ahoneybunmariogrip: https://github.com/ahoneybun/uCycle/blob/master/README.md00:13
mariogriplitte small maybe and favicons :P00:14
ahoneybuntesting things lol00:14
ahoneybunWIP as they say lol00:16
ahoneybunmariogrip: "Contributions to master, excluding merge commits"00:59
mariogripahoneybun: what?01:01
ahoneybunthat's what the contributor page says lol01:01
ahoneybuneither way I just used full size images on my README for uCycle01:02
mariogripCool :D01:05
ahoneybunso sharing passwords in the US is now a crime01:06
Acou_Bassimagine how many passwords you just shared by saying the word 'passwords'01:18
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ahoneybunmariogrip: I can't seem to post on the ubport forms12:56
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iochello, would someone be able to provide some support regarding enabling ubuntu specific kernel config options please?13:25
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ogra_bregma, hmm, i see a purtine app when i search fr "Desktop" on my phone ... in the app store scope it tells me it is installed ... in the app scope i cant see it though15:30
bregmaogra_, that's odd15:31
ogra_and if i long-press the icon in th app-store search i just get an empty page15:31
bregmaogra_, when you say 'app scope' do you mean the XApp scope?15:31
ogra_just the generic apps scope that shows my installed apps15:31
bregmaXApps no longer appear in the regular app scope, because they're no regular apps15:32
ogra_there is no entry for it15:32
ogra_i'm talking about https://uappexplorer.com/app/com.ubuntu.puritine15:32
ogra_it isnt in my application list at all15:32
bregmaright, they're XApps and you need the XApps scope to see them15:33
ogra_but going to the app store on my phone it claims it is installed15:33
ogra_so what is it good for ?15:33
ogra_i thought thats the app installer15:33
ogra_and in the Xapps scope i dont seem to have any option to install an app or anything15:33
bregmasome day (soon) the apps scope will be an aggregating scope that surfaces and launches native apps, snaps, and XApps, but not today15:34
bregmathe Desktop Applications click (formerly known as Puritine) contains 5 XApps preinstalled15:35
ogra_so why claims my phone it is installed (while it isnt)15:35
bregmaanything else we don't (yet) support outside of developer preview (CLI) functionality, because there are too many known limitations15:35
bregmaif you phone claims Puritine is installed, it's installed15:36
ogra_well ...15:36
ogra_i dont have an icon for it15:36
bregmayou just can't see the XApps unless you have the XApps (libertine-scope) installed15:36
ogra_and as i said,, long pressing the icon in the store scope doesnt get m the details page15:36
ogra_i have the libertine scope installed15:36
ogra_it only tells me "no XApps available"15:37
bregmais everything up-to-date?15:37
ogra_well, i'm on rc-proposed, updated this morning to the latest imag15:37
dobeyogra_: puritine app? as in an X app that's installed in a container?15:37
ogra_dobey, no ... see the uappexplorer link above15:38
dobeyogra_: oh, puritine isn't an app though is it?15:38
ogra_there is a purtine click in the store15:38
ogra_i can find it when searching locall in my app store on the phone15:38
dobeyright, but it's not an app or a scope, as i understand15:38
ogra_it has a green checkmark and says it is installed15:38
ogra_long pressing it gets me a whitepage15:38
ogra_opening the libertine scope tells me "No XApps installed"15:39
ogra_so i guess something is wrong here15:39
bregmadefiitely sounds like15:39
bregmaogra_, what version of the Puritine click does your local store say is installed?15:40
ogra_(... i.e. i should be able to uninstall it trough the store scope ... or at least see the details)15:40
dobeyogra_: the problem is that it's not an app or a scope, i think15:40
dobeyogra_: file a bug agaisnt unity-scope-click15:40
ogra_bregma, there are no details  :)15:40
ogra_so how would i tell15:40
dobeyogra_: "click list" in terminal :)15:41
bregmafunny, I get a blank screen from the store when I go to see details too15:41
ogra_bregma, 0.115:41
dobeyreally it shouldn't appear in the store scope at all.15:41
