naccRakko: yeah it's Network Manager (by default)00:00
naccRakko: you asked if it's possible, and it is, and they do coexist. I wouldn't recommend it, at the same time :)00:00
naccRakko: unless you meant nmcli as your cli option00:00
naccRakko: in which case it should be fine (i think)00:00
RakkoI didn't know of nmcli. Maybe I'll check it out. I just meant you said they can coexist but then said "they probably can confuse each other"00:03
naccRakko: if you use NM and then modify or use, say, /etc/network/interfaces, I imagine you might see some issues. Again, I don't think it's advised to try and confuse your system :)00:04
RakkoRight now all I really want to do is control wifi status (=whether it's on, and what SSID it's connected to) from the command line. I have wired on the same computer, which is what I use for the most part, so I guess it would be OK for now to have the wired connection under Network Manager and the wifi under command-line control -- if that's possible.00:05
naccRakko: why wouldn't you use nm for your wifi too?00:05
naccRakko: but yeah, i'd look at nmcli for that if you really want cli, it should do what you want00:06
Rakkonacc: basically I'd like to ssh into my other computer and control the wifi without having to run X00:07
naccRakko: ah, you didn't say it was remote, got it00:08
Rakkoplus I just like things to at least give the option of text fiddling00:08
Rakkodoes NM control routes?00:11
naccRakko: it can00:12
RakkoI would like the wifi route to only connect to one IP00:12
Rakkomaybe that's already been done. nice00:13
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MammaMiaI have a question00:21
nacc!ask | MammaMia00:21
ubottuMammaMia: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:21
MammaMiaWell, I joined an app, this app can identify you .. based on your mobile00:22
MammaMiaNot based on your ip00:23
MammaMiaI need to know how00:23
naccin what way is that an Ubuntu support question?00:23
naccMammaMia: wouldn't that be a more appropriate question for the app developer or owner?00:23
MammaMiaDo you know the answer?00:24
MammaMiaI don't know any programmer but you people00:24
Phaneshey there.  is it a bad idea to set my default python to point to python3 instead of 2.7?00:24
* Phanes would prefer not to be using legacy code00:25
naccPhanes: yes, it's a terrible idea00:25
naccPhanes: your system will likely break if you do that00:25
Phaneswell, thats frustrating00:25
Phanesis there a spin of ubuntu for python devs or do we need to either switch distros or gut our systems?00:25
naccPhanes: PEP 394 does not allow for python to point to python300:26
naccPhanes: so as a python developer, i don't think you want that.00:26
Phanesok, good info, thanks00:27
Phanesrunning into issues with jupyter qtconsole00:27
Phanesdoesnt seem to like pyqt5 but my scripts do, only if i run python3 against it00:27
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ninguI'm getting an error on do-release-upgrade about unresolvable conflicts. the /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log entry is: The package 'postgresql-plperl-9.5' is marked for removal but it's in the removal blacklist00:29
ninguhow do I take it out of the removal blacklist?00:29
ninguwhere is that information stored?00:29
ninguthere was a thing in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d that I moved out of there that seemed to be the culprit00:30
ningubut I am still getting the error00:30
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naccningu: upgrading from what to what?00:32
ningunacc: 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS00:32
nacc!ltsupgrade | ningu00:32
ubottuningu: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.00:32
ninguI am aware of that.00:32
naccningu: so you passed -d to the tool?00:32
ninguI am using a postgresql repository in /etc/apt/sources.list.d00:33
ninguthat must be somehow the issue00:33
naccningu: don't use ppas or 3rd party repositories when you dist-upgrade.00:34
ningunacc: so just disable them?00:34
ninguand then re-enable later?00:35
ninguI thought do-release-upgrade disabled them for you, for some reason.00:35
naccningu: PPAs aren't guaranteed to have packages for your new OS version; I thought the tooling disabled any PPAs it found00:35
naccningu: is it a PPA or a manual repository line00:35
ninguI am not sure. it may be a manual repository line. it's ok, I will disable it for now00:35
ninguand I am aware there is no guarantee it will have the right packages00:36
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ninguhmm. removing them from sources.list.d doesn't seem to help. do I need to remove the packages too?00:37
naccningu: probably00:37
ninguthat's fine00:37
ninguworking now. cool00:41
ninguis 16.04 totally systemd or is it still a mix of system/upstart/init.d?00:42
naccsystemd has been the default since 15.0400:45
ninguI know it's the default00:45
ningubut does that mean /etc/rc*d stuff isn't supported at all without extra packages? or is there still legacy support for it?00:45
Bashing-omningu: See: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers .00:46
ninguit doesn't say anything about legacy support for sysv init there00:48
lightinganyone have advice for setting up wine in v16.02? new user00:49
ninguthis seems to address it: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/233468/how-does-systemd-use-etc-init-d-scripts00:50
lightinganyone have advice for setting up wine in v16.04? new user00:51
Bashing-omningu: reading00:51
Loshkilighting: playonlinux makes running a number of wine apps pretty painless. https://www.playonlinux.com/en/00:51
lightingi installed playonlinux but it says wine is still needed00:52
OerHekslighting, ofcourse POL needs wine, it is just a bunch of user scripts00:54
Saitoh183_ I'm trying to install mate 16.04 via USB and it seems to be hanging at preparing to install Ubuntu. When i load live media from the USB, it works great and fast but even from there if I start install, it just spins and i see the HDD light working but nothing is happening on screen00:56
Tin_manSaitoh183_, if you've changed settings on your hdd, and partitions, it might take quite a bit of time..00:58
Bashing-omSaitoh183_: Windows a factor here ? .. fast boot disabled ?00:58
Saitoh183_This is a unallocated disk00:58
Saitoh183_No windows00:58
Saitoh183_This is not to dualboot00:58
Tin_manso you never get past the install icon?00:59
lightingOerHeks: seems like i386 depndecny errors on the wine install00:59
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Saitoh183_I uncheck get updates during install and third party. Click continue and the cursor spins01:00
Saitoh183_I can restart or shutdown... Like the setup isn't frozen, it just seems to be loading forever01:01
Tin_manSaitoh183_,  i'd check at least get 3rd party, you can update after install, but if i were you I'd go back and check 3rd party apps, and then wait for a while and see if it goes forward01:01
Saitoh183_Could my video card be the issue?01:01
Tin_mancould be a lot of things, might not be giving it enough time to get thing ready..01:02
Saitoh183_It's a radeon 545001:02
Saitoh183_I gave it almost 1hr01:02
Tin_manno expert on graphic problems, but normally they show up after the install.01:03
Tin_mansomething wrong then.01:03
OerHekslighting, does the error give you any clue? apt-get install -f to fix problems?01:03
Saitoh183_It's a i5 650 16gb of ram01:03
Tin_manredo your usb stick, maybe use a different program to make your live usb01:03
Saitoh183_I did that01:04
Saitoh183_I might try another program01:04
OerHekslighting, else paste the whole install + output on paste.ubuntu.com please01:04
Tin_manwell, good luck..01:04
Saitoh183_Is there a way to see what the installer is doing while it's spinning01:04
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Tin_manSaitoh183_,  don't have a clue.. maybe someone else might know a key combination that shows the processes, but i don't01:06
lightingOerHeks: pasted01:07
tewardlighting: we need the full link to the paste itself - we can't 'find' a paste without that whole link01:08
eelstreborwhy is kernel 4.4.0 in the repository list for ubuntu 14.04.4 and yet only 4.2.0 gets installed?01:08
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic wily01:09
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (wily), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB01:10
lightingits a channel called #paste.ubuntu.com01:10
Bashing-om!hwe | eelstrebor01:10
ubottueelstrebor: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack01:10
nacc!paste | lighting01:11
ubottulighting: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:11
eelstrebordoesn't help me01:11
OerHekslighting, it is a webpage01:11
nacc!info linux-image-generic-lts-xenial trusty | eelstrebor01:12
ubottueelstrebor: linux-image-generic-lts-xenial (source: linux-meta-lts-xenial): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; powerpc)01:12
OerHeksi would just install POL, that installs wine:i386 perfectly. you seem to be on 64 bit, and there is a 64-bit wine too01:12
nacceelstrebor: to get 4.4. in trust you'd need to use that hwe stack (xenial)01:12
Bashing-omeelstrebor: If you are running release 14.04 with the 4.2 series kernel, then HWE is at play .01:13
naccspecifically the 14.04.4 stack, aiui (wily based)01:13
eelstreborBashing-om, i'm wondering if installing kernel 4.4.0 will cause a kernel panic or other problems on ubuntu 14.04.401:15
naccBashing-om: do you mean the 'linux-image-generic-lts-xenial' package?01:16
naccerr, sorry Bashing-om01:16
nacceelstrebor: --^01:16
eelstrebornacc, yes lts-xenial01:17
nacceelstrebor: why would installing a kernel cause a kernel panic?01:17
OerHekslighting, on what ubuntu version is this?01:18
nacceelstrebor: or doyou mean would xenial's hwe stack panic on your machine?01:18
eelstrebornacc, i've had kernel panics before so i'm trying to be cautious01:18
Bashing-omeelstrebor: Only trying will tell .. If you install xenial's kernel, will still have the wily kernel to fall back to . The provided link has the instructions .01:19
lightingi installed pol but it still says no wine installed when it starts01:19
cwolfordi'm trying to install a canon mp560 on xenial. i installed the ppa and followed the most recent directions i could find. however, i'm getting the message "The following packages have unmet dependencies: cnijfilter-mp560series:i386 : Depends: blah blah blah but it is not going to be installed." regarding 17 libxxxx files. is there a package i need to download to get these files?01:19
tewardlighting: I don't think there's an armhf Wine that works well?01:19
tewardor arm6401:19
OerHeksah, arm01:20
lightingwas wondering :(01:20
OerHeksteward +101:20
tewardlighting: if you want Play On Linux and Wine, you need amd64 or i38601:20
lightingso it wont work i guess01:20
eelstrebori'll give it a try - i don't want to have to spend a lot of time re-installing everything if something goes wrong - besides, why isn't 4.4.0 installed by default by the package manager?01:20
nacceelstrebor: right, but that's not a kernel panic from installing the kernel, that's from using the kernel ... it was phrased funny01:20
nacceelstrebor: because it's not the default kerenl?01:21
nacceelstrebor: you said you !hwe didn't apply to you, but that's exactly what we're talking about01:21
nacceelstrebor: why woudl you try it, if you don't need to?01:21
eelstrebor4.2.0 wasn't the default until i followed the hwe instructions01:21
nacceelstrebor: right, so why would 4.4.0 be thd efault?01:21
lightingthanks all01:21
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OerHekslighting, see builds https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wine1.6/1:1.6.2-0ubuntu1401:22
nacceelstrebor: note also that when 14.04.5 comes out (august 4), all older 14.04.x stop getting updates (aiui)01:22
eelstrebornacc, i actually plan to install a modified 4.6 kernel that gives me dvb utilities that aren't normally part of ubuntu01:22
nacceelstrebor: ...01:22
OerHeksthey are working on it https://wiki.winehq.org/ARM01:22
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nacceelstrebor: then why are you messing with hwe stacks?01:23
eelstrebori have no idea - just trying to figure out why kernel 4.2.0 works properly but not the modified 4.601:24
nacceelstrebor: and you understand you need to support yourself from then on, and make sure you get security updates, etc.?01:24
TeaPunkOn Ubuntu Studio here. I used the command 'sudo rm' in opt/bin folder. How do I replace that file with another. I don't know how to add a file with the command line.01:26
cwolfordi'm trying to install a canon mp560 on xenial. i installed the ppa and followed the most recent directions i could find. however, i'm getting the message "The following packages have unmet dependencies: cnijfilter-mp560series:i386 : Depends: blah blah blah but it is not going to be installed." regarding 17 libxxxx files. is there a package i need to download to get these files?01:29
WhiteNightHello I am running Ubuntu MATE Xenial. Everytime I shut down, it gets stuck on 1) Unmounting ecryptfs mount points and 2) Some service it keeps n waiting for minutes to shut down (systemd related). Any clues please? Thanks01:29
OerHekscwolford, ferman wiki gives a clue: https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Drucker/Canon/#seit-Ubuntu-14-0401:32
OerHeks* German01:32
cwolfordlol i don't speak German, and the translation isn't great, but thanks for that link...i'll see what i can make happen01:34
TeaPunkHow do I add a file to a directory that I can only make changes through terminal command lines? I'm using Ubuntu Studio and trying to add a .jar file to a place where it won't let me add by copy/paste.01:39
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cwolford@OerHeks, using the directions on that page gives me the same error message in terminal01:40
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Tin_mancwolford, i remember a couple of years ago I had to go to the canon Swiss web site to download the .deb file to get my 2500 working..01:43
cwolfordTeaPunk, are you using sudo?01:43
Tin_manhere is the site, but you'll need a translator, and look up your printer..01:44
cwolford@Tin_man, yeah, i got the .deb pkg from canon china. but i just can't get it installed because of these dependencies. i'm googling each of the missing dependent files, and i got a download, but there's no install file when extracted.01:44
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Tin_mangood luck, it was a pain, i don't know if i could do it again or not.. :)01:45
cwolfordcan you check something for me? (i'm a linux noob, so i'm stuck)...what do i do with the extracted tiff_4.0.6-1.debian.tar.xz file found here? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+source/tiff There are not installation instructions and there's nothing to be opened by a software center.01:48
hiexpoextract it firdt01:49
cwolfordthere are just a bunch of tiff files and some other directories inside. do i need to move those folders to another area?01:49
cwolfordhiexpo, i did.01:49
cwolfordthat's why i asked what do with the "extracted" file01:49
hiexpoi will look at it01:49
cwolfordmuch appreciated01:50
Tin_mani don't know cwolford, it's been over 2 years since i dove into that mess, and I've my notes, but won't apply to your printer..01:50
cwolfordthanks anyway, tin_man01:50
Tin_manno problem, good luck01:50
hiexpowhich one did you dou downlonload the tar .deb?01:51
hiexpodownload the tar01:53
cwolfordthis one --> tiff_4.0.6.orig.tar.gz?01:54
hiexpocd the dir Downloads/tiff     <01:54
hiexpoor where it downloads to01:54
somaReverseHello. How can I manually get a ipv6 unicast address?01:55
hiexpoonce in the dir of tiff ./configure01:55
Saitoh183_Figured it out... New ssd did not have a Partition table01:55
cwolfordah... ./configure instead of a ./install01:55
Bashing-om!cookie Saitoh183_01:56
hiexpoit will give you errors if all dependencies are not met if all is good make01:57
cwolford./configure and sudo ./configure are not working "./configure: command not found"01:57
hiexpono sudo01:57
cwolfordtried just ./configure and i'm getting the same message.01:57
hiexpocd the dir of the tiff file01:57
cwolforddid that. i'm in /Downloads/debian where all the extracted files are.01:58
hiexpoopen terminal cd Downloads01:58
hiexpothe ls01:58
hiexpowhat is the output of ls01:59
hiexpothen cd01:59
cwolfordchangelog                       libtiff5.symbols                  libtiffxx5.lintian-overrides01:59
cwolfordcompat                          libtiff-doc.doc-base              libtiffxx5.shlibs01:59
cwolfordcontrol                         libtiff-doc.install               libtiffxx5.symbols01:59
cwolfordcopyright                       libtiff-opengl.install            patches01:59
cwolfordlibtiff5-dev.install            libtiff-opengl.lintian-overrides  README.source01:59
cwolfordlibtiff5-dev.lintian-overrides  libtiff-tools.install             rules01:59
hiexpoone sec02:00
hiexpookay you made a mess02:01
cwolfordhow? all i did was extract the file02:01
hiexpowhaT dir is that in ?02:02
cwolfordthat's in /Downloads/debian02:03
TeaPunkPlease, can anyone help me? I removed a flie in a directory that I can only access through the command line. I used 'sudo rm' and now I want to add a file in it's place. How do I do this?02:03
cwolfordthat's where it extracted.02:03
hiexpookay delete all that mess02:03
hiexpookay open a terminal02:05
cwolfordin one02:05
hiexpookay okay now next ? what browser you useing?02:06
LtLhint: prefix who you are talking to with their nick. tab completion is your friend. less confusion this way.02:09
hiexpodo you still hyave that tar file in downloads dir?02:09
hiexpookay right click on it click extract here02:10
cwolforddone (and that's what i did previously)02:10
LtLTeaPunk: where is the file you want to put and where d you want it02:11
hiexpookay now open a terminal and cd Downloads02:11
hiexpothen ls02:12
cwolfordthat gives me the debian folder again02:12
hiexpookay let me see it02:12
xxgwhere are people02:13
cwolfordsent a pm so the bot doesn't yell at me again02:13
