daftykinsdiddledan: wutchu gonna do? :D00:04
diddledandonno yet00:04
zmoylan-pireinstall from windowns 3.0 install disks and upgrade till you get back to win10? :-P00:05
daftykinseveryone knows upgrades don't work! :D00:11
diddledanquestion is do you go 98 -> me -> xp or 98 -> 2000 -> xp00:12
diddledanor do you do some weird 98 -> me -> 2000 -> xp?00:12
diddledanor is nt3.51 included?00:13
zmoylan-pii think you can go winme -> xp00:13
zmoylan-pii seem to remember doing that at least once00:14
diddledanyou _can_ but which is the most comprehensive?00:14
daftykinsquite looking forward to the anniversary release00:22
zmoylan-pia windows 2.0 theme with windows 3.0 uaes replacing blue screen of death.  and clippy everywhere...00:25
daftykinsooh special new stuff i haven't read about ;D00:25
diddledanlooks like my order got split-up - only the cpu is arriving today02:54
diddledanMobo appears to be scheduled for saturday (tomoz)02:55
zmoylan-pigood to know, other wise you'd think you ordered the wrong sized motherboard... :-P03:12
diddledanYeesh, delivery drivers have to be out early - my parcel has already left the depot03:41
m0nkey_I'm out. G'night all03:41
diddledanI’m off in a mo too03:41
* zmoylan-pi strums the banjo to help people sleep03:54
MooDoomorning all05:08
corenominalgood morning :)06:57
davmor2Morning all08:04
foobarryi appear to have forgotten how to archive mail in thundebird08:14
foobarryah, there's a button.08:15
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:34
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Friday, and happy Blueberry Day! 😃09:05
* awilkins advances a fringe theory on where blueberries come from http://bluebuddies.com/Smurf_Picture_and_Files/00000002/Clumsy_Smurf_Blueberries.jpg09:19
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQkDOs-EtdU :D09:26
JamesTaitawilkins, I think I just went off blueberries.09:27
foobarryguys, rmeber the imgur chat yesterday13:09
foobarryor day before. firefox issues drag drop etc13:09
foobarryi sent them a mail, they replied13:09
zmoylan-piit started 'wow we still have users...' :-P13:11
foobarryfixes it and makes it super fast13:15
diploGood work imgur :)13:16
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diddledandavmor2: is there some kind of rule 34 over songs?17:55
diddledanI mean a song about blueberries?!17:56
diddledanyou’re some kind of oracle17:56
diddledanin other news my cpu arrived17:56
daftykinswutcha pick in the end?17:56
diddledanthe heatsink they ship with these things is slimline in the extreme17:56
daftykinszomg i fixed that graphics card! \o/ maybe17:56
diddledanI got the i7 670017:57
daftykinsyay CPU buddies17:57
diddledanthe mobo comes tomorrow17:57
daftykinsmine is mostly idling right now, showing 27 deg C across 3 of 4 cores17:57
daftykinsthough i own arctic silver 5 i just left it stock with the paste it has on it :)17:58
zmoylan-pii still have an avg t-shirt and messenger bag i got from a days training i got a few moons back18:07
daftykinsquite the surprise to me that one18:09
zmoylan-piif i put my mind to it i could probably rustle up the original northon anti virus we used on 5.25" floppies though it might take a week or so to dig them out... :-)18:09
zmoylan-piwhen all you had to worry about was the stoned virus...18:10
daftykinsand now it's all web based malware that's everyones problem!18:11
zmoylan-pii'm sure the problem will be licked when it's all win10 embedded devices...18:13
daftykinshow about all those insecure SBCs out there? :D18:14
daftykins(single board computer)18:14
zmoylan-pinah, the rasp pis crash and corrupt their memory cards before that happens... :-)18:14
daftykinsof course!18:17
daftykinscheck out this mobo that had the incredibly huge Scythe Mugen heatsink on for several years: http://i.imgur.com/R76mL5O.jpg18:19
zmoylan-pidid you have to saw a hole in the pc case for the heatsink to stick out of? :-)18:20