ogra_dobey, well, uappexplorer never lies :P15:42
bregmaogra_, 0.1 is the empty click, which explains why you don;t get any apps in the XApps scope15:42
dobeyogra_: yes it does :)15:42
ogra_never ever :P15:42
ogra_bregma, ah, yeah, i see there is 0.1215:42
ogra_but indeed i cant install it15:42
ogra_(since i cant get rid of 0.1)15:42
bregmaogra_, the empty click is shipped in rc-proposed otherwise it would blow the partition size during flash15:42
dobeyogra_: it should appear in updates page in system settings15:42
bregmathen you need to update the click from the store15:42
ogra_right, but the click scope doesnt allow that15:43
dobeyclick scope doesn't do updates anyway15:43
* ogra_ checks system-settings15:43
ogra_oh !15:43
ogra_yeah, i see a 600MB update15:43
bregmawe ended up in a compromising position because it was so big15:43
ogra_wht if i dont want it ?15:43
bregmaif you don;t want it, don't hit the update button15:44
ogra_i guess i need to install it first to be able to uninstall it ?15:44
dobeybut having it appear in the store scope, and it being a blank page, are bugs15:44
dobeyogra_: no, you won't be able to uninstall it15:44
ogra_bregma, i dont want to see it every day in myupdates window either :P15:44
ogra_dobey, that will break as soon as we get notifications for app updates15:44
ogra_you will constantly get notified15:44
dobeyogra_: lol, great. so in another 4 years when we get that, you can complain about updates all the time :)15:45
bregmaI believe it only get into the rc-proposed channel for -pd images, since it's in the custom overlay tarball for only certain devices15:45
ogra_and if i ever accidentially hit "update all" i *will* get it15:45
ogra_bregma, i definitely dont use pd15:45
ogra_not on my phone15:45
bregmait would be nice to have a 'never tell me about updates to this package' in the UI15:46
ogra_well,, but we dont have it ... and most people do hit "update all"15:46
dobeyit would be nice if people filed bugs, when bugs happen :)15:46
ogra_so they end up with 600MB eaten on their disk15:46
* dobey can't fix bugs that aren't reported15:46
ogra_dobey, i'll file a bug, i have obviously only discovered it a few mins ago15:47
bregmaif you're not using a channel for one of the -pd supported images, the Puritine click should not be in the customer overlay, so someone must have messed up15:47
ogra_the point is that the concept forces it onto everyone15:47
dobeyit's not installed on my mako15:47
bregmawe certainly don;t want to have people using older devices installing that click and killing their disk space15:47
ogra_bregma, i use a MXpro5 that i switched to rc-proposed after finding it unusable for a week ... but i never switched to a diffrent channel like pd on that phone15:48
bregmaMXpro5 is a -pd device15:48
ogra_by default ?15:48
bregmaas I understand it, yes15:48
dobeywell if you switched channels you would have had to specify the channel used15:48
bregmathat's the turbo, right?15:48
dobeyso what channel does system-image-cli -i say you are on?15:49
dobeyyes, that's turbo15:49
ogra_bregma, yeah15:49
ogra_and yes, it says meizu.en-pd :/15:49
ogra_so that means i can never again hit update all ... :(((15:50
ogra_doesnt feel like the concept has been thought through15:50
bregmaor just bite the bullet and install the full click, then enjoy running the GIMP on your phone15:50
ogra_i have a tablet for that stuff :P15:51
bregmayou will be the life of the party15:51
ogra_i prefer to have 20GB of offline maps for uNav eating my space instead15:51
dobeywell, so that gives you 44 GB more space, so 600 MB isn't too much :)15:52
dobeyjust don't install an update on 3G15:52
ogra_44GB ?15:52
ogra_how did you make up that number ?15:52
dobey64 - 20 ?15:53
dobeyisn't turbo 64 GB storage ?15:53
ogra_nope, 3215:53
ogra_with 25G for userdta15:54
dobeyoh, well, then still plenty of space15:54
dobeyor just uninstall the thing15:54
ogra_i dont think i can15:54
ogra_it comes from the custom tarball15:54
ogra_(i probably can but it will return)15:55
dobeyyou can't remove the stuff from /custom, but you can unregister it, and the update won't appear in system settings any more15:55