xxglet me see see02:14
hiexpothe ls you should have a folder called tiff-4.0.602:14
hiexpoxxg, <02:15
cwolfordnope, that folder does not exist for some reason02:15
cwolfordand it's the tiff_4.0.6-1.debian.tar.xz correct?02:16
hiexpono the original i said02:16
xxgcant get it02:16
cwolfordlol dangit, i must've deleted the wrong one. PEBCAK.02:17
cwolfordhiexpo, just sent you another ls02:19
hiexpookay cwolford cd the debian folder02:20
hiexpookay now sudo ./libtiif5install02:21
quartershello.  would it make a performance difference if I left my boot partition on my hdd vs moving it to my small ssd?02:22
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cwolfordso "sudo ./libtiff5install?02:23
hiexposudo ./libtiff5.install02:25
criticalclarityi've got a cisco anyconnect vpn setup on one computer and I'd like to get ubuntu to use openconnect to make the same sort of connection.02:25
criticalclarityHow do I find the info to fill in the Editing VPN connection dialog box?02:26
cwolford$ sudo ./libtiff5.install02:26
cwolfordsudo: ./libtiff5.install: command not found02:26
hiexpoone sec02:26
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criticalclaritywhen I try to guess I get "failed due to invalid vpn secrets"02:29
hiexpocwolford, open the debian folder02:30
hwkngis it possible to flash an android device and install ubuntu on it?02:31
hwkngI'm willing to give up everything on the tablet02:31
hwkngI just want a screen to run vim on02:31
hwkngthat is all02:31
hiexporight click on that file libtiff5.install click permissions and tick execute02:31
cwolfordthat would be why it isn't working. i don't see a libtiff5.install file in the folder02:32
hwkngwhere is libtiff5.install ?02:32
hiexpohwkng, sorry not talking to you sorry again02:33
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Lehthanisanyone here familiar with certbot-auto for 14.04?02:34
cwolfordi don't know. i go from "libtiff-4.pc.in" to the "m4" directory...no libtiff5.install in between.02:34
cwolfordbut there is a configure file02:35
cwolfordshould i do the ./configure?02:35
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danny_Is org-mode worth learning?  Or is there a better personal planning solution?02:36
LehthanisI followed a tutorial and certbot-auto is in my sudo users home folder...where's the best place to put the certbot-auto script in order to add it to roots cron tab?02:39
YankDownUnderLehthanis: So you followed the tutorial for this "script", did you perhaps read any other documentation about this "script"? Because "location" would be part of the installation instructions...02:43
LehthanisYankDownUnder: https://certbot.eff.org/#ubuntutrusty-nginx nope, just tells me to get it02:47
YankDownUnderLehthanis: I shan't look, because it's not really within my particular interests, to be honest. However, that being said, if the "script" is supposed to be in "root"'s cron jobs, it's safe to assume that that is where you'd want to place the script. Bear in mind that anything - ANYTHING running as "root" is a security risk to one's system.02:51
cwolfordLehthanis, i sent you a pm02:56
irinixso, I'm now having problems with wifi in 15.1003:17
irinixit's been working great until the last couple of days03:18
irinixhttp://pastebin.com/UU7c4paM  That's the error I get followed by dmsg, has anyone seen anything similar?03:18
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rypervencheirinix: Looks as though the firmware isn't working correctly. Maybe you updated it recently.03:21
irinixI haven't.  That's the one that's been running since the install03:21
irinixunless ubuntu updater decided to update it for me03:23
irinixno, it's the same03:23
irinixI guess redownload / modprobe it?03:23
rypervencheirinix: I would try to find when it was working and when it stopped working, what changed between then. You can check your logs in /var/log/apt to see which packages were installed. Maybe it's a new kernel, try an older one on boot.03:25
YankDownUnderOne of the questions to ask is what was changed/installed/updated in between the wifi working and now...03:25
irinixas far as I know nothing03:25
rypervencheirinix: "as far as I know" is not good enough :) You have logs to be sure. :)03:26
YankDownUnderDesktop or laptop?03:26
irinixjust checked apt-logs, wifi was working on the fourth, but last apt changes were the 3rd03:27
YankDownUnderIs there a "key combination" on the laptop to enable/disable wifi? (On most, there is that or a button)03:27
irinixyes, fn-f2 but that key combo only ever works to shut wifi off in ubuntu.  E.G. since I installed it, wifi is on by default, and off after the keypress03:28
irinixthen totally non-responsive till reboot03:28
Guy1524hey guys how do I ping an ip at a certain port udp03:29
locutushello gurus!  anyone have a gopro correctly mounted w/ 16.04?03:29
locutusI have a gopro 4 session with a 32gb microsd card in it. I know there are vids already on the card. when I plug in the camera via usb, I can see the gopro mounted in the (gui) file manager. I can go into it and see 2 folders "DCM_00000001_00000001" and "DCM_00000001". Also there is a url shortcut to "get started with gopro.url". the top of the window of the file manager says "contains digital photos". Going into either of those03:30
locutusfolders I see no files. I absolutely know there are 7 video files on the camera.03:30
irinixthe only real thing that has changed is that I disassembled / reassembled the laptop to clean it.03:32
irinixSince I'm using it right now on my windows partition, I can rule out the hardware03:32
rypervencheGuy1524: You can use nmap or netcat.03:32
wyseguycan someone help with a multi monitor issue? I have 3 monitors and I cant seem to align then correctly. If I try dragging a monitor it wont move, then randomly is will let me place it in some weird spot but wont line up with the others03:32
YankDownUnderirinix: However, the buttons are very sensitive - the ribbon cable that plugs in the keyboard to the system board and the "extra" ribbon cables are very sensitive...from experience...03:33
YankDownUnderirinix: As well, connections for daughterboards and the likes are also a bit freaky at times...03:33
irinixYankDownUnder, I have 15 years experience03:33
Guy1524rypervenche: just installed nmap, how do I ping an ip using udp at a certain port03:34
irinixyes, they can be.03:34
irinixI'm just more windows experienced than linux03:34
wyseguynm i got it, i had to right click and move it dohhh lol03:35
YankDownUnderirinix: That being said, however, is the wifi working under Windows or from a LiveUSB? Because that in itself would tell you whether or not there is something hosed up in your linux installation...hmm...03:35
irinixfrom windows03:35
rypervencheGuy1524: sudo nmap -sU -p 9999 ip.goes.here (change the 9999 and IP)03:36
Guy1524k thanks03:36
irinixI'm pretty sure it's with linux.  I run an intel 6320 card, and it's always been an issue, though not like this03:36
irinixhttp://pastebin.com/jGuSnFXy  <<This is the modprobe.d configuration file I had to set up to make the wifi work in the first place03:37
YankDownUnderirinix: In order to get it to work the first time you installed 15.04, did you do anything special? As well, something to think about, have you moved/changed any USB devices since it was working and now? Being that you've disassembled the machine...just asking...trying to follow a logical flow.03:37
irinixYankDownUnder, the only thing that isn't *exactly* where it was when I was running before is the empty sd-card adapter03:38
irinixmy mouse & external hard drives are in the same ports03:38
YankDownUnderirinix: Yeah...far out...03:38
irinixthat last pastebin made the wifi work when the install was fresh03:38
Guy1524how do I extract retrieve an output from nmap (specifically whether the connection is open or closed)03:39
irinixwell heck it can't hurt to try and reinstall the firmware03:39
YankDownUnderirinix: You could always try this: 1.) Comment out the "load" of the module when the system boots. Boot the system WITHOUT that module. See what happens. Shut the system down. Boot again, re-edit the module to load again. Shut the machine down. Restart (from cold). See if that resolves...03:40
rypervencheGuy1524: What do you mean "extract"?03:42
rypervencheweebee: Hi03:43
irinixYankDownUnder, again, forgive me, as most of my repair experience is windows, but where am I commenting out the module load?03:43
weebeewhat's going on rypervenche03:44
YankDownUnderirinix: Where you added the forced load in the firs tplace03:44
rypervencheweebee: Not much. Have an Ubuntu question?03:45
weebeerypervenche: Nope. This is my first time on any irc so i just wanted to say hello.03:46
rypervencheweebee: Ah ok. Well welcome. This channel is for Ubuntu support, so you might like to find another channel for chatting. I'll send you a private message if you like for finding rooms that you might like.03:47
weebeerypervenche: I would like that, thankyou.03:48
wyseguyfor anyone that is on a laptop... this saved my cpu bigtime :) sudo chmod 744 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-smb-browse03:49
wyseguythen init 6 of course03:49
rypervencheweebee: Sent. Check your private message. alt + the number in the buffer (probably alt+2 or alt+3)03:50
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mw_Hello !03:55
irinixwell, now it's working perfectly, again03:55
irinixI didn't even do anything03:56
YankDownUnderirinix: Must be solar flares. :)03:56
mw_can someone tell me what is with the inflated:.... after extracting a jar03:56
irinixYankDownUnder: I was going with Shield-phase-invariance03:56
rypervenchemw_: It means it decompressed it.03:57
YankDownUnderirinix: THAT must be it...I shan't elaborate on all the quantum irregularities here in this neck of the woods...03:57
rypervenchemw_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEFLATE03:57
irinixwell we'll see what happens until the next time it fails03:58
irinixI think it was the threat of having the firmware forcibly removed / replaced that caused it not to be wonky03:58
ubuntu-mateHi I am trying to duel boot windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04 but after I install ubuntu grub boot loader don't show up and my computer boots into windows. Right now I am booted into the ubuntu live dvd please help.03:59
researcher123is there an application in ubuntu to convert pdf to doc?03:59
YankDownUnderIt *is* an Intel based card...so that must be it...they don't like firm firmware03:59
YankDownUnderresearcher123: http://pdf2doc.com/04:00
YankDownUnderresearcher123: http://www.howtogeek.com/228531/how-to-convert-a-pdf-file-to-editable-text-using-the-command-line-in-linux/04:01
=== ubuntu-mate is now known as Megaman
rcmainakCan anyone tell me why mount position of my other partition changes after sometime?04:02
MegamanCan someone help me duelboot ubuntu and windows04:03
SwedeMikeMegaman: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot04:04
rcmainakwhat about my problem? :(04:05
rypervenchercmainak: It depends on the order that your disks were discovered.04:05
rypervenchercmainak: You can mount them by something that won't change.04:06
rcmainaki want that. tell me more04:06
YankDownUnderYou can always edit the /etc/fstab and establish a permanent place for mounts - if that's what the desire is.04:07
rypervenchercmainak: I would type "sudo blkid" and use the UUID for mounting and add it to your fstab.04:08
rcmainakdisclaimer: i'm a noob04:08
rcmainakall though I can type in "sudo blkid"04:09
rypervenchercmainak: Then go to pastebin.com and paste the output there, then give us the link and tell us what you would like to mount.04:09
rypervenchercmainak: And would you like this to mount each time you start the machine or only when you tell it to?04:09
rcmainakI would prefer GitHub Gist. I hope there is no problem with that.04:11
rypervenchercmainak: Go for it.04:11
=== varango-Tharix is now known as baluu
rcmainakrypervenche: The output is pretty terrible. link -> https://gist.github.com/RCMainak/545855dc4f86466fb74f95b9512696b804:15
rypervenchercmainak: Cool, so you can mount sda5 like: mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/4b5c9c96-a780-4660-a49b-b459563ec5f5 /whereveryouwant04:18
rypervenchercmainak: Or if you want it to always mount to the same place, we can help you add it to your fstab file.04:18
rcmainakI can only access dev/sda6 using the file explorer. can't find out where dev/sda5 is gone04:20
rcmainakOpps! it is the other partition I guess lol04:21
auctus_so i can boot into the cli with 'advanced ubuntu options' whatever kernel -> upstart, from the boot menu, works fine, but trying to boot normally it gets stuck on that blank, vaguely purple-ish screen the ubuntu logo is supposed to eventually show loading on, never gets beyond there04:29
auctus_ubuntu 16.04 on a 2008 hp laptop (6910p)04:30
theDudethis is my second reboot. what is best apt-get terminal command to update everything?04:31
stacks88theDude depends on what you want to upgrade. apt-get update;apt-get upgrade generally04:33
rcmainakrypervenche: let me restate the problem with a image. check the gist for the image -> https://gist.github.com/RCMainak/545855dc4f86466fb74f95b9512696b804:35
rcmainakI don't want it to create a separate file when I boot in04:36
rypervenchercmainak: Each partition will have a different folder. You can tell it where to mount though if you want it to have a different name.04:41
rcmainakok, let's try that. rypervenche04:44
rypervenchercmainak: Take a look at this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions04:45
rcmainakrypervenche: bash: I tried "/usr/bin/udisks --mount /dev/sda6". Output->  "bash: /usr/bin/udisks: No such file or directory"05:00
rypervenchercmainak: Oh nono, you just need to add one or two likes to your /etc/fstab file.05:00
RyanTGHow do you specify you want the .snap version of an app to run instead of the .deb version?05:03
rcmainakrypervenche:  you mean edit /etc/fstab file05:03
rypervenchercmainak: Yes, lines* You need to edit the file. Sorry I am not helping more at the moment, I'm getting ready for bed.05:04
RyanTGFor example, I had vlc-2.2.2-5 installed via apt and vlc daily installed via snap, but I wasn't sure which one I was starting until I purged vlc using apt and then re-launched it, showing 3.0.005:05
rcmainakrypervenche: no point in preparing, you can't sleep well without helping me lol05:05
RyanTGprior to apt-get purge (remove probably would have worked too), launching it kept launching 2.2.2-505:06
rypervenchercmainak: Then answer this. Where do you want each folder to be mounted?05:06
=== ilanalim is now known as thePhonyAnon
rcmainakrypervenche: I don't want the path of the files to be changed each type I boot in. see the image in the gist. dev/sda6 was first represented by the first folder then the second folder poped up and changed the path. then the third one. If I want to access files under dev/sda6 i need to enter the path "/media/mainak/cf0301bb-381f-44ec-bad0-adb94bad448c3/GitHub" in terminal at first the path...05:10
rcmainak...was "/media/mainak/cf0301bb-381f-44ec-bad0-adb94bad448c/GitHub"05:10
jon_hello i just upgraded to 15.10 on a lenovo yoga 13 and now it does not recognize trackpad05:11
rcmainak"cf0301bb-381f-44ec-bad0-adb94bad448c" this part is common in each file. the additional 1 or 2 or 3 is messing up things05:11
rypervenchercmainak: Oh, that looks like a mounting problem perhaps.05:11
marimon2hello, i have dependency problem with apache205:12
marimon2libapache2-mod-php7.0 : Depends: apache2-api-2012021105:12
rypervenchercmainak: That will take some time to troubleshoot and ask more questions, such as how long in between before it changes, does a reboot fix it, etc.05:12
marimon2php : Depends: php7.0 but it is not going to be installed05:12
rcmainakrypervenche: i want to just fix that. when are you planning to wake up?05:12
rypervenchercmainak: Your logs will help people too. I'm sure someone here can help you in my absence. If not, you can leave me a message and I can see if I can help later.05:15
rcmainakAnyone want to help me with a mounting problem???05:16
marimon2i could fix by myself05:22
marimon2but now i got stuck at this error apache2: Syntax error on line 210 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/authz_default.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_authz_default.so into server: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_authz_default.so: undefined symbol: ap_requires05:25
marimon2Syntax error on line 210 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/alias.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_alias.so into server: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_alias.so: undefined symbol: ap_log_error_05:29
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tahderOkay, so there has been problems with my desktop (brand new and has newly installed ubuntu software) and there is no external damager or anything. I don't want to keep asking you guys unless im completely stumped. My question is if i mess with me computer is there a risk a run of a type of "ring of death" happening to my computer if im just messing around until i solve the problem05:44
hateballtahder: do you mean if you can physically kill your hardware? There is a slim chance, but nothing you should be worried about05:46
tahderokay, and just for clearity, if i mess with the software and it gets somehome corrupted and i restart it. Its not going to turn off and not turn back on or something? (i have mulitple OS on there)05:48
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hendryhi there, I am using Ubuntu Xenial and I'm a little confused at how by default Ubuntu manages it's network interfaces05:53
hendryIs it still /etc/network/interfaces or is it systemd-networkd?05:53
vbotkahendry, I still use /etc/network/interfaces with Xenial06:11
Archeusi m having network problems06:15
Archeusmay laptop shows im connected to wifi06:15
Archeusbut net dosent work06:16
Archeuswht should i do ?06:16
danmulveyArcheus: do you have any other devices connected to the same network that can connect to the internet?06:17