daftykinsi bought this £20 case and no joke the top of the heatpipes come to within millimetres of the side panel XD18:20
daftykinsthreading the board inside to fit it is quite challenging, too18:20
zmoylan-pii have cut a fair few chunks out of my hands running cables inside pc cases that assumed you were never going to add so much as a second hard drive18:21
diddledanI hate pressed metal18:22
daftykinsi used to consider it a failed build if there wasn't at least some blood loss XD18:22
diddledanstings when you slice your fingers tho18:22
daftykinswell this really is odd, in this PC the PSU only has one PCI-Express graphics (PEG) power connector - so i had to fish out a 2 x molex to PEG adapter to drive that old banana 560Ti of mine - yet in here it works just fine18:23
diddledanI like to ensure the case has a good amount of dust to glob onto your bloodied fingers too18:23
daftykinsi'm gonna transplant it onto the board it was corrupting the BIOS of in a minute and see if it still performs that trick18:23
diddledandaftykins: if it isn’t a bent gfx you have a bent mobo! what are you gonna bend next?!18:35
daftykinsdiddledan: your disks!18:35
diddledanbetter not!18:35
diddledanmy new mobo will support m.2! I want a new SSD now!18:36
daftykinsoh are you not doing that at the same time? it's all about the 256GB samsung 950 Pro18:36
diddledana full-speed pcie one, not a sata one, obv18:37
daftykins2.1GB/sec read here :D18:37
diddledanthe board has two m.2 ports so I could do a nice raid018:37
diddledan4.2GB/s :-p18:37
diddledanI donno what overheard raiding it would have actually18:38
diddledanmight get better reads off raid1 than. 018:38
daftykinsi'd say both would be stupid18:39
diddledanstupid is as stupid does18:39
zmoylan-piare you a qualifed microsoft engineer? :-P18:39
daftykinsis there a cert on bending? :>18:40
diddledanNo.I guess that would be a proof of stupidity?18:40
daftykinsfully qualified in bending18:41
daftykinsLecturer: Bender Bending Rodriguez18:41
diddledanyou beat me18:42
daftykinsif you killed an HDD or two i'd swear we were separated at birth!18:42
diddledanI’ve got some older ones that are knackered18:43
diddledanI even wrote on them to stop me trying to use them again :-p18:43
diddledanbecause obviously I _have_ tried using them multiple times since they died18:43
zmoylan-pii write on them with a sharpie i always keep on me18:44
zmoylan-pia date and serial no of pc they came from... ususally enough for my notes18:44
daftykinsi just write 'DEAD' then make a Jenga set18:45
diddledandoes anyone know of an offline personal wiki thing that will also upload to a git repo?18:45
diddledandaftykins: HDDs stack well don’t they!18:46
zmoylan-pii have tried so many wikis that i can't remember.  now i just use a text file on dropbox and add hashtags per entry for finding stuff18:46
daftykinswhat's the use-case?18:47
diddledanI was thinking I’d like to write down some stuff like backup-restore procedures for different machines, procedures for gentoo maintenance :-p18:49
diddledanbasically stuff that is only really important to me but that I’d like written down18:50
diddledanone suggestion on wikipedia is “emacs"18:52
* diddledan gagas18:52
zmoylan-pijust another os to learn :-)18:52
daftykinswow, pulled PSU power again and it's confirmed - that 560Ti just isn't a happy camper18:52
diddledananother suggestion is “vim"18:52
diddledanmethinks people don’t get ease-of-use18:53
zmoylan-pii like vim, i use it a fair bit... but can be an acquired taste18:53
diddledanI love the power of vim but I don’t use it enough to remember everything18:53
diddledanso I end-up having to relearn all the time18:53
zmoylan-pivim does have a very good outliner so that you can fold a document into sections based on topics18:54
daftykinsi've been using dropbox for notes like that, neat to have credentials or client configs like say, a devices IP to hand18:54
daftykinsi used to keep it all in my head but unfortunately the knock to the head seems to have shaken some loose ;)18:55
