. Will Kubuntu 16.04 ship Qt 5.6 at least in backports ppa, maybe as optional renamed package? The reason for more fresh KDE in LTS nowadays is bug fixing rather than new(ported old) features. And plasma also going to be LTS for 18 months just fixin10:29
vKLBGg bugs. Its a win win situation for LTS Kubuntu if you'll include it. Are here any maintainers?10:29
BluesKaj_vKLBG, the devs are in #kubuntu-devel10:30
vKLBGOk, thanks10:31
floownHow can I know the version I have of Akonadi ?10:38
floownakonadi --version doesn't work10:39
hateballfloown: apt-cache show akonadi-server |grep Version10:39
hateballon 16.04 it'd be 15.1210:40
tecladohave you tried akonadictl --version?10:40
floownhateball: ok, thanks10:40
hateballteclado: that's better yes10:40
floownAh, I test too10:40
hateballthat reports actual akonadi version and not just KDE apps10:41
tecladobut it's not 15.12, it's 5.1.5110:41
floownThanks to you two, have a nice day ;)10:41
hateballbut 15.12 is the KDE Applications release it is part of10:42
hateballit's all so confusing :|10:42
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viewer|99062Hello. Anybody here :)13:12
soeeprobably :)13:13
viewer|99062Does Kubuntu work on Samsung NC20 mini laptop which has NANO by VIA CPU?13:13
viewer|99062Normal Ubuntu doesnt work13:14
hateballviewer|99062: what does "doesnt work" mean?13:14
hateballthey have the same kernel, kubuntu just comes with plasma default instead of unity13:15
viewer|99062sorry. Ubuntu is not supported by VIA CPU13:15
hateballoh that's an old netbook13:15
viewer|99062it is. Just found it and it has XP there so i was hoping to install some other OS and maeby sell it or give to my son13:16
viewer|99062I think i bought it in 200913:16
hateballwell it should work with *buntu but I would put something like Lubuntu or Xubuntu on it... as lightweight as possible13:16
hateballcompositing in Plasma will kill it13:17
viewer|99062I tryed Lubuntu also. Didnt install it13:17
viewer|99062Installin now Debian13:18
viewer|99062lets see...13:18
viewer|99062I found that only Debian would work with this netbook13:20
hateballIt all comes down to the kernel and DE you're using. It might be some distributions work better out of the box13:22
hegemon8Linux Lite is the one i try to put on older hardware, and so far worked well on couple of netbooks like assus eee pc, i'd give it a go. Or at least try live usb first.13:24
viewer|99062ok thanks13:26
hegemon8np, hope it'll work for You.13:43
sidhantI installed kubuntu on my system recently, and am now facing an "device descriptor read/64, error -110" error page at startup. It does not prevent startup, but I want to know why it is there. Could you help?13:46
hateballsounds like memory card reader13:47
hateballusually throws me error -110 anyhows13:48
hateballsidhant: ^13:48
sidhantSo what should I do to fix it?13:48
hateballsidhant: lspci / lsusb to find out your device, google it + error 11013:48
hateballeither it's physically broken, or there's a kernel bug13:49
sidhantThank you, I will check this. :)14:03
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Dark_Blue_Birddoes Ubuntu have something like AUR ?15:48
Dark_Blue_Birdcan I access PPAs with apt-get?15:50
acheronukDark_Blue_Bird: https://launchpad.net/+help-soyuz/ppa-sources-list.html15:52
Dark_Blue_Birdthank you15:54
Dark_Blue_Birdcan I somehow browse the repo?15:54
Dark_Blue_Birdlike on the arch wiki?15:54
ubottuKubuntu has several different PPA's for those who want to test or upgrade to the latest version. More information on the available Kubuntu PPA's can be found here: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuPPAs15:54
Dark_Blue_Birdto check if my drivers there15:54
acheronukwhich drivers15:55
Dark_Blue_Birdor is it in the kernel already?15:55
Dark_Blue_Birdwireless driver15:55
acheronukmost likely kernel with that I would think15:56
Dark_Blue_Birdok good if u say so. xubuntu didn't have it15:56
Dark_Blue_Birdarch Linux did15:56
Dark_Blue_Birdokay I'll try thx15:56
acheronukin that case you may need another method, as kernel across xubuntu/kubuntu will be the same15:57
Dark_Blue_Birdokay so I need to get it from github?15:59
Dark_Blue_Birdcause that's what I did with the last xubuntu installation15:59
acheronukthere may be some backports of newer kernel wireless drivers somewhere, perhaps in a ppa, but not sure to be honest15:59
acheronuklong time since I have needed something like that15:59
Dark_Blue_Birdgithub broke my arch installation so I'd rather stay away form arch + github combination15:59
Dark_Blue_Birdokay I'll check16:00
prabhushaktiI just installed unity in kubuntu 16.04,how to switch desktops?16:07
Zrenprabhushakti, logout, there should be a dropdown with "plasma" currently selected16:09
prabhushaktiwhen i log in it doesn't load the gui but a command line interface and i use startx command16:11
prabhushaktiwhen I log out a commandline interface pops up16:15
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sick_rimmitHi Friends19:08
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Datso i have a question my kubuntu dualboot system crashed awhile ago and doesn't boot up to kde i was wondering how can I reinstall or repair kubuntu from the internet without format.20:12
syltao@Dat If you can boot and have a root terminal and an active netwok connection, you can try an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade20:45
syltaoThe right is to analyse logs to define where is the problem.20:47
Datsyltaobis: via live cd?20:56
Datsyltaobis: im not sure how to connect to my wireless via terminal i think i tried that once and didn't workout, i'd rather re-install without loosing data or currupting my dual boot20:57
syltaobissystem do not boot or only kde do not start ??20:59
Datkde does not start21:00
Datit boots to a terminal where I can login21:00
Datwhen I login and do a startx or whatever to laod kde it loads a gui and I can login then it crashes no desktop or anything21:01
syltaobisIf nothing to save in the kde installation, there is more chance (with little work) to make a safe new clean install as you suggest before.21:07
Datsyltaobis: can i do an apt-get from a live cd?21:09
syltaobisapt-get in live CD will update «live» system21:10
Unit193Unless you chroot.21:10
syltaobisnot installed system21:10
syltaobis…or chroot21:10
Dathrmm ok21:11
Datlooks like i will have to do a re-install and hope for the best21:11
Dati can't seem to connect to wireless in the terminal and etc21:11
Dathopefully the install can just overwrite the needed file and leave the rest21:12
Datthx for info21:12
Unit193Not generally how installs go.21:12
Datnot sure what else I can do i dont have extra media for backups21:14
Dati wonder if I'll loose my partition with extra data on it?21:14
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syltaobisthis risk exist. I don't play with the partition table when other part of the HD have verry verrrry important datas!21:17
Datsyltaobis: so if I reinstall kubuntu win7 will be gone?21:18
syltaobisI don't have the experience, but normaly not. Using the manual installation process, you can protect the partition with win21:21
syltaobisbefore copiing the files you have a confirmation screen21:22
syltaobishda1 , win untouched21:22
syltaobishda new install reformated21:23
Dati think i better burn boot repair to21:23
syltaobissorry hda2 new install formated21:23
* Dat hates loosing the contents of his home directory21:23
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Datcan someone give me some pointers22:53
bpromptDat:   http://sangkrit.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/sangkrit.net_custom-mouse-pointers.gif23:07
Dathrmm i got no lvm option this might be bad23:11

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