dobeyclick unregister com.ubuntu.puritine15:56
dobeyor something like that15:56
* ogra_ really doesnt see the point in that click ... instead dev time should have been invested in making the frontend to libertine-container-manager better so you can install debs 15:57
ogra_but hey, i'm just ranting :P15:57
* dobey blames brexit15:58
bregmaogra_, it's a marketing thing, there is no rationalizing it15:58
ogra_its all popey's fault anyway ... and if not it was davmor215:58
bregmadefinitely popey15:58
ogra_bregma, yeah, but a marketing thing every user will suffer from15:58
ogra_at least on turbo15:58
ogra_heck ... i'll just upgrade it and ignore the wasted space15:59
dobeyogra_: file a bug against ubuntu-ux :)15:59
ogra_i'll file a bug against canonical-marketing :P15:59
ogra_subject: "doesn't work !!11eleven"16:00
ogra_(with no summary .. muhahaha)16:00
davmor2ogra_: actually I think both of us voted to remain so were in the 48% with a brain16:00
ogra_davmor2, i know :(16:01
* dobey just wants to know how the heck url handling works16:02
Mister_Qbregma Is there no way to restrict the click to the new devices ? I just installed the libertine-scope and puritine click on krillin, arale and flo (yes I know thats bad, yes I'm used to reflash my devices several times per week ;) )16:06
bregmaMister_Q, as far as we can tell, there is no way to filter available apps in the store based on device16:08
davmor2dobey: same a baggage handling only with urls, just a guess I could be completely wrong16:08
Mister_Qthat's unfortunate :/16:08
* ogra_ watches the update sit at 100% for 10mins now 16:08
bregmaMister_Q, yes, especially when I go to install clicks on the desktop and they fail because they're ARM-only16:09
dobeybregma: apparently that's not why they're failing16:09
dobeybregma: but i'm not sure what the reason is :-/16:09
Mister_Qbregma, oh wow I didn't even thought about that16:09
bregmadobey, I only get failures when I get an architecture mismatch16:10
bregmacould be coincidence, I haven't tried them all16:10
dobeybregma: can you get me the logs from ubuntu-download-manager when you try to install terminal app on x86 in unity8?16:10
ogra_oh, wow ... it finally finished16:10
ogra_(would i be a normal user i would have thought it is broken and killed system-settings ... that was about 15min in total for the update ... most of the time just sitting at 100%)16:11
ogra_bregma, hmm, ii thought you added a fix to have libertine use proper DPI settings ?16:12
bregmaogra_, I think there is a temporary one in the queue, but the real fix is waiting for the XMir dev to come back from vacation16:13
ogra_uuuh ... and we have matchbox frames now, even in non-desktop mode ?16:13
bregmaogra_, yeah, sorry, it's a workaround to get the OSK working16:13
ogra_how about havint a freameless theme in use16:13
bregmaonce window management in Unity 8 is working better, the matchbox decs will disappear again16:13
ogra_or a 1px frame16:14
bregmadobey, where are the logs from ubuntu-download-manager saved?16:14
dobeybregma: ~/.cache/ubuntu-download-manager/ iirc16:15
bregmadobey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/18796359/16:17
bregmaand it might be a good idea to add logrotation or something to those logs16:17
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dobeyok, hmm, why is it downloading the armhf click instead of the old multi click then.16:21
dobeybregma: thanks16:30
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timeaxHello peopls17:13
timeaxHi mariogrip are you online?17:14
taiebotAm i right to believe that OTA-13 will bring some significant performance improvement. I mean the UITK update OTA 13.19:48
dobeyota12 not even released yet. don't know what will make it into 13 yet19:54
taiebotdobey: it's all here https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/19:59
dobeytaiebot: don't misinterpret that19:59
dobeythings being tested doesn't necessarily mean they'll land in time for a particular OTA20:00
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ahoneybunmm odd my SIM card does not work in my N422:32

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