DvineLorddoes lubuntu-16.04-desktop-i386.iso have issues booting on a hp pavilion dv1331se has pentium m and 915 chipset i believe06:07
DvineLordits a laptop06:07
hateballAre you asking before trying, or are you having an actual problem?06:09
avis-wireless might not be enabled by default DvineLord06:33
avis-you might need a wired connection06:33
avis-on install06:33
avis-might is the key word.  not sure 100%.  it gives the option now to download wireless drivers.  but you have to be wired for me to do it.06:34
DvineLordim trying to run as live distro07:40
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sodomyDvineLord: Be aware that the intel xorg driver has some issues in this release - this may affect your i915 graphics.  It's a known issue with lubuntu depending on which iso you use to install.14:09
sodomyI'm having to deal with these issues myself on a mac.  They're... annoying.14:10
DvineLordi got latest distro to boot i had to use nomodeset and forcepae17:18
wxlDvineLord: you might be able to get additional drivers to fix the graphics, but the forcepae is the way it is.17:20
wxl!pae | DvineLord17:20
ubottuDvineLord: Ubuntu uses activated PAE Kernels on all installs now. Some older Hardware can have issues with that. For Troubleshooting see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE17:20
james1138Question for the group. Anyone know of any software to view contents of EEPROMS?22:45
wxlcan you get that from dmidecode?22:46
james1138Do not know... thought to ask first22:46
wxlyeah i think it will22:49
james1138Is there a certain command line?22:50
wxljames1138: try https://github.com/tchilton/i2ceeprom or http://www.codesink.org/eeprog.html. good luck23:08
james1138Thanks! Do I need any hardware to go with the software?23:16
wxlan i2c bus, obviously23:16
wxli don't have any way of testing this personally, so you're on your own23:17

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