ouroumov_Archeus, when you ping do you get "Destination Host Unreachable"? If so you might have a router block, is it a free wifi hotspot? - Those usually require you to login a portal before granting you access06:20
Archeusits my home wifi06:22
Archeusand yes some other devices are connected to06:22
Archeusnd wifi works fine on them06:22
mgorArcheus, does this happen after waking the laptop from sleep?06:23
Archeusits like06:23
Archeusi start my laptop06:23
Archeusit works fine for some time06:23
Archeusthen stops working06:23
Archeusmy laptop shows its connected to wifi06:24
Archeusbut net dosent work06:24
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xrizonxHi there06:27
Blue1howdy tex06:27
mgorArcheus, could you add your `dmesg' output to any of the pastebin service, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Pastebin06:27
Archeuswht is dmesg output ?06:27
xrizonxMy PC fails to boot anything, will resetting the BIOS help?06:28
Blue1xrizonx: Have you tried a bootable cd/dvd?06:28
Archeusi put tht in terminal06:30
Blue1Night all - I am gone06:32
mgorArcheus, you have two wlan interfaces, connecting to the same AP?06:32
Archeuswhts AP ?06:32
mgoraccess point.06:32
mgorwifi router.06:32
xrizonxBlue1: Sorry, connection dropped out :(06:33
xrizonxSwitched to ethernet now06:33
mgorArcheus, i would suggest you to un-plug the USB wifi adapter, and see if you have the same problem. I don't see a reason for you to have two wifi connections?06:37
peter_Dear Team, I'd like to install java 1.6.0 in ubuntu 16.04. could  you help me to guide?06:41
srulii am trying to connect to vpn using nmcli but want to set a timeout of 15 seconds, from the man page, i use option "--wait=15" but i get an error that its an unknown parameter using 16.04 (in 14.04 man page the option is --timeout=, tried that and same result)06:41
lyzepeter_, any specific reason you want to isntall a really old version of it with many security holes?06:42
peter_#lyze, I'd like to install coz some of the hitachi software are not working in new version of java. Thanks for your reply.06:43
u___How I can connect two motherboards together to make the speed is double?06:43
lyzepeter_, http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html06:45
peter_#Lyze, Noted with thanks lyze. I'll try to do it.06:46
lyzepeter_, download, extract it. set the environment variable to <path>/ban and set the java_home to <path>06:48
peter_lyze, Thanks for your help.06:48
vbotkaArcheus, the problem is very probably with AP. "wlan0: associating with AP with corrupt probe response"06:49
lyzepeter_, No problem. btw. I meant <path>/bin and not <path>/ban ... ^^06:49
u___How I can connect two motherboards together to make the speed is double?06:49
peter_lyze, noted. ^^06:49
StrivE^lol u___06:49
u___is not possible ?06:50
u___there is one he could connect many Raspberry pi together. How ?06:51
Squall5668ask respberry support channels06:51
StrivE^What file do I edit to change this servers IP address to static?06:51
Squall5668StrivE^: You can change your internal ip in /etc/network/interfaces06:52
StrivE^thank you Squall5668, you rock06:52
StrivE^# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)06:53
StrivE^auto lo06:53
StrivE^iface lo inet loopback06:53
StrivE^that's all i have...weird06:53
StrivE^I'm guessing I have to add it myself06:53
Squall5668it's usually missing if you have a network manager. So do not edit it if you do. Check if you have the 'nmcli' command06:55
StrivE^yup, seems like it. got some object stuff06:56
StrivE^so use nmcli instead of editing the interface file correct?06:57
Squall5668Yeah, I suggest you read the man, but it should be something like 'sudo nmcli connection modify YourEthName'?06:58
StrivE^got it, thanks again Squall566806:58
tahderokay, I erased everything and burned a ubuntu download to cd. How do you check to see if it works?06:59
StrivE^hi Kalipi07:00
KalipiWhat open source analog for the flash do you know?07:01
StrivE^none, new to linux07:01
nahtnamHey, quick question. On my ubuntu development laptop, should I install things like docker and postgres using linuxbrew or using apt?07:03
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jatin30Hi everyone I was setting up ccache in my system so It says that I have to issue some commands into the root of the source tree my source is downloaded in /home/OS/android/system and I have edited the ~/.bashrc profile - added , but where is exactly the root of my source tree?07:07
jatin30added export USE_CCACHE=1 in ~/.bashrc07:08
jatin30I think the root of my source tree is /home/OS/android/system right?07:08
jatin30There is no ~/.ccache in my system right now07:09
tahderokay, i just tried to install ubuntu from a cd and the cd isn't showing up. This is on a levovo comp. With windows 10 already installed. There are a few other ubuntus installed but more if not all are corrupted07:12
theoswhat does 'buntu 16.04 use to copy files in nautilus? the small dialog box that appears showing the copy progress07:13
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marimon2 libapache2-mod-php5.6 : Depends: apache2-api-20120211 but it is not installable07:31
srulii am trying to connect to vpn using nmcli but want to set a timeout of 15 seconds, from the man page, i use option "--wait=15" but i get an error that its an unknown parameter using 16.04 (in 14.04 man page the option is --timeout=, tried that and same result)07:34
theosre:what does 'buntu 16.04 use to copy files in nautilus? the small dialog box that appears showing the copy progress07:35
OerHekstheos, the " org.gnome.Nautilus.FileOperations.CopyFile " routine in nautilus, http://askubuntu.com/a/15810707:40
theosOerHeks does it use dd?07:43
OerHekstheos, no, cp07:44
theosoh. thanks07:45
OerHekswhat makes you think it used DD?07:45
theosOerHeks file transfers are very fast as compared to 14.04. i get 65MBps speed while copying big files from one hdd to another. before 16.04, i used to get around 15MBps usually07:46
theosso i thought maybe they changed the copy mechanism07:46
theos(65MBps might not look much but its a LOT for me because i have suffered with 15MBps for ages)07:47
OerHekshmm maybe the change to systemD gives better performance07:48
theosi see07:49
lionkingnong  sa lie???07:49
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stevenwhere does the package doc-rfc-std store rfc's? or more interestingly how does one check what / how a deb installs something?07:51
stevenlike for instance arch pkgs have a pkgbuild that allows me to just see what happens07:51
EriC^^steven: dpkg -L package shows the list of files07:52
stevenah it shows the resulting path I assume EriC^^ ?07:52
rhumbothi all, I use thunderbird on ubuntu and was wondering if there is any way to extract a password from thunderbird? I forgot my mail password ... but its still working on the ubuntu computer ...07:53
EriC^^steven: yeah07:53
stevenawesome. thanks EriC^^07:53
EriC^^steven: no problem07:54
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srulii am trying to connect to vpn using nmcli but want to set a timeout of 15 seconds, from the man page, i use option "--wait=15" but i get an error that its an unknown parameter using 16.04 (in 14.04 man page the option is --timeout=, tried that and same result)07:55
stevenwhile we at it there a nice rfc reader that just allows me to do rfc-read 12345 and it just opens the one from that package / paths parsing the none sense out of it EriC^^ ?07:55
Opertusrhumbot: edit->preferences->passwords->saved passwords07:55
rhumbotgreat! thank you. is this a risk, if my computer got infected? ^^07:57
EriC^^steven: no idea07:57
neil_hi ... I have a VM ... I ssh into it , then did a "sudo -i" ... the "/root/.bashrc" does not seem to be executing ... any ideas why?07:57
stevenawesome :D so imma google something07:57
lyzerhumbot, sure it is. It needs to be stored in a way to revert it back to the original password so the client can login to the webserver. If you don't want to haev a "security risk" then you shouldn't save passwords.07:59
lyzeOr encrypt them with a master password07:59
stevennah, google doesnt help. the package contains a bunch of tar.gz files but I dont think I'd have to manually extract those and open files in vim. feels just wrong08:01
akikneil_: i just tested and "echo test" is run after "sudo -i"08:04
vbotkaneil_, because sudo -i reads .profile or .login. I think .profile should handle it.08:06
neil_vbotka, ok .. I will look at that thanks08:07
neil_vbotka, I created a .profile and put the alias in that and everything is working as expected.08:09
ndeehi, I have let's say 200 files and I would like to copy them to directory X, one by one in an interval of 5 minutes. How can I do that?08:11
Triffid_Hunterndee: something like 'for F in *; do cp -v "$F" mydir/; sleep 300; done' perhaps?08:12
ndeeTriffid_Hunter: sweetness, exactly what I need08:12
cuboidI can't get imagemagick to properly merge pngs into a pdf.08:21
neil_I am trying to get python rrdtool working for python3 ... but I can only find python-rrdtool ... which seems to user python208:22
cuboidWhen ever I try to open the file in Firefox, it doesn't open. I checked the file in a text editor and it shows "PNG" near the start of the file, but no information indicating it is a pdf file.08:22
pletin12Whenever I turn on my laptop there is a message "Failed to start x server" and I can only use the terminal. Usually I fix it temporarily by typing sudo service mdm stop and then reboot. I use the recommended nvidia driver. Do you think there is a problem with my graphics card?08:27
srulii am trying to connect to vpn using nmcli but want to set a timeout of 15 seconds, from the man page, i use option "--wait=15" but i get an error that its an unknown parameter using 16.04 (in 14.04 man page the option is --timeout=, tried that and same result)08:28
neil_is there a rrdtool python3 package?08:32
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexnadros_c
paranoidabhiI installed selektor and it shows as working but on whatismyip, my address doesn't change.08:41
paranoidabhiI am using 16.0408:41
paranoidabhianything I could be missing?08:43
leeyaadoes openssh support tcp wrappers on 16.04 LTS ? it seems it does08:44
paranoidabhiIn Proxy setting I have set "Detect my proxy configuration automatically" and my Proxy mode is Proxy all traffic08:44
paranoidabhiany suggestions?08:45
leeyaaTCP Wrapper (libwrap) support has been updated for use with OpenSSH 7.2p208:50
leeyaaseriously -.-08:50
tynannmap is seriously oudated in the repos, how can i update to the latest version?08:56
hateballtynan: use a ppa or compile yourself, both ways which are unsupported09:00
=== jackson is now known as Guest14515
manlinI'm trying to mount an nfs directory using sec=krb5 on Ubuntu 16.04. No errors but its actually mounted using sec=null. keytabs, ntp, fwd reverse lookups all okay.. any thoughts?09:04
tynanhateball: unsupported by who, Ubuntu?09:05
theptrhi all i want to use firefox on ubuntu 16.04 but after installing it never start , could this be because im trying to run it on an A64 allwinner Cpu ?09:05
hateballtynan: Yes, as only what comes packaged is supported09:07
gwokamollaye tynan: don't you know ppa's are of the devil and you shouldn't dare compile yourself smh09:09
gwokamollayetynan: why do you need the latest, what does it do that the stable version in the repos can't?09:09
MonkeyDustmanlin  is this useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto#NFSv4_Server_with_Kerberos09:10
manlinMonkeyDust: thats what I pretty much followed... but didn't manage to make it work09:13
manlini have done this setup few times on 14.04 and had related problems which I solved each time and forgot to document it :)09:13
manlinbut this time it is 16.04. wondering if there is any other service that needs to be enabled09:14
manlinokay i did a verbose mount and now i see "protocol not supported"09:18
rightnowHello i need some help. I have added a crontab using both  "crontab -e" and "sudo crontab -e" .. it says: 11 20  * * * bash /home/christopher/bin/backup-db.sh >/dev/null 2>&1         it ran on 17 min above 11, but the syslog says: (CRON) error (can't fork). Running the script manually works with and without sudo09:21
rightnowsorry, i meant it run at 11 min past 2009:21
rightnowit ran on time09:22
tynangwokamollaye: i'm messaging you09:22
Triffid_Hunterrightnow: you can't put shell redirects and stuff in cron, it won't work, cron is not a shell. you may want to try sh -c '/path/to/your/script >/dev/null 2>&1' or similar09:23
rightnowsh -c.. inside the cron file?09:23
=== ericb2 is now known as Guest10697
folfrightnow, just make the script executable and point cron to it09:24
rightnowfolf: but shouldnt that mean that it wouldnt work when i executed it manually?09:26
ZeiPHi. Has anyone stumbled upon PHP-FPM returning empty response body for all queries expect /status (but including /ping)?09:26
ZeiPThe logs seem to tell nothing and it's clear that the script is executed properly, as the headers are there09:26
Triffid_Hunterrightnow: no.. why would it?09:27
folfrightnow, I obviously don't know what is inside the script, but if you open a terminal as christopher and run /home/christopher/bin/backup-db.sh (without calling bash on the script) then cron should be able to also run it just fine09:28
gwokamollayetynan: don't pm, keep it in the channel09:28
gwokamollaye!alien | tynan09:28
ubottutynan: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !dpkg, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)09:28
ErykHi, could anybody help me with midi on Ubuntu?09:28
rightnowfolf: Ok, i get what you mean! Sorry i'm a noob.. It doesnt run without "bash" in front, it says permission deined09:28
lyzerightnow, chmod +x /home/christopher/bin/backup-db.sh09:29
rightnowlyze: : ok it runs now !09:29
rightnowtrying the cron again09:29
tynangwokamollaye: so there would definitely be dependency problems09:33
lyzerightnow, basically that command sets the "x" flag. So the executable flag for the file. If that one isn't set you can't run execute it c;09:33
gwokamollayetynan: i guarantee it, just sudo apt install nmap09:33
rightnowlyze: yeah, im familiar with it!09:36
u__Hi , How I can disable the internal microphone?09:36
rightnowrunning /home/christ...../backup-db.sh  works now, without bash09:36
rightnowbut crontab still says (CRON) error (can't fork)09:36
u__How I can disable the internal microphone?09:37
u__ 09:37
gwokamollayeu__: http://www.noobslab.com/2016/03/how-to-disable-blacklist-your-laptop.html09:37
ErykCould anybody help me with midi playing?09:40
RtMFthis help? :-P09:41
lyze!ask | Eryk09:41
ubottuEryk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:41
ErykOkay :)09:41
folflyze, where can I see all the options for the "!" commands? I was thinking it might be possible to e.g. link to the chmod manual page?09:42
lyzefolf, http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi09:43
rightnowfolf, Triffid_Hunter: sudo crontab -e now says: 44 11 * * * /home/christopher/bin/backup-db.sh       running /home/christopher/bin/backup-db.sh from shell works.. But it still says "Cant fork"09:45
rightnowAny clues?09:45
Triffid_Hunterrightnow: no idea, can't fork usually means you have too many processes running or you've done something weird with ulimit09:46
=== dw2 is now known as dw1
rightnowhmm weird.. its a kinda fresh install with nothing special except php and mysql09:46
reisihi everyone! just upgraded to kubuntu 16.04 and now virtualbox/vagrant guest with nfs shared folder is unable to lock files, read/write io works fine; syslog contains "lockd: cannot monitor XXX" where XXX is the name of the vagrant box ("debian-jessie"), any ideas?09:49
chrisss123456a new ubuntu update has messed up my scrolling: it randomly jumps to the top of webpages while scrolling down for no reason. any ideas?09:50
venterhi guys10:01
venterhow i can get the IP address of pc using Windows on the network or workgroug?10:02
venterany linux command10:03
alexbligh1What is the correct configuration of /etc/network/interfaces for a bridge such that 'ifup -a' does not complain about br0 already being up AND it has both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses? I have http://paste.ubuntu.com/18774382/ and get "RTNETLINK answers: File exists" / "Failed to bring up br0".10:08
neil_venter, you might be able to scan for the i.p.  ... btw how would you know if you found it?10:08
venterneil using #netdiscover ? or any related tool10:09
=== bartak is now known as 17SAAMP8N
venter#neil ??10:11
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
neil_venter, yes10:11
aashhow to install stockfish on ubuntu..?any help10:12
venter#neil thanks, but still netdiscover not giving much info10:12
neil_venter, you don't have access to the windows machine to find out it ip... can you interigate the dhcp server?10:13
SilencedHey guys. I tried installing some package in ubunutu . Which unfortunately doesn't install due to some dependency . So if i had to install some other new packages, I am not able to as the same error keeps showing up that came when i tried to install the other package10:14
neil_venter, what does the dhcp service?10:14
SilencedSo how am i supposed to recover from this situation ?10:15
SilencedI am using "apt" package manager10:15
RtMFSilenced: generally, apt-get -f install10:15
SilencedRtMF: That didn't work10:15
Triffid_HunterSilenced: is that the infuriatingly useless "... but it won't be installed" message?10:16
SilencedTriffid_Hunter: Nope some failure in some file10:16
neil_Silenced, have you done a fresh "apt-get update"10:16
MonkeyDustSilenced  I picked this up in this channel ... save it as 'fixpackages' ... make executable with 'chmod +x fixpackages' ... then run it with './fixpackages' ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/15121279/10:17
SilencedMonkeyDust: Will check it out.10:18
neil_alexbligh1, I am not an expert.. but it appears you are doing something strange there... it looks like you are trying to use bind some interfaces together... and bridge them as well.. is this right?10:20
