qenghoGood morning.01:19
ricotzSweet5hark1, hi, rc2 is built and ready here05:06
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pittiGood morning07:21
willcookehi Laney, how goes?08:08
Laneyhi willcooke08:11
LaneyI used the juicer thing to make beetroot juice08:11
Laneyand now I have purple hands08:11
willcookeThanks Obama08:11
xnoxmvo, desrt - what's the copyright on friendly-recovery?08:11
Laneybut, done some hacking on the new appstream generator08:11
Laneywhich is working so far08:11
willcookemorning xnox, watched your talk yesterday, very good08:12
xnoxall canonical? canonical & desrt? canonical & collabora? mvo / desrt / canonical?08:12
xnoxwillcooke, oh gosh, please no =) i don't think it was good at all...08:12
mvoxnox: definitely canonical for my contributions but the initial work was done by desrt so he own copyright (he knows the details)08:13
xnoxwell their copyright.08:13
xnoxdesrt, i'll update the debian/copyright for now to say Canonical & Allison Ryan Lortie08:13
xnoxwell it has "2007 Ryan Lortie <desrt@desrt.ca>" currently08:14
LaneyI wonder if xnox is audible on the stream08:26
TrevinhoGood mornig!08:30
willcookehey Trevinho08:30
Trevinhoseb is still drunk because of the last night match!?08:31
Trevinhohi willcooke08:31
andyrockhey all08:31
willcookehe booked a day off08:31
willcookeprobably to get over his hang over08:31
TrevinhoEh, this French people...08:31
hikikoTrevinho, ping08:41
Trevinhohey hikiko08:41
hikikoI wanted to ask you 2 things on unity_support_test08:42
Trevinhohikiko: sure08:42
hikikofirst, I think that this return 2 should be put back: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hikiko/nux/nux.ust/revision/880?start_revid=880 because we return 2 when no tests are executed (when we print something and exit)08:44
hikikoand the other question is here:08:44
hikikohttps://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hikiko/nux/nux.ust/revision/881 I am not sure I understand it, did you blacklist the UNITY_LOW_GFX_MODE env var? shouldn't we remove this line?08:45
Trevinhoreturn 2... Yeah, it was something I was wondering too. But I ddin't consider that an error if requested by the user. Only when providing wrong args08:45
Trevinhohikiko: no, as I wanted a way to force this method without using the LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE env, and that was the same for unity08:46
hikikoshould I put it back?08:46
Trevinhohikiko: if you wan to, but I don't see that an issue08:46
Trevinhohikiko: at least, there's no scenario where I think it could cause us troubles, but if you think it more consistent...08:47
hikikoyeah, I don't think that either but I'll just put it back for consistency08:48
hikikoso Trevinho you wanted to blacklist the UNITY_LOW_GFX.. to force software rendering?08:49
TrevinhoI wanted to be able to test this scenario for unity, without having to force software libgl for the rest of things08:49
Trevinhohikiko: so yes08:49
hikikoright, I was just wondering...08:51
hikikoTrevinho, did you see the bug that mdeslaur was talking about yesterday?08:51
hikikoin Y you can't start u7 in lowgfx, you login to lightdm and then compiz doesn't start08:52
hikikoand I reproduced it on a vm08:52
hikikoand I could start u7 manually from tty 108:52
hikikodo you have any idea what could be wrong? it's after we merged our changes08:53
hikikoI wonder if it's possible that something lowgfx related causes the problem?08:53
Trevinhohikiko: mh, it seems like some compiz part has not landed08:56
hikikoheh :D08:56
hikikothere were some installation problems too maybe that daily build was broken08:57
hikikoTrevinho, so, we just wait for the next release?08:58
Trevinhohikiko: mh, so it seems... Like if there was no compiz with unity-lowgfx.ini file08:58
Trevinhohikiko: let's see in next daily08:58
hikikook :) thanks Trevinho !08:58
hikikoTrevinho, also here's the branch with the "fix", just change 0 to 2 :p  https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/nux/nux.revert-retval/+merge/29951709:01
Trevinho seeen09:01
desrtxnox: drop middle name plz :)11:10
desrtxnox: and at the time it would have been me personally (no company)11:12
xnoxdesrt, ok.11:20
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a1faandyrock: ;)16:35
a1faThis bug was fixed in the package unity - 7.5.0+16.10.20160602-0ubuntu116:36
a1fais this going to make it into 16.04?16:37
a1faandyrock: i will buy you a beer if you give me an update on these two bugs 1581910 | 158191216:40
ubot5bug 1581910 in unity-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Decreasing mouse speed does not disable total mouse acceleration" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158191016:40
a1faand 158191216:40
a1fabug 158191216:40
ubot5bug 1581912 in unity (Ubuntu) "Specific NVIDIA driver settings in xorg.conf will cause issues with Unity Panel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158191216:40
a1fathank you ubot ;)16:40

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