Kiloshi dholbach svij and others06:34
dholbachhey hey06:34
dholbachhey Kilos06:34
svijmorning dholbach and Kilos06:35
dholbachhi svij06:35
tsimonq2o/ all06:39
Kiloshi tsimonq206:39
tsimonq2I shouldn't be awake right now, but I'm this >< close to my code working06:40
tsimonq2(of course it was like that two hours ago but I don't care :P)06:40
Kiloshi dpm toddy06:45
toddyhi Kilos06:46
dpmmorning Kilos and all06:50
Mister_Qgood morning everyone o/06:55
Kiloshi Mister_Q06:56
Mister_Qhey Kilos :)07:07
Kilosyou settling in well Mister_Q cloaked and all07:07
Kilosgfreat to have you here07:07
Kilosgreat  as well07:07
Mister_QKilos, thanks :) I was too lazy to do that right after I become an ubuntu member :D07:11
Mister_Qdpm ping10:14
dpmmister_Q, pong, but in ~1h?10:15
Mister_Qdpm okay10:16
dpmMister_Q, pong11:31
Kiloshey guys, how would new applicants for membership now make their wiki pages?12:19
Kilosgals included of course12:20
Mister_Qdpm sorry I was on a call12:24
Mister_Qdpm our next ubucon europe meeting is on tuesday next week, correct?12:24
dpmMister_Q, no worries, yes12:24
Mister_Qthanks. I finally need to link my work calendar to my non-work calendar :D12:26
svijdpm: did you ping claire (or mark) for mark attendance yet?12:39
dpmsvij, I have not, sorry. I've not spent much time on UbuCon this week and rather on the Heidelberg sprint prep12:53
svijdpm: I guess you can ask Mark there directly? ;)12:53
dpmwhy did I know you'd say that? :-)12:54
Mister_Qsvij dont worry I will remind dpm when I'm in Heidelberg ;)12:58
svijMister_Q: you're there the whole week?12:58
Mister_Qsvij not the whole week but 2-3 days for sure12:59
svijah cool12:59
dpmMister_Q, ah, are you planning to come? If so, remember to register with the form to plan the attendance12:59
svijwait, one can come for a couple of days too?12:59
Mister_Qdpm yes I will do that as soon as I know if I have to take a few days of for that or if I can go there as part from our company13:00
* svij might have time for 2-3 days13:00
svijjust not the whole week13:00
Mister_QI cant go for the whole week :/ It will be hard enough for me to get the days off for ubucon13:01
svijI have probably >4 weeks "holidays" after next week. Mixed with exams /o\13:02
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dholbachall rightie - have a great day everyone and a good weekend!16:20
Kilosyou too dholbach16:20

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