cmaloneyYaym, upgrading to the latest LXC broke my workflow. :)15:28
cmaloneyNo worries. I needed to migtate to LXD anyway15:38
cmaloneybut, y'know, not today. :)15:38
greg-gwait, there's lxd now?16:19
* greg-g missed something16:19
cmaloneygreg-g: Yeah, that's for user-land lxc containers16:21
jcastroI can't go back to old-school lxc anymore16:31
jcastroI didn't even know people still used old lxc16:31
rick_h_I still miss the bind to my home dir in lxd16:31
rick_h_that was the killer feature that I can't get past16:31
cmaloneyyeah, some of us still have "legacy"16:31
jcastroyeah, it'd be nice to do a convenience thing like how vagrant does it16:32
rick_h_though it was fun to launch 40 lxd containers with 4 models of realtime-syslog-analytics at once yesterday16:32
jcastropas a --developer or something16:32
cmaloneyStrangely, I added the stable ppa and upgraded and things are back to normal16:32
jrwrenrick_h_: you can still bind homedir with lxd.16:32
jcastrocmaloney: the thing is old lxc was so confusing to me that I prefered to not use it16:32
rick_h_jrwren: ? I couldn't find a way to do that?16:32
jcastroit's like, doing simple things required reading the man page16:32
jcastronow it's all super simple and the commands make sense16:33
cmaloneyjcastro: If I could get lxd to run without bitching then I'd switch to it16:33
rick_h_jrwren: there was stuff about how mounting the home dir wasn't allowed as part of preventing security issues/etc16:33
jcastrooh, well you can just do it whenever you upgrade?16:33
jrwrenrick_h_: yes, it requires a privilged container, which is what lxc was using before. I'll link you to a script.16:33
jrwrenrick_h_: i've done it. lots of yellow team is doing it.16:33
jcastrobecause tbh, if you're using lxd you also should use zfs, it changed my life16:33
cmaloneyjcastro: Right, and I'll make that change later. :)16:34
jrwren+1 lxd on ZFS is a must.16:34
jcastrolike, real measurable minutes per deployment that adds up to real efficiency gains16:34
jrwreneven if it is a ZFS that is on a loopback file. its still excellent.16:34
jcastroand that's just for one person16:34
rick_h_jcastro: jrwren do you use zfs on it's own device?16:34
rick_h_yea, I just use that loopback atm16:34
jcastroif your team is using it you're literally saving money16:34
jrwrenrick_h_: I have machines on both.16:34
jcastrorick_h_: yeah, one HDD, one SSD for caching16:34
jrwrenrick_h_: ZFS on LVM thinpool too16:35
cmaloneyjcastro: We're just now working on Ansible deployments, so baby-steps16:35
jcastroloopback is a nice workaround but it prefers dedicated disks16:35
* cmaloney braces for the OMGWTFBBQ16:35
jcastrobecause I might as well take advantage of snapshotting etc. for other things16:35
jcastrowhat I do on all new installs now is install, then I make a new zfs pool with a dedicated disk, I call it "home"16:36
jcastrowhich then gets automounted as /home16:36
jcastrothen recreate my user dir, chown it, blammo, zfs for home directory16:36
jcastrotell zfs and docker to use the zfs backends, done.16:36
jcastroless than 2 seconds for each new instance of an OS16:37
jrwrenrick_h_: https://github.com/bac/yellow-tools/blob/master/lxd-launch16:37
rick_h_jrwren: ty16:37
jrwrenrick_h_: the tricks are -c security.privileged=true and lxc config device add $name home disk source=$HOME path=/home/$user16:37
rick_h_jrwren: gotcha16:37
cmaloneySee, this is the ubuntu-us-mi channel I love: make an off-handed comment and get multiple ways on how to make things better. :)16:38
jcastrowithout a doubt lxd with zfs is probably one of the top 5 things this decade that has literally changed my professional life16:38
cmaloneybrb - lunch16:38
jcastroit's up there with "SSDs"16:38
jcastroand "3 monitors"16:38
jrwrennow if only charms weren't such a pain, eh jcastro ?  /zing16:39
* jrwren ducks16:39
jcastroyeah but that's your fault jay16:39
jcastroI'll never need KVM or virtualbox ever again16:40
jcastrothere's just no escape, <2 seconds to an instance is just too brutally awesome.16:40
jcastroand I don't mean like, 2 seconds, then wait to do stuff16:41
jcastroI mean 2 seconds counting going into the new instance16:41
jrwrenor less.16:41
jcastro"But wait, most of that is typing the exec command to go into the container".16:41
jrwrensurely on that new BEAST of a server you got its less than 500ms.16:41
jrwrenI feel like it is well under 2s on my ancient home server.16:42
jcastroit's a beast, but it's old16:42
jcastroso it's like, 2010 ear16:42
jcastrobut it's about 3 seconds16:42
jrwrenhow are you timing? I want to check mine.16:42
jcastroon a modern machine, with an NVM-E SSD? sheeeeeeeeet.16:42
jcastrotime lxc launch ubuntu:16.0416:43
jrwrenwatch mine take minutes because it refreshes the image.16:43
jrwrenhahaha,,, yup... retreiving image.16:43
jcastroyeah, it just means you haven't used that image in 10+ days16:43
jcastroalso, I totally forgot some bash shell things that are useful16:44
jcastrolxc delete juju-whatever-[1..10] will kill 10 orphaned containers16:45
jcastrooh, you'll need a --force on that one16:45
jrwreneven fetching the image it launched in 40s. second launch took 4.47s16:46
jrwrenI guess i'm not as impatient as I thought.16:47
jcastroyeah, for one offs 2 secs vs. 5 is no big deal16:47
jcastroit's when you're like "hey coworker wants you to test this 15 node monster" when it really pays off16:47
jrwrenya know what bugs me???  juju uses destroy. lxc uses delete. snap uses remove. ALL TO DO CONCEPTUALLY THE SAME THING!!!16:49
* jrwren rages16:49
jcastroI know16:49
jcastroI find myself `juju list`ing alot16:50
jcastrowhich comes from `lxc list`16:50
jrwrenoh yeah.16:50
jcastroto be fair, snaps ootb learned from juju's evolution though16:50
jcastro`snap login` is exactly the same as juju's login thing16:51
jcastrothey both 2FA the same too16:51
jrwrenyup, lots of good stuff.16:52
cmaloneyHey, as soon as LXC does WIndows I'll ditch Virtualbox. :)17:29

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