alexbligh1neil_, yup. eth0 and eth1 are in a bond, and I want them on a bridge10:24
MonkeyDustalexbligh1  souns more for the channel ##networking10:24
BluesKaj_Hiyas all10:24
aashhow to install stockfishon ubuntu?10:32
MonkeyDust!find fishon10:33
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 16 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=fishon&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all10:33
aashubottu: stockfish ?10:34
ubottuaash: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:34
bapuna smart bot10:34
MonkeyDustthe only woman who says she's not intelligent10:34
MonkeyDustaash  is that a game?10:35
aashMonkeyDust: Yes,chess engine.10:35
neil_alexbligh1, I am not don't know much about bonding.. have you tested that the bonding interface is working?10:35
alexbligh1neil_, yes it worked fine before I moved the things to the bridge interface10:36
hateballaash: judging by the website you just download the zip and unpack it, binaries inside10:36
MonkeyDustaash  http://chess.stackexchange.com/questions/4353/how-to-install-stockfish-on-ubuntu10:36
aashhateball: i trieed apt-get install scid and apt-get install stockfish10:36
SilencedMonkeyDust: That didn't work10:38
aashthese pacages were installedd.10:38
aashMonkeyDust: exactllythis one i tried.10:38
SilencedMonkeyDust: "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"10:38
neil_alexbligh1, could  network manager be interfering?10:39
alexbligh1neil_, I doubt it, it's a server and does not have it installed10:39
neil_alexbligh1, ok10:40
aashMonkeyDust: o/10:41
aashMonkeyDust: after installatio howto load these.10:42
neil_alexbligh1, I suggest that you comment out all the pre-up lines and see what happens... I just have three options in my bridge ... bridge_ports, bridge_stp, bridge_fd10:42
alexbligh1neil_, are you running with a static IPv4 and IPv6 address? I believe that is the cause10:43
neil_alexbligh1, I only use IPv4 ... I see no point in IPv6 on a local lan.10:44
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest33189
aashany help on  installing stockfish??10:47
MonkeyDustaash  if you don't get an answer here, contact the author ... scroll down ... https://www.mankier.com/6/stockfish10:47
Dark_Blue_BirdUbuntu community10:53
neil_alexbligh1, the ipv4 setup seems OK , try without the ipv6 setup.10:54
Dark_Blue_Birdafter tryharding too much with arch I'm here10:54
aashMonkeyDust: after that how to load scid  tools..Please help.10:55
veggi3s0do any of you use dm-crypt or know about it? how am i supposed to enter my password if usb doesnt work during disk decrpyt password entering?10:59
=== c1_ is now known as Jakey3
Jakey3i've clone a project on git hub but i dont see the files on another branch in termanal11:00
Jakey3git clone, clones all the files ?11:00
vltJakey3: /join #git11:03
vltveggi3s0: You could put a lightweight ssh server into initramfs, use a serial connection, use a PS/2 keyboard, or just make USB work ;-)11:04
vltveggi3s0: If the kernel mosule for your USB is really not available before decrypting the root fs you might have to put it into /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and rebuild initrd.img.11:07
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest49880
rightnowfolf, Triffid_Hunter: an update on my crontab script that says "cannot fork". I changed the systemd max threads from default 512 to 5000. Rebooted the machine, and now it works! Thanks alot for the help and leading me to the right direction!11:21
blutHow can I let a preseed/early_command run in the background? My command is currently http://paste.ubuntu.com/18779153/ and the 'sh /kill-partman.sh &' doesn't go to the background, eventhough I can run the exact command in the console during the installation and it works. Any ideas?11:33
folfaash, please include all possible information. As far as I can understand, you actually do not have a problem installing the packages, but setting up the program, so go here http://chess.stackexchange.com/questions/4353/how-to-install-stockfish-on-ubuntu or find other information on the relevant webpages11:33
rebelHi there! Running xenial, and am wondering which repo I should use for PHP: default repos or ondrej's PPA. Main concern is: which one has security updates faster and by what kind of margin.11:45
hateball!ppa | rebel11:46
ubotturebel: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:46
=== rbern_ is now known as rbern
Codfectionhello. I have seen many top programmers using macbooks.. does that mean OS X is better than linux? should I get one (but it will break the bank). be honest please.12:03
hateball!ot | Codfection, try here perhaps12:04
ubottuCodfection, try here perhaps: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:04
ericb2Codfection, I'm using Mac OS X since a while, but I currently am using Linux quasi-exclusively since ~ two months12:05
ericb2Codfection, the problem was (at least for me) there were some things only working on Mac OS X and not in Linux. This is definitely ended now, and I no  longer use it.12:06
Codfectionoh. so I dont need it. and I can use ubuntu instead? ericb212:06
ericb2Codfection, but the most important is the quality of the hardware.12:06
ericb2Codfection, honestly, and IMHO, if you have some skills (like be handy with the terminal), you can12:07
ericb2Codfection, else, this could be difficult, and a bad user experience.12:07
ericb2in some words : it depends ;-)12:07
Codfectionthank you so much ericb212:08
ericb2you're welcome :)12:08
=== seb_lap is now known as mirrit
ubone_Codfection, use the mini.iso then sudo apt install i3 xinit12:13
leeyaawill the nodejs LTS version from 6.x tree be included in xenial repos ?12:19
leeyaait comes out Oct 201612:20
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest56776
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
needlehello there, I am using now a ubuntu live system and I am connected via wifi. Is there any command howto find or save a wpa_supplicant.conf file in live-ubuntu system?12:35
* needle wanted to save the current running wpa_supplicant.conf for later use or other systems12:36
srulii am trying to connect to vpn using nmcli but want to set a timeout of 15 seconds, from the man page, i use option "--wait=15" but i get an error that its an unknown parameter using 16.04 (in 14.04 man page the option is --timeout=, tried that and same result)12:36
sruliwould anyone know how i can add a connection timeout with nmcli?12:36
mcfriskis there some docs explaining ubuntu 14.04 LTS kernels and how to update them? Seeing some crashes on vmware with 3.16 and wondering if switching to newer ones is possible.12:41
srulimcfrisk: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack12:43
mcfrisksruli: thanks!12:44
GnomethrowerJust a quick note - Thank you to everyone who sits in here and helps people12:46
Gnomethroweryou're all awesome for doing that12:46
foormeahi, is there a dedicated ubuntu server channel?12:48
foormeaduh, got it12:48
ericb2I'm searching people to test a software on x86_64. It has been built on Gnome-Ubuntu 15.10, so should work on any recent distribution.  I put an en-US to be downloaded here : http://adullact.net/projects/ooolight/12:50
ericb2thansk in advance to contact me in private for further explanations ;-)12:51
preciseOk, SO I have Xenial Server on a remote machine, I was using said machine on site and left a process open. Now I am remote (compared to the machine) and would like to SSH into the machine, how do I get back to my screen instance of that process? I have SSH set with key-pair, DDNS, everything is setup except for the screen "sharing", I hesitate to call it screen because it is server, but whatever. Is there12:57
precisea documented way to do this?12:57
EriC^^precise: screen -ls13:00
EriC^^to list the sessions, then screen -r pid.... to attach13:00
preciseWhat is the PID?13:02
preciseMY output:13:02
precise1840.tty1.ubuntu-server(07/07/2016 08:03:02 PM)(Attached)13:02
precisePardon the ASCII :P13:02
akiknormal text is ascii13:05
preciseMy mistake :P Just apologizing for the unknown characters...13:06
woot-0854is the pid of that screen 184013:09
woot-0854screen -x ubuntu-server should work13:09
srulii am trying to connect to vpn using nmcli but want to set a timeout of 15 seconds, from the man page, i use option "--wait=15" but i get an error that its an unknown parameter using 16.04 (in 14.04 man page the option is --timeout=, tried that and same result)13:10
sruliwould anyone know how i can add a connection timeout with nmcli?13:10
woot-0854precise: ^^13:10
precisewoot-0854, EriC^^: Got it to work, I had to detach the screen session with -d, and then reattach with -r, select by PID. From what I understand woot-0854 this basically does the same thing as your advice with the -x option. I referenced this stackexchange post here: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/187001/there-are-screens-in-the-list-but-no-screen-to-be-resumed13:12
preciseThanks for your guys help!13:12
malice`Hi! I've got ubuntu 14.04 and it features the stone age version of sbcl package. How can I get the medieval, or never?13:12
woot-0854grats, np.13:12
malice`sbcl is a Common Lisp compiler. I could compile it by myself, but I can't see why my OS shouldn't allow me to do that by package manager13:12
whallzis there an applet like network manager for bluetooth i can execute like nm-applet to add to my status bar?13:14
precisesruli: Are you using the option as so (no quotes): "--wait=15"? Or as so: "--wait 15"?13:14
sruliprecise: no quotes13:15
preciseSorry, my bad. I meant in relation to the equals sign in the first option.13:16
sruliprecise: i tried both... with and without =13:16
woot-0854sruli: did you strace the process?13:16
sruliwoot-0854: no, how would i do that and how would that help, it gives an error "unknown parameter --wait"13:18
woot-0854man strace; strace -o ~/strace.out python ../path/to/script --options-stuff13:20
sruliwoot-0854: i am not running it from scripts, just in terminal "nmcli con up id vpn1 --wait=15"13:21
woot-0854strace -o ~/strace.out nmcli con up id vpn1 --wait=1513:22
woot-0854less ~/strace.out13:22
woot-0854and try vim read it from the bottom up13:23
sruliwoot-0854: nothing special in strace, "wrtie(2, "Unknown parameter: --wait=15\n", 29) = 29"13:29
sruliwoot-0854: thats the only reference to the wait in strace13:29
woot-0854what is the read above it?13:30
=== pkennedy_ is now known as pkennedy
woot-0854 in vim   run     :setf strace13:31
sruliwoot-0854: open("/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/charset.alias", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)13:32
woot-0854can you pastbin it to me?13:32
lukas_My Desktop: http://www2.pic-upload.de/img/31148632/Bildschirmfoto_2016-07-08_15-15-25.png Whats your opinion?13:32
srulithe full strace.out file?13:32
woot-0854ya but its kind private... it contains paths and information about your filesystem tree13:33
sruliok, will pm it to u13:33
woot-0854but it sounds like just an unknown paramater13:34
sruliwoot-0854: yes, but its in the man page, question is how can i set a timeout for connecting using nmcli?13:36
sruliwoot-0854: sent u IM, paste expires in 10 min13:37
bmcfeei'm trying to print to a (password-protected) samba printer from a ubuntu machine. printing fails with "NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE", but it never provided me with an authentication prompt. anyone have ideas as to what's going on?13:41
ircnode0Is there a way to type unicode by alias? For example, I want to type "white circle" to get ○ rather than x25cb hex code (in ctrl+shift+u mode).13:44
woot-0854write(1, "VPN connection successfully acti"..., 112) = 11213:44
Caterpillarhi, I need to know what is the kernel version of 16.04 ISOs13:45
hateballCaterpillar: 4.413:45
Caterpillarhateball: thx13:46
ircnode0hateball: use "uname -a" this command later on13:47
hateballircnode0: I'm not the one asking, I am fully aware of uname13:47
* woot-0854 accidental middle click13:47
ircnode0hateball: I am sorry addressed to wrong person, the message is for Caterpillar ^^;;13:48
Caterpillarircnode0: I asked because I am not able to run the distro due a too recent motherboard. Then I asked about the kernel vesrion13:48
hateballCaterpillar: what motherboard is this? usually there are kernel parameters that lets you work around bugs13:50
hateballbut if you *need* 4.6 or something, then it is trickier13:51
=== nils_____ is now known as nils_
arca_voragoWait, so apt-get is being deprecated and just `apt` is the right command to use?13:53
MonkeyDustarca_vorago  not deprecated, apt is just shorter to type13:55
arca_voragoso same functionality?13:55
Caterpillarhateball: gigabyte 970A-DS3P13:55
rockfordalhi. Could use some help. i totally lost Ethernet, (except WIFI) on a Toshiba Sattelite.  Only see lo, wlan013:55
Caterpillarhateball: it works only with 4.6 kernel. I don't use ubuntu as my first distro, I only had to do some tries to test a LSI raid hardware board13:56
=== Humbedooh is now known as Humbedoooh
hateballCaterpillar: doubt it only works with 4.6 since I am seeing posts from 201313:57
hateballsome mentioning setting iommu=soft13:57
nils_Caterpillar, what isn't working with kernels before 4.6?13:57
nils_getting a current kernel on Ubuntu is a PITA, involves downloading the deb packages and installing them manually.13:58
nils_at least they managed to land on a LTS version this time.13:59
hateballWell once yakkety is released you'll be able to grab that kernel from 16.04s repos13:59
Caterpillarnils_: hateball usb devices are not provided with enough power13:59
hateballBut between releases, sure13:59
nils_I see14:00
nils_hateball, that's a few months out though ;)14:00
hateballnils_: yes14:01
hateballnils_: you have the linux-image-generic-lts-* packages14:01
nils_yeah I know of them, I tend to use them on the (t)rusty machines14:02
hateballit's always that way in non-rolling distro, cant have both stability and bleeding edge :p14:02
nils_I usually roll my own, but I can hardly do that when working for a client since the regular staff won't/can't maintain that14:03
chl_I keep getting "linux-image-extra-3.19.0-61-generic : Depends: linux-image-3.19.0-61-generic but it is not installed" when I do apt-get update, however my kernel version is 3.19.0-49-generic, and I cant get it removed, any tips?14:05
MonkeyDustchl_  what's the output of    cat /etc/issue14:06
chl_MonkeyDust: Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS \n \l14:07
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
MonkeyDustchl_  try   sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean14:10
=== Humbedoooh is now known as Humbedooh
chl_Mony:  I think I found the error.. /boot has no space left14:12
chl_sorry Mony14:13
WulfTrying to install ubuntu from my own mirror. Security is still fetched from security.ubuntu.com, which doesn't work in my case. How can I change this?14:13
neil_hi ... I am doing a course and I need to install android studio software ... the instructions say I need 'javac' ... when I try to run it I get 6 different packages to install ... which should I install?14:20
pesariWulf: you can preseed the security server as well14:24
=== michael__ is now known as Guest31710
nils_neil_, I'd suggest openjdk-8-jdk14:25
neil_nils_, thanks14:26
Bassemcan any one help me how to update flash player with install_flash_player_11_linux.x86_64.tar.gz14:27
Wulfpesari: I'm using an iso image. Can I still preseed it?14:35
chl_MonkeyDust: I ended up reinstalling14:35
cwolfordrunning xenial and wondering how i can change launcher icons. some icons for programs installed via software center are showing as generic purple diamond icons instead of the actual program icon it should be. right-clicking on them does not give me an option to change the launcher's properties, so i want to know how i can do it manually.14:39
Bassemcan any one help me update flashplayer ver
phonejackapplehi, need some assistance with AWK14:41
Wulfpesari: but yeah, maybe preseeding is what I really need. Could also get rid of some other settings14:41
Wulfphonejackapple: pinfo gawk14:41
cwolfordBassem, try update-flashplugin-nonfree --install14:42
cwolfordor sudo update-flashplugin-nonfree --install14:42
Bassemcwolford, how can i do that i'm kinda new to ubuntu14:42
Bassemcwolford, sudo: update-flashplugin-nonfree: command not found14:43
CountryfiedLinuxWould it be a good idea to remove vlc before installing the vlc snap?14:56
uzamaki_narutoHi!...I`m new to IRC14:56
uzamaki_narutowhat are some do`s and dont`s that I have to keep in mind14:57
CountryfiedLinuxuzamaki_naruto, Refer to the guidelines link at the top.14:57
tgm4883uzamaki_naruto: DO: use this channel for support questions. DONT: Use this channel for non-support chat14:57
DJonesuzamaki_naruto: If your speaking to a specific person, start the text with persons nick so that they will get a hilight message15:02
CountryfiedLinuxWhere are snap packages saved?15:08
riz0nHello guys, I have an HP DL380 G3 server that I have installed Ubuntu LTS on. No GUI. Is there a way to change the system from loading the ATI Rage drivers to just loading Generic VGA drivers? The ATI drivers are causing my system to crash after so long of running.15:08
Wulfuzamaki_naruto: if you have a technical problem, try putting yourself in the position of someone who reads your question. Is that possibly enough information to give a useful answer?15:09
MonkeyDustriz0n  FYI: there's also #ubuntu-server15:17
riz0nRigh now, as it stands, when the system boots, eventually the system changes and the size of the letters on the screen get very, very small. I want standard VGA with the big letters. Any help would be appreciated!15:17
riz0nMonkeyDust: I am in there and posted the question there, too :)15:17
riz0nHonestly, I've never had an Ubuntu system give me the kind of problems this one is showing. On last boot, somehow I was lucky and was able to get it to load regular VGA. The NMI "Dazed and confused" error never showed up.15:18
geniiriz0n: vga=78615:19
riz0ngenii: I am guessing that is what I need. The resolution is a problem because I normally don't have a monitor connected to the machine. But in the event I do need to connect one, I want to be able to connect my early 90's IBM B&W CRT if need be, and it just work.15:21
