est31any ideas what's working wrongly here: https://code.launchpad.net/~minetestdevs/+archive/ubuntu/daily-builds/+recipebuild/117647703:45
est31buildlog says: "builddeps:minetest : Depends: libfreetype6-dev but it is not going to be installed"03:45
est31its only failing on yakkety, therefore crossposting on #ubuntu+103:48
est31lazyPower, any ideas why this build fails: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/271635143/buildlog.txt.gz04:28
est31it only fails on yakkety04:28
wgrantest31: "but it is not going to be installed" means the dependencies are unresolveable for some reason -- often a conflict.04:33
wgrantTry installing the build-deps in a yakkety chroot locally, and drill down with apt to see what the underlying error is.04:33
est31how can I get such a chroot04:34
wgrantest31: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild can be helpful. sbuild builds binary packages, but it uses schroot behind the scenes, which just provides a clean chroot.04:35
wgrantest31: From a quick glance I suspect the problem is the libpng-dev vs libpng12-dev conflict (libfreetype6-dev depends on the former, and your package build-depends on libfreetype6-dev and the latter)04:38
wgrantBut I haven't actually tried it.04:38
est31wgrant, tried your suggestion, it worked, thanks!09:53
est31(replaced libpng-dev with libpng12-dev)10:27
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maerciba5anyone using birdfont here?16:03
maerciba5or is there a channel for birdfont support?16:05
dobeyi'm guessing this is the wrong channel for whatever you're asking about16:05
maerciba5it a launchpad project which is how i got here16:05
dobeythis channel is about use of the launchpad.net website itself. projects hosted on it may have their own support channels16:06
maerciba5right but i didnt find one separately for birdfont16:06
dobeyi guess you should contact the developers then, or whatever is said in the README or such of its source tree (assuming it has one)16:07
maerciba5right , cheers16:08

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