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ahoneybunmhall119: ping17:51
mhall119ahoneybun: pong17:52
ahoneybunso the event for women in IT/FOSS is confirmed to have a locations17:54
ahoneybunI'll make one on our meetup in a few17:55
mhall119ahoneybun: great! what can we do to support it?18:06
ahoneybunhave anyone who can come down on July 20th to talk? Any promotion materials? I have some cash left from SELF that I plan on using for finger type food but there is always room to help with that lol18:09
ahoneybunalso promotion but I'm working on a design 18:09
ahoneybunwe have to include the University logo for them to co-sponsor the location18:09
mhall119we can ship you some swag from Boston, and community donations can cover food18:13
ahoneybunalright I'll figure what food I need and fill out the fund page?18:14
mhall119yup, we'll review it on wednesday, which gives us a week to get you the money, should be enough time18:14
ahoneybunalright I'll get right on that and the promotion stuff, I have a design just want to try to make it better18:15
ahoneybunI know Andres is in Miami18:15
ahoneybunbut is anyone else around to talk or something?18:16
ahoneybunhaving a Canonical person would be sweet 18:16
ahoneybunmhall119: thinking of making a quick slideshow just to show off my N4 with Ubuntu lol18:19
mhall119I think he's the only one in south florida18:19
mhall119ahoneybun: you can use document viewer to give your presentation from the phone :)18:20
ahoneybunI think someone I know was talking about some person down here who works for Canonical with is company18:20
ahoneybunyea I know lol18:20
ahoneybunone of the Dean's wants me in the Linux class as part of Ubuntu18:20
ahoneybunso swag would kill 2 birds18:20
ahoneybunhe can't wait to see convergace18:21
ahoneybunmhall119: for like 30 people maybe is 50 bucks too much?18:22
ahoneybunor to little18:23
mhall119probably too little, that's less than $2/person18:23
ahoneybunthere is a spanish place near me that makes awesome little snacks18:23
ahoneybunwell I have like 30 or so left from SELF18:23
mhall119find out what it would actually cost to get enough snacks for 30 people18:23
ahoneybunI have 39 bucks left18:24
ahoneybunI'll be on telegram, going to check out prices mhall11918:32

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