zmoylan-pijust mark the document favourite on dropbox and it'll sync anytime it changes18:55
daftykinswat? that's the default19:00
daftykinsjust saying the ol' grey matter can't hold it anymore19:00
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daftykinshah yeah, RIP old card, she still screws up19:02
daftykinspulled the mains out of the PSU in that machine, nipped out the room for a mo... plug it back in, fails to POST once more19:11
daftykinsflick the rocker off, unplug ATX power from the mobo, back in and she boots with a reset CMOS19:11
daftykinssomehow it trips up mobo BIOS' from being a wonky card o019:11
zmoylan-piooops. http://www.csoonline.com/article/3093016/security/apple-devices-held-for-ransom-rumors-claim-40m-icloud-accounts-hacked.html#tk.twt_cso19:12
daftykinsno way!19:14
daftykinswoohoo this'll wipe that smug look off their faces :>19:14
zmoylan-pino, apple users are used to paying so it's merely apple malware requiring cash... :-P19:14
zmoylan-pimy dumbphone feels left out with all this hacking... :-)19:26
daftykinsand my nexus devices19:27
daftykinslooked like that one amounts to bad and reused passwords again though, so no biggy19:27
zmoylan-pithere is also some android malware going around a few million devices too19:27
daftykinsyes but it's from a third party app store19:27
SebthreeBQM10HD 20:24
m0nkey_Attention Apple users. Your account may have been compromised (rumor at this time) .. https://it.slashdot.org/story/16/07/08/2011205/apple-devices-held-for-ransom-rumors-claim-40m-icloud-accounts-hacked-apple-related-forums-compromised20:26
popeybet the apple ids have just been where forum users had the same user/password combo20:38
popeySebthreeBQM10HD: did you know that when you join, you post a blank line, every time?20:38
zmoylan-pinot a biggie, apple has agreed to issue every iphone user a new apple id and fingerprints...  just drop into your apple centre and they'll laser etch new fingerprints on. for a large fee they'll supply local anaesthetic20:39
ali1234it's only a matter of time before a largecompany gets seriously compromised20:41
zmoylan-pior more accurately we get to hear about it :-)20:41
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, h eh h eh not always :d20:42
* daftykins nods21:00
daftykinsyep, always :P21:00
* SebthreeBQM10HD smacks daftykins around with a Windows ME CD !21:03
* SebthreeBQM10HD and throws some DOS discs at daftykins as well :d21:03
daftykinscome now, diskettes!21:04
popeyi installed windows me recently in a vm for lulz21:04
popeyamazing how little works now21:04
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, what like the Internet :D ?21:04
zmoylan-pito be fair popey little worked in me then either... :-P21:05
daftykinsevery other release rule! :D21:05
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, oh nice just seen and read a Nexdock update in my emails :)21:08
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, so should have one shipped at the end of August it seems, maybe sooner21:09
daftykinsneat, apache's mod_evasive seems quite useful for those naughty wordpress xmlrpc.php hammering scamps21:38
daftykinsessentially it's like a built in fail2ban for apache21:39
daftykinslibapache2-mod-evasive :)21:39
daftykinshmm now if only i can work out how to configure it so it runs properly actually21:45
diddledanFIXED THE FLIPPER!21:46
diddledan(my windows)21:47
diddledanI had to hack-in and remove duetdisplay21:47
daftykinsduet wat21:49
daftykinswhen you first mentioned it i was gonna suggest graphics drivers since they did that to me with the preview builds, but that was long ago21:50
diddledanI had to force it into safemode by resetting the system twice before it got to the black screen with the dots but after the logo displayed. then I needed to enable msi service (used this: http://windowsitpro.com/windows/jsi-tip-9233-safemsiexe-freeware-starts-windows-installer-safe-mode) to be able to uninstall anything21:52
