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tgm4883nacc: are you suggesting that 15.10 was a development release?15:54
nacctgm4883: sorry, typo'd, still waking up :)15:54
tgm4883ok :)15:54
tgm4883I know some people do call non-lts releases dev releases, and they really shouldn't15:55
nicomachusboo. forgot to turn on my PC at home this morning. can't backup without it...15:55
nacctgm4883: yep, it's a bad habit on my part15:56
daftykinsfrom work o015:56
tgm4883nicomachus: upgrade and if things go awry then restore from your normal backups?15:56
nicomachustgm4883: it's been a couple weeks. :/15:57
nicomachusdaftykins: yes from work. in my line of work, everything is owned by me. data, documents, etc. I guarantee no one else on staff has backups anywhere. but they all run windows so don't think about updating OS's or anything like htat.15:58
daftykinsheh, nasty15:59
daftykinsthink i'd rather take in an external HDD though and have the benefit of speed15:59
nicomachusheh. the external HDD is currently plugged into my PC at home. :/16:00
nicomachusI think it's actually a faster transfer that way anyway. I have parallel gigabit on both machines, but this laptop only has USB 2.0 and the PC at home has 3.016:01
nicomachusso max on this machine would be, what, 500 Mbps?16:01
daftykinsfar less, speed of the drive if it's mechanical16:02
daftykinsless still if the enclosure doesn't support UASP16:02
nicomachustrue. it is mechanical.16:02
daftykinsi'm gonna see if i can reassemble my old graphics card without the air gap i noticed last time, hoping it's not entirely dead after all16:03
daftykins2GB nvidia 560Ti16:04
daftykinsgot the lovely new MSI nvidia 1070 8GB in my new desktop build :D16:05
* tgm4883 sighs19:07
daftykinsmore delightful customers?19:11
tgm4883Not customers this time19:15
tgm4883I just find it so much fun when we point out that we shouldn't support something (in this instance, we shouldn't help enable a user stay on an EOL version) and the persons response (that is enabling this) is "I'm just providing unbiased facts. End of discussion"19:16
tgm4883I mean, get off yourself dude19:16
daftykinssome guy is helping someone keep running EOL?19:21
daftykinsthat's as damaging as the ones that say lubuntu can revive a turd like a netbook :( very frustrating19:22
daftykinsbearing in mind the rule on support in here, has anyone used mod_evasive with apache2 before?21:29
daftykinsah nevermind :) just for reference though, i had a web server getting hammered by random IPs that kept changing - mod_evasive is kind of like an alternative to fail2ban but built into apache - it's now blocking IPs based on repeated access attempts which before were causing apache to fall over21:33
Bashing-omHeads up. the forum has problems posting .. expect our traffic load on the channel to increase .21:34
daftykinsooh dear!21:34
daftykinsBashing-om: just in time for the weekend masses ;)21:34
Bashing-omOh Joy ! See what all you are missing .. daftykins I miss ya on the channel !21:35
daftykins:) thanks sir21:37
daftykinsmissing you on #squoo.sh too!21:37
Bashing-omThere not a thing going on in squoo.sh; when there is .. I can and will join .. where oh where has our fearless leader got off to ?21:39
daftykinsTrue, that - but a nice little camp for us to chat in. I'd wager he's buried under a project or two :) He did mention buying a new farm for a new build iirc21:40
Bashing-omyeah .. I can accept that building a new house ( as in domicile) will take up ALL time .21:41
Bashing-omyou, me and 2 others in #squoo.sh .... pickens are slim .21:43
daftykinsplus you know how much he likes to multi-task with and keep going on the back burners :D21:44
Bashing-omThen again, maybe a flood wiped out his data center ??21:46
daftykinsah he seemed to think he's pretty safe from floods i think21:49
Bashing-omNext time lotus checks in .. will have him ping TJ-; he was able once before to raise him up to provide his status .21:51
daftykinsah no i did that by dropping him an email :)21:54
daftykinscould certainly check in on him again21:55
Bashing-omHo Kay; Time to see if he is still breathing ?21:55
daftykinssure can21:58
Bashing-omwhen #squoo.sh channel number lights up .. will know TJ- is on !22:00
daftykinsbit too engrossed in a task of my own right now though :(22:13
Bashing-omForum is back in business :)23:03

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