riz0nbut the video drivers are too because they are causing the system to go down the toilet after a couple of days of runtime.15:22
Huliohi, anyone know steps to setup sftp server in ubuntu?15:22
Huliobasically i want to upload files to ubuntu sftp15:22
Huliothanks if you're willing to assist me15:23
tgm4883Hulio: 'apt install ssh' ?15:23
Huliook, i'll do that.15:23
Huliook...ssh is installed , what is the next steps?15:25
lyzeHey guys, Friend of mine lost his sysadmin because of personal reasons and now I should try to fix some bugs. They however don't know the root password of mysql and sites like wordpress and everything depend on it. (It's really badly configured) Is there a way to create a new user without access to the database? I really don't want to change the root database user password.15:25
hey2Just found this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qj8p-PEwbI15:25
SchrodingersScatHulio: now try sftp user@address15:25
MonkeyDusthey2  what's in the clip?15:26
Huliohow to create a new user and assign pass?15:26
hey2Its a college student who bought a laptop w/ ubuntu15:26
HulioSchrodingersScat, :)15:26
hey2and called the news because she can't use it15:26
MonkeyDusthey2  great, but not for this channel15:26
nicomachuslyze: you're going to need to get ahold of that former sysadmin and get the root password...15:26
hey2and its a news story about Ubuntu15:26
lyzenicomachus, He's gone. Completely15:26
hey2MonkeyDust, I thought it was relevant, as it is specifically about Ubuntu?15:26
lyzenicomachus, http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/resetting-permissions.html and you can reset the root password apparently.15:26
SchrodingersScatHulio: it's the same as your credentials on the machine.  so if you have user account 'Hulio' on it, then it would be sftp Hulio@address  #then your password when prompted, unless you use ssh keys15:26
nicomachuslyze: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_factor15:26
tgm4883hey2: not relevant as it's not a support question. Also not relevant as it's a 6 year old story15:27
hey2Well, my bad. I had never seen it before.15:27
tgm4883!ot | hey215:27
ubottuhey2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:27
HulioSchrodingersScat, i'm asking how to make a new user /pass to use sftp15:27
SchrodingersScat!adduser | Hulio15:28
ubottuHulio: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo15:28
Huliowow, can't you just tell me?15:28
SchrodingersScatHulio: there's a couple different ways, I use 'adduser'15:28
SchrodingersScatHulio: bot is also there for a reason, it gave a more complete answer than me :^)15:29
tgm4883Hulio: the SFTP users are just regular users on your system15:29
HulioSchrodingersScat, got it..i was able to add user15:31
Hulioi assume sftp is using port 23 right?15:31
Hulioby default right?15:31
tgm4883Hulio: 2215:31
tgm4883Hulio: 23 is the default port for telnet15:31
MonkeyDustHulio  like ssh15:31
Huliook 22, then, i'll open port forwarding for it15:32
Huliolet me give it a try to login with a client15:32
MonkeyDustHulio  in a terminal, type this ... less /etc/services15:32
CodeMouse92Is there a way to remove Online Accounts via the Terminal? I am unable to remove accounts from the Online Accounts... screen. (I click, confirm, and nothing happens.)15:33
CodeMouse92Specficially trying to remove Google15:33
nicomachusCodeMouse92: is there a reason you can't do it from the GUI? I know how to do it from there, just not sure about CLI15:40
CodeMouse92nicomachus: Again, I've tried multiple times. Click the account, click Remove Account, and confirm Remove. And then, nothing happens. Tried at least three dozen times. Restarted computer repeatedly, etc etc.15:40
nicomachusCodeMouse92: check in /home/$USER/.config/libaccounts-glib/15:41
nicomachuswith $USER being your user15:41
nicomachusthere should be a few files in tehre, one for each account.15:41
nicomachusyou can try deleting them from there.15:41
CodeMouse92I only see two accounts: accounts.db and accounts.db-journal15:41
CodeMouse92But, since the only account is Google, I could try backing up and deleting these anyway15:41
nicomachuswhat does accounts.db look like if you open it?15:42
CodeMouse92A mess. :P15:42
CodeMouse92It looks like a database opened with a text editor15:42
CodeMouse92I can see the Google account mentioned in there, thoguh15:42
nicomachushmmm... so it does.15:42
bewresuwho's using anoise? is it working on 16.04 yet?15:43
tgm4883bewresu: was it broken?15:43
irregularHow can I have screenshots (using the printscreen button) default to copying to the clipboard? Currently the printscreen button takes a screenshot but asks me if i want to copy to clipboard or save it and does neither15:43
CodeMouse92nicomachus: Let me install sqlitebrowser and see if i can edit that way15:43
odroidez ihr kleinen pisser15:45
bewresutgm4883: this is what I know https://bugs.launchpad.net/anoise/+bug/155351815:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1553518 in ANoise "Not works in Ubuntu 16.04" [Critical,In progress]15:45
=== abstract is now known as Guest86501
Guest86501lot of things had change in ubuntu15:45
naccbewresu: uh, is anoise only available from a PPA?15:45
Guest86501cause canonical is trying to make money now15:46
naccGuest86501: FUD. stop it.15:46
CodeMouse92nicomachus: Okay, if you open /home/$USER/.config/libaccounts-glib/accounts.db with sqlitebrowser, you can remove the accounts that way15:46
tgm4883bewresu: looks like there are a few workarounds in that thread15:46
naccbewresu: the right place to ask, afaict, is the anoise upstream/ppa owner15:46
tgm4883bewresu: but you'd have to bug the developer for that15:47
bewresunacc: I'm still in 14.04 and in 14.04 it is PPA only15:47
naccbewresu: it's PPA only everywhere (afaict)15:47
MonkeyDust!info anoise15:47
ubottuPackage anoise does not exist in xenial15:47
MonkeyDust!find anoise15:47
ubottuFile anoise found in krita, ubuntu-mate-welcome15:47
Dark_Blue_Birddoes Ubuntu have something like AUR?15:48
tgm4883Dark_Blue_Bird: PPAs15:48
riz0nOK guys, I uncommented a line in the Grub config that put it in 640x480 then "update-grub" and it booted into 640x480. Any way to see what video drivers are loading and change them to just standard VGA? Or should it be standard VGA since there is no GUI?15:48
bewresuwell, um, thanks anyway15:49
Dark_Blue_Birdokay good can I access PPAs with apt-get?15:49
tgm4883Dark_Blue_Bird: yes, once you enable the PPA that you want to use15:49
Dark_Blue_Birdokay thx15:49
nicomachusdo we have an upgrade path from 15.10 to 16.04 yet?15:50
naccnicomachus: yes15:50
MonkeyDustDark_Blue_Bird  but ppa's do not upgrade when you install en newer ubuntu release15:50
tgm4883nicomachus: we've had one for a long time...15:50
naccnicomachus: the normal one has been open since 16.04 released15:50
naccnicomachus: just not lts -> lts yet15:50
nicomachusmaybe it's 16.04.1 I was waiting on...15:52
nicomachusidk I got an email yesterday warning me that 15.10 is EOL soon, so I should probably back up everything and take care of that this weekend.15:52
naccnicomachus: yeah, 15.10 goes eol in a few weeks15:52
naccnicomachus: but given you were already on a development release, you might as well upgrade :)15:53
* nicomachus goes to backup15:53
nicomachusyea, tgm4883, idk what he's talking about. 15.10 isn't developmental15:54
naccnon-lts release :)15:54
Extreme21355how can I change default python version?15:59
tgm4883Extreme21355: update the python symlink16:01
PiciExtreme21355: to what?16:01
PiciExtreme21355: do you mean changing from python2 to python3?16:01
Extreme21355Pici: yes for example16:02
Extreme21355tgm4883: could you give me an example for the symlink?16:02
PiciExtreme21355: You don'16:02
Extreme21355Pici: because it will break system links with the default python path right?16:02
PiciExtreme21355: python is supposed to always point to python2, and python3 is python3.  Changing this *will* break your system.16:02
tgm4883Extreme21355: why do you want to do that?16:02
Extreme21355Pici: ok, nevermind; thanks a lot tough16:03
tgm4883"will probably break"16:03
Extreme21355tgm4883: was just asking myself if it was possible without breaking the system16:03
tgm4883Extreme21355: some things will probably break. There really isn't a reason to do so though16:03
Picitgm4883: probably less of a chance now that 16.04 uses python3 by default, but not all scripts do that yet, and anything outside the Ubuntu sphere of influence assumes that python is 2 and python3 is 3.16:03
tgm4883Pici: I'd argue that it doesn't use python 3 by default16:04
Picitgm4883: I mean it ships python3, and most of the system python scripts have been upgraded to use 3.  IMO "python" being python2.x is a standard and isn't affected by my suggestion that we ship 3 by default.16:05
asad_How can I configure my touchpad so that a three finger tap triggers a mouse middle click?16:07
tgm4883Pici: meh, then that is one of the only applications that we take that stance on. Also "uses" is different than "ships". I think we've shipped python 3 for a while now16:07
asad_Right now from what I've noticed tapping on the top right corner of the touchpad does that.16:07
Picitgm4883: yeah, I guess.16:07
marxSHow come when I try to use alias and run the command I get a segmentation fault?  http://paste.ofcode.org/yySgigcCMFRQU4k9fxfaeF16:08
marxSWhereas if I just input "./HDPVR2-testApp -f video.ts" it works fine16:08
HulioSchrodingersScat, I am able to sftp files now...thanks for your help!   with AndFTP  on android16:08
HulioSchrodingersScat, are oyu there? i say thanks16:08
asad_So does anyone know how?16:10
tgm4883!patience | asad_16:10
ubottuasad_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:10
EriC^^marxS: try with a function maybe?16:10
nicomachusasad_: this guide is for 12.04 but should still work: https://askubuntu.com/questions/130393/how-to-configure-the-touchpad-middle-click16:11
EriC^^record() { ... "$1" ; }16:11
asad_!patience | tgm488316:11
ubottutgm4883: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:11
tgm4883um, ok?16:11
marxSEriC^^:  but how come the alias cmd doesnt work?16:12
EriC^^marxS: no idea16:13
EriC^^marxS: try set -x and then executing it and see how it parses it16:13
arunpyasiHelo people, is it possible to recover a HDD which is not detected by BIOS too ?16:13
DArqueBishoparunpyasi: if it's not detected by BIOS, then your only real hope is to take it to a data recovery service company.16:15
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prabhushaktiwhen i log out a command line interface pops up what to do?16:15
prabhushaktii can't switch desktops!16:16
tgm4883prabhushakti: when you boot your computer, does it go to a login screen or to a command line interface?16:17
SchrodingersScatHulio: great, good luck16:17
prabhushaktii use startx16:18
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nacctgm4883: Pici: no it 100% breaks 16.04 too16:18
naccit's a violation of PEP to change the link16:18
HulioSchrodingersScat, you're genius and the best of the bested16:18
Huliohow to do  list files in directory and get all total size ?16:20
Hulioin command line?16:20
akikHulio: "ls -al; du -k"16:21
EriC^^Hulio: du -sh /path/to/dir16:21
EriC^^Hulio: du -h /path/to/dir16:23
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=== dupa is now known as puuska
arunpyasiDArqueBishop: the thing is that, I don't need the data16:30
arunpyasibut want the HDD to work thats all16:30
DArqueBishoparunpyasi: if it's not detected by the BIOS, it's a lost cause. Dispose of it and get a new one.16:32
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dna113pNeed help troubleshooting. I use ubuntu mate with compiz. Going fine for months and today i start up and have no window features (can't alt tab, no exit/minimize window buttons, my workspace grid dissapeared) I have no idea how to fix or why it broke in the first place16:37
Jon777<dna113p>, did you install any updates?16:38
dna113pYes was just typing that the only culprit I can remember was that I was having some weird issue with python and neovim and removed and reinstalled python316:38
Jon777not sure, theres nothing that specific out on the web. I would try a fresh install make sure everythings updated then reinstall. you could try a different kernel like 4.7 then install compiz16:44
dna113pJon777, I figured it out. Somehow ccsm had gotten removed and reinstalling it fixed the issues16:45
* nacc would not suggest ever removing either python or python3 ... and sort of surprised it let you? gnome & unity, at least, depend on it16:45
Tyieseanyone ever have issues with downloading things like chrome, vivaldi, flash (pretty much any download)?16:45
Jon777you seem to know more than me about linux16:45
Jon777i would of been stuck lol16:46
Jon777not really Tyiese i usually use debian so its just a .deb file16:46
naccJon777: generally, you don't install a different kernel to fix a regression like that16:46
naccTyiese: 'downloading' ?16:46
dna113pJon777, lol I have had so many issues in the past with GPU drivers in ubuntu that I think i just had a panic reaction16:46
naccTyiese: do you mean `apt-get` ?16:47
Jon777yeah, my laptop has an amd gpu and drivers are horrible16:47
naccdna113p: did you have to force remove python3 (or how did you, if using stock ubuntu with unity?)16:47
Jon777i tried the open source optimized drivers and they seemed to work better16:47
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TyieseYes. It gives me an error messahe16:47
naccTyiese: pastebing the output of `apt-get update`16:47
dna113pnacc, I had to force remove it, I am using ubuntu mate with compiz no unity though16:48
Jon777i hate unity16:48
dna113pUbuntu Mate is my favorite16:49
Jon777yeah gnome 2.016:49
Jon777its like it alteast16:49
dna113pYeah its amazing16:49
naccfocus! stay on topic :)16:49
Jon777linux mints not bad either16:49
Jon777cinnamons ok16:49
naccdna113p: ok, python3 is pretty integral, so it's not surprising it removed other things that are key16:50
naccdna113p: you may want to ensure your desktop is fully restored by installing the meta-package again, to be sure16:50
Jon777i wish i knew more about linux.16:50
_cpo_i've installed the hibernate via synaptics and tried to hibernate in the terminal with the command hibernate. after that, i've tried to reboot and ubuntu doesn't reboot. i don't get any terminal access. what can i do.:-) thanks!16:51
_cpo_also in the advanced options in the kernel parameters in the beginning of the boot process.16:52
nacc_cpo_: so you hibernated (which should mean your computer has suspended to disk). You wake up and can't reboot? Or it doesn't wake up?16:56
nacc_cpo_: afaik, you don't need "hibernate" to hibernate, btw (cmiiw)16:56
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Toraxmaluhase here someone experience with XEN?16:57
MonkeyDustToraxmalu  is that a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server16:57
justsomeguyThere is also the #xen channel.16:57
_cpo_nacc: yes, it does starts the kernel and hangs up. i've tried the recovery mod and the kernel hangs also up.16:58
nacc_cpo_: waking from hibernation, you mean?16:59
_cpo_nacc: yes, it wakes up, but the kernel hangs up and doesn't start gdm. furthermore i don't get access to the terminal.17:01
nacc_cpo_: what do you mean "hangs up"? can you pastebin where it appears to be stuck?17:01
_cpo_nacc: it's another computer, i transcribe.17:03
nacc_cpo_: sure17:04
wwwiI have an external hdd, where I save files from Windows. if I plug the drive an Ubuntu PC, will Ubuntu see the files?17:04
wwwiand the if I plug the drive to a Windows PC, will Windows again see the files?17:05
_cpo_nacc: i'm using the advanced in the grub menu and get the following: Begin: Running /scripts/local-premount ... [ ..... XXXXXX] clocksource: Switched to clocksource tsc17:05
wwwithe drive had some Windows and Macos install files too, from factory17:06
_cpo_nacc: in that moment there is no progress anymore.17:06
wwwiso, can Ubuntu see such drives? and would it change the drive after plugins it in,in such way that Windows no longer recognizes the drive?17:07
nacc_cpo_: just to be sure, you did resume the same kernel you hibernated, right?17:07
_cpo_nacc: right!17:08
nacc_cpo_: ok17:08
Jakkiufw can block only ports or applications also? Like Windows Firewall?17:08
_cpo_nacc: now, i got the following message: resume:Cloud not stat the resume device file ' /dev/XXXX' . Please type in the full path name to try again or press ENTER to boot the system:17:10
nacc_cpo_: yeah, it seems like it's not finding your hibernated disk17:11
_cpo_nacc: thanks a lot. i did press ENTER and i got access to root terminal and removed the hibernate modules. thanks !!!!17:13
JakkiHow block all applications?17:15
bilb_onokind of long story: I have 2 ubuntu's - 1 has extra stuff for a software package on it - both 12.04. I was on the stock 12.04. I installed the new one with "install alongside" hopefully keeping the old ubuntu. I restart - some "grub rescue" thing comes up. Ok well that didn't work. I now want to get my files from my old stock ubuntu onto my external drive. I boot into try ubuntu. I see my hard drive in the list of devices. I double click it to ensure that my17:18
bilb_onofiles are still on it. It says "authentication required to mount the device" I type in my old password - this doesn't work...17:18
bilb_onoany ideas what the password on this old file system might be?17:19
bilb_onoand epsecially, how I can get to my old files - using the terminal, etc.17:19
tgm4883bilb_ono: was it encrypted?17:19
bilb_onotgm4883: nope17:19
tgm4883bilb_ono: then you shouldn't need a password to view the files17:19
bilb_onotgm4883: ok... how about this. is there a way to boot into my old installation17:21
bilb_onothere should be right - considering I "installed alongside" ?17:21
tortibbilb_ono, just boot into your current install17:21
bilb_onocool. how do I do that?17:21
tortibthen mount the partition using mount /dev/sda3 (change 3 to whichever partition the old data is on) /mnt17:21
