Saitoh183_I'm trying ton install mate 16.04 via USB and it seems to be hanging at preparing to install Ubuntu. When i load live cd it works great and fast but even from there if I start install, it just spins and i see the HDD light working but nothing is happening00:23
Saitoh183_64bit btw.. Ssd is unallocated space00:24
Saitoh183_I even recreated the USB drive with Lili00:25
Saitoh183_Could it be my AMD 5450 graphic card that could be the issue?00:26
nomicits most commonly, a complete failure, a graphic card --  is the amd 5450 old/uncommon?  sounds old00:39
Saitoh183_It's a few years now00:40
Saitoh183_Like 4 or 500:40
Saitoh183_I would think00:40
nomicthats not old00:40
nomiclog message on ubuntu/mate forums00:41
nomicalso ask in #ubuntu - this place isn't busy or its early morning00:41
nomic#ubuntu always has 1800 people in it00:41
Saitoh183_How do I get to logs00:41
nomicdmesg = log00:41
Saitoh183_Yeah.. But the thing is that I can't seem to get a cmd window open00:42
Saitoh183_To see what the installation is doing00:42
nomicread this00:42
nomicI believe flgrx is common00:42
nomicLet’s say you use the fglrx driver on Ubuntu 15.10, and that you plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 next month.00:42
nomici recall there being options for supported unsupporte radeon driver00:43
nomicbut you're not getting past install00:43
Saitoh183_And this is a fresh install00:44
Saitoh183_There is no previous os00:44
nomic"To top it all off Canonical say: “AMD won’t support fglrx on 16.04, period”, and Canonical has no desire to take over the duties "00:44
Saitoh183_I can remove the card00:44
nomicprevious os don't affect anything -- new install/run - that is gone00:44
nomictry with another card00:44
Saitoh183_It's not necessaey00:44
nomicsuccess- the card is issue00:44
Saitoh183_I will00:44
nomiccheck the ram/ seating00:45
nomicalso check the ventilation00:45
Saitoh183_Try with the onboard00:45
nomichave had install failures because of overheat -- 1 thing that happens ,, the graphics (radeon) card will run hot until it gets the driver00:45
nomichad to cool the pc until I got the flgrx driver installed00:45
nomicthe correct driver00:45
nomiclook on forums, see whats going on00:46
Saitoh183_That is all good since I can run live media and 15.04 boots just fine when I plug it in(is on another ssd)00:46
nomiceasy to whip the card out, try00:46
nomiccould be a problem with your usb media00:46
Saitoh183_Well i will try that first since it is the easiest00:46
nomici aint in favor (here) of installing usb anymore -- have gone back to dvd (rare occasion I install)00:46
lightinganyone able to help me get wine working v16.0200:46
Saitoh183_I don't have a drive00:47
nomicwine is a general issue -- you may get better answers off the busier #ubuntu channel00:47
nomic= 17x busier than here00:47
* nomic has never used it00:47
nomicwould reckon its 100% DOS @ least, emulation, by now00:48
Saitoh183_If a older flavor like 14.04 gets passed the setup, maybe it's my ISO?00:48
Saitoh183_What bothers me is that live media works of the USB just fine00:49
nomicwould try 1. graphics card 2. maybe cut the iso to a dvd, if you've got one -- but that's just my opinion,  here, have been running with small, old usb drives00:49
nomicthing is -- you look at unetbootln, to write iso to usb drive, there are a zillion options for the header00:49
nomicwriting to a DVD, there is none of that00:50
nomicusb formatting is more complex00:50
Saitoh183_I used Lili00:50
nomiclots of options for the header, which means it can be wrong00:50
Saitoh183_That's what I had used for 15.04 and it had worked00:50
* nomic just uses nautilus to pick up the iso file, right click = standard write to a DVD00:50
nomicif you get 15.04 onto your system you can run distribution upgrade00:51
Saitoh183_I don't have a optical drive00:51
nomicdownloads the files, reboots into 16.0400:51
nomictheres an option .. 'upgrade' -- but why would that change the situation with the graphics driver (if that is the problem)00:51
Saitoh183_I have 15.04 on another ssd.. Basically I removed my ssd 15.04 and put in a blank drive to start fresh... Having performance issues withy 15.04 after updating from 14.10 so that's why I was starting fresh00:52
Saitoh183_And my 15.04 is a bit of aess00:53
Saitoh183_I'm a newb to nix so I did alot of tinkering00:53
barry_is it easy enough to remove the gui. I just want a terminal interface ubuntu style server01:21
nomicserver version01:34
nomicthere are server versions of ubuntu01:34
barry_just wondering if there is an Arm64 compatible with pine64 though... I'll download and install it on a secondary microSD I guess.01:37
Saitoh183_Figured it out01:52
Saitoh183_The new ssd had no Partition table01:53
