blutHow can I let a preseed/early_command run in the background? My command is currently http://paste.ubuntu.com/18779153/ and the 'sh /kill-partman.sh &' doesn't go to the background, eventhough I can run the exact command in the console during the installation and it works. Any ideas?11:33
slashdhi, I have someone that can't sucessfully install Xenial due to a scsi transfer length issue. In order to troubleshoot I want him to test the same Xenial install using another kernel version to see if this will succeed. How can I skip the ISO default kernel and force debian installer to pick the desired kernel ? I've been told that "base-installer/kernel/override-image string " might do the job, but no quite sure where t15:14
slashdhe kernel needs to be store for d-i to grab it and install it....15:14
slashdI sent an email to the mailing list ^^15:49
dmj_s76cyphermox: I've been trying to write a fix for the ubuntu installer for systems with nvme drives.  Currently (in 16.04) ubiquity fails to install grub.16:29
dmj_s76Actually found a small 1 line change that correctly installs grub where the nvme drive is the only disk in the system...16:31
dmj_s76but for some reason in bios mode when there is a non-nvme disk too, ubiquity/misc.py grub_default() targets /dev/sda1 instead of /dev/nvme0n1 even though we're installing to the nvme drive (default).  The installer then fails to install grub to the sda drive.16:35
dmj_s76Is there a reason for why ubiquity naively picks the sda drive?16:37
cyphermoxmust be something broken in ubiquity itself; I expect grub is otherwise doing the right thing (we've done a few fixes for NVMe before)16:56
cyphermoxplease file a bug against ubiquity16:56
dmj_s76cyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/160030817:19
cyphermoxdmj_s76: thanks. I'll get back to it soon; but for now I need to focus on other pressing stuff for today; and then I'm on vacation for two weeks17:19
cyphermoxso I'd get back to it after vacation, I think17:20
dmj_s76who else maintains ubiquity in case I have questions?17:20
dmj_s76hoping to have a patch ready early next week17:21
cyphermoxdmj_s76: pretty much only me, more or less18:20
cyphermoxdmj_s76: send me an email and I'll see what I can do18:20
cyphermoxor file a bzr merge proposal, and if someone feels like reviewing ubiquity they can merge it while I'm away :)18:20
dmj_s76cyphermox: I'll have a merge proposal for the single drive case...I think it's really two different issues in the same area.18:22
dmj_s76will have that today18:23
cyphermoxI won't have the time to look at it today I'm afraid18:23
dmj_s76that's fine, I'm just hoping to have it in time for 16.04.1, to make the next several months easier for our customers.18:24
cyphermoxit's getting pretty short for 16.04.1; but please propose your patches and we'll do what's needed to land it if possible18:25
dmj_s76it's 1 line that only applies to nvme disks18:26
dmj_s76but definitely getting short18:26
dmj_s76cyphermox: I have a merge proposal ready.19:15
dmj_s76It should make installs painless for at least half of our users with nvme drives.19:16

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