memekahi, my system hangs on reboot (but not on shutdown) and i need to plug off/plug back the power to make it respond - what's the best way to debug the kernel - find out exactly where the reboot code is?04:42
apwteward, yep thermald is one of ours ...07:52
apwmemeka (N,BFTL), there are a number of ways to skin the reboot cat, and normally you would try them all to see which works and add a quirk to select that one07:53
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tewardapw: still around?  (sorry i wasn't around at 03:52 local)15:16
tewardapw: or kernel team, before I poke hggdh or the quality list admins to silence something that should probably be squished, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-quality/2016-July/006585.html may be of interest, regarding why something was fix released for wily but didn't fix things (and possibly didn't fix for Trusty)15:17
tewardwrt bug #154304615:18
ubot5bug 1543046 in thermald (Ubuntu Wily) "thermald spamming kernel log when updating powercap RAPL powerlimit" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154304615:18
apwcking, ^ this is a thermald thing that is marked fixed but seemingly not so15:19
tewardapw: no confirmation of still existing for Trusty15:19
tewardand i need guidance for the Wily side15:19
tewardi.e. "Would it be fixed before EOL and would it do any good to change the bug status for wily"15:19
tewardasking as bugcontrol not QA :P15:19
tewards/bugcontrol/bug triage/15:20
ckingapw, ok, I'll look at it on monday, although I'm surprised by this :-/15:20
tewardcking: without taking a look at it, can you give me a best guess as to whether this close to Wily EOL we actually care about getting this fixed before it EOLs?15:22
tewardI can understand it needs poked for Trusty if it still exists, I don't see justification for Wily which dies off in 20 days15:22
teward(as a bug triager, not a kernel guy)15:22
rtgcking, plus we're aren't gonna updatethe kernel anymore15:22
ckingteward, well, I know the code well, so it's trivial for me to eyeball and I can turn it around on monday quite easily as long as nothing higher priority hits me over the weekend15:23
ckingwhen is wily EOL now?15:23
tewardmessage went out from infinity yesterday15:23
tewardover the announce lists15:23
ckingok, I'll see what I can to monday, I was pretty sure I tested this on my x220, but oh well, I screwed it up I guess15:24
tewardcking: i'll reply saying it's in the Kernel Team's hands now, and to stop the bickering on the QA list15:24
tewardis there a kernel ML you want me to CC on with that reply?15:24
ckingteward, I'd prefer for me to just update the bug report 15:25
tewardcking: i'll leave it be and say it's back in the Kernel team's hands, and to leave it be until such time one of the team's members reply to the bug.15:25
tewardit's still needing an anti-drama squish.15:25
teward(on the quality ml)15:25
ckingit's not going to kill anyone, it's been like tyhat for a while without much drama15:27
tewardindeed.  there's drama between two people on the ML15:27
ckingthey need more beer15:27
tewardand *that* needs squished (it's no longer just a report of 'marked fixed but not fixed')15:27
rtgthey need to upgrade to xenial15:27
cking+1 rtg15:27
tewardrtg: that's what i said in my reply to the thread heh15:32
tewardbut, alas, end users will be end users, so... ::15:32
teward:P *15:32
hggdhteward: OTOH, php4fan has just earned moderation on the ML.15:47
tewardhggdh: oh joy15:47
hggdhI still think php4fan and Teo Teo to be one and the same15:47
tewardhggdh: this wouldn't be the same guy from before would it?  (I recently pruned all my mailing list messages from my main inbox, CBA to pull up the archive)15:47
tewardahh that's the one I was thinking about15:48
tewardhggdh: funny story, I was going to ping you on it privately, too, and ask for some higher power to be called forth, but lunch was calling first :P15:48
tewardthanks for the FYI15:48
hggdhyw. Pity, though. This person uses Wily for his "production", and still does not understand the difference between LTS and interim15:49
tewardhggdh: hey, that's 50% of the Ask Ubuntu people, it's why I started posting the EOL notices.15:50
tewardso people aren't all "WHY THE [censored] DID MY POST GET CLOSED WHAT IS EOL WHAT IS THIS ..." 15:50
teward*rolls eyes*15:50
hggdhgood idea.15:51
ckingteward, I've prepared a fix, I'll get the user to test it from a PPA and upload it once they verify it works16:08
tewardcking: ack16:09
memguycurious does anybody know what db000000-db7fffff : RAM buffer i have tried to read from it and i cann't do that i just curious on what it is used for some kind of buffer cache or something but don't understand it (how it is used,why , and what is using it)18:59
mjg59memguy: If a region of RAM doesn't end on a 64MB boundary and there's nothing else allocated there, the kernel reserves the space to reduce the probability that there's actual RAM there being used by the firmware19:03
mjg59Otherwise you might map an mmio device on top of it19:03
memguywait so what happens if the region ends on 64MB boundry19:06
memguyi guess i don't see the point of it and why they named if ram buffer19:06
memguycurious is there a cpu feature or flag that has something to do with cpu temperature because i have seen /dev/temperature or other devices and read into it a little bit. Can processors detect there temperature there running at like they can with voltage and frequency settings thru power management20:24
memguyi am curious if there is a /proc/cpuinfo flag name for this which would control the setting range of what the cpu  temperature range it will run at before halting to resume that range . would be a cool feature to beable to turn off and on20:26
memguyin conjunction with p-state and t-state and c-state20:27
memguyI guess alot of this can be obtained from ACPI but was curious on if there is a flag and dedicated cpu feature for all this processor temperature,freq, cpu voltage/current20:39

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