nomicthought it auto creats partition02:10
nomic'use entire disk' option02:10
stephen_who is on raspberry pi02:18
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ubuntu-mateHi I am trying to duel boot windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04 but after I install ubuntu grub boot loader don't show up and my computer boots into windows. Right now I am booted into the ubuntu live dvd please help.04:02
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randall1. install windows 10 first, 2. install ubuntu 16.04 along side windows 10, if it's the same hdd, 3. if you're useing 2 hdds use your bios or uefi to give ubuntu hdd the priority, 4. update-grub04:17
EremiellI just drop grub on the windows drive, works as well04:18
randalleven if all I had was windows, I'd rather boot with grub04:24
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lapideviridiouroumov, hey, it's me with the weird caja 90's look. The problem suddenly resolved itself. Again, I have no idea what triggered this. Just bootet it up and saw that everything was correct again.10:31
linda_hi everyone,totally new to this, when trying to input information in the terminal. it then asks for a password and presents a flashing cursor, but at this point I am unable to enter anything via the keyboard? any ideas?13:03
linda_sorry small update, I am attempting to install my brother printer drivers13:04
ericb2linda_, not sure, but when entering a password, the terminal is in -echo mode, means no echo about what you typed (no **** e.g. ). If things work as expected, just enter the correct password, and type "enter". Should work13:28
ericb2else, maybe we need more information13:29
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lapideviridiDoes anyone know how I get KDE Connect to work on Mate? I installed it on both my desktop and my mobile, but only the notification appear.17:37
lapideviridiFor instance, how do I display my phones battery or open the file system?17:37
lapideviridiDo I actually have to use KDE?17:38
lostatworkconsidering KDE connect is designed for KDE you may not get the desired results you are looking for17:38
lapideviridilostatwork, I found it in the software boutique, so I hoped it would mostly work with mate.17:39
Akuliyou may need to install some additional kde stuff to get it to work17:45
Akulibut it should run just fine17:45
lapideviridiAkuli, you tried? Aren't all dependencies installed automatically?17:51
Akulinot always17:54
Akulidependencies to make it kind of run, but there may still be some issues17:54
lapideviridiAkuli, does the software boutique just use regular apt like I can type in my terminal?17:55
_rev_In the software boutique, if you click show underneath the program in question, it says the source. In this case: https://launchpad.net/~vikoadi/+archive/ubuntu/ppa17:56
_rev_That PPA was reported to work just fine in 15.0417:56
Akulilapideviridi, i never use the software boutique :D i do all my package management with the terminal17:57
lapideviridi_rev_, do you suggest it is outdated?17:58
Akulinothing has changed that much17:58
lapideviridiAkuli, not quite there yet, I'm afraid. I need the list to know my possibilities.17:58
Akulitell me something you want to do, and i'll tell you how to do that with the terminal.17:59
_rev_lapideviridi:I don't think so, it wasn't even added to the boutique until the second 16.04 alpha.17:59
lapideviridiAkuli, thanks for the offer. I do know how to use apt, since my first experience with linux was from my raspberries. I liked all the freedom and options, but it can be a bit overwhelming, so I choose mate to counter that.18:01
lapideviridiAny clue on to fix this. Sorry, I still have to get accustomed to all this.18:03
_rev_lapideviridi: When I add the PPA there is no release key.18:07
_rev_Also, you can find the most recent version, according to the dev's launchpad in the regular ubuntu repo.18:08
_rev_If you think the PPA install is the issue, you could try reinstalling from the repo.18:08
lapideviridi_rev_, installing it via the ubuntu software senter then?18:34
_rev_It's up to you. I'd rather just open a terminal and then input: sudo apt install kdeconnect18:35
_rev_Just completely remove your previous install if you want to try this.18:35
_rev_apt purge the previous install18:35
lapideviridi_rev_, purge takes out all the dependencies too?18:38
_rev_No, it just wipes all config files. If you want to wipe the dependencies you should purge the program and then run: sudo apt autoremove18:38
lapideviridi_rev_, I'll remember that, thanks!18:39
Akuliyou can actually search for config files that are left from removed packages that haven't been purged18:45
Akulidpkg --get-selections | grep deinstall | cut -f118:45
CodFectionnew to mate19:06
