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tareqhello all04:24
ugcoderI'm here04:29
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RemonShaiKilos, hi...11:58
Kiloshi RemonShai 12:00
RemonShaiKilos, how are you? I was absence here 3~4 days for my sickness & later for Eid festival.12:02
Kilosim still alive and seem to be winning with the flu. is your sickness over now?12:03
RemonShaiKilos, yea..., completely...12:04
RemonShaiKilos, :)12:05
Kiloseveryone else seems to still be recovering from the fast12:05
Kilosthe month of rahmadan12:07
Kilosexcuse spelling12:07
RemonShairecover....!!! hahahaha12:08
Kiloslong time to not eat and drink from sunrise to sunset12:09
Kilosi would die of thirst12:09
Kilosi live on herbal tea just about12:09
Kilosbeer mugs full12:10
RemonShaiKilos, it's going to habit. we feel thirty too but not drink or eat anything.12:13
RemonShaiKilos, I don't like to take tea but I like to drink coffee daily..12:15
Kilosi love coffee as well but if i drink too much i get bad headaches12:16
RemonShaiKilos, oops...no.12:17
RemonShaiAudaciousTUX, are you alive after .... ;)12:20
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pavlushkaHello every one!14:08
Kiloshi pavlushka 15:26
pavlushkaHello Kilos 15:26
Kilosnight guys, see you tomorrow18:02
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