daftykinsthat duet thing, must only be good for static text or things that don't update often?21:54
diddledanI haven't tried video. only just installed it :-p21:55
daftykinsand you borked it! :D21:55
diddledanyeah. question is: was the borkage because it was installed, or was it because I hadn't rebooted between installing and doing the new build installation21:56
daftykinsooh my21:56
zmoylan-pihttp://liliputing.com/2016/07/star-cloud-pcg03u-compact-ubuntu-pc-90.html i likes me a small pc... :-)22:02
diddledanI’m not going to read that. the page started playing noise at me22:03
daftykinsbay trail is a bit old now22:03
daftykinsi'm about to give away core 2 duos with 4GB RAM, that kinda thing is veeeeery basic22:03
* diddledan pets the i7 on his desk waiting for mobo22:04
diddledanskylake ftw22:04
* zmoylan-pi is currently slumming it on ancient 1gb netbook till i check over my 4gb lenovo laptop when i get a chance22:05
zmoylan-pii do cheat... i offload the cpu intensive tasks to my rasp pi b :-D22:06
diddledannot even b+?22:07
diddledanI need many ram22:07
daftykinspfft, that's not an intensive task if a Pi can do it ;)22:07
diddledanmuch cpu22:08
daftykinsugh i can't get mod_evasive to work properly22:08
diddledanMod_evasive: for when you want your webserver to pretend it doesn’t know what you’re asking about22:08
zmoylan-pii do have a pi ii but haven't set i up yet as the original pi b just keeps going...22:08
daftykinsdiddledan: yeah, you ever touched it?22:08
diddledanI want my server to be honest22:09
daftykinsthe test script works for me on localhost but it does nothing with me testing :/22:09
diddledanI guess if the FBI come calling it’ll grass me out22:09
daftykinswell you say that but this is the one that gets wordpress' xmlrpc.php hammered many times per second from random IPs22:09
daftykinsmaybe mod_evasive depends on mod_security?22:10
zmoylan-pithat's why you run everything on pi's. 1) cheap to replace 2) the press conference looks terrible with the seized pi's as evidence :-P22:10
diddledanif you’re not using any form of remoting you _could_ just block all access to xmlrpc.php but some stuff does depend on it, e.g. jetpack plugin22:10
daftykinsnot sure that they'd care about that really, i was hoping this would work since they could move onto general accesses22:11
daftykinsthere's a 195. IP hammering it again right now22:11
daftykinsmultiple per second!22:11
diddledanwhy do they like you so much?22:12
daftykinswell not me, i think they're infected machines that like to hang onto a given host once they've found it runs wordpress - and keep trying to exploit it22:13
diddledancouple of off-the-wall docker presentations here, including updating a drone while it’s in flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75vm6rRb6K022:13
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daftykinsdiddledan: having said that, i can't get this swine to work - so i've created a couple o' .htaccess and we'll see what it does!22:30
daftykinsvery irritating when something doesn't work with no obvious reason why22:31
daftykins120%? :)22:32
daftykinsstarts working after i remove it, wat22:46
daftykinsdiddledan: how can you confirm a .htaccess is working o023:05
m0nkey_"AllowOverride All" in the Directory or Location directive?23:20
daftykinsit was, yeah - but still seemed to be getting ignored23:26
daftykinsi put the <Files filetoblock> directive directly in the vhosts in the end23:27
m0nkey_God damn it23:54
m0nkey_The ONE YEAR I didn't plan on going to Montreal Comiccon is when they have actors from the TV series Firefly23:55
m0nkey_I have a book full of the scripts, etc. that needs to be signed!23:55
m0nkey_Even Alfonso Ribeiro will be there! DAMN IT23:56
m0nkey_Kate Mulgrew (Cpt. Janeway), Brent Spiner (Cmd. Data), Nichelle Nichols... !!!23:58
m0nkey_That being said, I did sit only a couple of feet away from the TNG cast last year.23:59

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