CodFectionbeing using ubuntu unity19:07
CodFectionright choice? :)19:07
Akuliif you like it :)19:07
CodFectionI really like it19:08
CodFectionjust one disappointment thou19:08
CodFectioncant use "start" button on keyboard19:08
CodFectionnothing pops up19:08
Akuliwhich menu are you using19:08
Akulithe default applications-places-system thing?19:09
Akuliright-click a panel, add to panel19:09
Akulithere should be alternative menus, one of them which is called 'advanced' or something works with the start key19:09
CodFectionit says "remove from the panel"19:09
Akulioh :D19:10
Akuliclick on an empty spot19:10
Akulior remove the menu you have now, and click where it was19:10
Akuliyou can always add it again19:10
CodFectionthen start button will work?19:24
lostatworkit is nice that plank will display the new count with apps like thunderbird and liferea19:37
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lapideviridi_rev_, Akuli, I had a meltdown, so I had to autoremove again19:41
lapideviridiSeems like the issue is fixed. Thanks a lot!19:41
_rev_Is the program working properly now?19:41
CodFectionguys docky or plank19:42
CodFectionwhich one is better19:42
CodFectionfor mate19:42
lapideviridi_rev_, almost19:45
lapideviridiI can read battery level now, but I can't add that to the panel (?) at the top of the screen. Also, when I try to browse the files pluma opens instead19:45
_rev_And this reinstall was from the repo? Not the PPA?19:46
lostatworkCodFection: personally I like plank but the ultimate decision rests with you19:52
lapideviridi_rev_, umm, I used apt19:53
CodFectionlostatwork, thanks19:55
_rev_lapideviridi: Ok. I can't really suggest much else to fix the panel issues since I don't use the program. You might want to document the problem with some screenshots and steps to reproduce them. You could then try posting on the support forum.19:55
_rev_I did notice that program pulls in a frightening amount of QT dependencies. So, there are a lot of points of failure. But that's really above my knowledge level.19:56
CodFectionI still cant figure out how to make the start button work19:58
CodFectionor it just doesn't on mate?19:58
CodFectionany one?20:04
CodFectionI still cant figure out how to make the start button work20:05
CodFectionnomic, any idea20:05
nomicwhat start button20:06
nomicie. on a pc?20:06
CodFectionin keyboard20:06
CodFectionthat windows thingy20:06
nomicyou can attach keys to processes20:06
nomicit's not used20:06
nomicin linux20:06
CodFectionin unity it was working20:06
nomici just pressed it - nothing happened20:06
nomicto do what20:06
lapideviridi_rev_, yeah, I read  that it needs a lot of KDE dependencies. What are QT dependencies, by the way?20:06
nomicyou can attach programs to keys20:07
nomicthe start button has a key number20:07
CodFectionhow can I?20:07
nomicso you can customise the start key20:08
nomicto call maybe the file browser20:08
CodFectionnomic, for the application installation. do I need to follow ubuntu unity guide? will it work the same for mate?20:08
CodFectionok cool20:08
nomicmate is not unity20:08
nomicunity is ubuntu20:08
CodFectionI know20:08
CodFectionthats why asking20:08
CodFectionprograms will have effect?20:09
nomicbells n whistles -- things like the start button attached to things20:09
nomicyeah it'll work on mate20:09
CodFectionbecause of the guides are available for unity20:09
CodFectionok cool20:09
nomicbecause its not doing anything20:09
CodFectionthanks :)20:09
nomicthis is not unity20:09
nomicdistro/gui/screen manager -- mate is far more minimal (& faster), than unity20:09
CodFectionI love simplicity of it20:09
* nomic got it on raspberr pi3s20:10
nomicas pcs20:10
nomicfor everything20:10
CodFectionjust if I can get the application menu to pop when I press start20:10
CodFectionit would be great20:10
CodFectionwow thats cool20:10
CodFectionis it worth buying rasp 3?20:10
nomicnot sure what the command is for the application men us -- if you find it, try it in the terminal20:10
CodFectionI was planning to.20:10
nomicthey're not for browsing20:10
nomicbecause browser = huge demand20:10
nomicthey're great for media / server20:11
nomicthings only have 1gb ram .. they are matchbox sized .. 1.5w max draw20:11
CodFectionso you use it as a?20:11
nomicif  you have problems attaching the menu to the start button - ask on forums (ubuntu/ubuntu mate forums)20:11
CodFectionbrb restarting pc20:12
nomicactually better than pcs (I had) .. because its HD playback .. I get live tv news streams20:12
lapideviridiCodFection, I can recommend getting one. I have three which I use for testing, fun and different kinds of testing.20:12
nomicrock solid with mate20:12
lapideviridiOne actually managed to run Ubuntu Mate with a VNC server, so I could remotely access it.20:12