tortibthen you can grab your files from /mnt17:22
bilb_onotortib: ok how would I boot into the current install? I am on "try ubuntu" right now17:22
tortibbilb_ono, just boot off your HDD?17:22
tgm4883tortib: you might want to read the original issue17:23
bilb_onotortib: can you give more specifics on how to do that? I assume press F12 to enter setup menu17:23
bilb_onothen UEFI or legacy boot17:23
bilb_onoill go to that menu at least17:23
bilb_onook so I have legacy boot - bus 04 dev 00 pci raid adapter, usb storage, cd/dvd drive, and onboard NIC17:25
bilb_onowould any of those be my HDD?17:25
nikolamhilbilly, does Memory test from 16.04 (Xubuntu) 64-bit DVD, takes into account it is testing Server/ECC RAM and not non-ECC? E.G. how to test ECC RAM?17:25
bilb_onoI mean I figure no... but17:25
nikolamI wanted to say hi.17:25
bilb_onoOther options include BIOS and diagnostics17:25
nikolamSo what to use to test ECC RAM?17:26
tgm4883bilb_ono: your raid adapter, provided your hard drive was raided17:26
bilb_onoI figure its probably us 04 dev 00 pci raid adapter. But when I boot into that I get error: no such device: then a long string then grub rescue> _17:26
=== precise|afk is now known as precise
bilb_onoI take it the radio silence means Im pretty much screwed?17:30
ezeikeHey guys, just installed 16.04 and I cannot for the life of me get ssh pubkey auth to work. I've remade keys into rsa and ed25519 but the server (the 16.04) always complains about ssh-dss in /var/log/auth.log no matter what I do. What's the problem here?17:30
tgm4883bilb_ono: I'm at work and don't have the time to dig into that issue17:31
bilb_onotgm4883: ok thanks for the response17:31
ezeikeAlright, it's not the dss thing, it's just broken17:37
justsomeguynikolam: MemTest86 supports testing ECC RAM.17:39
eelstreborhmm, i wonder if my kids are going to websites that are infected with malware. i re-installed ubuntu and that fixed the mouse and touchpad problem for awhile but now the mouse pointer is erratic again17:40
Jordan_Ueelstrebor: More likely a bug than malware.17:40
naccezeike: what does `ssh -vvv` from the client report?17:41
rypervencheezeike: What client are you using? An old phone app perhaps?17:44
rypervencheezeike: You can add -oHostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-dss to your SSH command and/or add PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes=+ssh-dss to your /etc/ssh/sshd_config, but you're allowing an insecure cipher that way. It depends on which end the problem exists.17:47
ezeikenacc: Good call on that, I had to add ssh-ed25519 to my client config file under PubKeyAcceptedKeyTypes. Never in 20 years have I had to do that geez17:53
ezeikerypervenche: was an up to date arch system17:53
wwwiI have an external hdd with Windows, no system files, can Ubuntu see them, if I connect it the my Ubuntu PC ?17:54
wwwiwith Windows files17:54
Tin_manwwwi, yes17:56
wwwiTin_man: ok, but will Ubuntu then, change the drive in such a way, that Windows will be unable to use it?17:58
rantic_workwwwi: All it does is mount the existing drive17:58
rantic_workwwwi: It's no different then plugging in a USB drive17:58
wwwirantic_work: ok17:59
wwwithank you both17:59
Tin_manjust that windows can't read ext(x) in linux, but linux can read fat, and ntfs file systems.18:03
vltwwwi: There’s a read-only mode for the mount command.18:04
kalb0they im new to linux os versions and currently running ubuntu gnome, does anyone know anywhere on the web or book that gives a good understanding of the os and how to get the best out of it18:10
akikTin_man: you can install ext2fsd in windows. it enables r/w ext access18:10
CodeMouse92kalb0t: What topics are you interested in? For the command line, I recommend "The Linux Command Line" by William E. Shotts, Jr: http://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php18:12
CodeMouse92That teaches you about the structure of the operating system, and how to use the Terminal (the heart of the OS). He starts from complete newbie-level and goes all the way up to advanced topics18:12
kalb0tCodeMouse92: Yes, CLI side of things and to also use it for php development, sql and cyber security18:13
kalb0tcodemouse92: cheers :)#18:13
CodeMouse92kalb0t: That book would be a good place to start, then. From there, you can learn PHP, SQL, and security as separate topics.18:13
CodeMouse92kalb0t: Most developers learn technical topics in an OS-agnostic manner, and then apply their existing OS knowledge to it.18:14
SchrodingersScatkalb0t: 2nding cli as a way to 'get the most' out of a linux.  Can do a LOT even with limited knowledge18:15
kalb0tI have come to realise the power of the os cli just by setting up the os and updating installing software18:16
Narwhaalthere is no power in ubuntu, just ease18:17
CodeMouse92Narwhaal: Hey, be nice. I use Ubuntu.18:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:17
kalb0ti read that ubuntu was the best linux to get for first timer18:17
Narwhaalso do I xD18:18
Narwhaalthat's how I know18:18
nanotakathere is easier AMD driver installation in ubuntu :D18:18
HulioUbuntu is the key to heaven18:18
Hulioi love it!18:18
Narwhaalthen you'd love archlinux + Unity even more18:18
tgm4883Can we stay on topic please?18:18
TOROSAI love ubuntu18:18
Huliowhat's the topic?18:19
compdocmy key isnt working. still stuck on earth18:19
kalb0tArchlinux does look immense especially with the unity involved but i dont want to mess it up just yet :)18:19
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic18:19
Narwhaalapparently Ubuntu, which we were talking about18:19
tgm4883Narwhaal: this is the support channel. If you want to chat, go to #ubuntu-offtopic18:19
Narwhaal* #ubuntu-offtopic: Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services :(18:20
tgm4883Narwhaal: so register?18:20
NarwhaalI have an account18:20
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gabriel_can someone explain how tasksel works. Thanks!18:21
tgm4883Narwhaal: so identify then18:21
NarwhaalI have18:21
gabriel_i installed mate minimal a few days back using tasksel and then when i removed it, it took half of my applications with it :(18:21
nanotakayou removed the desktop environment?18:22
Gregor3000you can only install with tasksel, not uninstall18:23
kalb0tI am unable to join channel #ubuntu-offtopic it requires registering with services how do i do this?18:23
tgm4883!register | kalb0t18:24
ubottukalb0t: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:24
CodeMouse92tgm4883: /whois says he's logged in.18:24
tgm4883CodeMouse92: who?18:25
CodeMouse92tgm4883: Narwhaal. Sorry, just realized that you were talking about kalb0t.18:25
Narwhaalstop hiliting me ._.18:25
Gregor3000gabriel_: removing desktop will remove applications that are part of the desktop meta package18:25
nikolamjustsomeguy, Thanks, it looks proprietary but has downloadable ISO, there is also memtest.org dunno if dev of it stuck, but it's GPL18:26
tgm4883Gregor3000: taskel does that? That seems like bad design18:26
TOROSADev french here ?18:27
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:27
gabriel_Gregor3000, that's where it gets weird. it took the applications that were not a part of the desktop env. the ones that were there already before18:27
Gregor3000tgm4883: AFAIK tasksel is meant for installing not removing things. however removing desktop should remove the apps that were installed with the desktop. at least those that are actually part of the desktop.18:27
Jordan_Unikolam: justsomeguy: Memtest86+ is is Free Software, "Memtest86" is proprietary.18:27
Gregor3000gabriel_: what was the command you used to uninstall the desktop?18:28
nikolamJordan_U, yes, I figured it, + one needs support it seems18:28
tumudiforkdoes  ubuntu simply overwites the files? after upgrade?18:28
Jordan_Utumudifork: It overwrites system file like those in /bin/ to be replaced with the newer version. What problem are you having specifically?18:29
tumudiforkthe config files ,how does it work?18:30
tumudiforki am arch user also,and worry that upgrade might fail because of config ,18:30
justsomeguynikolam: That was a typo on my part. MemTest86+ looks like the way to go.18:30
ubottumessicano83: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:30
Narwhaaltumudifork: yes18:30
tumudiforkso i just wantto know say what does it do with old config?18:30
Narwhaalwell old user files it keeps18:31
tumudiforkNarwhaal,  i mean does it overwrite the old config?18:31
nikolamjustsomeguy, yes, thanks anyway18:31
Narwhaalwhat old config ? for what program/s ?18:31
Jordan_Utumudifork: If a file in /etc/ has changed between releases of a package then you will be prompted to either keep your existing configuration file, overwrite with the package maintainer's version, do a three way merge, or handle the situation manually.18:31
tumudiforkhave you use arch? then you  will know. in arch we got ot merge the configs18:31
Narwhaaltumudifork: yes I use arch18:32
gabriel_Gregor3000, I used taskel to install as well as uninstall18:32
cwolfordin xenial, how do i organizer launchers into groups?18:35
irregularHow can I have screenshots (using the printscreen button) default to copying to the clipboard? Currently the printscreen button takes a screenshot but asks me if i want to copy to clipboard or save it and does neither18:37
Gregor3000 gabriel_: so it depends what command is actually runs for removal. it used to have a note not to use tasksel for uninstall. i see it is gone from the wiki. tasksel just runs tasks. it is not necessary on desktops but is usefull on servers and mini.iso. it might have been safer to run apt-get remove you should tghen see a list of what will be removed and description.18:38
Fred1283Hi all, I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 on Raspberry Pi 2 B and I have a hanging Software updater. It stops when it says "checking for updates - Downloading from ports.ubuntu.com"  . It's a brand-new installation. Internet is working fine.  Can I also  update  on the terminal? Maybe that solves the problem18:39
cwolfordFred1283 what are you trying to update?18:40
Fred1283cwolford I'm just trying to start the GUI to see what updates are waiting18:41
Fred1283I can't get to the list of pending updates18:42
Tin_manfrom terminal just type sudo apt-get update18:42
Tin_manthen if it completes, the type sudo apt-get upgrade18:43
Tin_manat least thats how it's done on my desktop, not really sure on a raspberry18:44
Fred1283irregular have a look at this article. Ctrl + print key may be the solution18:44
Fred1283Tin_man thx, I'll try this18:44
cwolfordin xenial, how do i organizer launchers into groups?18:44
Fred1283irregular:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/254808/where-are-partial-screenshot-stored-or-how-to-specifiy-location18:45
MonkeyDustcwolford  with unity-launcher-folders  ... not in the repos18:46
MonkeyDustcwolford  http://unity-folders.exceptionfound.com/18:47
MonkeyDustcwolford  keep it in the channel18:47
Fred1283tin_man updates are in progress. It seems to work for now. It's 400 MB of updates, I guess that will take a while. Thanks :)18:48
cwolfordsorry, i always go to pm to keep main channel open for new questions.18:48
cwolfordi'm using ubuntu gnome, will that work?18:49
cwolfordMonkeyDust ^18:49
tortibIs it possible to change one of the desktop backgrounds on one monitor if I have 2 in gnome?  Right now they're boht the same background18:50
samtcgHello, new ubuntu user here. Im trying to install py3.5.2 and get an error "configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH" trying to run: "./configure --prefix=$HOME/.local"18:51
EriC^^samtcg: try to install build-essentials18:53
samtcgsudo apt-get build-essential18:53
EriC^^samtcg: sudo apt-get intsall build-essential18:53
samtcgE: Unable to locate package build-essential18:54
samtcgdid I misspell it?18:54
EriC^^!info build-essential18:54
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 12.1ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 4 kB, installed size 20 kB18:54
Fred1283tortib I'm not sure about Ubuntu. If you don't find a better solution you may try to stick toghether 2 images with GIMP or so and then use "stretch" the backgroud setzp18:54
EriC^^that's odd18:54
mifritscheron my z20t from toshiba, ubuntu 16.04 can't play using the internal speakers after standby. external speakers are working...18:54
EriC^^samtcg: try sudo apt-get update , which ubuntu is this?18:54
samtcgEriC^^: its a vps from godaddy18:55
samtcgI thiiink im running 14.0418:55
samtcghold on18:55
MonkeyDustsamtcg  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue18:56
samtcgEriC^^: No, 15.1018:56
=== idiot is now known as Guest68722
samtcgEriC^^: MonkeyDust: build-essential installed after updating apt18:56
samtcgMonkeyDust: I will check once build-ess finishes installing18:56
EriC^^samtcg: it's pretty close to eol18:57
samtcgMonkeyDust: Ubuntu 15.10 \n \l18:57
MonkeyDustsamtcg  15.10 will soon be !eol, consider using 14.04 or 16.0418:57
EriC^^might update to 16.04 before setting everything up and stuff18:57
samtcgWhat is eol?18:57
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:57
EriC^^means dead18:57
samtcgI dont know if godaddy offers other versions18:57
samtcgHow close is it?18:58
EriC^^like this month18:58
Guest68722I am someone hears?18:58
samtcgOh thats unfortuante18:58
samtcgCan I upgrade from this version?18:58
MonkeyDustGuest68722  it works, we see you18:58
samtcgOr do I need to go to godaddy18:58
EriC^^samtcg: yeah18:58
EriC^^samtcg: i dunno really18:58
EriC^^probably better if you use their stuff18:59
EriC^^samtcg: they should have 14.04 for sure i think18:59
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:00
CodFectionwhats the irc for ubuntu mate19:01
samtcgEriC^^: What happens if you use a "dead" version then? Or a version that has passed its "End of life Time"19:02
Feren^IRCCloudCodFection: https://ubuntu-mate.org/irc/19:02
samtcgThis is only a small discord bot19:02
Feren^IRCCloudCodFection: #ubuntu-mate on freenode19:02
samtcgSecurity isnt really number 1 prio19:02
EriC^^samtcg: the software will be outdated and you'd have to do a hack to be able to access the repos (they get moved to somewhere else on the ubuntu servers)19:02
CodFectionthanks Feren^IRCCloud19:03
samtcgHm. Very weird that godaddy is only offering 15.10 then19:03
samtcgAt least from what I can see19:03
MonkeyDustsamtcg  you can perfectly use a !eol version, but not install updates, as the sources are taken offline19:03
Jordan_Usamtcg: If you use EOL software then eventually your server will be hacked and start sending us all spam. We don't appreciate that. Don't use EOL software.19:04
MonkeyDustsamtcg  apt will no longer work19:04
samtcgNo you are putting me in a tough position19:04
EriC^^samtcg: the hack is easy, you won't get any new patches or anything though, and security too19:04
Jordan_UEriC^^: Please don't help people stay on EOL releases.19:05
EriC^^samtcg: you can still access the old repos and use apt, but all the software will be old, also you might be ostrichized and people might avoid helping you here19:05
EriC^^*ahem* example ^19:05
EriC^^Jordan_U: just stating the non-biased facts19:05
EriC^^let's eod please19:05
tgm4883EriC^^: and for good reason. We shouldn't be helping people stay on EOL releases19:05
EriC^^(end of discussion)19:05
samtcgHow does it matter to other people if I use a low-security os?19:06
Jordan_Usamtcg: It sounds like godaddy has put you in a tough position. They at the very least should be offering Ubuntu 14.04, which is a long term support release.19:06
samtcgI hope they are19:06
samtcgI will contact their support19:06
Jordan_Usamtcg: Like I just said, your insecure server will likely become part of a botnet doing not nice things.19:06
EriC^^samtcg: can't you use a debian os instead?19:07
samtcgI can only choose between ubuntu 15.10 and fedora19:08
EriC^^might as well go with the supported os19:08
EriC^^unless you have a really good reason not to or something19:08
MonkeyDustsamtcg  maybe godaddy is waiting for 16.04.1, also to be released this month19:09
samtcgThat could be tight tho^^19:09
tgm4883that would be my guess19:09
tgm4883although odd they don't have 14.04 then19:09
MonkeyDustyes, that's odd19:09
samtcgOK so realistically, I wouldnt get hacked instantly right? My identified course of actions here will probably be to wait until 15.10 reaches end of life, see if godaddy offers an alternative, and if they dont, go to fedora?19:10
samtcgBut I am also contacting support19:11
ducassesamtcg: 15.10 goes eol on the 21st or 22nd, so it's not too far off.19:11
samtcgYeah I know, very strange19:12
nacc_July 28, per ubuntu-announce19:12
ducasseah, thanks.19:12
samtcgAsking support if I can use another version now19:12
samtcgLets see what he tells me19:12
samtcgAnd when is the eol of 16.04?19:13
EriC^^5 years later19:13
samtcgOK, update! GoDaddy will offer 16.04 in before august. So, at worst, I will have to run eol release for 2 days. But hopefully not at all. (Hope you wont hate me for that)19:29
samtcgThanks for the help lasd19:30
smallfoot-It is not possible to upgrade to 16.10-alpha1?19:33
smallfoot-update-manager -cd does not work19:34
nacc_smallfoot-: #ubuntu+119:34
smallfoot-i cant go there19:34
smallfoot-cuz once many years ago when i was little, i got banned19:34
nacc_smallfoot- left, but it works fine here19:39
tortibMy CTRL+C CTRL+V keys don't work in windows any more19:39
tortibsame with CTRL+X19:40
tortibI just logged out and back in too19:40
nacc_tortib: in Windows?19:40
tortibnacc_, no in ubuntu, when i select text in firefox and try to copy it in hexchat19:42
tortiblike a  URL or something19:42
tortibit doesn't copy and paste it19:42
james1138Hello all. Question for group. Will the newest LTS kernel 4.4.14 work on 32 bit systems? If so... how to install?  All I am finding are AMD/64 bit versions of the new kernel.19:43
FManI have had the problem that I cannot copy text from HexChat19:43
nacc_james1138: for which version of ubuntu?19:44
james113814.0.4.4 Lubuntu19:44
james113832 bit19:44
nacc_!info linux-image-generic-lts-xenial trusty19:45
