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chokiHello, I've a problem with login theme. It looks like the default lightdm theme and I dont know how to get back the default xubuntu theme09:15
xubuntu77whow do i verify my xubuntu 16.04 download from trrent09:47
kkvHi everyone! Is there any installed by default VNC server in Xubuntu?12:05
kkvNow I'm following this documentation on Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers12:05
extinct_potatoI don't think so. You have to install it yourself :)12:06
MorrogGood morning (UGT)12:50
MorrogXubuntu 16.04 infrequently and without apparent reason disables middleclick on my touchpad12:52
Morrogrelevant synclient output http://pastebin.com/fXwdyQQh12:52
MorrogIt clearly shows Tapbutton3=2 and Clickfinger3=2, so it should be working.12:52
Morrogxev however doesn't even register a three-finger tap12:52
Morroghow can i hunt down this issue?12:53
ngomeshello ! i recently notice that xubuntu 16.04 added snapd. can anyone talk a little more about this ?13:12
tmsbrgngomes, snap in general or snapd in particular? I'm no expert on either13:29
ngomessnap in general13:29
tmsbrgngomes, Distrowatch has an opinion piece about the new snap and flatpak developments recently which I thought was pretty interesting: https://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20160704#opinion13:30
cocoonyi install xubuntu 16.04 and its damaged13:31
cocoonythe wifi networks are not visible13:32
cocoonywhen i restart they are visible and after some minutes the connection is canceled and the wifi networks are not visible again13:32
cocoonyi make dist-upgrade but didnt help13:33
cocoonymy driver is ath5k13:34
cocoonyand xubuntu 14.04 i read eth013:34
ngomestmsbrg, thanks13:39
tmsbrgnp ngomes13:39
tmsbrgalso cocoony I believe Atheros wifi cards are known for being problematic13:39
tmsbrgmaybe you have the wrong driver and need ath9k or ath10k13:40
tmsbrgyou'll have to find out what your exact device model is13:40
tmsbrghttps://wiki.debian.org/ath5k https://wiki.debian.org/ath9k13:40
ngomescocoony, also , reading the logs could help . dmesg or journalctl13:40
ngomesthanks for all , see you next time.13:44
cocoonysprichst du deutsch ?13:57
tmsbrgcocoony, I don't, but you can ask people on the German channel #ubuntu-de13:59
ARandomScientistDo config files found in /etc override those found in a users home, or vice versa? Or is it application dependent? I don't need a terribly long explanation, as I'm just curious.14:06
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cocoonyfor help14:36
tmsbrgARandomScientist, I think it's usually the home config overrides or augments the /etc config. Note that /etc config is system-wide while those in home are specific to one user14:42
tmsbrgand any changes made in /etc can be overriden when the config files are updated in the software packages14:43
ARandomScientisttmsbrg, Thanks. Makes sense.14:48
puckzHi everyone! I can't connect to a HD connected to my Asus RT-AC66U router using Samba. FTP works, but not SMB. Using Xubuntu 16.04. What might be the problem? Thanks in advance!15:08
Wayward_VagabondI seem to be having an issue with my wifi on xubuntu 14.04LTS. It seems to drop the connection if used bandwidth is under a certain threshold for long enough.22:02
Wayward_VagabondI have to disable, then renable wifi or networking to even see the network I was connected to, but after doing that it automatically reconnects (like it should).22:03
Wayward_VagabondRealtek RTL8188CE if I'm looking at the right thing22:05
Wayward_VagabondI can see other wireless networks after the connection drops, and it never drops while I'm actively web browsing or downloading a file is what puzzles me22:08
Wayward_VagabondInstalling the altered driver he said he tried, this thing has a /lot/ of dependancies to build22:20
mrkrampsWayward_Vagabond, sry but it's a common issue with wifi support on linux22:21
mrkrampspossibly your chipset is better supported with 16.0422:22
mrkrampsdunno, i stop fighting with broken wifi and just bought a handfull of different wifi-sticks22:22
Wayward_VagabondNew driver seems to have installed itself, and reports that it is running via a 'sanity check' script the installer put in22:24
Wayward_Vagabondmarvin@marvin-linux:~/rtl8188ce-linux-driver$ . am_i_using_this_driver.sh22:24
Wayward_Vagabond[*] You are running the new rtlwifi22:24
Wayward_VagabondI would get an external card so I can play with antennas, but this thing doesn't have an express card or pc card slot on it22:25
JohnnyComeL8lyWayward_Vagabond, You need only say your location like so.22:26
Wayward_VagabondThanks for the links, mrkramps, now I just need to wait and see if it drops itself again22:27
Wayward_VagabondThe way it was acting, it seems like the driver was stable, but something for powersaving was stuck enabled22:28
JohnnyComeL8lyThe other stuff is really irrelevant... it is like giving your street address when somebody asked for your birthdate.22:28
Wayward_VagabondIt's very tricky to select partial lines on text on here22:29
Wayward_VagabondThink it's mainly my mouse is about worn out22:29
JohnnyComeL8lyIt was just fyi... :-)22:30
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