nomicwireless works out of the box etc (onboard wireless)20:12
* nomic uses x2x20:13
nomictype on laptop (xubuntu) -- cursor drifts across to mate desktop20:13
lapideviridiCan confirm that wireless is a pain on earlier boards. I had to find some cheap dongles on dx.com which do the trick, but are rather limited in terms of speed.20:13
lapideviridiAlso, it was hard to find something compatible.20:14
nomicnever had problem with it, with mate 15.04/1620:14
nomicnetgear wg511 always20:14
nomic^ imo the 100% linux compatible wirless usb20:14
nomicsome guy tested the onboard wirless of the raspberry pi 3, from within a tin box20:15
nomicworked fine20:15
lapideviridiI ran raspbian, since it was designed for the board and used very little resources. Quite a few handy tools in there too.20:15
* nomic gave up on raspibian when I couldn't configure nfs ... raspibian = like debian IMO20:15
nomic"for the workshop" .. mate is "for the desktop" .. things work .. it is a standard ubuntu20:16
nomicso I was able to slide across from xubuntu in minutes20:16
lapideviridiI didn't really have the need for a desktop, so I ran a headless setup. Thus, no mate.20:17
_rev_lapideviridi: To answer your earlier question: GTK and QT are widget libraries commonly used in linux distros to build the GUI of programs. Although GTK and QT do the same thing, most distros tend to prefer one or the other.20:17
lapideviridi_rev_, I think I'll just copy that somewhere. Thanks again20:17
lapideviridinomic, what did you use the desktop for?20:18
nomicwork / old films / tv news20:19
nomic100% as a server / setting up web server20:19
nomicbut not simple one20:19
nomicjust abandoned apache .. getting nginx20:19
nomicneed websocket proxy20:19
nomicthought I had it working on apache20:19
nomiccan't decide whether to use tornado, or autobahn (twisted) .. thinking I would use autobahn, but got impression twisted may be faster to set up with nginx20:20
nomicmonday spent going from lighttpd to nginx to apache .. thought apache was working .. this is as websocket proxy thru port 80 .. but found out today that the proxy isn't working20:21
nomictbh it works locally, but I'm not even sure how it's working20:21
lapideviridiI ran some http servers once. Apache was way too resource intensive, but nginx did the trick.20:21
nomicapache is like a leatherman .. its a larger tool for everything .. nginx / lighttpd will just serve20:22
lapideviridilighttpd also did a wonderful job, but a lot of features were missing.20:22
nomicim probably going to use nginx - re-reading, websocket support is built in20:22
nomicborked the nginx installation .. can't purge it .. re-installing the pi3 after some time20:23
nomicsomething went wrong to stop it installing/uninstalling .. with these matchboxes it takes me no time at all to get a fresh system -- can't be bothered looking at it20:23
nomicnginx is probably the 2nd most widely used web server .. maybe #1 apache #2 nginx #3 lighttpd .. not sure if lighttpd is developed/supported as much as nginx20:24
lapideviridinomic, I read somewhere that you could have the filesystem on a usb stick, and then format that, resulting in a fresh system20:24
nomicI just want a plain install .. takes no time @ all20:26
nomicfound that 16.04 standard version (image) doesn't fit on 8gb micro sd anymore .. its 7.5gb 7.4 is available .. but someone on site has made a 16.04 < 8gb or 7.4 .. torrent only .. getting it20:27
* nomic waits20:28
nomicwonder why its > 7.4gb. inconvenient .. the installed system is something like 3gb20:28
nomicits like ubuntu / xubuntu went from fitting on a cd, to only fitting on a dvd20:28
nomicfar smaller than wincrap20:29
silver-dragonAny one know why steam wont launch on ubuntu-mate 16.0421:21
bekkssilver-dragon: Which error message do you get?21:21
silver-dragonnothing it just starts then crashes21:22
silver-dragonI dont know where to find a cash log21:22
bekksHow does it "crash"?21:22
silver-dragonWell I guess I would say it fails to start. The first time I ran it after installing it ran the updates just fine then the second time it shows up in the dock for a second then its gone.21:24
bekksSo open a terminal and start it from the terminal.21:24
silver-dragonI am re-installing it now21:25
bekksIts not Windows, that wont help at all.21:25
silver-dragonI was hoping something maybe went wrong when steam updateed so doing a fresh install might fix it21:25
silver-dragonStartup - updater built Jun 14 2016 23:23:0821:26
silver-dragonSteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred21:26
silver-dragonX Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)21:26
silver-dragonThats the terminal output when I launch from terminal21:27
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