ubottulinux-image-generic-lts-xenial (source: linux-meta-lts-xenial): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; powerpc)19:45
nacc_james1138: --^ available for i38619:45
nacc_james1138: dunno what you mean "4.4.14", though19:45
james1138I saw this on-line... http://news.softpedia.com/news/linux-kernel-4-4-14-lts-brings-networking-improvements-multiple-sparc-changes-505657.shtml19:47
nacc_james1138: that's a kernel LTS not Ubuntu LTS thing19:47
nacc_james1138: trust your distribution to provide you with the right kernel19:48
arusselI've got the Hd encrypted, is there a way to not have some directory not encrypted (using a 'normal' fs) ?19:49
=== coy is now known as Guest11606
james1138Ahh... soo... if I may ask... what is the newest LTS kernel for Ubuntu? Right now I am using
MonkeyDustjames1138  4.4.0-2819:50
nacc_james1138: you're not using an ubuntu kernel?19:50
EriC^^arussel: yeah you can make an encrypted fs and mount it at that dir19:51
arusselEriC^^: could you point me to a doc ?19:51
EriC^^arussel: are you fresh installing?19:52
james1138I thought I was using a Ubuntu kernel...  http://linuxdaddy.com/blog/install-kernel-4-4-on-ubuntu/19:52
nacc_!mainline | james113819:52
ubottujames1138: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds19:52
EriC^^arussel: i've nothing, i know it's possible though cause the installer leaves /boot unencrypted by default19:52
nacc_james1138: *why* are you using a mainline kernel?19:53
arusselEriC^^: no, I did a full install, got my project up and running just to realise that my project couldn't be built on encrypted fs. I would much prefer if possible not to destroy data.19:53
arusselyeah, make sense to have something unencrypted to start with19:53
james1138To try and get the most power saving on my Thinkpad laptop.19:53
auvajshi, someone would help how to devide a disk? on my vps I bought some extra disk space but it looks like I need to do some stuff with partitions.. I've never done anything like that...19:54
nacc_james1138: that ... doesn't make any sense and is based upon misinformation, i think19:54
nacc_james1138: 1) the mainline PPA is not supported anywhere, it's purely for testing19:54
EriC^^arussel: try joining ##linux and asking they might know19:54
nacc_james1138: 2) Ubuntu's kernel team backports fixes from upstream (and from the -stable trees, afaik) to their base kernel version19:55
james1138I guess I messed up. I thought the newer kernel had more power saving features than older ones.19:55
nacc_james1138: you want, presuming to you want to stay on 14.04, the xenial !hwe stack, I guess19:56
nacc_!hwe | james113819:56
ubottujames1138: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack19:56
nacc_james1138: and probably uninstall that kernel from the mainline ppa19:58
nacc_james1138: also that blog author probably should be flogged :)19:58
nacc_it's generally bad advice, afaict (and not advised by Ubuntu)19:58
=== mint is now known as RICK_SYSOP
RICK_SYSOPHello, may i ask a PHP related question here?19:59
tortibRICK_SYSOP, #PHP19:59
RICK_SYSOPtortib: thx, but do you know any related/equal channel that dont need signup on irc names20:00
RICK_SYSOPtortib: like, "PHP Unofficial"20:00
wawrekHow to  install FFmpeg with support for libvorbis and libtheora? I want to install it with apt, without having to compile.20:00
tortibRICK_SYSOP, you can pm me your question I may or may not be able to answer i.t20:01
MonkeyDustwwwi  sudo apt install ffmpeg20:01
nacc_wawrek: --^20:01
MonkeyDustwawrek  idd20:01
arusselEriC^^: found an easy work around, only the home directory is encrypted, so I moved my project somewhere else20:02
wawreknacc_, MonkeyDust: I did this. When using it the ogv format is not found.20:02
RICK_SYSOPtortib: ok check here20:03
RICK_SYSOPtortib: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Creating_widgets#Customizing_the_Title_and_Linking_to_page20:03
RICK_SYSOPim trying to create a widget for my dashboard20:03
jm_whats the consensus chrome or firefox for privacy..20:03
RICK_SYSOPtortib: http://pasted.co/f1fd8d4a20:04
EriC^^arussel: oh that's great20:04
RICK_SYSOPtortib: http://pasted.co/86083c5920:04
rypervencheRICK_SYSOP: If you plan on using IRC for any amount of time, you should probably register a username.20:04
RICK_SYSOPrypervenche: will do further on :-)20:04
EriC^^arussel: i thought you were using full disk encryption20:04
=== RICK_SYSOP is now known as RICK_
RICK_tortib: did you get my question, its like PHP related and need to grab an image from a remote host20:05
auvajshi, someone please help me how to create a new partition on a free disk space????20:06
nacc_!ot | RICK_: this is why tortib asked you to PM, if anything.20:06
ubottuRICK_: this is why tortib asked you to PM, if anything.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:06
akikauvajs: use "sudo fdisk -l" to list your storage devices20:06
MonkeyDustwawrek  not sure where you found ogv files, but most hits in the search engine tell, you have to convert it20:07
auvajsakik: http://pastebin.com/HvQ9k0aB - it's my vps, I bought some extra disk space but now I need to do something about it in order to use it..20:08
auvajssorry for posting twice the same20:08
akikauvajs: it shows you have a 35 gig disk20:09
auvajsakik: yes, but now I can only use 20 gig - /dev/xvda1, I want to use the rest 15 gb20:09
akikauvajs: you can create a partition /dev/xvda2 to hold rest of the space20:10
auvajsakik: yes but I have no idea how to proceed20:10
akikauvajs: sudo fdisk /dev/xvda20:10
auvajsakik: and next?20:10
akikauvajs: n creates a new partition20:11
auvajsakik: primary or extended?20:11
akikauvajs: primary is ok20:11
auvajsakik: Partition number (2-4, default 2): ? 2 ?20:12
akikauvajs: how do you want to use the 15 gig space?20:12
auvajsakik: how do you mean it? I just want to have more space on my vps..20:12
akikauvajs: yes 220:12
akikauvajs: so you create a new mount point and then mount this /dev/xvda2 to it20:13
EriC^^auvajs: where is the bulk of the 20g going?20:13
EriC^^/var/www/html ?20:13
auvajsakik: probably, I really have no knowledge about this20:13
auvajsEriC^^: most is /var/www/mediawiki, and no idea where html database is stared20:14
auvajsoh I mean mysql :D20:15
root_Hi, which irc client do you use? :)20:15
auvajsroot_: irssi20:16
auvajsEriC^^: probably /var/lib/mysql20:16
MonkeyDust!rootirc | root_20:16
ubotturoot_: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.20:16
EriC^^auvajs: how big are those dirs? try du -sh /var/lib/mysql /var/www20:17
=== GarrettShields_ is now known as GarrettShields
auvajsEriC^^: 2.4 G/var/lib/mysql.. counting size of /var/www will probably take a lot of time, since there are many small files in some dirs20:19
EriC^^auvajs: if you could boot into recovery mode you could extend the whole main partition to the whole space20:20
EriC^^i wonder if you have to rewrite the partition table too though20:20
EriC^^(in either case)20:21
auvajsEriC^^: would all "today" data stay?20:21
=== Afrotoast is now known as Toastarfo
EriC^^i think you don't have to, the partition table doesn't say where the disk ends i think, just where partitions start i guess20:21
EriC^^auvajs: yeah, having a backup for that is pretty mandatory though, it's usually safe but it involves deleting the partition (leaving the fs there) and then recreating the partition bigger, and resizing the fs so it takes up the new partition20:22
EriC^^you have to recreate it at the exact same starting sector for it to work20:23
auvajsEriC^^: wouldn't be safer to create a new partition /dev/xvda2, format it and mount it? /var/www is 4.2G btw20:23
=== anderson is now known as Guest78051
EriC^^auvajs: yeah it would be safer, but like if you do that, you'll only gain where you mounted it20:24
EriC^^like if you mount it at /var/www you'll gain 4.2g of space for the root partition, and have 10g room to grow there20:24
=== Guest78051 is now known as anderson
EriC^^/usr might be big, and /var too20:25
EriC^^try du -sh /usr /var20:25
natriusi have 2 problem, one dualboot, wanna use firefox profile on both, working nice till i restart, second: how do i switch from front-audio device to back audio? i'm listening music though my headphone on the desk -.-20:25
natriusCan someone get some time to help me or point me in the right direction?20:26
auvajsEriC^^: why can't I mount a partition in / to use the place everywhere?20:26
EriC^^auvajs: you can only have 1 fs mounted under 1 dir usually20:26
=== jq is now known as Cydia
auvajsEriC^^: I don't really get it, so if I mount a new partition is some crazy dir like /home/me/blabla/blabla/blabla/blabla I can only use the space in this dir?20:28
EriC^^auvajs: yeah20:28
EriC^^think of the dir like a window to the partition20:28
auvajsEriC^^: that's stupid..20:28
=== Toastarfo is now known as afro
EriC^^if you mount it there, you're accessing the filesystem from there20:28
natriusdoes not sound stipid imho20:29
akikauvajs: you can do the /dev/xvda1 resize too but it's risky. that way you'll resize the root file system20:30
akikauvajs: have backups? :)20:30
auvajsakik: I do regular mysql database backups, I may backup the rest of important data, most space is taken by the software which can be reinstalled20:32
akikauvajs: basically you delete /dev/xvda1 and recreate it starting at the same sector (=2048)20:33
natriusi would need some help on dualboot with firefox profiles20:33
auvajsEriC^^: akik: /var 14 GB, /usr 2.2 GB20:34
akikauvajs: after a reboot you can use resize2fs to make the root file system utilize the whole 35 gigs20:34
akikauvajs: oh btw is it a ext3/4 partition?20:34
auvajsakik: /dev/xvda1 on / type ext4 (rw,noatime,data=ordered)20:36
EriC^^i'd resize it20:36
EriC^^you need a live session though for everything20:37
akikEriC^^: you can do it in in the normal session20:38
auvajsEriC^^: ok, wait a sec till I do some backups20:39
EriC^^akik: i dont think so20:39
EriC^^akik: sources?20:39
akikEriC^^: it just needs a reboot to reread the partition table20:39
akikEriC^^: i've done it :)20:40
irinixfar, I'm still having wifi issues20:40
=== jussi is now known as tomaattti
akikresize2fs is able to resize a mounted fs20:41
TheNH813Why isn't virtualbox working20:41
TheNH813the update broke it20:41
TheNH813bash: /etc/vboxdrv: No such file or directory20:41
EriC^^akik: interesting20:42
akikTheNH813: kernel update broke it? try sudo /sbin/rcvboxdrv setup20:42
TheNH813Maybe that's wht it was. Oh, they moved the script?20:42
akikTheNH813: yea that takes care of it20:43
bekksTheNH813: /etc/vboxdrv is irrelevant, you are looking for /etc/init.d/vboxdrv or /sbin/rcvboxdrv20:43
TheNH813Well, they both came back as command not found.20:43
natriusis there another channel where i could get some help with firefox?20:44
bekksTheNH813: So pastebin "dpkg -l | grep -i virtualbox" please.20:44
bekksTheNH813: And which Ubuntu version are you using?20:44
TheNH813Also, I just tried reinstalling the package20:45
TheNH813And yes, it says it's installed.20:45
bekksTheNH813: So pastebin "dpkg -l | grep -i virtualbox" please.20:45
squintynatrius,  #firefox here on freenode20:45
TheNH813Will do.20:45
natriussquinty, thanks, i will try that20:46
auvajsEriC^^: akik: so you guys ready to help me ? I may reboot now20:47
=== alazare619 is now known as avadakedavra
akikauvajs: did you already recreate /dev/xvda1 with the bigger size?20:47
TheNH813bekks: Give me another minute or two, when you asked that question I had already started reinstalling it.20:47
auvajsakik: now, I don't know how :D20:48
=== avadakedavra is now known as AvadaKedavra
akikauvajs: sudo fdisk /dev/xvda20:48
auvajsakik: yes but the next steps? :D20:49
akikauvajs: p prints the partition table. make a copy of it20:49
TheNH813bekks: http://pastebin.com/tna0e1Lu20:49
akikauvajs: check with u that the display units is sectors20:49
natriuscannot post on #firefox when not registeres *sigh*20:50
auvajsakik: http://pastebin.com/rjeG51i620:50
natriusnevermind, back to windows :p20:50
TheNH813Well, that's pretty eas20:50
TheNH813type /nickserv resigter20:50
akikauvajs: then d and enter20:50
akikauvajs: that'll delete the partition20:50
natriusTheNH813: i try that20:50
auvajsakik: Partition 1 has been deleted.20:51
akikauvajs: then n and create partition 1 as a primary partition20:51
akikauvajs: first sector = 2048 and the last sector it offers that maximum size20:51
auvajsakik: Created a new partition 1 of type 'Linux' and of size 35.5 GiB.20:52
=== offworldcoffee is now known as coffeeguy
akikauvajs: add the bootable flag with a20:52
auvajsakik: now w?20:52
akikauvajs: not really sure if it's needed but you had it previously20:52
irinixthis is such crap. THanks, Obama20:52
auvajsakik: The bootable flag on partition 1 is enabled now.20:52
TheNH813bekks: You there?20:52
akikauvajs: ok then w20:52
akikauvajs: it'll complain about not being able to update the partition table that the kernel sees20:53
irinixanyone have problems with wifi on 16.04?20:53
auvajsCommand (m for help): w20:53
auvajsThe partition table has been altered.20:53
auvajsCalling ioctl() to re-read partition table.20:53
auvajsRe-reading the partition table failed.: Device or resource busy20:53
auvajsThe kernel still uses the old table. The new table will be used at the next reboot or after you run partprobe(8) or kpartx(8).20:53
akikauvajs: so a reboot next20:53
auvajsYou have new mail in /var/mail/root20:53
TheNH813irinix: Not me.20:53
GrorcoHi does anyone know if you could chroot an entire user session?20:53
irinixTheNH813: are you using an intel chip?20:53
TheNH813AMD bases system. Wifi is Linksys and I think the chip is Broadcom20:54
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot20:54
irinixTheNH813: yeah, I'm using IWLWifi and it has notoriously bad behaviour20:55
irinixwhich didn't affect me until ~3/4 days ago20:55
GrorcoWhat I'm trying to accomplish is allowing my daughter to be able to easily install apps from app center without giving her root access to the whole system20:56
Grorcoso I was thinking if I could chroot to her ~/ then it would install there20:56
TheNH813irinix: In that case I don't think there's a way to fix that unless they updated the drivers. Then a kernel upgrade might.20:57
OerHeksGrorco, maybe this page is any help: just synaptic/softwarecenter or apt-get http://askubuntu.com/questions/64889/give-permission-to-user-only-to-install-applications20:57
Asathoorhello - greetings from a danish ubuntu user :: 3.19.0-64-lowlatency #72~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Jun 24 19:54:37 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:58
irinixTheNH813: yeah, I just updated to 16.04 + 4.4.0-2820:59
irinixto no avail20:59
Dathi, i have a kubuntu dualboot system with win7 and awhile ago my kubuntu system crashed, as of right now it boots to a terminal where I can login but starting kde fails, i'd like to just re-install kubuntu but without loosing my data or messing up my dualboot.. How can I do this?21:00
MonkeyDustDat  use a live session, backup from there21:00
jeremy31irinix  Is your access point using TKIP encryption?  I have a few Intel wireless cards and they struggle with TKIP21:01
Asathoordet >> have you tried startx from the terminal21:01
irinixjeremy31: nope, AES21:01
irinixI even set up a wireless bridge with straight AES last night, since I don't have control of the houses main router21:01
DatAsathoor: yes kde partly crashes21:02
jeremy31irinix Have you set any option for 11n_disable?21:02
irinixI've tried both 11n_disable and swcyrpto21:02
Asathoordat >> in that case try to reinstall via apt-get21:02
DatMonkeyDust: live cd ok I guess I can backup my home directory some how but how do I re-install without messing up the dual boot?21:02
TheNH813irnix: Sometimes, one of these is the only answer. They definitely work on Linux, I'v used them before. https://amzn.com/B003MTTJOY21:02
heeenhow do I setup a 14.04 chroot on 16.04 the wiki says download some debootstrap package manually, none of them are for trusty though21:03
DatAsathoor: from a live cd? because in the terminal i have no idea how to connect to wireless21:03
heeenjust the regular deboostrap?21:03
TheNH813But, I hope they go get those drivers patched soon. I'v heard a lot of trouble with them.21:03
Asathoordet >> if you can boot from say a cdrom / dvd then you can backup your stuff21:03
jeremy31irinix, what was the setting you used for 11n_disable=?  If you want 11N to work you should set to 821:03
irinixjeremy31: right now it is set to 1,21:03
DatAsathoor: i can boot from usb kubuntu stick.21:04
irinixbut I'll try 8 and see what happenes21:04
Asathoortry ¤  man iwconfig21:04
DatAsathoor: but how do i re-install or get the system backup without messing up dualboot21:04
debidiheeen: apt-get install deboostrap and use whatever codename for 14.04 on the cmd line and make sure to indicate what arch the chroot should be if needed21:05
AsathoorI'd recommend to plug in the network with a wire - normally it just works21:05
debidiheeen: debootstrap or cdebootstrap will do21:05
Asathoorthen you can try to reinstall kde21:05
Datsigh i only have wireless21:05
heeenwhats the difference21:05
DatAsathoor: can I do this from a live cd?21:06
debidiheeen: just implementation, equivalent functionality21:06
Bashing-omheeen: What is the end goal here ? There are easier ways to chroot than setting up a deboostrap .21:06
Asathoorapt-get install kde-plasma-desktop21:06
heeenBashing-om: for some reason my yocto builds fail and I am tired of chasing down these obscure failures when it even warns me about 16.04 not being supported21:07
DatAsathoor: can i do this from the live cd?21:07
heeenBashing-om: what are these easier ways21:07
debidiyocto as in ^-24 ?21:08
heeendebidi: https://www.yoctoproject.org/21:08
debidioh nvm. yea..21:09
heeenembedded linux build system/cross compilation toolchain etc21:09
akikauvajs's root file system resize was a success21:10
debidilike linaro but multiarch, i guess21:10
heeenit does arm mostly but my current target is actually an intel atom platform21:10
Bashing-omheeen: Gor a simple/basic CHroot, I run ' sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt - for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done - sudo chroot /mnt ' . I also back back out of it manually when done .21:12
