Kilosmorning superfly inetpro paddatrapper and others06:06
theblazehenHi Kilos 06:10
Kiloshi theblazehen 06:10
thatgraemeguymorning peoples06:14
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 06:14
paddatrapperMorning Kilos06:54
Kilosare you doing all the videos paddatrapper ?06:54
Kiloshi superfly look after frogs legs for us06:55
Kilosoh frog boots06:55
Kilosfrogs legs sounds better06:55
paddatrapperKilos: some of them. I'm usually on camera, switching or sound for at least 4/5 a day 06:56
Kiloswell young man you jumped in and joined us at the right time hey06:57
superflyKilos: I've got him under my wing ;-)06:57
Kilosyou gonna be bored when debconf is over06:57
paddatrapperI certainly did! 06:58
paddatrapperAlready planning my next conference thing 06:59
Kilosi hope they are feeding you and supplying coffee06:59
superflythey are feeding us well07:03
Kiloscant have my guys getting run down07:03
inetprogoeie more07:09
Kilosmore inetpro 07:09
Kiloshi Sicelo you here early hey07:10
superflyKilos: he never left :-P07:12
Kilosoh my07:12
Kilosis he a debian guys superfly 07:12
Kilosfrom where?07:12
superflyKilos: yes, he's here at DebConf with us. He's from Swaziland07:12
Kilosoh good. do they have a loco07:13
Kilostell him about ubuntu africa07:13
andrewlsdHi Sicelo.07:22
andrewlsdMaaz: tell Sicelo that there is an Ubuntu Africa website07:25
Maazandrewlsd: Righto, I'll tell Sicelo on freenode07:25
KilosMaaz tell Sicelo http://ubuntu-africa.info07:26
MaazKilos: Okay, I'll tell Sicelo on freenode07:26
Kilosmorning andrewlsd 07:29
andrewlsdmorning Kilos07:29
Kilosi need to go sort sheep guys, be good07:29
andrewlsdwoolled you like some help with that?07:30
MaazSicelo: By the way, andrewlsd on freenode told me "tell Sicelo that there is an Ubuntu Africa website" 24 minutes and 31 seconds ago07:50
MaazSicelo: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell Sicelo http://ubuntu-africa.info" 23 minutes and 37 seconds ago07:50
Siceloah .. i wanted to ask how the bot is meant to 'tell' me :)07:50
chesedomorning all07:58
magespawngood morning08:22
Kiloshi chesedo magespawn 08:45
Kiloswb kmf 09:49
Kiloschesedo lets try remember after debconf to get fly to do that last merge09:50
Kilosi dont even remember what it was for09:51
chesedoKilos: ok09:53
chesedoHi kmf09:54
kmfhi chesedo 10:01
chesedokmf: for the ubuntu for hope website, do you have any preferrence for a static site generator (especially nikola vs hugo)?10:13
kmfchesedo, not sure sitting next to superfly 10:21
chesedolol, ok... will ask again when you are not next to him :P10:22
kmfsuperfly, says :) nikola 10:22
kmfkmf loves irl10:22
chesedoai ok10:26
chesedoand any css framework prefs (bootstrap vs uikit)?10:26
superflybootstrap, personally, just because that's the one I know10:27
chesedoyip mostly too... just sometimes feel it is 'old' with most using it, but should be the better (safer) choice10:28
chesedoty superfly10:28
superflychesedo: bs4 is coming out soon10:28
superflychesedo: also, nikola has some bootstrap templates10:29
chesedosuperfly: still in alpha last time i checked...10:29
chesedonikola's is already compilled (to css) last time i checked (has had preprocessor support added since) - like to work on the raw less/sass files10:31
kmf howdy I have a few keybase.io invites if some of you want?11:50
zipperkmf: Is it an invite only place?11:54
zipperI don't mind11:54
kmfsend me your email in a pm11:55
zipperkmf: Done12:18
zipperkmf: Thanks13:16
kmfzipper, did it work?13:16
zipperI saw the email. Let me see13:16
zipperI haven't generated a new key for this email address. Stuff happened.13:17
zipperDo I need to generate a new GPG key?13:18
zipperLike right away before joining?13:18
zipperBecause I'm busy as of right now.13:18
kmfzipper, follow the instructions they are pretty clear 13:18
kmfzipper, chill it's friday13:18
kmfandrewlsd are you around?13:19
zipperNope, it just failed.13:22
zipperLet me try again13:22
zipperDid you withdraw the invite?13:22
zipperAh nvm13:23
zipperI will join when it gets more popular or in the beta13:24
zipperIt doesn't want me lol13:24
kmfmy bad13:40
kmflet's try again13:40
zipperYeah I need a public key to add a photo. Might have to wait until 6. I want to gen my keys and all on arch or at least refresh and see which new things have occured.13:46
kulelu88what is this app that is in beta?13:50
kmfkulelu88, keybase.io13:58
kulelu88oh that pgpkey thing13:59
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
magespawnhome time chat later all15:24
Kilosi go eat16:27
inetproenjoy your meal! 16:45
Kilosty pro16:47
andrewlsdMaaz tell kmf Sorry I missed you16:49
Maazandrewlsd: Got it, I'll tell kmf on freenode16:49
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
kulelu88who has suggestions for a name for a git hosting service?17:28
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:02
magespawngood evening18:09
pavlushkamagespawn: good evening!18:32
* pavlushka yawns18:33
magespawnhey pavlushka 18:43
pavlushkamagespawn: So how goo d is the evening?18:44
magespawncoldish but other that all good18:46
magespawnhow are things that side?18:47
superflyMaaz: tell Kilos that it's too early for him to go to bed 21:56
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode21:56
kulelu88having a party heh superfly 22:34

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