muellican I somehow get hold of Evolution 3.20? It fixes an annoying bug.12:32
jbichawhich bug?12:38
ubot5Gnome bug 763897 in Composer "Whitespace is corrupted when emailing patches" [Normal,New]12:38
jbichaok, the Evolution developer says that this fix won't be supported for Evolution 3.1812:44
jbichayou could try the GNOME3 Staging PPA, but that updates your whole computer to GNOME 3.2012:44
jbichait's more or less a beta preview of the next Ubuntu GNOME release12:45
muellijbicha: how could I pin that repository to a lower priority?12:45
muelliI've added the PPA now, but I want to give its packages less priority.  I could add smth like Pin: release n=... Pin-Prioritity: 400,  but I don't know how to find out what the "Release" is.12:46
jbichabut it's too complicated for the Ubuntu GNOME developers to support users trying to use only certain parts of the GNOME3 PPAs12:51
muellijbicha: ah. apt-cache policy (without arguments) shows the release n and o values.12:52
muelli(for the archives:  release v=16.04,o=LP-PPA-gnome3-team-gnome3-staging,a=xenial,n=xenial,l=GNOME3 Staging,c=main,b=i386)12:53
muellijbicha: fair enough. If it's properly packaged then all dependencies should be resolved properly ;-)12:53
jbichawell as an example, many GNOME 3.20 apps require GTK 3.20 but once you have GTK 3.20, you need your apps and themes to be updated for that (major theming changes this release)12:54
jbichawe did not add breaks to gtk3.20 for all affected packages12:55
muelliFWIW: It looks as if Evolution 3.20.3 works on my otherwise regular Ubuntu GNOME system :)13:22

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