heeenbut how do you get all the 14.04 packages in there21:12
Bashing-omheeen: You are in the install .. update/upgrade and install away .21:13
heeendoes not parse21:13
heeendo I just download a trusty default apt sources file or what21:14
heeenand how to even get to the state that apt works21:14
heeenseems like what debootstrap does21:14
Bashing-omheeen: When the sudo chroot /mnt is executed, you are in the install .. as directed by the mount command .21:15
debidiso 14.04 is trusty right, debootstrap --arch i386/x86_64 trusty /path/to/chroot http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu21:16
heeenoh, you did not say I would have to actually install from a live cd in /dev/sdXY21:16
heeenthat seems to be actually more complicated21:16
heeendebidi: ok: I: Base system installed successfully.21:17
heeenwhat next, chroot /var/chroot/trusty?21:17
debidibeautiful, chroot /path/to/chroot yep, then apt-get install aptitude if u like, then install away21:17
debidialso u can run a sshd to avoid chrooting21:18
debidiadduser 's as needed21:19
heeendebidi: can I mount my home directory into the chroot21:20
heeensymlink does not work I guess21:20
heeenbind mount?21:20
irinix=( still not working21:21
debidiln manpage says something about hardlinking dirs, never attempted this myself21:22
bekksdebidi: That wont work using a chroot.21:22
debidinfs mount ? :/21:23
rypervenchedebidi: It's not possible to hardlink directories.21:23
bekksdebidi: Why dont you just use a bind mount?21:23
* debidi nods21:25
irinixwelp I guess I'm just up s-creak21:33
jeremy31irinix can you post at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu or wait until ubuntuforums.org comes back online?21:34
tortibCan someone help me with this problem?  Every time I boot up ubuntu lightdm freezes up and I'm not able to enter my password in, I have to switch to a TTY then back to LightDMs TTY and then I can enter my login information.  Also, logging into my Gnome3 session takes a while, it's a fresh install and it was doing it since the install, both problems.21:35
tortibI have a GTX 97021:36
tortibAnd I'm using the latest nvidia drivers, it was doing it with the XORG drivers for nvidia as well.21:36
irinixjeremy31: what all should I put there?21:36
irinixlike do you want my whole dmesg | grep iwlwifi etc?21:36
The_Dark_Side_OfHey, first time on IRC; I was wondering if anyone else has a pair of Corsair Voyager Wireless headphones? As mine seem to freeze my 16.04 Desktop when I use them. Anybody know a fix?21:37
tgm4883The_Dark_Side_Of: I don't, but what do you mean by freeze?21:37
jeremy31irinix just describe the problem and post the results for http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=370108 see the wireless script21:37
The_Dark_Side_OfLike i'm able to move the mouse but clicking on anything doesnt interact with it, so if i click an application tile it doesnt open up, if i click on the shutdown button it doesnt pop up and ask if id like to restart or shutdown21:39
tgm4883The_Dark_Side_Of: it's been awhile since I used it, but I had a plantronics headset that did something similiar. It was showing up as a human interface device and I ended up having to prevent it from doing that21:42
The_Dark_Side_OfSorry i'm new to IRC; how do i make the message green for specfic people? Just type there name then a colon?  So after you did that it stop freezing your pc?21:47
jeremy31just type the name The_Dark_Side_of21:49
rypervencheThe_Dark_Side_Of: If you start to type their name then press tab, it should autocomplete for you (may have to press tab a few times, depending on how unique the name is).21:50
The_Dark_Side_OfThe_Dark_Side_Of, test21:51
The_Dark_Side_Ofcool, thanks for that. Does 'tagging' someone in a message send them like a notifaction or something other than turning it green for them?21:52
Bashing-omThe_Dark_Side_Of: Depends on how they have set their client up .. I am on irssi... and in the status bar when I am nicked, the window number color changes .21:54
jeremy31irinix You could also post at askubuntu.com and it is likely that chili555 will see it.  He has a lot of experience with Intel wifi21:57
rypervencheThe_Dark_Side_Of: I think most GUI-based client will have a popup notification.21:58
irinixjeremy31: I'll cross post in a minute21:58
irinixjeremy31: could it be that my crda wasn't set.22:06
irinixI know I had set it back a few months ago, but I just checked and it was back to Unset22:07
irinixnope crda wasn't it22:13
jeremy31irinix Did you post on ubuntuforums.org also?22:17
irinixjeremy31: not yet, I tried the CRDA before wasting someones time with a help me post22:19
irinixI'm now out of ideas so posting22:19
heeenok so chroot does not work so far22:26
heeen/dev/shm is not writable and even if I force it to be, some python semaphore fails to work22:26
YankDownUnder...trying to chroot to /dev/shm?22:27
heeentrying to run bitbake under a debootstrap chroot22:28
YankDownUnderAh...fair enough22:28
goodyhi d222:30
TrivialGravitasI have an encrypted hard drive and I'm changing computers, how do I make sure that I cahn actually get data off the drive when I plug it in as an external?22:33
YankDownUnderTrivialGravitas: Have you tested it yet?22:34
TrivialGravitasnever mind I found it22:34
TrivialGravitasYankDownUnder, Tested it?22:34
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:35
YankDownUnderTrivialGravitas: Well, you found the answer you were looking for - what I was getting at was "did you actually plug in the external and test if you could access the drive"...22:35
TrivialGravitasoh, no, because I know I can't, it told me I wouldn't be able to when I did the encryption22:36
TrivialGravitasI think it uses a salted hash for the actual key, there's a command that tells you the actual hash result22:36
YankDownUnderTrivialGravitas: Ah...fair enough.22:36
heeenah looks like you have tomount --bind /dev/shm chroot/dev/tmp separately22:37
Datso im ready to reinstall my kubuntu when it goes to the disk setup it seems to have my old partition table is it safe to use guided partition table or do i need to go manual so i dont loose my dual boot?22:38
irinixYankDownUnder: my wifi went down again =(22:40
YankDownUnderirinix: Did you get to a point yesterday where you re-installed the firmware, or you've just "ridden the wave" since?22:40
irinixYankDownUnder: wait, are you an American living in Australia?  Yes, I've reinstalled/upgraded/downgraded/sidegraded my firmware22:41
YankDownUnderirinix: Yersh...that is a true statement of fact. Meanwhile, so the wifi "died" again - and, if I'm not mistaken, you're on 15.10 still, right?22:42
irinixI upgraded to 16.04 this morning since many people said that fixed their centrino-n 632022:43
YankDownUnderirinix: Ah...fair enough - right oh - well, there goes my suggestion out the window...22:43
irinixyeah, I just posted on Ubuntu's forums.22:43
irinixhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2330153 https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/29616122:44
YankDownUnderirinix: Do you have a very large hammer at hand? Like 28 oz. or heavier? That might be a better resolution - at least for the "stress" issues - not necessarily for the technical issues. :)22:44
apb1963YankDownUnder: You mean a High Impact Realignment Tool?22:45
irinixYankDownUnder: my hammer is .380 acp22:45
irinixapb1963: Technical Tapper22:45
YankDownUnderirinix: Just a quicky question on that - is the wifi a "card", or is it actually built onto the motherboard/system board of that machine?22:45
irinixYankDownUnder: it's a card22:45
apb1963irinix: A nerdy ballarina?  Don't think that will help ;)22:46
tgm4883irinix: wireless problems with an intel chipset?22:46
YankDownUnderirinix: I ended up changing out the "card" on my missus' laptop - it sucked radishes - badly so - and got an Atheros...cheap, FAST...faster than what she was getting...and she's running KUbuntu 16.04...22:47
irinixapb1963: a nerdy what?22:47
irinixYankDownUnder: yeah, I don't have the money for yet another wifi card22:47
irinixapb1963: where are you getting ballarina from?22:48
irinixapb1963: but I'm so loooost22:48
irinixunless you maybe looked up my git hub22:48
irinixtgm4883: yes wifi problems with intel22:48
YankDownUnderirinix: Right oh...on that note, have you checked the possibility that someone somewhere might have the source code for the driver posted somewhere online? I had an issue with a RT card that caused me to gain the source, recompile it - and then it worked quite well...until a kernel update, then I had to recompile and reinstall, but worked a charm...22:48
irinixYankDownUnder: i've been googling like crazy, and haven't seen anything22:49
tgm4883irinix: so I've not read the backlog, so not sure if you've tried this, but I've always had to disable n on those to get better stability22:49
irinixtgm4883: yes, tried 11n_disable=0,1,822:50
YankDownUnderirinix: There are many ways to "Google" things...sometimes, changing the search input changes the overall output...22:50
irinixYankDownUnder: indeed22:50
tgm4883irinix: you did that while loading the module?22:51
irinixtgm4883: yes22:51
irinixa full clean and cold reboot between each modification22:51
heeenDat: better do it manually and make sure you don't accidentally delete anything22:51
heeenI have seen guided do weird things22:52
YankDownUnderEither doing it manually, or editing the /etc/modules and doing a "load & wait" - had to do that in the past...for specific drivers...(prior to the "High Impact" treatment)22:53
OerHeks11n_disable=0 means not disabled, you want 1 ??22:53
=== dea is now known as Guest26197
Guest26197Hi. If anyone has time I have a weird issue I can't figure out.22:54
YankDownUnderGuest26197: How weird can it get?22:54
irinixOerHeks: I've tried 0,1,and 822:54
Player_Hello, I'm trying to set up Dropbox on an Ubuntu desktop but my keyboard input is completely random in the login window, can someone help me?22:55
Guest26197I'm in pulse audio. I disabled one of my microphone channels to make my mic work, and as I'm watching it it's turning back on by itself.22:56
YankDownUnderGuest26197: Something you might want to try is to edit the /etc/pulse/default.pa and the /etc/pulse/client.conf to see if that affects the "ghost"...22:57
Guest26197I'm not sure how to find that.22:58
OerHeksirinix, oke. i see in your forumpost that you blacklisted intel-microcode too?22:59
YankDownUnderGuest26197: Open a terminal, and type: cd /etc/pulse ....or, you can navigate to that folder in whatever file manager you're using...OR you can search for "/etc/pulse"...depending on the desktop/search you're using.22:59
OerHeksis this a leftover from before upgrading?22:59
Guest26197Thanks, I see where it is now. I'll poke around23:02
OerHekswb irinix23:04
OerHeksirinix, oke. i see in your forumpost that you blacklisted intel-microcode too?23:04
irinixOerHeks, thanks23:04
irinixI did not23:04
OerHekslast log, bottom end23:04
OerHeks[/etc/modprobe.d/intel-microcode-blacklist.conf] blacklist microcode23:05
irinixcould you re-link me, I just switched OS's23:05
irinixI did not do that.23:07
OerHeksis it still there?23:07
irinixSo it must have been ubuntu itself23:07
OerHeksit is not on my install, AFAIK23:07
irinixI don't know atm.  I have to get *some* work done today, so I switched back to windows.  I will make a note to remove it though23:07
ubuntu817hey guys23:08
ubuntu817i have a really weird issue23:08
irinixas much as I <3 linux, this is the primary reason I always end up back on windows, because I end up spending inordinate amounts of time fighting something stupid that should work out of the box.23:08
YankDownUnderKeyword "should".23:09
ubuntu817I've auto mounted my network drive and use filebot's automated media center script to organise any files i download. however after it moves a file, it leaves the original behind named "cifs3425" or something. this happens very regularly23:09
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Guest26197Okay, I found the conf and am poking around. I'm still not seeing anything that's making the channel come back on23:09
ubuntu817anyone got an idea as to whats going on?23:11
YankDownUnderGuest26197: You'll find four files in that directory - client.conf, daemon.conf, default.pa and system.pa -> they are what end up controlling the system-wide settings for pulise-audio...and therefore, would resolve the "ghosting" that you're seeing - as since you change something (the mic channel) and it resets itself...therefore, in affecting the "system-wide" pulse-audio settings, you can change the channel you wish - or mute it -23:12
YankDownUnder and that would go system-wide. Does that make sense? You will, obviously, have to restart the daemon to affect the system.23:12
Guest26197Yeah, I'm looking for the channel settings. Thanks for helping, I just havent found the setting I'm looking for yet.23:13
Player_Hello, I'm trying to set up Dropbox on an Ubuntu desktop but my keyboard input is completely random in the login window, can someone help me?23:15
prghello zadroty!!!23:16
Guest26197Am I looking for load-module module-device-restore?23:18
YankDownUnderGuest26197: Something to read quickly on your setup, mate: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/Documentation/User/PerfectSetup/23:20
Guest26197Thanks, reading23:20
YankDownUnderGuest26197: Better to teach a man to fish than to feed him the fish.23:21
stevlulzwhere are u23:25
Burritostevlulz: do you have a question related to Ubuntu?23:25
Burritostevlulz: if not, maybe join #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat23:26
BurritoI'm a friend of Player_. Maybe someone recognises his problem. This is a screenshot of the issue. http://puu.sh/pV7R6/2503ac330e.png23:30
Burritooops, wrong screenshot23:30
YankDownUnderBurrito: Strange that.23:31
Burritoaye. He's using it through a VNC server. But other programs work fine.23:31
YankDownUnderBurrito: So the "username field" cannot be modified...is that what you're getting at?23:32
Burritowell, it can be modified. But that's what he gets when he types "The quick fox jumps over the lazy dog"23:32
Burritothe 7s are spaces. It's just completely scrambled.23:32
YankDownUnderBurrito: Ah...right...fair enough...so it's a keyboard layout or language issue...23:33
Burritono keyboard layout I know of correlates23:33
mladouxMuwahahahahaha, I just got a pop up telling me that my "Windows" machine had a virus, lol23:33
YankDownUnderBurrito: Looks like a "normal" keyboard layout being transposed over a Dvorak keyboard layout...or possibly a different language...23:33
mladouxI don't even own a windows computer23:33
BurritoYankDownUnder: even that doesn't correlate. Spaces are still spaces in dvorak.23:33
Burritonot '7'23:33
Burritoand no letter is changed to "*"23:34
jon_nacc_, thanks for your help the yesterday.  i got pretty far, and 16.04 looks like its working, except the touchpad is not being identified23:34
YankDownUnderBurrito: Yes yes...but you know what I mean...23:34
nacc_jon_: ah nice!23:34
BurritoYankDownUnder: the solution he's using now is using Ctrl+R to paste login info (which reads as Ctrl+V to the program)23:35
YankDownUnderBurrito: So firstly, you'd want to make sure that VNC is interpreting things correctly - double checking the configurations...so both the client and server configurations...then work backwards from there, really...23:35
nacc_jon_: i've had an issue on my laptop that i've had to `modprobe -r i2c_hid; modprobe i2c_hid` after s&r to get my touchpad recognized/enabled. But generally it works for me23:35
Bashing-ommladoux: Close out and reboot the system is what I have done in a coupie of similar situations.23:36
Datso i got kubuntu re-installed23:36
Datlooks like i lost my programs but kept my settings it seems23:36
Dathowever it says wireless is disabled23:36
Dathow can i re-enable my wireless23:37
Datseems to work on windows but disabled in kubuntu23:37
Guest26197Okay, I read that page but I wasn't able to find audio channel controls for my onboard mic.23:44
jon_nacc_, thanks.  none of that made any sense to me.  can you explain it like i am 5?23:47
nacc_jon_: do you suspend and resume your laptop?23:48
nacc_jon_: or does your touchpad not work at all?23:48
jon_nacc_, oh, that used to fix it. now it doesnt recognize at all.  no entry in xinput23:49
Guest26197Would setting ; default-sample-channels = 1 in daemon.conf disable the second channel for my onboard Mic?23:49
nacc_jon_: hrm, i'd look in `dmesg` to see if anything obvious; unforunately, i'm about to start my weekend so i'm out :/ hopefully someone else can help23:52
MihasiHi guys. Quick question concerning laptops with hybrid graphics (Nvidia Optimus). I just installed 16.04 and would like to have my discrete GPU permanently disabled. I had some trouble installing Bumblebee and would like to avoid it for now, but if my vgaswitcheroo switch-file shows "DynOff" for the DIS entry, can I assume that the discrete GPU is really permanently off?23:53
nacc_Mihasi: seesmlike the best palce to disable it is in the BIOS23:54
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GrorcoHi I'm having an issue with when I switch users, then log back in as myself my mouse graphically disappears any idea what is causing this?23:56
Mihasinacc_: Right, but I have a 15.10 partition with a working Bumblebee configuration (after lots and lots of trial-and-error) and would like to still be able to use the GPU in there.23:56
=== jwheare_local_ is now known as jwheare_local
nacc_Mihasi: well, 15.10 goes eol in a few weeks anyways :)23:56
Mihasinacc_: Yep, that's why I'm slowly trying to transition. :P23:57
BadBoy09Hi how are you ?23:57
Ben64i don't think bumblebee is the right way to do that anymore23:57
Ben64nvidia-prime is in the repos23:57
mladouxBashing-om, or... I could just kill the process...23:57
MihasiSee, I have no idea. Some people say Bumblebee is dead/deprecated, others say version 4.0 is coming soon...23:57
BadBoy09how can I find deep web link ?23:58

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