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mterryjosharenson, I just rebooted (with silo 32 installed) and when the unity8-greeter came up, it was prompting me for the "lightdm" user (as the only user) -- know what might have caused that?12:57
mterryjosharenson isn't here...12:57
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mterrydandrader, updated greeter-focus with some of your fixes, thanks.  I like your FocusScope.focusedItem idea  :)  I have had a hard time grokking qml focus13:27
dandradermterry, thanks13:28
dandradermterry, found a problem with one of its prerequisites though13:28
mterrydandrader, oh yeah slim_greeter?  I think I saw your comment13:28
mterrydandrader, ah yeah NO_TESTS, which I didn't even know we had -- we should set that if nocheck is in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS13:29
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mterryjosharenson,  I just rebooted (with silo 32 installed) and when the unity8-greeter came up, it was prompting me for the "lightdm" user (as the only user) -- know what might have caused that?14:30
mterryjosharenson, also I filed an MP against your slim_greeter branch to fix a review comment14:30
josharensonmterry: can you send me the logs? usually a unity8 issue14:31
josharensonmterry: and ill review/merge it14:31
mterryjosharenson, ok let me try to reproduce with latest from silo, I see it has an update for me14:38
mterryjosharenson, my greeter-focus branch got approved (thanks dandrader_), so once the split and focus branches land, the u8-greeter should be very dog-foodable14:39
mterrySaviq, do we have another u8 silo going?14:39
josharensonmterry: :-D14:39
Saviqmterry, we're trying small ones14:40
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Saviqmterry, so https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1525 is next in queue14:40
Saviqmterry, then split greeter (should we pop lightdm from there?) https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/106014:40
mterrySaviq, hrm14:40
dandrader \o/14:40
mterrySaviq, josharenson: I don't know where you are on the gui side of things, but I might not want to block the rest of those fixes on the session gui being done?14:41
Saviqmterry, you tell me14:41
mterrySaviq, I'd also like to add the just-approved greeter-focus to the split greeter silo then.  It makes it usable14:41
Saviqmterry, +114:41
Saviqmterry, we'll have another general-purpose silo just after I suppose14:42
mterrySaviq, as for lightdm, I think we need those fixes, but we do want to at some point grab latest yakkety lightdm wholesale (especially once the in-session greeter support is finalized)14:42
Saviqmterry, we only care about them on xenial+o I suppose?14:42
Saviq(apart from yakkety)14:42
mterrySaviq, actually just on vivid+o I think.  robert backported yakkety lightdm to xenial-updates14:43
Saviqmterry, do we care about them on phones? we prolly will for multi user and such?14:43
mterrySaviq, sorry, care about what on phones?14:44
Saviqmterry, those lightdm fixes14:44
mterrySaviq: yeah....  I guess you're right.  We only need them for testing split greeter on phone I think.  Right, josharenson?14:45
mterrySaviq, and we'll get them with my in-progress in-session lightdm branch, which will involve a full backport anyway14:45
Saviqmterry, so I *think* we could skip lightdm in that landing (or just pull the xenial-updates one into vivid-overlay?)14:46
mterrySaviq, we could pull, yeah.  Might warrant testing, just to confirm nothing else in there breaks us  :)   But I think it's safe to skip.  But I'd want josharenson's confirmation on that, he's closer14:47
Saviqmzanetti, dandrader, what are we missing to mark https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1525 Lander-Approved?14:47
Saviqapart from Elleo ;p14:47
josharensonmterry: yeah that makes sense14:48
Saviqah he's just not here14:48
mzanettiIMO good to go (not sure if the issue you were talking about yday was related to this silo)14:48
Saviqmterry, train would get confused anyway as those MPs are marked merged14:48
mterrySaviq, ok dropping them14:48
dandraderSaviq, a lander marking it "lander-approved"14:48
Saviqmzanetti, I wasn't testing that silo at all14:49
dandradersounds like mzanetti is the one to do the honors14:49
Saviqsounds like nobody wants their fingerprints on that button ;)14:49
mterryjosharenson, Saviq: focus branch added (with tiny pre-req, that I *could* un-pre-req, but it's a tiny and good fix anyway).  And dropped lightdm branches14:49
mzanettiman, I tested it from a unity8 point of view. have no idea what's going in the lower OSK layers :D14:50
mzanettibut ok, it did work quite well for me14:50
dandraderSaviq, mzanetti, I can mark it but it would be a conflict of interests I guess14:50
mterryI left gui in there...  But if we're ready to go with silo, I'm fine with pushing it off.  Though josharenson may feel differently14:50
Saviqmterry, drop packages from the PPA please, I'll drop from source package names14:50
mterrySaviq, got it14:50
josharensonmterry: I'd rather land the first 2 and delay the gui if necessary14:50
mterryjosharenson, yeah no reason to put pressure on it14:51
mzanettidandrader, Saviq, I approved it...14:51
mzanettilets see what britney says14:51
dandradermzanetti, thanks14:51
josharensonmterry: its close to being done (should be totally done actually), but since the deisgn totally changed and it never received much scrutiny compared to the other 2, I could live with it being landed later14:51
mterryjosharenson, we'll have a big silo coming after it sounds like14:52
ltinklmterry, been trying to hide my secret keyboard indicator silo from Saviq's eyes :) psst14:58
mterryjosharenson, Saviq: OK, dropped gui branch from silo, dropped lightdm packages from ppa, and rebuilt for the fun of it (though we'll have to rebuild again once other silo lands)14:59
josharensonmterry: and once I merge your branch14:59
mterryjosharenson, oh!  whoops  :P14:59
mterryjosharenson, didn't think of that15:00
josharensonmterry: it looks fine, I'm just trying a clean build w/ no tests real quick15:00
mterryjosharenson, do you know why that wasn't a problem before?15:00
mterryeven with tests?15:00
mterryjosharenson, did it pick up the moc file from one of the test directories?   (how?)15:00
josharensonmterry: i'm not entirely sure.. I'm wondering if it was picking them up from an old build w/ tests enabled?15:01
mterryjosharenson, you'll like my in-session greeter branch.  Reduces a lot of the complexity of our lightdm plugins.  We even can do away with a mock lightdm plugin entirely, just one simpler mock liblightdm library15:01
josharensonmterry: sounds nice :-)15:01
mterrynow if only it worked...  :)15:02
josharensonmterry: details...15:03
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mterryltinkl, ok looking at keyboardIndicator branch for realz now17:03
mterryltinkl, what's the story with using QSettings here...  is that the first time we're using unity8's QSettings location?17:05
mterryltinkl, do we not have a better place?  Like we use gsettings elsewhere for this sort of thing, right?17:06
ltinklmterry, yeah it's gsettings for the storage, this one is just for the one-time check17:32
mterryltinkl, I'm working on a quick dh-migrations script for ya, per my latest comment17:33
ltinklmterry, alright, will have a look later, thanks! kinda EOD here17:33
mterryltinkl, ok go away  :)  I'll have a present on monday morning17:33
ltinklmterry, thx, o/17:33
mterryPoor vivid.  It just wants to retire.18:50

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